Once a Hero by Elandrial

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Orignal English Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Mature Romance Supernatural Adventure Slice of Life Harem

Welcome to Scott Smiths world. Retired Marine, living in the suburbs, has the hots for the local Beauty, regular neighbors, a very very boring life so to say. But what if life throws you a curve ball and resets you back a few years? What if your life became a game? What if you were not allowed to die in this game? Come venture with Scott as he ventures forth in Once A Hero.

This is a little tribute to Elandrial, young author with heavy handicap, dreaming to live off writing. He sadly didn't have gone through his last surgery.
Even though, please enjoy his own dreams and hardship trough this really enjoyable story.

- Armaell

1: Once a Hero
2: Worlds Apart
3: Trinity of the Three
5: A Hero's Gambit
6: Memories of a Hero

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