Transcendence? by Andur

Rank #100
Orignal English Completed Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Mature Psychological Romance Supernatural Adventure School Life Tragedy Slice of Life
Transcendence? is a novel about reincarnation, love, hate and war.
And everything else that’s included. It follows the main characters, as they climb to the top of their society. And lose their humanity in the process to become something beyond human.
It’s settled in the same universe as Until death?. It can be seen as a prequel.
But I plan for it to be a stand alone book. Nobody has to read Until death? in order to enjoy Transcendence?.
There will be cool chapters, sad chapters, romantic chapters and funny chapters. Of course there will be boring chapters too. I believe that some explanation is necessary in every novel.
Though I hope that there will be more funny chapters. How a chapter turns out always depends on my mood.

1: Transcendence?

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