Earl and Fairy
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Chapter 1 - The everyday life at the Earl Ashenbert residence

They were obviously living under the same roof, so why haven’t they seen each other for a good three days?
Edgar suddenly realised this, and so he went around all the rooms looking for Lydia.
After their honeymoon, it should be their time to start a new life right now, how could this be happening?
Speaking of which, the reason for that being was because the mansion was too large.
When Edgar came home late at night, he would sleep in another room so as not to wake Lydia up, but after he woke up, she would have already gone out. Moreover, the dining rooms will always change according to the time and atmosphere, so as long as life’s pace was slightly imbalanced, spending time here without the sense of living together really wasn’t impossible.
Of course, Edgar didn’t want to live that kind of life where he wouldn’t come across Lydia.
“Tomkins, is Lydia in her study?”
Edgar asked as the butler was about to just walk by. He stopped walking, straightened his portly body, and answered respectfully:
“Master, the Madam is currently dealing with her fairy doctor work.”
The butler seemingly advised him to not bother her.
“So you’re saying she’s in a bad mood?”
“There isn’t a single wife who would be happy about their husbands coming home late at night.”
Edgar anxiously buried his fingers in his blonde hair.
"I wasn’t out all night, I came back home at three o’clock in the morning, also Tomkins, I wasn’t solely preoccupied on having fun, discussions between gentlemen are also important work, you understand, right?”
“It seems that you shouldn’t be explaining this to me. Madam Lydia had been waiting for you to return home all of yesterday.”
That ought to be the case, because he didn’t tell Lydia that he was going return home at a later time yesterday.
In truth, Edgar was having drinks with a tabloid reporter.
After Edgar introduced an actress he was acquainted with to the reporter, he cheerfully flirted with her while divulging lots of information for Edgar to know.
Although they were troublesome guys, after getting to know them, they would come in handy in many aspects. In order to mix with others smoothly in social circles, there were many people that Edgar wanted to seize the weaknesses of.
However, it was only natural that Lydia was much more important than these matters. Although going out at night was an important form of social interactions, he originally wanted to return home earlier as well, but by the time he noticed the sound of the clock, it was already midnight.  
Edgar lifted his hair restlessly.
“What do you think I should do?”
“As long as you stand upright and naturally explain that a gentleman’s dealings is also a form of work, it can be done. This way, the Madam likely won’t wait for you to come home, and you won’t have to sleep in the other bedroom while coming with an excuse of why you came back home late.”
Tomkins spoke seriously with a hint of sarcasm.
“.........I understand, I absolutely won’t say that point.”
At any rate, he needed to see Lydia.

When he stopped outside Lydia’s office and was getting ready to knock on the door, the door was suddenly opened from the inside.
“Ah, Edgar.”
Lydia looked up at him in surprise.
“Good morning, my fairy, this morning you’re also…...erm, no, it’s already the afternoon. Even so, you’re still beautiful as ever. I will always fall in love with you at first sight.”
Edgar did everything he could to reveal a perfect smile. As long as he did that, he was confident that the majority of girls would be infatuated with him, but how would it be for Lydia?
She would always lower her eyes in bewilderment.
“What nonsense are you speaking of this time?”
She would always act shyly when confronted with Edgar’s frank displays of romance, but were her feelings like this now? Or was she angry?
“Are you working now? If I haven’t seen your face, then I will feel uneasy.”
“I have investigated many areas, but I haven’t found any clues yet. Edgar, are you making any progress on your side?”
“The map of Ibrazel. Weren’t you discussing the map’s affairs with the Scarlet Moon members late last night?”
“.....Y--yes, that’s right, but I didn’t get any kind of information regarding this. Well, I was thinking of other methods of investigating.”
During their honeymoon, they received an item which was said to be the map of the fairy kingdom, but it was blank. Edgar and Lydia were looking for a way to be able to see the map’s contents, and along with their investigation, the woman who left the map behind named Diana had been there before.
Although the members of “Scarlet Moon” helped look for clues, the contents of the discussion pertaining to the map lead to few reports, and the discussions concluded very early.
He had Paul and the “Scarlet Moon” members to prepare their statements beforehand and get their stories straight.
Even though Edgar was racking his brain in this aspect, it seemed that Lydia did not notice his deception.
“I came across a difficult problem as well. I’m going to take a trip to the library now.”
“Are you heading out?”
“Weren’t you going to meet up with someone this afternoon?”
For that reason, he wanted to spend some time with Lydia before that, but if she headed out in this way, they wouldn’t be able to spend time together, and would have to continue on with their day again.
“Lydia, my afternoon appointment can actually be cancelled as well.”
“Why are you cancelling it?”
She tilted her head and revealed a completely doubtful reaction.
“Because you see, we haven’t had a meal together yesterday or the day before that.”
Lydia listened and frowned, seemingly perplexed.
Ah-- that was right, things turned out this way because of Edgar. Lydia might be angry about this, so this explanation might have been not very appropriate.
Edgar anxiously explained again.
“Ah, my apologies, it’s because I’ve been coming home too late, and so I wanted to make it up to you. Try not to be anxious about the investigation for a while, don’t you think going out to the restaurant and occasionally having dinner together isn’t a bad idea?”
But Lydia lowered her head apologetically.
“But I thought that I was going to be home alone today, and so I made plans to have dinner with Father.”
Since it’s with Father, then it’s impossible to cancel, right? Isn’t she willing to choose me first? Despite that Edgar was thinking selfishly, the one doing selfish things was him.
“I see.”
“After coming back from our trip, I haven’t had a proper chat with Father, and I also wanted to give him a souvenir.”
“Yes, fair enough."
Surely enough, Lydia was angry. She probably wasn’t going to make Edgar her priority then.
If that was the case, she might not promise to give him a goodbye kiss when she heads out.
How troublesome.
As Edgar thought about this, he couldn’t restrain the idea of kissing Lydia, but Lydia still had her head down and waited for Edgar to move out the way.
“I’m sorry.”
Is this an apology for not being able to change her plans? But it sounded like it was urging him to not block the way.
“It’s alright, please send my regards to the Professor.”
Edgar stepped back and gave up on asking Lydia to stay as well as kissing her. When Lydia walked passed him, she raised her head slightly.
Then, she seemed to have noticed something and stopped.
Lydia looked up at him with her mysterious golden green eyes. Perhaps she didn’t know, but when she looked up at Edgar without meaning, he had to endure many thoughts.
Even if it was by accident, he didn’t wish for Lydia to look at other men with this expression.
“Edgar, your hair is messy.”
In addition to that, she spoke such adorable words, which made Edgar couldn’t help but want to act spoilt.
“Would you help me tidy it?”
She naively reached out towards Edgar’s hair. Although the frown she gave out appeared as if  she would become perplexed if they were meet each other’s eyes, she still tried to tidy Edgar’s bangs.
Edgar couldn’t restrain himself as he bent over and kissed her lips softly. Although Lydia blinked in surprise, she didn’t immediately turn away from him.
She didn’t seem to be angry. At the thought of this, Edgar didn’t hesitate to kiss her again. He tasted her soft lips and had a gentle nibble after removing his lips from hers.
“You haven’t seen your father in a while, so have a good time with him. There’s no need to mind the time, it doesn’t matter even if you return a little late. Tonight, it’ll be me who will be waiting for you.”
Lydia nodded as she blushed.
“Then I’ll get going.”
Her embarrassed and reserved smile was very cute. Edgar resisted the urge to ask her to stay, then smiled slightly.
As Lydia moved, some kind of substance, which was like wind yet also like light would sway with her. The flowers, which decorated the office, were shaking unnaturally, as Lydia’s hair began to flutter and the petals landed on her shoulders.
Were her friends by her side? Edgar squinted his eyes and followed the hair that was usually draped on her shoulders, preserving the hairstyle that fairies liked.
“......That’s great, she isn’t angry.”
He breathed a sigh of relief.
“It’s hard to say.”
Kelly appeared from behind and whispered these words. This maid, who held Lydia’s hat and shawl, gave a slight curtsy, then without giving any time for Edgar to ask, she quickly ran away.

Lydia was holding a silver locket pendant. This was an item that she obtained in Bretagne, and was said to be a map.
The locket only had a piece of an ivory sheet in it.
This was said to be a remnant of Ibrazel that a woman named Diana left behind. It was possible that it was a map that had the fairy kingdom’s location written down, but there weren’t any lines or text like those seen in maps, but rather a bright board of flat ivory.  
But this was an item from the fairy kingdom, so this must rely on the fairy magic in order to be seen.
For the members of the Blue Knight Earl house, it ought to be a magic that’s simple to use.
The title of the Earl of Ibrazel, who was called the Blue Knight Earl since ancient times, was now inherited by Edgar Ashenbert, as the original bloodline had already been severed.
Although Edgar didn’t know anything about fairies, nor could he use their magic, he merely received the title “Earl of Ibrazel”, and yet he had to fight the organization that opposed the Earl family.
The leader of the organization was a person who had been transformed with Unseelie magic, known as the Prince of Calamity. He killed Edgar’s parents, and took Edgar, who was originally the eldest son of a long-established duchy.
Edgar obtained the status as Earl of the fairy kingdom after nearly a decade, and had already achieved his vengeance against the Prince in some sense, but compared to before, he was more deeply involved in the grudges between the two families.
Even though the Prince was dead, the Prince’s memories, which concealed his unknown capabilities, integrated into Edgar, whose bloodline was similar.
Edgar intended on sealing the Prince’s memories until his death.
If there was a way to do this, it meant that the only option was to obtain the original ability of the Earl family, that is, the power to withstand Unseelie Courts. Because of this, Lydia was determined to become his helping hand and fight with him. Furthermore, they could now find clues about Ibrazel and the Earl family’s matters, which was in the map that Diana left behind.  
As a fairy doctor, Lydia tried many ways to solve the mystery of how to reveal the map, and although she used many different methods, she was unable to succeed up until now.
She found a lot magic-related books in the library, but couldn’t find any content regarding hints.
In the end, she finished her readings early in order to leave before sunset, proceeded to Professor Carlton’s study room at the University of London to return home with her father together, and sat by the table in the Carlton home, which she hadn’t returned to for a long time.
“Ivory? My speciality is mineralogy.”
Lydia handed the locket pendant to her father, who pondered at Lydia’s question.
“It looks like there aren’t any signs of it being joined so it should be a piece of complete ivory, and I don’t thinking there was any processing involved.”
Although the locket was disassembled, the back of the ivory was also smooth, and the locket itself didn’t seem to have any secret mechanisms.
“You don’t have to try so hard, the Earl will definitely find some clues when the time comes.”
The one who interrupted in a leisurely tone was Nico. He shook his fluffy tail and put the creamy sautéed trout into his mouth.
Of course, Nico was a member of the family, so when Lydia returned home, he would also have dinner with her. Although after Lydia was married, he took the opportunity of staying at the Ashenbert residence, but he seemed to return to the Carltons’ home often and have drinks with with the new hobgoblins that he was acquainted with as well as Lydia’s father.
“But, he seems to have also reached his limits.”
Currently, Edgar should be researching about the aristocrats that had friendly relations with the Ashenbert family’s ancestors.
It was said that Diana crossed the sea from Bretagne to come to Britain, but it wasn’t known what sort of mission she bore on her shoulders. Since she worked for the Blue Knight Earl’s household, she probably relied on nobles who dealt with the Ashenbert family.
But according to the records, the Earl’s family members began to not come to Britain three hundred years ago, and the last master of the Earl household passed away one hundred years ago. Whether or not the aristocratic families that were close with the Ashenbert family previously still existed to this day was a question in itself.
Even the Duke of Sylvainford’s family, whom Edgar was born to, seemed to have had contact with the Ashenbert family in the past, but that connection had already been lost.
Nowadays, which aristocrats are willing to trust a woman who claims to come from Ibrazel?
Despite continuing the investigation, which was incessantly hitting a wall, Edgar still tried to gather information until it was very late at night.
Lydia sighed, and thought the earlier the case was solved, the better.
“It might be an excuse for him to return home late. Lydia, when you’re faced with someone like the Earl, if you’re not wordy and forceful with him often, he will begin to behave unscrupulously.”
“Does the Earl return home that late?”
It was because of Nico’s unnecessary words that resulted in Father frowning with worry.
“Th--that’s not it, when he returns home later, he would mention it.”
Nico glanced at her slightly, as if to say that Edgar didn’t do that yesterday, but Lydia glared back at him, asking him to shut up.
This wasn’t a matter that needed to be specially tattled on towards Father.
Moreover, Edgar was with the members of “Scarlet Moon” last night to discuss matters.
“Lydia, you are husband and wife after all, so it’s okay to be a little bit willful. It’s not good to shut all those feelings of discontent within your heart.”
“Honestly, father, I am not discontent.”
Lydia revealed a cheerful smile and changed the subject.
On the other hand, she felt that this couldn’t continue on.
With Edgar working very hard, Lydia investigated earnestly as well, but recently the two haven’t even eaten dinner together. Edgar had also said that this wasn’t good.
Edgar usually had to deal with aristocratic communications, so Lydia should have matched up with his free time. However, she wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible and took that as priority, therefore she chose to go to the library.
He said that he could cancel his original appointment and requested to have dinner with Lydia, but she was spending time with her father.
Of course, she and Edgar lived together, and the opportunity to eat together was going to more or less increase. Furthermore, the appointment with her father was promised beforehand, and so she didn’t think she let Edgar down.  
But, wasn’t it herself who displayed a rejecting manner?
Perhaps she was concerned about Edgar not telling her that he was going to return late.
Tonight I mustn’t return too late and make him wait too long.
(Excuse me, is anyone there? May I come in?)
While Lydia was in deep thought, she heard a voice from somewhere.
“Oh my, it seems that someone came.”
However, Father and the housekeeper serving the meal didn’t hear the voice.
“Is that so? Mrs. Cooper, could you please go and have a look?”
When the housekeeper walked out of the dining room, the voice came again.
(I came to return something that was lost.)
Something lost?
“No, the guest isn’t human.”
Nico’s whiskers twitched incessantly. He came down from the chair, opened the window, and saw a huge black object blocking the window.
“Who are you guys?”
(I truly apologize for coming here so late at night.)
The night wall-like object squirmed, and it wasn’t known whether or not it was bowing.
Although its outer appearance looked quite terrifying, it was unexpectedly a courteous fairy.
Although their faces looked a bit creepy, but a least these fairies has some manners.
“What is the lost object that you are speaking of?”
Lydia stood up and asked the fairy by the window.
(It’s this. This was in my den, but it was too radiant so I couldn’t sleep. I had to send it back to it’s original place.)
The fairy extended its black hands and handed it to Lydia. A transparent gold stone was placed on the palm of her hand. This was probably the original form of a gemstone, as it possessed the shape of a roughly cut crystal.
“Excuse me, why do think that I’ve lost this?”
Lydia looked puzzled because she had never seen this gemstone before.
(I saw the same light from the window, its fragments should be here.)
“What? Fragments?”
(Ah, it’s that.)
The strange long finger pointed towards the table. The silver locket pendant was placed there, and the top of the locket was emitting light.
“......Ah, I recall a small stone being embedded on top of this silver accessory.”
Father picked up the locket and spoke.
Come to think of it, the centre of the lid really did have a small stone embedded into it. It was a transparent gem that didn't really stand out as it was integrated with the patterned design, however, it was not stuck on the surface but you could see through the gem from behind the locket.
This fairy said that he picked up this stone which was the same as the gem.
(I have returned it to its owner, so I will be going now.)
The dark fairy’s form started swaying as it seemed to turn around and leave. Lydia urgently called out for it to stop.
“Wait, where did you find this?”
She asked hurriedly, but the fairy had already disappeared.
“That’s a gravekeeper fairy.”
Nico whispered.
“Gravekeeper? If that's so, then was this stone dropped at the cemetery?”
But which cemetery would it be? Besides, did this stone really come from the same stone that was decorated onto the locket?
“What is this? A crystal?”
Nico stared at the gem in Lydia’s hands, which was about the size of a thumb. The brightness of the golden stone was really high. It was thought that the stone that embedded on the locket was colourless, but perhaps it was because of the small fragments that the colour was very pale and therefore couldn’t be seen.
“Oh, let me have a look.”
Father took out a magnifying glass from his pocket and removed his glasses, which he put down on the table.
He compared the golden stone with the gem that was embedded in the locket.
“Father, what’s the result?”
“This is probably zircon, because there’s a double refraction.”
“What is double refraction?”
“It’s where it can reflect a light into two, so the zircon will produce a complex and beautiful light effect after cutting it. The light becomes more radiant and the shadow’s color becomes quite profound…… zircon is that kind of stone.”
“Hmm I did recall that guy saying that it was too radiant.”
“That’s why name zircon originally meant gold. Its level of brilliance isn’t the least bit inferior to diamonds.”
“But did this gem and the locket’s ornament really come from the same stone?”
“Trying to investigate whether or not the two stones came from the same crystal isn’t the problem, but Lydia, if this is a fairy’s gem, it will be meaningless to investigate it.”
Although Lydia’s father was a scientist, he said these words because he understood fairies.
“You’re right, Father, I will investigate it later.”
The fairy specially sent it back to its original place, meaning that this wasn’t an normal ore. The reason why he found it radiant was perhaps because it had some sort of magical power.
Lydia thought desperately.
If the stone on the locket was the same as the gem like the gravekeeper fairy said, then what was going on? Could this be a clue to reading Diana’s map?
“Nico, could you go and investigate where that fairy came from? His body is big and surely quite conspicuous, and besides, don’t you know a lot of fairies in London?”
“What-- You want me to ask each and every one of them? How troublesome.”
This fairy cat said this with his usual pretentious manner and extended his right paw to Lydia.
Lydia didn’t know what to do, so she softly gripped that petite paw.
“Wha-- No! I want to you to give me some sweets. I need to give the goblins some gifts if I want to ask for their help.”
“Oh….y--yes, I will prepare some.”
“Good grief, I am not the Earl.”
“Oh? Is that how it is with the Earl?”
For some reason, Father sighed sadly.
“Wh--what are you saying Father! Nico, don’t talk nonsense!”
It really was too embarrassing, so Lydia was basically unable to do something like that to Edgar. But she also knew that if she did so, Edgar would carry out many of her requests.
“You’re already married, so there’s nothing to hide. If the Earl touches you, he’ll be satisfied so he’ll be clinging to you constantly. Even if you were slowly influenced by him, it wouldn’t be strange at all.”
Lydia panicked because she didn’t want her father to know about Edgar’s typical intimate approach, and yet Nico spoke it all aloud without caring at all.
“Ah--, Lydia, isn’t it great when a married couple gets along well with each other? Knowing that the Earl loves you dearly make me really happy as well.”
Lydia was blushing to the point where Father had to say something to appease her.

Edgar and Paul visited the pub at Holborne. The young man that was waiting there was one of Edgar’s friends.
As soon as he noticed Edgar, he raised his hand for them to come over.
“Hey, Stephen.”
“Edgar, it’s been a long time. Did you enjoy your honeymoon?”
“Of course, did you want to have a listen me speak fondly of our married life?”
“No need for that, I prefer listening to people’s misfortunes.”
After shaking hands, Edgar put his hand on Paul’s shoulders.
“This is my friend, Paul Ferman.”
Paul introduced himself politely as Stephen looked at him with curious eyes.
“So you’re the new painter, Mr. Ferman. I know your name, I heard that you’re the lover of that eccentric Princess of Cremona, right?
Paul widened his eyes and went stiff.
“Paul, don’t worry. It’s merely a rumor.”
“Oh what, so it’s not true? Then her true love must be someone out of the five remaining men. Or is it all five of them?”  
“More importantly, Stephen, let us head to the club immediately.”
Edgar quickly changed the subject. To him, the Princess of Cremona’s, or Lota’s rumours didn’t matter to him at all.
That’s right. Stephen got up and walked towards the stairs inside the pub. Edgar heard that some club was going to have a gathering upstairs of this pub tonight, so he came.
Although it was a club that one couldn’t get into unless someone introduced them, Stephen joined the majority of strange clubs in London, so it should be said that this came as no surprise. If asked, he’d be able to find ways for Edgar to join.
“Excuse me! Wh--who are the five men you were just talking about?”
Paul was still very concerned about the topic of Lota.
“It’s best for you to not know.”
Matters between men and women were more interesting the more trouble was stirred up the situation was. Edgar held this thought concerning other people’s love, so he answered with discretion towards Paul.
“That’s right, Stephen, didn’t you go on a trip as well?”
“Yes, I found the documents. Mr. Ferman, since you’re going to join this club too, I will have you show the materials afterwards as well.”
“Excuse me…… what do you mean by documents?”
Paul tried hard to change his way of thinking around.
“You will know soon enough.”
Stephen turned around and smiled in front of the door on the third floor.
Not long after returning from the honeymoon, Edgar asked the organization of fellow enthusiasts, that is, “Scarlet Moon”, to investigate the aristocrats that were close with the Blue Knight Earl’s ancestors.  
Paul is a member of that organization --- “Scarlet Moon”, which fights against the Prince’s organization to this day.
It was because they were originally an artists’ organization, which was looked after by the Blue Knight Earl from three hundred years ago, that is, Julius Ashenbert, they really weren’t unrelated to the Earl family.
As a result, they gathered information on the relationships between the previous Earl family and their friends.
While investigating the past paintings and sculptures belonging to “Scarlet Moon” on where the nobles who commissioned them were, their close relations with the Ashenbert household were also revealed.
In result of investigating it carefully, they found a strong link between Diana’s map and someone. This was quite fortunate.
It was said that in the anecdote, an aristocrat’s family had a painting where the artist was said to be Julius Ashenbert’s illegitimate son. The Earl exchanged the painting for the magic map.
Perhaps that sort of thing was the fairy kingdom’s map that Diana left behind.
However, that family no longer had direct descendants.
Even if Diana had once paid a visit, there wasn’t anyone to depend on as the residence from that time barely remained.
The aristocrat’s distant relative that had been living inside up until two years ago, had already passed away, and the bloodline of the heir was quite distant. But it could be said that the heir was only a person who had nothing to do with the aristocrat from that time.
Now, the mansion seemed to be barely managed by attendants who were an old couple living far away.
Even if the direct owner was already deceased, it was still possible for Diana to have visited. Furthermore, Edgar wanted to have a look at the painting that was said to be an exchanged item. Because of this, Edgar brought Paul here tonight.
The new owner of that mansion wanted to get rid of the old building, which would only bring about increasing maintenance costs, and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.
But the mansion was in the countryside, making transportation quite inconvenient, and finding a buyer didn’t seem so simple.
Although the condition looked like it was abandoned, the person seemed to think that as long as the household items and ornaments in the mansion could be sold, then it could be profitable.
Edgar wanted to find the painting before the mansion was demolished and confirm whether or not there was a clue that Diana actually visited.
The owner was a member of this club; he reportedly only invited members who were interested in gathering at the mansion, and was going to hold an auction.
For Edgar, who wanted to investigate everything, joining the club was the easiest way.
“You want to know why the buyers are restricted to club members only? It’s because this is a special house, so having people with the same hobby interests gathered together may result in a more successful auction.”
Stephen answered Paul’s reasonable question.
“Hobby interests?”
“Yes, there ought to be very little people who would want to buy household items from a haunted house, aren’t there? But to the club members, it’s actually an unruly crowd.”
“H--haunted house?”
The room inside the pub seemed to only have a gloomy little candle lit on purpose.
The was a man who came out from amongst the casual chatter of the gentlemen and was walking towards them.
The man, who was responsible for the haunted house’s auction, called himself Baker, and the person who sent Edgar and Paul the invitation was him as well.
“Goodness, being able to invite the Earl to take part really is too much of an honor. The seller, Mr. Chambers, is very pleased as well. He has already set off to the mansion to prepare for the auction. Since the house was formerly the baron’s castle, the furniture and daily items are of an extremely high quality.”
He then displayed a more attentive approach.
“Furthermore, it’s said that the treasures inside the haunted house are really hard to get your hands on.”
The mansion of the noble who was well-acquainted with the Blue Knight was now currently known as the haunted house, which attracted the hobby interests of a particular group.
“Will it really appear?”
Edgar asked Beck.
“I will have to ask you to confirm it with your own eyes.”
“Even for Stephen, who has been with this club for a long time, has said that he’d never seen a ghost. Have you seen one?”
“Whether you’ve seen it or not, the club’s original purpose is to enjoy the unimaginable fear.”
“What? Is it that kind of club?!”
Paul asked anxiously.
“It's a paranormal club.”
“That’s right, the members utterly adore bizarre phenomenons. This group’s hobby interests include going and attacking areas where they hear of ghosts that will appear.”
After Stephen said this, Paul looked at Edgar in surprise.
“Earl, does Madam Lydia know that you have joined all these strange clubs?”
Some members of the males-only club also had bad tastes in clubs; this kind of club was still considered cute.
“It’s just a harmless game.”
Edgar said as he lowered his volume.
“By the way Mr. Beck, about the haunted house, are you very familiar with the Darnley family?”
The person who lived there until two years ago was someone with the surname of Darnley.
During the investigation of “Scarlet Moon”, the information regarding the person who was said to be a distant relative of the baron’s family was unclear, however, there was a man named Chambers among the members of this club, and he was Darnley’s successor. Beck, who was in charge of the auction, ought to know of the Darnley family’s affairs.
“To be honest, I only know that Mr. Darnley was very old and lived by himself for a very long time. It seems that Mr. Chambers hasn’t met him either. After Mr. Darnley passed away, the trustee spent two years investigating his family members, and it seems that Mr. Chambers didn’t know he had a distant relative until his trustee appeared to him.”
The investigation took two years? Edgar thought that if this was the case, the villagers that lived nearby would give him a better understanding of Darnley’s family.
“Did Mr. Chambers find out that the mansion was a haunted after inheriting it?”
“Yes, but Earl, that mansion is said to have ghosts even when Mr. Darnley was alive, and it still seems to bring about rumors in the village. Oh that’s right, I’ve heard Mr. Cohen from this club speaking of that rumor and was acquainted with Mr Darnley.”
“Where is this Mr. Cohen?”
“It seems that he isn’t here tonight, but I heard that he will be at the auction. You can meet him that day, can’t you?”
Stephen replied.
“According to the rumors, it seemed to be a female ghost, another rumor saying that it’s Mr. Darnley’s granddaughter.”
“He has a granddaughter?”
“Who knows? Furthermore, whether or not he actually has a granddaughter, no one would know when or why she passed away. Isn’t that quite fascinating?”
“It truly is fascinating.”
“Perhaps whatever happened was sealed into the walls of the mansion.”
As Stephen spoke of his interests that were of bad taste, Paul revealed a panicked expression.
“Well, that’s how it is.That’s why, you’re going to have to enjoy my share of my enjoyment, Edgar.”
“Sir Stephen, you’re not attending?”
“This man has no interest in art.”
“Whoa whoa whoa, isn’t it rude to say that in front of a painter?”
“No, that sort of matter is…”
“For the time being, let’s make a toast to celebrate you both joining.”
The wine had just been brought, so everyone took the opportunity to make a toast.
They drank the wine without any significant meaning, as the glasses was downed one by the other on account of following the situation. They also discussed boring topics seriously.
Gentlemen clubs were mostly like this.
It was clearly an all males club, but from time to time, he would find a woman by his side.
He recalled that it was because he was involved with an actress that he knew as soon as he left the club.
Because she complained that the tabloid reporter that Edgar introduced her to previously was insistent, so he appeased her.
He told the actress that the reporter’s stories were very popular and that he fancied her, and would give her a platform to promote her for publicity.
For Edgar, it wasn’t hard for women to carry favour towards him.
It was only became difficult when it came to Lydia.
He could use lip service with the actress before him, but it was impossible in front of Lydia.
And yet, by the time Edgar noticed, he heard the sound of Big Ben striking midnight.

When the two of them were alone, the extent of Edgar’s neediness made Lydia feel that it was a little too much, but if it was like playing around with a friend during his single days, perhaps he would have forgotten about Lydia.
Lydia sighed lightly, and Kelly anxiously glanced at her.
“Madam, do you want to get ready for bed? Looking at the situation, I don’t know when Master will come back, and even if you rest first, he has no reason to blame you.”
He clearly said that he was going to return early to wait for Lydia, but in the end not only was Edgar not home when Lydia returned, it was past midnight and he still wasn’t home.
In the end, it was just pleasantries.
Despite this, Lydia still waited for him, because she wanted to discuss the stones that might be related to the map with Edgar a little earlier.
“Yes, but I still want to wait a little more.”
“Do you want to drink something?”
“Yeah, I’ll have black tea with some brandy.”
After Kelly left the room, Lydia sighed again.
Even though it was like this, she still wasn’t angry. Edgar was trying his best to find clues related to Diana’s map, even if he scheduled a time to return home, it couldn’t be helped.
Leaning on the armrest of the sofa, her eyelids suddenly became heavy.
She was probably dozing off a little. Someone caressed her cheeks and it made her eyes open suddenly. As a result, a pair of ash mauve eyes were in front, staring at her.
“You will catch a cold sleeping in a place like this.”
His blonde hair swayed, and as Lydia thought that his lips that formed into a smile, seemed to approach, she felt a kiss on her forehead.
Lydia who couldn’t get her head around yet, murmured blankly: “Welcome home.”
“Lydia, I’m going to the haunted house.”
Because he smiled really happily when he said that, Lydia was slightly unable to keep up with him.
“Erm… what are you saying?”
Lydia asked that as she rubbed her eyes.
“A paranormal club auction will be held there.”
Lydia felt that she once heard Raven, his attendant, accidently say that Edgar has joined several strange clubs. According to Tomkins’ explanation, the gentlemen would look upon boring games seriously, and that it was merely a simple social activity, so there wasn’t any profound significance to it.
So, going in and out of strange clubs itself wasn’t something to be concerned about.
However, going out until this late?
At the thought of this, Lydia couldn’t help but be offended.
She got up and frowned.
“I was waiting for a long time.”
“Yes, I’m sorry, but didn’t I come back earlier than yesterday?”
Is this what he meant when he promised to return earlier?
Edgar didn’t look guilty at all, and held Lydia’s hands with the hand that already had the glove taken off.
Although Lydia was surprised, she tried her best to appease her mood.
“In order to not make you wait too long, I came back earlier.”
“I am very happy. Because it isn’t good when couples don’t get to spend much time together?”
That’s not what I meant.
“You see, I have something I have to tell you……”
“I know, tonight I won’t make you feel lonely, let me comfort you as much as you like.”
You don’t understand at all!
He approached Lydia, thus she couldn’t help but pick up the cushion to push him away.
“I--is that the only thing that’s in your mind?”
At least when Edgar returned home, Lydia didn’t seem to be angry.
Not only did she smile and welcome him back, she listened to his words as well. Despite him feeling apologetic for coming home late without telling her two nights in a row, Lydia wasn’t particularly angry yesterday, so he thought that this matter wasn’t anything serious. As long as he held her in an embrace and kissed her, she would forgive him.
However, when he was about to do so, Lydia had already rushed out of the the bedroom and locked herself in her study. No matter how many times Edgar called her, she wouldn’t open the door, and even used her chair to block the door.
“Raven, can you go to Lydia’s room and persuade her to open the door?”
This attendant, who was loyal to Edgar, stood still and his face seemed to be confused.
In fact, Raven was originally an expressionless person, but after answering “yes”, he didn’t act immediately; this was evidence of him feeling worried.
“Are you unwilling to go?”
“No, it is not that. Rather, I think that perhaps Kelly is more suited for the job than me.”
At a time like this, Lydia’s maid was certainly the most trustworthy person. She would fully smooth things over for Edgar, and was good at convincing Lydia so she wouldn’t be at her wits’ end.
“Even though that’s true, Kelly just told me: ‘It’s none of my business!’”
“Then, she probably believes that it is all Lord Edgar’s fault……”
“Forget about it, Raven, please call Harriet over.”
Somehow Edgar even seemed to have offended Kelly as well.
Then, he could only see whether or not he could get the housekeeper to make Kelly take action.
“Master, I have prepared a ladder for you.”
However, Harriet said this after having bought Kelly with her.
Kelly looked down with a stiff expression, as if she had no interest in persuading Lydia.
“This idea isn’t bad, but who’s going to sneak in?”
Harriet and Kelly looked silently at Edgar. Even Raven looked at him as well, but he subtly shifted his gaze when their eyes met.
“Well, this time we have to find the most flexible……”
“Lord Edgar was very good at sneaking into a married woman’s room through a balcony.”
Raven promptly declared.
Edgar felt that Harriet and Kelly’s gazes became colder, so he was forced to acknowledge it.
“I understand.”
Although he didn’t anticipate having to go as far as to climb a balcony in order to see his own wife, there was no other way.
“You all may be on Lydia’s side, but at least pray for my victory.”

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