Tsuki Tsuki
Specials Preview


Enchanting sweet chocolate…
— If Shinobu were to buy chocolates in cross-dress —

The department store’s special valentine’s day sales corner. A lots of women gathered here and they happily dedicated themselves to the choosing of chocolates. Somewhat overwhelmed, I watched their behaviour, then I set forth towards the sales corner with heavy steps.
Some passing by girls looked at me and whispered stuff like “That person is so pretty…”, “Such a tall figure, a model?” or “I would like to give that person friendship chocolate.” with a delighted voice. My heart turned a bit gloomy.
Watching my own reflection in the window display, I inadvertently dropped my shoulders.
Straight and long hair down till my waist, it was just a wig. Furthermore, my cold features that made people mistake me for a killer were softened by make-up. And on my body, which had no unnecessary muscles due to my training, looked surprisingly good in the female clothes I borrowed from the guys in the drama club and seemed slender. A perfect cross-dressing. No matter how you looked at me, I only looked like a girl.
But still… what the hell was I doing? While I rummaged through the chocolates, I naturally let out a heavy sigh.
Today was February the 13th. The day before valentine’s day, but for some sad reason, I came to the shop for chocolates in cross-dressing after school. It was all because of my friend, the pervert Asada Kouta. As a matter of fact, I had been called to the rooftop by Asada during lunch break for a single favour.
—Give me some chocolate.
At that time I was worried just how much his perversion had progressed, but there were pressing circumstances to it, as Asada explained with a serious expression.
Apparently Asada had casually boasted “This year I’ll get chocolate from my girlfriend” in front of his mother and big sister and they seemed to be really happy that he made a girlfriend. Both his mother and sister took his lie serious, broke out in tears and in the end even served red rice on that day. Asada lost all opportunity to pull out of it. While explaining the circumstances,
“Please, Nanjou! Go after school in cross-dress today! It doesn’t need to be on the actual valentine’s day! We’ll go with a distant relationship setting. I’ll do whatever you want in return!”
Asada clung to me in tears. So I couldn’t turn him down and asked the girls in class to do my make-up. And now I was here.
By the way, the girls didn’t ask anything and happily put me in the cross-dress, but let’s leave that aside. I should buy the chocolate already and go to Asada’s house.
I wanted to get over with this damn business. I sighed once more and paid the bill, then I stopped and once again looked back at the chocolate sales corner. Since valentine’s day was tomorrow, the place was filled with women and while I watched over them, suddenly the appearances of familiar girls floated in my head.
The new residents of our house since last year, Luna, Machina and Elni. A close classmate, Gogyou Hijiri and her big sister, the perverted maid Kaorun, aka Kaoru. Furthermore, my childhood friend, Minami Ouka.
Technically my mother and little sister Nazuna were giving me chocolates every year, but this year I should get chocolates from non-relatives too…Well, it wasn’t the time to forget my situation and think about stuff like that. I didn’t want to be seen by anyone here. I turned on my heel as to flee the place right away, whereupon— I totally unexpected met the eyes of two friends.
A dazzling beautiful woman. And a silver-haired girl, whose finely chiselled features made her look like a French doll. It were Kaorun and Elni.
Uncertain how long they had been looking at me, they were peeking out from behind an obstacle and when they met my eyes, Kaorun made an awkward bow whereas Elni waved her hand with a smile, but why were they there? I was shaken and opened my mouth.
“Ehm, you guys… since when have you been watching?”
“Mh? Since you chose the chocolates with a gloomy expression?”
S- Seemed they witnessed everything from beginning to end. Elni looked at the chocolate in my hand and continued.
“Anyway, Shinobu, about that chocolate.”
“No, well…”
Just how could I fool them? While I was at a loss for words, Elni said with a serious face.
“Could it be, these are for me?”
On these unexpected words, I inadvertently leaked a stupid “…Huh?” from my mouth, but Elni faintly smiled while saying “Friendship chocolate, right? Fufu, even cross-dressing, you’re so devoted”. However, Kaorun pulled on Elni’s sleeve with a reserved look
“Elni-san, I do not believe that the reason Shinobu-sama cross-dresses is so that he can give out friendship chocolate.”
and shook her head with teary eyes for some reason.
“I am sure Shinobu-sama was thinking ‘Aww, I’ll get chocolates only from my family again this year anyway, so I’ll buy chocolates myself, pretend I got them from a girl and show off’. But going to buy chocolates in this season would make other girls take him for a ‘Pitiful guy☆‘ and to avoid that, he cross-dressed without doubt.“
Still with teary eyes, Kaorun pulled out a handkerchief with “It is too sad for me to look at”.
C- Certainly, the situation could be misunderstood like that.
But she was jumping to conclusions. I wanted to clear up the misunderstanding right away, but telling them about the circumstances would be too cruel for Asada. After clenching my teeth, I clenched my fist and squeezed out the words.
“…Th, That’s right. I’m a pitiful guy like Kaorun said. Men are creatures that like to show off. What’s the big deal? Please, just leave me alone already.”
While telling the lie, it got so pathetic that I got close to tears. In regards, Kaorun finally covered her mouth with her hand to suppress her sobbing, whereas Elni took the chocolates on sale into her hand with a teary expression and held them out to me.
“Shinobu, it’s a day early, but I’ll give these valentine chocolate to you.”
“Yeah, thanks, but give them to me after you paid at the register.”
“Well then, Shinobu, can you lend me some money?”
“Yeah, sure. Ehm, how much— as if! Why would I have to pay myself for the chocolates I’m getting! Getting chocolates from a girl after I bribed her is just too sad!”
“But everyone wanted to make chocolates by themselves, so I used my allowance for the ingredients and barely have any left now. And I still need to buy the wrapping…”