Heavy Object by Densuke

Rank #9
Translated from Japanese Action Comedy Adventure Mystery Science Fiction Mecha Military Strategy
In the end, war couldn’t be extinguished. But, there was a transformation. Even in the heart of a worthless accomplice in murder who was indifferently continuing his task, there was a transformation. The massive weapon “Object”.
This was a weapon that changed the whole definition of war. An exchange student named Quenser, who was dispatched to the battlefield, met at the base a girl with a strange aura. The girl, dubbed “Elite”, is the pilot of “Object”. The near future. This diminutive boy had come to take on the role of standing up against the strongest weapon “Object” for the sake of the girl. This was the motive for their first meeting.

1: Heavy Object
2: Adoption War - An Audition War
3: Shadow of the Giants - Global Shadow
4: Treasure of Electron Mathematics - Theoretical Vein
5: Festival of Death - Purge of Technopics
6: Path to the Third Generation - The Coming of Third Generation
7: The Police of Ghosts
8: Dominion 70%
Judgement -195°C
10: The Outer Gods
11: Vanilla-Flavored Chemical Formula — Dance With Noble Sister
12: The Smallest War - 0.01mm War
13: Northern Restricted Zone Cinderella Story - Girl's Fight At An Altitude Of 10,000m
14: The Wisest Abandonment of Thought
80: Heavy Object: EX
81: Sandy Short Program >> Second Oceanian Struggle
Volume 95
Volume 96
Volume 97

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