Vamp! by Ryohgo Narita

Rank #263
Translated from Japanese Action Comedy Romance Supernatural
A comedic dark fantasy about vampire clans, a vampire princess, and the man who hunts them!
“Dear ladies and gentlemen of Japan! I apologize for asking such a mundane question, but do you all believe in vampires?”
“I beg your pardon. It seems I’m a bit tardy in identifying myself. My name is Gerhardt von Waldstein. I am a vampire, entrusted with the Island of Growerth and bestowed with the title of ‘viscount.’ Instead of introducing myself, I thought I might recount the story of a disturbance which occurred on my island. Or might I say, please allow me to tell you since I have some time on my hands.”
“Whether you believe my story or not, I’m sure it is as clear as daylight that I am not a person. At any rate, my body is…”

Volumes 1 - 5

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