The Divine Elements by Daman

Orignal English Action Fantasy Martial Arts Mature Romance Adventure
Anger. Pain. Desolation.
In the continent of Agatha, brutality and carnage is the way of life.
To stand at the apex of all beings is the ultimate goal of all Elementalists. Each born with the power of one of the five elements, they will have cultivate their essence to reach the great heights of immortality.
The Inheritance of the Ancients will once again be brought unto this world, and amidst that chaos, new blood shall flow.
This is the story of an unknown boy who on the eve of his Awakening, shook Heaven and Earth, and claimed one of the tyrannical Divine Elements for his own.
In his search to seek his Inheritance, a child will journey through hell and agony until he reaches the pinnacle of Divinity.
The Divine Elements is a book written in the Chinese Xianxia style, with a unique flow and a fast-paced plot.

1: The Blood Legacy

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