Tsuki Tsuki


“—The truth is, I cut all my ties with the Gogyou Household.”
An early afternoon during the winter vacation. The one, who entered my room with a travel bag while I was at the library, was a pretty woman— The maid of the Gogyou Household, Kaoru aka Kaorun.
She seemed to have gotten permission from my mother and said something weird like “From today on, I will live in this room. Your roommate.”, then she spoke out the earlier sentence, which made me a bit perplexed.
However, I faced Kaorun again, as I should hear out her circumstances first.
“You cut your ties with them… Just what happened? Is this one of your usual—”
jokes? I wanted to continue like that, but the sudden ringing of a cell phone overruled my voice. By the way, it wasn’t my cell phone. While I stopped my words, Kaorun pulled a cell phone from the skirt of her maid uniform and nonchalantly talked big with a straight face.
“To illustrate it with the words of literature, my cell phone is writhing it’s body in agony and raising a lovely voice.”
“…Quite erotic. But don’t look down on literature.”
Indifferent to my weary retort, Kaorun pressed her cell phone against her ear to answer the call.
“You dare to call me here! What do you even want! Just to tell you, I never want to see your face that looks like a cockroach smashed by a slipper anymore! And your androgyny voice only sounds like the unpleasant noise of crushing a cockroach to me right now!”
As soon as she answered the call, she put on a affected tone and enumerated insults.
“You got that? Then never call me again… Eh? You are troubled? I do not care! Do not concern yourself with me any further!”
Knitting her eyebrows displeased, Kaorun hung up animated. It was quite the snappy reply. A bit curious, I shifted my gaze to her cell phone.
“…Who was it?”
“A light masochists with the nickname of Shuu-kun. To my sorrow, you can also call him the eldest son of the Gogyou Household.”
“Or, your little brother.”
The eldest son of the Gogyou Household aka Shuu-kun. His full name was Gogyou Shuugo. The brother of my precious friend Gogyou Hijiri. Incidentally, it was my first time hearing about him being a light masochist, but I met him numerous times in the Dojo of the Gogyou Mansion, since I was receiving my exorcist training there.
“Anyway, that were some rather harsh words there. Did you two have a fight?”
“It is not something that petty. Shuu-kun and I are currently at war.”
“That sounds terrible. Don’t tell me… that’s the reason you’re here?”
Going with the mood, I spoke out what was on my mind, whereupon Kaorun unexpected nodded firmly and replied.
“For now, I left behind a letter saying ‘I cannot endure the sexual harassment from Shuu-kun every single night anymore. I shall take the liberty of cutting all ties with the Gogyou Household. Thank you for taking care of me so far. P.S.: These books are the treasure that was hidden beneath Shuu-kun’s bed. Kaoru’ as a declaration of war along with perverted books themed around maids and older sisters. Then I left the house.”
“…Stop ruining the image of your brother.”
It was nice that she called him “Shuu-kun” now, instead of “Young Master”. Their relationship surely had changed for the better. But she was too merciless in their quarrel.
“Could it be, the call just now was a SOS from Shuu-kun…”
“No, you are wrong. We are at war and I carelessly took the call, but Shuu-kun was happily saying: ‘I’m troubled here. Due to your letter and these perverted books, they started a family meeting!’.”
“Why happily? It’s a family meeting, right? What’s good about that?”
“Well, it was Shuu-kun that came up with the contents of the letter and surely could not suppress his excitement for the punishment time in form of a family meeting. The light masochist of our house is not just for show.”
“Hey, forget about light, that’s a serious case of masochism! Actually, what do you mean he came up with the contents? What kind of fight are you two having?”
When I doubtfully tilted my head, Kaorun smirked out of place and slowly put up her index finger.
“Okay, here is a question, Shinobu-sama. What part of my story was a lie?”
“…What’s with that mischievous face? Keep your jokes to a limit. I bet the stuff about Shuu-kun being a light masochist and coming up with the letter were a lie, right?”
“Unfortunately that was true.”
“Unfortunate alright.”
“Incidentally, the lied part was about Shuu-kun and me being at war. We are merely pretending to have a fight. I believe, his call was meant to report me that everything was going according to the plan.”
“According to the plan? What the? You two are happily playing a prank together?”
“It is not a prank this time. Technically, I am still the maid of the Gogyou Household, so I might take off a day or two, but I needed some kind of reason for a longer leave from my duties.”
It seemed she didn’t leave the house for her usual pleasantries. Kaorun quietly fixed her posture and changed her tone into a serious one.
“Truth be told, I had the desire to stay at your house again for a while now, Shinobu-sama, so I consulted with Hijiri-chan and Shuu-kun. In exchange for their cooperation, I gave Hijiri-chan my personal photo collection of you, and Shuu-kun an erotic game that I purchased online.”
“…Sorry to interrupt your earnest story, but stop bribing your younger sister and brother. Besides, even if you don’t give them a game or weird photos, they’ll help you, won’t they?”
“I wonder about that.”
Tilting her head a bit, Kaorun smiled very faintly.
“You see, Shuu-kun was messing around by saying: ‘Then let’s tell them you have a fight with me. I’ll trick Mom and Dad properly, so go and have fun. Also, I’m not doing this for you, Kaoru. I just want the erotic game. Don’t get the wrong idea’.”
“His concealing of his embarrassment is even more obvious than yours, but okay… So Shuu-kun pretended to have a fight with you and even came up with a weird letter to deceive your parents, so that you could leave the house. What a thoughtful little brother you have there. And what did Hijiri say?”
“She was having delusion on the likes of ‘Hah, Hah, I want to go to Shinobu-kun’s house with you. I want to do perverted things to him by being a bit forceful, even though it’s embarrassing, then enjoy a morning coffee with him at dawn’.”
“…I’ll send Hijiri a mail saying ‘Cut back on the perverted fantasies’.”
“Please wait a second, Shinobu-sama! If you do that, Hijiri-chan will end up crying!”
Kaorun called me, who had taken out my cell phone, to a stop. In regards, I sighed faintly and corrected my tone a bit.
“But you didn’t leave the house just for fun, did you? You even went so far as to pretend that you cut your ties with them. You must have some kind of objective here?”
It was about time I heard about her circumstances now like I initially wanted. I faced Kaorun once again, whereupon she said isolated after a short pause.
“…Shinobu-sama, do you remember that time?”
“Mh? What time?”
“A bit before Christmas. Shinobu-sama, Elni-san, Hijiri-chan and myself, the four of us climbed the mountain and stargaze on top of it. Back then, Elni-san presented that wonderful place to Hijiri-chan and myself, remember?”
“Now that you mention it…”
Remembering the earlier event from her words, I interjected softly.
“You said you’re worried about the new maid, didn’t you?”
If I remembered correctly, Kaorun mentioned something about the newly hired maid arriving at their house soon when we were out stargazing together. So that Kaorun could concentrate on her studies for the university exams, Hijiri’s father Sougo-san decided to hire a new maid for the Gogyou Household. Kaorun seemed to be concerned about her and had asked me for advice during the winter vacation before.
While I recalled all that, I crossed my arms and questioned further.
“It’s just a guess, but is the new maid related to you coming over here?”
“Yes. Before she arrives, I wanted to take a look at Luna-san and the others once.”
“…Luna and the others?”
I asked back like parrot, whereas Kaorun replied with a nod and filled her voice with emotion.
“One thing has always been on my mind. I came here to find the answer to it. If I stay here and watch Luna-san and the others, I am sure that I will come to understand something.”
Sincere and straightforward eyes. There wasn’t a shred of a lie or joke in them. But she averted her eyes and continued her words with “Therefore, Shinobu-sama,”, albeit hesitant.
“it might cause you inconveniences, but would you allow me to remain here for a while?”
“Not even once did I think for real that you were causing troubles.”
Most likely Kaorun was worrying about various things in her own way. To be honest, I didn’t get the whole picture. But I would just have to wait for her to tell me. To begin with, my answer was obvious from the beginning, even without her question.
I nodded without hesitation and steadily looked into her eyes.
“You can stay here as long as you like. If anything’s up, come to me without any reservations. But, kind of in exchange— I have one condition.”
“…I see. you want to attack me.”
“Yeah, I demand your body— as if! I’m being serious here, so stop your jokes. I won’t give such a condition even by mistakes, so be at ease.”
“Shinobu-sama, there is no need to bluff your way out, you know?”
Her earlier serious expression vanished to somewhere. As she was getting some wrong idea, Kaorun lightly flushed her cheeks, changing her expression into a bewitching one.
“From today on I will be living in this room as well and share the bed with you at night. So if you ask for it, Shinobu-sama… I am willing to let you use any part of my body, be it my mouth, my breasts or my bottom, to your heart’s content. At any time and any place.”
Along with an erotic smile, she bended forward and started to underline her breasts with both her arms.
It was quite the stimulating behaviour. The beautiful breasts pinched between the arms softly changed shape, getting a seductive increase of volume. Moreover, Kaorun softly wiggled her own breasts to show off their elasticity, looking at me with an upturned glance.
“Fufu, every day from now on, you will be gently serviced by this young lady.”
“…Sorry to interrupt your anticipation, but every day from now on, you’ll sleep in the guest room. That’s my condition. Because I get the feeling that my body will be in danger if I share a room with you.”i1-2Or rather, if I were to sleep together with such a seductive woman, I wouldn’t last in various ways. But I ended my sentence with a joke to conceal that, whereupon Kaorun puckered her lips a bit and turned her back to me, reaching out her hand for the travel bag she had brought with her.
“…It is about time that I greet the others, but since you are so mean to me, Shinobu-sama, I really will not pay you a night visit anymore. Do not come crying to me afterwards, you hear? No more perverted services. Just…”
Turning around in front of the door to where she had went, Kaoru blew me a sexy kiss.
“If your love for me becomes unbearable, please come over to room to play anytime. Then… I am willing to give you plenty of service, you know?”
Even if she said so, I was troubled for a spontaneous answer, so I just brushed it off with a forced smile for now. But Kaorun didn’t seem to be bothered by it in particular and now gave me a sexy wink, then left the room. Left behind, I sat down on my bed and shrugged my shoulders a bit.
The perverted maid of the Gogyou Household aka Kaorun. Of course I didn’t hate her. But since she loved playing pranks, it was quite possible that she would do something unbelievable again. From now on, things might become more fun… no, more noisy and troublesome.
Even with a bad feeling like that, I couldn’t stop my cheeks from forming a faint smile.

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