(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!
001-060 Preview

Chapter 1 - Prologue The View is Better From The Top…?

That day, was a stunningly sunny day even though it was the rainy season, which put me in a good mood since morning.

The place was away from the city, where you would need to change trains to get to. The countryside-ish slightly worn station was only crowded in the mornings and evenings, due to students commuting to and from school.

Most of the state schools were situated here as the land was cheap.

Luckily, even if I went to one of the schools here, the distance was not that I would need to take a bus from the nearest station.

I would die if I was forced to exercise this much in the morning.

[TN: It’s just taking a bus…]

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t even choose that kind of school in the first place. Right.

Ah.. But the weather was so good today, so good that I felt like skipping all the way. The little sweat I had told me that summer was coming, made me happy. Blanking out as I walked, someone tapped me from behind.

” Shou, good morning! ”

” Hm? Ah, morning Terao. ”

Ehh.. Why was it not a girl from my class… was not that I was thinking. I was not thinking about it!


My best friend. I only came to know him when I entered high school but due to our personality being similar, we got close fast.

” What’s with that face? You must be thinking about something rude like ah, why is it Terao, right? ”

” Ah. I was exposed. ”

I laughed but reality was cruel.

That dude was popular. That dude was what they called an ‘Ikemen’. [TN: Handsome] That dude was. Stop with the ‘That dude’ thing? Couldn’t be helped, that was how I spoke ill of him.

” Ah… I am jealous of your looks. ”

Compared to the sunny sky, my heart was drizzling a bit.

” What’s that? Really…you allllllways say that kind of stuff, I’m so tired of hearing it. ”

Terao said with a serious face. This daily conversation was almost a template for us. To the fact that you could call this as our greeting to each other.


Even though I said that all the time, Terao was still kind to me. That must be why he was so popular.

He could strike up a conversation with girls easily.. See, he was greeting them right now. Not discriminating to anyone, friendly, yet not frivolous and kind… That was Terao.


And there was me.

I didn’t want to admit it but it seemed that I was hated.

Every time I greeted them, they would say something in a tiny voice before turning red and running away. If I ever wanted to chat with them in the classroom, someone would come over and drag them away somewhere.

What was so different about me and that guy!!!?

…Must be the face.


Oh. While ranting in my heart, Terao was looking at me with a strange look.

” It..It’s nothing. ”

Saying that so suddenly was just like admitting that there was something! Should not have said that…

But Terao just said ” Okay. ” with a smile. What a gentleman. I needed to learn this.

As I was nodding that the fact I had a good example by my side…


A vase fell.

…hm? Eh?

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