Seiun wo Kakeru by Fumitoshi Hizen

Rank #88
Translated from Japanese Comedy Romance Supernatural Adventure Slice of Life
There was once an ordinary and remote village to which a man, who had no relatives, appeared. Since then, everything has changed. Labor became pleasant, people stopped starving and became healthier, resulting in population increase. On top of that, the village started to flourish in trade. A time of huge change and considerable turmoil was about to begin, a revolution that no man could turn a blind eye to.
In the ancient bronze era, even more distant than medieval times, a certain blacksmith was yet to make his great effort.

Alternative names :

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1: The Smithing Arc
2: The Agriculture and Trade Arc
3: The Village Development Arc
4: The Visitors Arc
5: The Commencement of Shipping
6: Preparations

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