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Invincible and Unparalleled Traitor Preview


“The [Traitor] Kamishiro Homura must be killed.”

The nucleus of <United World Government> that was located in Detroit life sphere, Orion Tower.

In the conference room that existed on the highest floor of that white spire that pierced the sky, one of the five people that surrounded the round table there said that. Soviet’s grand supreme ruler Gregorio Rasputin declared such.

“The power that man possesses, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it transcends far above the standard of power that an individual can have. It’s really dangerous for us, the new ruler of the world to leave this situation alone.”

The company those words were directed at were the people that sat at the same table.

America’s president, Joseph Franklin.

Britain’s prime minister, Leti Cline.

China Republic Union’s secretary general, Wan Tairon(TN: This guy’s name is written with the kanji of king great dragon).

The Holy Path Church’s highest leader, Pope Innocentius XVII. ―The four above.

They were the chief members of <United World Government> that was started five years ago that were called <the Five Great Leaders>.

“We of the USA also agree with the Soviet’s opinion. This time the [Traitor]… no, that abominable <Evil God User>, for some reason he suddenly started moving from London life sphere heading to Tokyo life sphere, but thanks to that, since last night we have fallen into chaos. Even with the <Aureole(Great Seal)> applied on him, that boy’s individual battle strength rivaled the whole military power of a country. For that boy to make a move, it’s the same as if the whole army of a country began a military march. Each time that boy takes a step, we have to rewrite the defense treaty and reposition the army, honestly it’s really troublesome.”

“He’s really like a walking nuclear bomb huh. But even so, the MI6(Britain Information Bureau) is really pathetic. Even though these three months the <Evil God User> was eating, sleeping, playing right under your nose, you couldn’t manage to cut his head off even a single time while he slept.”

“Just when I thought what you are talking about. We the Briton are living using our head properly. Just so you know, we are different than China-san that was impatient to attack and rushed ahead without even consulting the opinion of the other <Five Great Leaders> and in the end had two thirds of your army annihilated by the <Evil God User>.”

“What did you say-“

“Please calm down both of you. For fellow <Five Great Leaders> to quarrel with each other…-“

“Don’t act like an adult you yankee. If we are talking about the cause of all this, then it was from one year ago when Kamishiro Homura was staying in Washington life sphere, if only you dealt with him properly there, then my army wouldn’t meet with things like―!”

“Enough already.”

“ “ “……!” ” ”

It was a voice that was calm, yet possessed a heavy and profound presence that couldn’t be denied.

With Innocentius’ single voice, the three sovereigns that were hurling abuse at each other swallowed their words.

“Your grace…”

“It’s just like what Franklin said. For fellow <Five Great Leaders> to quarrel against each other, it only produces a hundred harms and not a single gain. All of us are not foreigners of another country against each other anymore.

Five years ago, due to the first <Demon King class> demon recorded in history, Typhon, almost all the countries that existed above the earth were burned to ashes. And then the current <United World Government> was established by the concentration of the remaining ten countries. All cooperated with each other, for the sake of opposing the demons, that were invading from the demon world, that crossed dimensions.

“…The framework called country is a bygone relic. We are not an alliance. We are the world itself. Something like a lone brat moving from London to Tokyo is not something worth fretting about.”

“Your Grace, it’s exactly as you say.”

“…Hmph, I’m not fretting at all here.”

Joseph lowered his head reverently hearing the words of Innocentius, while Tairon too put his raised body back on the chair still with a vexed expression on his face.

Judging that the place had calmed down, Innocentius opened his mouth once more.

“Even without getting panicked, that man cannot possibly do something like replacing us. The heart of the populace has been firmly grasped by us, <Holy Path Church>. Besides, in the first place haven’t we succeeded already in sealing the power of that man. As long as the <Aureole> is still in place, even that man cannot completely use the power of <Evil God> skillfully like five years ago. There is a collar fixed on him. Then, at most he can only became a watchdog that we make use of.”

“E, exactly right.”

“Prime minister Cline. Can the MI6 properly continue their surveillance?”

Suddenly, the Soviet’s grand supreme ruler Gregorio that put out the topic, yet was only carefully supervising the place, asked Leti, the only female in this place. Leti nodded in a big way.

“Of course. Right now the <Evil God User> is riding the regular service between London and Japan. From that plane’s pilot until its CA, even the passengers, all of them are MI6’s personnel. There is not even the slightest chance that we will lose sight―”

In a moment, as if to blow away Leti’s words, the door of the conference room opened raising a loud sound.

The one that jumped into the room with a changed expression, was Britain’s high official for the <United World Government>.

“Be, beg your pardon–! Prime minister Cline! An urgent contact from the MI6 that are in the middle of observing the <Evil God User>! After the <Evil God User> received a call from someone, from the airplane that was in the middle of flight it seemed he suddenly, ju, ju, jumped out-!”



Hearing that report, all members of the round table had their expressions turned blue and made clamors.

“And then, don’t tell me they lost him-!?”

“Un, unfortunately. For him to jump out from the height of ten thousand meters in flesh body without even putting on <Air Raid(Soaring Wing)>, it’s just too unexpected so…!”

They lost him.

Hearing that fact, the blood drained from the faces of all the people in that place.

And then, in the next moment, angry roars that even resembled screams flew about.

“What the hell are you doing you damn idiot-! Make them chase him right now!”

“Impossible! It’s a suicidal action to jump down from an airplane that is flying at high speed even for a magician that has equipped <Air Raid>! They are going to get blown away completely by the atmospheric current!”

“That’s right! Please don’t say absurd things!”

“For the time being just rearranges the surveillance structure immediately. I’ll make urgent contact to KGB. Mobilize all the military satellites too. I’ll also have you make CIA to cooperate.”

“O, of course Gregorio! It’s inexcusable to lose sight of that boy for even a second!

“After all, Kamishiro Homura, ―he had the power to ruin the world just by his lonesome–!!!!”


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