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Sandy Short Program >> Second Oceanian Struggle Preview

Sandy Short Program >> Second Oceanian Struggle

Part 1

There was a country known as Oceania.

It was famous for its koalas and kangaroos.

A military nation had suddenly risen there several decades before and that dictatorship had continued until very recently, but the intervention of an international coalition force had brought the age of those rulers to an end. The dark military which had spread fear among the people could no longer threaten the lives of all who lived there.

It was a perfect example of love and peace.

The countries which had previously been fighting each other had formed a coalition force and attacked a single evil. The good of mankind had protected the smiles of Oceania’s people and built the bridge leading to new hopes and dreams!


“Gwaaaaaaaaah!! Why are we all trying to kill each otherrrrrrrrrr!!?”

Quenser gathered strength in the depths of his gut to shout out as loud as he could while rolling across the desert sand.

He was a boy with silky blond hair, but his sex was hard to tell from his appearance. The impression he gave could change 180 degrees depending on whether he was wearing pants or a skirt.

Incidentally, there was a reason he was rolling.

The sandy ground was not perfectly flat. It had large ups and downs like the ocean surface on a wavy day. Quenser had wished to use the landscape itself to hide from his enemy, so he was rolling down one of those downward sloping hills.


War had broken out in Oceania once more. And of all things, it was a dispute between the supposed allies of the coalition force. Otherwise, there would have been no reason to become so covered in sand as he hid behind cover.

However, he was not sure how effective hiding would be.

The enemy army’s electronic equipment included several extremely sensitive sensors, but there was another extremely simple reason why this cover might not be effective.

The weapon Quenser was up against was over 50 meters tall.

It was a colossal weapon known as an Object.

Its reactor was cleaner and more powerful than a nuclear reactor and its spherical main body was covered by walls as thick as a nuclear shelter’s. Over 100 different cannons both large and small extended in every direction from that main body. The Object looked less like a smart weapon that was equipped with the optimal equipment for the job and more like a bizarre machine that had gathered every weapon its designer could think of. Gathering 100 tanks would not be enough to defeat it. Even after a direct hit from a nuclear missile or two, that monstrous weapon would continue to move as its body melted like ice cream.

Naturally, a giant Object’s line of sight was overwhelmingly higher than a human’s.

The sand dunes that looked like cover from the ground might leave him completely exposed from a higher angle.


(Even if it’s only a 1% chance or less, I have to try everything I can to survive!! This isn’t an opponent I can stand still and hope for the best with!!)

After he finally finished rolling down the sand dune, Quenser lay on the ground while covered in sand. The sand was quite hot from the powerful sunbeams beating down on it, but this was no time to worry about that.

The one piece of luck was that Quenser was not the enemy Object’s top priority.

Quenser’s side had an Object, too.

In fact, he and his comrades’ entire reason for existing was to ensure the battlefield was in the best possible condition for their Object.

For that reason, the actual battle was fought between the two Objects.

For the blunt reason of the flesh-and-blood humans being unable to do anything, there was no need to fire on them.

However, this did not mean Quenser and the others were safe.

To repeat: Objects were monsters that measured at over 50 meters. When two of those monsters clashed, the scale was simply too great. The shockwave of firing a shell was enough to blow away the soldiers and one fragment of the armor pieces that were blown off and scattered about was enough to take their lives.

Every soldier on the battlefield had a single thought.

And that thought that Quenser and the others all had was…

(I’m not going to let myself get killed by my ally’s shell or my enemy’s armor!!)

As Quenser trembled and lay on the ground with all his strength, he heard his commander speaking over his radio. Her name was Froleytia, she had long silver hair and huge breasts, and she was obsessed with Japan.

“Continue the operation!! Don’t think you can be paid from the country’s tax money if you do nothing but lie around on the battlefield!! Stand up and support our big-sized princess!! If the Faith Organization Object breaches the defensive line at the ‘castle gate’, this will develop into a long, drawn-out war!!”

“Dammit. I’m going to have nightmares about this,” groaned Quenser as he glared at the enemy Object which was emitting a pressure similar to a great demon god.

(Why are members of the coalition force starting to kill each other?)

As the coalition force, they had all worked together to defeat the villains of the Oceanian military nation.

And now this Object was being used to take the lives of Quenser and his comrades.

“So that’s the Faith Organization’s second generation Object, the Strategic Antenna.”

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81: Sandy Short Program >> Second Oceanian Struggle