Earl and Fairy by Tani Mizue

Rank #6
Translated from Japanese Fantasy Romance Supernatural Adventure Magic Female Protagonist Historical Shoujo
The story is set in Victorian England. It follows the adventures of 17-year-old Lydia Carlton, who is nicknamed the “Fairy Doctor” due to her interest in fairies. Her life takes a 180-degrees turn when she meets Edgar J.C Ashenbert, the “Legendary Blue Knight Count” and his crew on a sea voyage to London. Edgar hires her as an adviser during his quest to obtain a treasured sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family.

Alternative names : Hakushaku to Yousei ~Aitsu wa yuuga na dai akutou~ / HakuYou / He's a Refined Villain

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1: He is a refined great villain
2: Beware of the sweet trap
3: Gentle with thy Proposal
4: A Ghost as a Lover
5: With love to the cursed diamond
6: The Exchanged Princess
7: Tell me the reason behind your tears
8: Wait for a Moonlit Night to Elope
9: Requiem for a goddess
10: A star lit on the London Bridge
11: Bridal training in the rose maze
12: Lessons on How to Win the Heart of a Gentleman
13: If you were to wish to a crimson knight
14: For whom the sacred land dreams
15: Do you believe in the red string of destiny?
16: A kiss of oath before dawn
17: A fan book for ladies and gentlemen
18: Magic for a Wonderful Wedding
20: Capture me in the mirror land on a moonless night
21: Bonds to win the white wings

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