Tsuki Tsuki

Chapter 01
The lonely Goddess

The villagers raised shouts of joy and everyone smiled, except one that wore a distorted expression in disbelief and spilled endless tears from the eyes.
The cheered on little girl only looked puzzled at that one woman.
At that time, the little girl didn’t knew the meaning of the woman’s tears. The little girl wanted the woman to smile. Originally, the woman was the type to smile brightly. A bright smile like a sunflower. The smile of the most precious person to the little girl. The little girl loved seeing that smile.
That was why the little girl tried to make the woman smile. She couldn’t talk to the woman as much as before anymore, but every time she met her, she cracked stupid jokes or complimented her clothes. The little girl just wanted to see her smile, so no matter how painful it was, she always kept smiling.
Maybe that hurt the woman even more. The woman’s smile always looked kind of forced. Even while spilling tears, the woman smiled somewhat forcibly.
…The sunflower the little girl loved so much was no longer in the expression of the woman.
Unknown to the little girl, the woman was always crying. She kept crying with “Why her”. But one day the woman heartfelt declared to the little girl.
“You know, I’ll definitely live a long life. I’ll give my best to live a long life until you finish your task. So when you return to being a normal human and everyone allows it, then let’s… play again together then.”
Her precious person that was always crying. The person smiled at her again after various years. There was still a fickle sadness left in her eyes, but even so, she smiled lovely.
This trivial thing was something the little girl had always eagerly waited for. Therefore, the little girl held out her little finger to the woman.
“It’s a promise. Let’s definitely play together again.”
“Yes. It’s a promise…”
A humble pinky promise. A promise that wouldn’t be fulfilled. The little girl innocently believed it. Without knowing that this promise some day would turn into something meaningless. Without knowing that this promise would hurt the most precious person to the little girl. She always believed in it. And,
“…Sorry, ***-san.”
This promise would forever torment the little girl.
After waking up from her dream, the little girl spilled big tears from her eyes. No matter how much time passed, the little girl kept crying all alone even now without anyone noticing it…


Her neatly arranged room. The quiet room was filled with the faint fragrances of flowers that came from her shining blonde hair, the sweet fragrance of her own body and the somewhat rough and agonizing breathing that leaked through her light lip lips. While the sound of that agitated breathing reached my earlobes— she, Luna glitzy wetted her clear emerald green eyes and flushed her smooth and glossy cheeks.
When I casually dropped my gaze, I could confirm the cleavage of her voluminous breasts flushed into a pink colour through the unbuttoned chest area of her shirt.
Also, due to the two breasts, which boasted with their overwhelming volume, the buttons around her chest area were certainly undone. But regardless of that, the ample fruits were constrained within the shirt and seemed to burst out any moment. After wordlessly watching her bewitching appearance, I slowly pulled out that from Luna’s body.
“Ahh… Mm…”
Charmingly twisting her slender body, she fell back onto the bed again.
The moment Luna leaned her back onto the bed, her round breasts bounced from the vibration.
Moreover, her golden hair spread radiant like silk threads on top of the snow-white sheets, where it was bathed in the sunlight that shone through the gap between the curtains, which produced sparkling bright light waves.
It was a sight that inadvertently fascinated me.
But I frowned and starred at the something that I just pulled out of her body, whereupon Luna timidly directed her wet eyes at me while still breathing roughly.
“Uhn… Shinobu-san… Hah… How is… my body?”
“…Really pretty. So sexy and wonderful. I can’t take my eyes off you tonight.”
“Uhm, I am happy for the praise, but it is not night right now and I can somewhat tell that it is a joke. Please answer me honestly.”
“Ehm, what can I say, days like this do happen.”
I tried to equivocate again, but it had not the slightest effect and Luna mixed her tone with worry.
“I guess it was not good?”
“To be honest… It’s the worst.”
Without awkwardly concealing it, I declared so, whereupon tears faintly started to dwell up in Luna’s eyes.
“I am sorry, Shinobu-san. I…”
“No, no, it certainly isn’t good, but nothing you need to worry about. You can’t do anything about it.” saying so, I looked at the thing that was inside her earlier— the thermometer and continued my words with a soft tone.
“Anyone catches a cold. You also have a fever of 38.5°C. Rest properly until you get better, okay?”
“But at least preparing lunch should be…”
“Yes, out of the question. You’re in no state to be cooking. Don’t leave your room until you feel better.”
“…Too bad.”
When I made my tone a little bit more commanding, Luna hung her head while knitting her eyebrows. To be honest, I didn’t want her to make such a face, but this was Luna we’re talking about. If I hadn’t said that, she might push herself again like this morning.
While putting away the thermometer in my hands, I showed a wry smile and thought back on it.
It was a certain Saturday morning. Suppressing a yawn, I showed up in the dining kitchen, where the breakfast, made by my mother on a rare occasion, was ready on the dining table with everyone but Luna present.
…Where was Luna?
When I doubtfully tilted my head, my mother shrugged her shoulders and gave an explanation.
Apparently Luna looked feverish when she saw her in the kitchen, and tried to cook dressed in only a white shirt, her sleeping clothes, while staggering around. Seeing that, my mother took her to her room without questions.
After I heard the story while taking my meal, I watched off my mother, who had to go to work even though it was a holiday, then came to check upon Luna… But even though she had a cold, she tried to make breakfast, huh. Still showing a wry smile, I pulled the blanket over her again, whereupon Luna placed her cheek on the pillow and dropped her voice.
“It is the long-awaited holiday, yet it seems that I cannot play with you today.”
“Well, we can play another time. More importantly, is there anything you want? You got a naughty body, yet you’re rarely naughty yourself. At least at a time like this, you can act spoiled all you want.”
“…Will you listened to my wilfulness?”
“Yeah, granting one or two selfishness of a girl is a man’s reliability. If you want, I can even sing you a lullaby with my proud baritone voice. Just say the word.”
“Well then— Please kiss me.”
A instant answer without hesitation. Moreover, it was coupled with a lovely smile. Her emerald green eyes were sparkling brightly with anticipation. This was troublesome. My heartbeat jumped up and if I were to relax, her glamorous lips would draw me in, but I withstood it and decided to fudge my answer.
“Luna, sorry, but a kiss is impossible. If I did that, it would defeat the purpose of me coming here to nurse you. Because one kiss from me would surely rob you of all your strength and raise your fever.”
“Then please let me kiss you.”
…Not only didn’t she retort, but she also gave me a hard request. Indifferent to my agitation, Luna straightened up her upper body a bit languid due to the cold and reached out both her arms towards me like she was going to hug me. In regards, I kept cladding myself in composure and stopped her movements by softly putting up my palm.
“Stop, Luna. You’re too charming right now. If I get a kiss from you like that, I certainly won’t be able to hold myself back and repay you with a kiss. But when that happens, nursing you’ll become pointless like before. Sorry, but give up on the kiss.”
“Ehm, if a kiss does not work, would you lay next to until I fall asleep?”
“Mhm… Nope.”
“You are not even trying to obfuscate it anymore!?”
“I’m out of ideas. Sorry to betray your expectations. I’ll come up with a sweet nothings for the next time. So forgive me. Sorry, but it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to listen to your request today.”
After all, Luna with a cold was sexier than usual.
Her lightly flushed and smooth skin. Her lovely breathing. Her bewitchingly disarranged clothes.
If I were to carelessly listen to her request… it probably would really stop to be a nursing. I was worried if my reasoning would last.
When I had such fears, Luna apparently gave up, albeit looking a bit regretful, and lay down once again on the bed… After a while, I could hear small sleeping sounds.
Now then, it seemed that Luna hadn’t eaten anything yet, so I should go prepare some porridge while I can. After taking a look at her lovely sleeping face, I quietly left her room and crossed my arms.
Mhm, I wanted to make porridge right away, but… sadly enough, I couldn’t cook. And the other girls, not counting Luna and my mother, were just like me. For now, I should look up how to make porridge on the internet.
While I thought like that, I got down the stairs, whereupon I ran into a girl with maid clothes in the hallway.
She was a resident of our house and the red-haired queen that was elected as the student president of our school the other day: Machina Liebelei Orangelo.
Amber almond eyes. Straight, long and beautiful red hair. Outstanding and varying proportions. The maid clothes she wore suited her surprisingly well, making her extremely cute.
But, why was she wearing maid clothes? While I doubtfully tilted my head, Machina faced me and asked a bit worried.
“Shinobu, how’s my sister?”
“Kind of erotic.”
“Eh? She’s always natural erotic— cough, she’s always sexy.”
“…I’ll pretend I didn’t hear the ‘natural erotic’ just now. Anyway, she’s a rather high fiver, 38.5°C. Right now she’s sleeping peacefully.”
While stopping the jokes for now, I changed the topic to what bothered me.
“By the way, what’s up with these maid clothes?”
“I, well, borrowed them from Elni. You know, my sister often wears maid clothes when she does the house chores.”
“Yeah, it really gives off the image of a devoted maid.”
Luna seemed to really like the maid clothes she got from Kaorun on her birthday, so she habitually used them when she was doing the house chores…. While recalling that, I gave an agreeable response, whereupon Machina flushed her cheeks a bit and continued.
“My sister caught a cold and Tomoe-san is out of the house too, so I plan to do the house chores instead today. So I put on maid clothes like my sister.”
While explaining so, Machina fleetingly stole a glance at me.
“I, I never really did any chores before, but I can’t always rely on my sister, right? I’ll use this opportunity to learn the chores and afterwards I’ll do them in turns with my sister. I’ll wear the maid clothes again then. These maid clothes, you know.”
Blushing even more, she stole another glance at me again to check my reaction, appealing to her maid clothes. She obviously wanted me to compliment her, so in order to respond to her expectation, I reached out my hand towards her head.
“Good girl, good girl. You’re great, Machina. It might be a lot of work, but hang in there.”
“Yes, I know. I’ll give my best right away— wait, where’re you going, Shinobu!”
After petting her head, I turned on my heel, whereupon Machina took my arm reserved. She must have been angry, since I treated her like a child. So I thought, but apparently my prediction was wrong and Machina timidly asked with still red cheeks.
“Ehm, Shinobu, don’t you have anything else to say after seeing me in these clothes?”
Tilting my head again with “Anything else to say?”, I looked at Machina’s clothes once more.
She had said that she borrowed in from Elni, but she wore these maid clothes before too when we had a cooking contest with Hijiri at our house.
An elegant dark-blue one piece and a snow white apron with frills. A maid hair ribbon on her head. Her voluminous breasts seemed to fall out from her boldly exposed chest area at any moment, and her white thighs peeking out from her short skirt along with her beautiful, long legs were a feast for the eyes.
To be honest, I was captivated, so I decided to refrain from my usual jokes and reply honestly.
“It looks good on you, Machina. When you use respective speech too now, you might look like a real maid.”
“…Really? Will I be like your favourite devoted maid?”
“My favourite devoted maid? I don’t know where you got that weird information from, but you look cute. You got good figure, so you look good in about everything.”
For now I gave her my honest impression, whereupon Machina sparkled her amber eyes, said “Thanks, Shinobu. I’m happy you praised me.” and spread both her arms to not only hug me, but also lovely kiss my cheeks by making smooch sounds with “*kiss*…*kiss*…”.
S- Somehow even Machina started to make physical contact like this lately…
However while I got the feeling that Machina’s kisses weren’t on the level of a greeting, but had a deeper meaning to it, yet I currently had my hands full with holding down my cheeks, which were about to form a grin. Her wet, light pink lips. I was about to become spellbound by that soft sensation, whereupon Machina turned her back to me with a smile.
“Well then, Shinobu, I’ll prepare lunch now, so wait in anticipation.”
“Yeah, okay. I’m looking forward to it. While you’re at it, make some porri—”
No, wait, I couldn’t rely on her. Although it was rude towards her, Machina’s cooking skills were devastating. She was no good. Suddenly returning to my senses, I felt some of my blood leaving my head, whereas Machina disappeared into the dining kitchen while humming on a rare occasion.
…I can’t stop her like that.
Lightly scratching my head, I moved in front of the door of the dining kitchen. When I secretly snuck a peek inside to check the situation, there wasn’t just Machina in there, but also a girl wearing a cat apron.
Adorable big eyes. Fine chiselled features that somewhat reminded you of a kitten. A short and slender figure. The girl with the innocent image was my little sister, Nanjou Nazuna, who was despite her appearance an 8th grader and the captain of the karate club.i1-2Apparently Nazuna was looking at a cooking book together with Machina and the two of them were having a happy chat while smiling. She must have heard the circumstances from Machina even before me. That Nazuna was wearing an apron too must meant that she was going to help with the cooking.
Both Machina and Nazuna had a bright expression… which made me lose all will to stop them.
Even if the cooking failed, I would take responsibility and eat it everything, prepared to die. But I still had to do something about the porridge.
While such thoughts crossed my mind, I casually set foo into the living room, whereupon I suddenly saw bright silver hair in the corner of my vision. Apparently someone else was here before me. That person, Elni said in the heating table, rested her cheek on the table and was sleeping pleasantly.
A defenceless appearance like having a peace of mind. Long eyelashes and an innocent expression. You might call it the sleeping face of an angel. A really heart-warming sight. Regardless of that, unrest spread in my heart bit by bit as I recalled, while I watched Elni’s sleeping face.
I… cannot become your family, Shinobu. Her words from the other day. Elni truly behaved like always, as if these words had been a lie. She hung around everyone like always, she showed a smile like always… not giving off the slightest clue of sadness.
So I wanted to believe that everything of that day had been a dream, but I certainly was pondering if it was right to stop Elni too. Either way, the pain in my chest I had back then didn’t disappear in the last few days.
But I concealed that and brightly called out to the sleeping Elni.
“Elni, if you sleep under the heating table, you’ll catch a cold too.”
“…Idiot’s don’t catch colds… Even if I catch one, I won’t notice it… Since I’m an idiot…”
Quite the spiritless reaction. The unrest I felt earlier faded in no time and at the same time, my prankish nature was awakened. Unable to restrain myself, I reached out for the mandarin basket on the table and carefully placed one orange on her head.
“…She isn’t waking up at all.”
On the unchanged pure sleeping face was now one mandarin. It was a bit interesting. But I felt bad for teasing her too much. I took the mandarin off Elni’s head, peeled it and brought one piece of it closer to her mouth, softly calling out to her like that.
“Here, a mandarin. Wake up, Elni.”
I tried to wake her up according to my initial goal, but Elni slowly opened her cherry lips, only to devour the mandarin and smile broadly in happiness. But there were no signs at all that she woke up. I inadvertently showed a smile and after feeding Elni a couple of mandarin pieces, I poked her cheek with my index finger.
“Elni, if you don’t wake up, I won’t give you any more mandarins.”
“Mm… *chomp*…”
“Hey, my finger isn’t a mandarin.”
Elni wrapped her mouth around my fingertip, as she mistook it, and started to play-bite it.
Moreover, she opened her pink lips wider and softly took my index finger in it. Her smooth tongue entangle around my finger, licked it gently and sometimes pecked sweet kisses on my fingertip with her well-formed lips.
Her wet tongue, warm mouth and sweet small lips. Continuously receiving the sensation of these, I felt my cheeks getting hot, whereupon the accordion curtain, the partition between the dining kitchen and living room, opened and Machina showed up, doubtfully tilting her head as soon as she saw us.
“What’s Elni doing?”
“…Guess she’s hungry?”
When I replied so with a wry smile, Machina dropped her gaze down to Elni and smiled softly.
“She’s sleeping so soundly.”
“Yeah, nothing’s waking her up. Now she’s sleeping while chewing on my finger. Still, even though she wakes up early in the morning, she’s always nodding off.”
“She must have a light sleep. Elni actually has trouble falling asleep.”
Machina probably knew that, since she shared a room with Elni.
Machina clouded her expression a bit and when I pulled my finger out of Elni’s mouth a bit surprised, it apparently made her wake up. Elni slowly opened her eyelids, raised her head and looked at us drowsy.
Rubin-red eyes. You could clearly catch a glimpse of sleepiness in these big eyes and I rested my hand on Elni’s shoulders with a joke.
“So, Elni, was it delicious?”
“Yeah, I had a dream of eating mandarin ice-cream.”
Nodding with drowsy eyes, Elni absent-minded shifted her gaze to Machina.
“Machina, I’m hungry. Wanna eat some snacks together?”
“Leave the snacks for the afternoon, Elni. I’m preparing lunch right now. Nazuna’s helping me, so wait in anticipation, okay.”
“…The Goddess will now go back to sleep until bath time. She neither desires snacks or food. Until dinner, that is.”
Her sleepiness must have been blown away at once. Unlike Nazuna, she knew of Machina’s cooking skills, so Elni placed her cheek onto the table again and turned a bit blue in the face.
On the other hand, Machina didn’t seem to notice her sentiment and in a certain way, she declared the death penalty with “I’ll wake up on when lunch is ready then” and a smile. Next, she shifted her gaze smiling towards me.
“By the way, Shinobu, is there anything you want to eat at lunch?”
“I want to eat you.”
“Eh? You want to eat me? Then go ahea— wait, don’t have your mind in the gutter at noon already! T- To begin with, I’m, well, not that easy to eat!”
“Unfortunately for you, I have a big appetite. I’ll get a taste of you by all means— is what I would like to say, but anything’s fine as long as it’s eatable. Do your best without pushing it.”
She probably came here to ask for any wishes regarding lunch. But I had nothing particular in mind, so I replied frivolous, whereupon Machina flushed her cheeks with “I’ll try asking Nazuna…” and headed for the dining kitchen. In regards, Elni watched her off, then opened her mouth a bit worried.
“Hey Shinobu, Machina seriously intends to cook. You know her skills too, right? Shouldn’t we stop her?”
“I can only have faith right now.”
“That Machina’s cooking will succeed?”
“…That a miracle will occur.”
“Shinobu, even if you wait for it, a miracle won’t occur. Miracles are something you create with your own hands.”
Along with an unusual cool remark, Elni took one step forward to the dining kitchen.
“This calls for my services. I’ll show Machina and Nazuna what real cooking is. You wait here while eating some mandarins or so, Shinobu. I’ll show you a miracle at a leisure tea time.”
“You’re so cool that I’m going to fall for you, but… can you actually cook?”
“I might not look like it, but I actually got the features of a good housewife and mother.”
“Good housewife and mother? What the? If you wanted to make me laugh, that didn’t really work, you know?”
“H- How rude! You’re only able to say that now! I’ll make you laugh to your heart’s content with my delicious cooking! Don’t blame me when your cheeks spasm!”
…Let alone my cheeks, I hope my whole body wouldn’t start to spasm.
When another rude remark like that crossed my mind, Elni headed over to Machina and Nazuna full of motivation and I could hear their voices from the kitchen right away.
Amidst that, I killed some time by eating the earlier peeled mandarin, but I couldn’t shake off my unrest after all, so I swiftly moved to the dining kitchen, checking up on their doing.
There my vision fell onto Elni wearing a pink apron. She was pushing on the preparation surprisingly skilful and taught Machina and Nazuna how to cook with a smile.
“Listen you two, when you cut with the knife, make a paw with the other hand.”
“Ah, I know that. Like this, right? Meow, meow~”
“Yeah, that’s good, Nazucat. Meow, meow~”
While cutting the vegetables, Elni and Nazuna started to make music with a bright melody, whereupon Machina seemingly got hooked on by them.
“Meow, meow~ Three cats are cooking together… cough. Forget that. Pretend you didn’t hear that…”
She spontaneously hummed a song, but made a completely turn-around from her sweet voice. Looking down along with a cough, Machina turned red up to her ears and lowered her voice. Seeing that, Nazuna commented with “Just like Luna-oneechan”. Next she happily resumed the cute song.
While watching Machina and Nazuna like that, Elni smiled gentle and instructed them on the cooking. Sometimes she cracked a joke or softly gave them advices, just as if she was their older sister…

…What a surprise. Various minutes passed since then. An appetizingly flavour hung in the air of the dining kitchen and on the table were Elni’s cooking, fried rice with soup and salad, beautiful lined up.
When I put the fried rice into my mouth driven by my appetite, the rice had a crispy texture and a definite deliciousness spread in my mouth with a light seasoning. Furthermore, the soup had a refined taste of chicken carcass while the salad was colourful and fresh.
It was surprisingly good. While I ate lunch together with Machina, Elni and Nazuna, I mentally licked my tongue and casually shifted my gaze around, whereupon there was a crock on the stove. It seemed that while making lunch, Elni even prepared porridge for the sick Luna. She was really versatile. Unable to hide my surprise any longer, I lowered my head a bit towards Elni.
“Elni, sorry for making fun of you earlier. You can really cook. All of it tastes so good.”
“Fufu, I told you I actually got the features of a good housewife and mother. Chores are my speciality. It was me too, who cleaned the windows in the living room, you know?”
“First time I hear that… Still, where did you learn to cook?”
“Various places…”
A vague answer. In contrast to her usual smile, her tone was a bit dispirited so that you might fail to hear it. What feelings were she hiding behind that smile? I strained my eyes to find out and looked at Elni, whereas Machina interjected softly.
“Hey Elni, if you don‘t mind, could you teach me again?”
“Mh? Me? Instead of me, Luna would be—”
“I want you” declared Machina without hesitation, whereupon Elni widened her eyes a bit, then flushed her cheeks happily.
“I can’t say anything back when you insist like that. Fine. I’ll pass on my secret techniques to you, Machina. Still, just how much do you love me?”
“As much as my sister— wait, no! J- Just averagely. Anyway, it’s a promise, okay? Teach me until I can properly cook. You have to, Elni.”
Machina grabbed Elni’s sleeve, partly to make sure, partly to fawn on her. Indifferent to their conversation, Nazuna was engrossed in the meal for a while now, just saying “So good”. Then Elni looked at each of us.
“…Somehow I get know why Luna’s cooking meals so happily every day.”
She showed a smile different from usual. It was a smile with a kind of mature composure. Until the cheerful lunch was over, she kept that expression…

After lunch, I left the cleaning up to Machina and Nazuna, and went to Luna’s room together with Elni. On the tablet in my hands were the crock with the porridge, a bowl, a Chinese spoon, a cold medicine and also a cup with natural water.
…How was Luna doing? I hoped she had gotten a bit better. After knocking, I peeked into the room, whereupon Luna leaked rough “Ah… Hah, Hah…” breathing from her glamorous lips, as her fever might have gone up, and seemingly was in pain.
In regards, Elni knitted her eyebrows worried when she saw that, and eagerly approached her, getting into the bed for some reason.
“…Hey, what’re you doing?”
“As you can see, laying next to her. I’m sharing my energy with Luna.”
Unknown if she was serious or joking, Elni tightly embraced Luna, whereupon Luna relaxed her expression somewhat happy and slowly opened her eyelids as she had apparently woken up.
“Eh? Huh? Elni-chan?”
When Luna widened her eyes a bit, Elni smiled faintly and replied.
“Sorry for waking you up, Luna. I made some porridge… You think you can eat it?”
“Ah, yes. I want to. You made it, Elni-chan?”
“Yeah! I worked hard for you! There’s no better spice than love!”
Cracking such a joke, Elni took the tablet from me, grabbed the spoon, filled some of the porridge into the bowl and started to cool the rice eagerly with “Fuh~ Fuh~”. Next she carried the porridge towards Luna’s mouth with “Open wide~”.
Upon that, Luna opened her well-formed lips and eat the porridge without hesitation, as she knew about Elni’s cooking skills, smiling with “So good”. On the other hand, I alternatively looked at their smiling faces, then spoke out the words I was reminded of.
“You two get along so well.”
“Fufu, you got all jealous, didn’t you, Shinobu. Luna and I are so close that we often take a nap together. Luna’s breast pillow is really comfortable. There’s no better pillow than Luna’s breasts.”
“…Aren’t her thighs great too?”
While I replied jokingly to Elni, Luna proudly puffed up her voluminous chest.
“Shinobu-san, Elni-chan is amazing. Whenever I am tired or busy, she secretly helps out with the house chores. She also listens to my worries, helps me practice a game and taught me how to use a cell phone.”
Even while showing a smile and saying so, Luna suddenly changed her expression into a wry smile.
“But it is enough for today. I can eat the porridge by myself. Saying this now might be too late, but I do not want you to catch my cold. So Elni-chan—”
“Luna, stop being so reserved, okay?”
Softly cutting into her words, Elni slowly reached out her hand for Luna’s head.
“You don’t have to worry about passing on your cold. Both Shinobu and I love you so much that we wouldn’t mind catching your cold. Of course the same applies to Machina, Nazucat and Tomoe-san too. So you don’t need to show any reservation.”
“…Okay. Thank you, Elni-chan.”
Receiving Elni’s heartfelt words, Luna damped her eyes a bit and nodded. After she finished eating the porridge by getting fed, Luna gave Elni a hug as a present. Elni accepted that with a smile, but after a while she clapped her hands as she remembered something.
“Luna, give me a minute.”, leaving behind these words, she left the room.
On the other hand, Luna watched after Elni a bit sadly, then stared at me with passionate eyes, spreading both her arms spoiled with “Shinobu-san, Shinobu-san”.
She most likely wanted to get hugged. If possible I wanted to meet her expectations. However, thanks to the embarrassment, I kept it at only petting her head, but
“Mm… That, feels good. Please do more.”
If this had been a hug, it would have been risky…
Luna with a cold was indeed extremely erotic. I was just normally petting her head, yet she leaked a charming moaning for some reason, so I got rather fraught.
But to not expose that, I kept softly petting her head, whereupon Elni came back into the room with a light knock. For some reason she was carrying a white towel and as soon as she held it out to me, she made an unbelievable suggestion with a smile.
“Shinobu, Luna’s sweating a bit due to the fever. Wipe her body with this.”
“…No, no. What’re you saying? How did it come to this? Why me? And why are you looking like you don’t mind it, Luna?”
“Because I do not mind it.”
I hastily made a retort, but apparently Luna was being serious. She flushed her from the fever already red cheeks even more, and slowly unbuttoned her white shirt while breathing bewitchingly. In no time, she took off her top in front of me.
Upon that, her voluminous fruits, freed from their containment, innocently bounced around like they had increased in size, and the light pink buds at the peek of her breasts showed themselves.
A- Apparently she wasn’t wearing a bra. The peeks of her breasts, the pink extensions swelled out like a tree bud and while I was inadvertently about to stare there, Luna leaned over towards me while letting her breasts bounce up and down, and leaked a sweet voice with her even redder cheeks.
“Please be gentle, Shinobu-san…”
J- Just what do you want Shinobu-san to do? The high fever probably had slowed down her thoughts, but did she even forget that she wasn’t wearing a bra? Please don’t say such misleading things to me while looking like that.
Was what I thought, but I had not even once responded to Luna’s requests today. I should at least listen to one request of hers.
Making my resolve, I shifted my gaze, whereupon Elni showed a bright grin with no regards to my feelings. In return, I wordlessly took the towel from her and swiftly got behind Luna’s back.
There Luna raised one arm and started to tie up her golden hair, to make it easier for me to wipe it. As a result, her smooth white back entered my vision and I was about to become agitated by the skin’s delicacy, so I averted my eyes, only to look into the stand mirror in the room.
Perfectly reflected in this mirror was Luna, who defencelessly exposed her black panties on top of the bed and took a bewitching pose by raising both of her slender and graceful arms.
…To be honest, I was captivated. Even while wiping her back, my gaze was drawn to the mirror, captivating not only my soul, but also my eyes.
“Ahh… Hahn… Mm…”
Luna’s voluminous breasts showed all kind of shapes every time she moved her body along with longing moans. When she once shivered embarrassed, her breasts jumped up like showing off their flexibility, then bewitchingly shook to the sides.
Probably due to that, I felt surprisingly strained when I finished wiping Luna’s back and while I kept taking deep breath in my heart, Elni, who had assumed a silent observer role so far, showed a smile and at the same made yet another unbelievable remark for whatever was going on in her head.
“Hey Shinobu, there’s a bit of sweat between Luna’s breasts, you know? Why don’t you wipe there too?”
“…Any more screwing around like that and I’ll pinch your cheeks later.”
“In- Instead of my cheeks, make do with Luna’s breasts. If it gets out of hand, I’ll stop you, so rest assured. Besides, Luna herself wants you to wipe it. Right, Luna?”
“Ah, yes, you are right. It is a bit cold, so I hope you could do it quickly.”
Her consciousness must have been still hazy from the fever. Luna affirmed with a somewhat drowsy voice, urging me sweetly with “Shinobu-san”.
…Okay, she was cold, so I had to do it, right? It wasn’t good to push a patient. I braced my partly fragmented reasoning, but careful not to forget myself and slowly reached out my hands over her shoulders. Timidly, I touched her soft breasts.
Instantly the sensation of her round breasts spread of my fingertips even through the towel, and on top of that, Luna shivered her body while making a “…Ahn” moan, which shot up my heart beat in no time. But I somewhat composed kept moving my fingers like careful caressing.
“Yah… Somehow, this is… Uhn… amazing…”
Leaking an unforeseen bewitching voice, Luna repeatedly twisted her body, so sometimes my palms softly brushed over her fluffy breasts and while that happened over and over again, my fingertip unmeant touched the peek of her breasts, the pink buds gently like a peck.
An unbelievable sweet sensation spread on my fingertip. When I lightly rolled over the pinnacle with my fingertip on a sudden impulse,
“Yaahhn… Hah… Ahn…”
Bending her back, Luna let a bewitching soprano voice resound, whereas on the other hand I, returning to my senses, broke out a cold sweat and at the same time swallowed down my saliva with a gulp.
…Now I have done it. Due to my great agitation, I dropped the towel and hastily pulled my hand back in a straight line towards me rapidly beating chest.
But between my hand and my own chest was Luna. What I felt all over my palms were an indescribable softness and flexibility. When I doubtfully confirmed it in the stand mirror, my hand had settled right into… between Luna’s breasts of all places.
I could do nothing but turn pale. Of course such an accident happens when I pulled my hand back in a straight line. With my head full of guilt and panic, I froze up completely, whereupon Elni, who had watched over me, placed her hand against her chin and gave the third ridiculous demand.
“Shinobu, good timing. Wipe the sweat of her breasts with her palm like that. I think that’ll be more pleasant than with a towel. Luna, help him.”
“Ehm… Like this?”
Regardless of my outrageous act, Luna showed no sign of anger at all. Not just that, she held her own breasts from the left and right, raising them up like Elni told her. Along with a bewitching moan, she gently enveloped my hand with her warm breasts.
Her voluminous snow-white breasts. Every time Luna slowly shook them, their sweet softness and enormous elasticity were directly transferred into my hand. Also, as the sweat between her breasts acted like a lubrication oil, the movements of her white breasts was smooth and extremely seductive.
Letting her breasts bounce alternatively, she softly rubbed over my hand, pinched it from the left and right and for whatever reason, Luna extended her pink tongue with a drowsy expression. Next she used her wet tongue to lick the tip of my fingers while my hand was still wrapped between her breasts.
“*kiss*… Mm… *kiss*, *kiss*…”
Pressing her well-formed lips onto my fingertips, she lovely took it into her mouth and wrapped her warm tongue around it like that. Moreover resuming the movements of her breasts, Luna pulled away her lips from my fingers and pleaded.
“Hah, Hah… Shinobu-san… Mm… Please move as well…”
“O- Okay, then I’ll go ahea— wait, no! Don’t get ridiculous too! This should suffice, right? Sorry, but we’re done here.”
Replying so with a somewhat shrill voice, I tried to pull my arm away from Luna’s breasts right away, but
“Ahn… You are so wild… Yah… on my breasts…”
Leaking a rather seductive voice, Luna started to bend her slender waist wriggling back and forth and when I suddenly dropped my gaze, there were the peeks of her ripe breasts. The pink buds became stiff very fast, like they were waiting to be pecked.
…I was at my limit in various ways. While my reasoning was crunching, Elni took one step forward, as she sensed it, whereupon suddenly a bright melody resounded in the room. Luna’s cell phone on the desk was ringing and signalizing a call to us.
Elni picked up that cell phone and held it out to Luna, whereupon I could finally escape from her sweet breasts thanks to that. Luna separated from me a bit regretful and took the cell phone from Elni, answering the call.
“…Yes, Luna here. What is the matter, Boss?”
Boss? A call from her job? Luna was working a part-time job at a family restaurant for a little while now to save up money, so that she could go to university and learn more about society, but
“Eh? Is that so? Actually I have a cold today…”
Something might have happened. While Elni softly hang the white shirt over Luna’s shoulders, Luna clouded her expression as the conversation progressed. And after listening for a while, Luna said “I will ask” and removed the cell phone from her ear, looking at me.
“Shinobu-san, the Boss of my part-time job just told me that a staff member, who had a shift in the noon, is down with a cold. Now they are troubled, since they are short on hands.”
“Guess the restaurant is in a pinch.”
“Yes, so my Boss said ‘I want the boy’s body as your replacement, Luna-chan. He only needs to wash the dishes, carry stuff around or spent the night with me. Please get him to help us out.’…”