Tsuki Tsuki

Chapter 01:
Missing Answer

Getting deeper into fall with the end of the sports festival, it was at last a chilly morning.
In my slumber I suddenly felt a pleasant weight on my body along with a soft warmth and a faint fragrance of flowers. A somewhat bashful voice came from above my head.
“Sh- Shinobu-kun, it’s morning. About time you get up.”
…Mh? Shinobu-kun?
Different from the usual beautiful and clear voice, it was a gentle and mild tone.
When I opened my heavy eyelids doubtful, my vision was filled with the morning sun and also a cool beauty. Clear eyes with long eyelashes and a smooth bridge of the nose, this girl was without doubt Hijiri… but why was she in my room?
Daring enough, she sat straddling on my waist while her plump bottom pressed onto my body. But I had no time to enjoy the sensation of these round hips and was perplexed, whereas Hijiri showed a bright grin.
“Morning, Shinobu-kun. Let’s go to school together today.”
“…Ah, a dream?”
“Ehm, Shinobu-kun? This isn’t a dream, you know?”
“Mh, taking this isn’t a dream, what are you doing here then? It kind of looks like you’re attacking me in my sleep.”
“Ehh!? Really? I was just told by Kaoru-san that boys like to be waked up like this, so I asked Luna-san and came here, but— hey, don’t fall asleep in the middle of my explanation, Shinobu-kun!”
Somehow Hijiri’s troubled voice reached my ears, but not hearing most of it, I rested my cheek on the pillow.
Hijiri was popular at school with even a rumoured fan club. She could be called a school idol and was always dignified, so it was really unbelievable that she would wake me up in the morning in such a vulnerable astraddle position. Besides, it was Luna, who came into my room every morning.
…This must be a dream.
My half-asleep brain came to this conclusion and I wanted to return to my slumber again, but
“Ah, your sleeping face is so cute… No, wait. Shinobu-kun, if you don’t get up, you won’t have any time to eat breakfast.”
I heard such a gentle voice, then my body was shaken lightly while at the same time I felt a squishy springiness around my waist, stronger than before.
I- It must be Hijiri’s bottom.
Every time she moved her body, her plump and elastic hips bounced on my waist, stimulating my body with the soft flesh.
“C’mon, get up, Shinobu-kun. If you don’t, I’ll use force.”
Along with her words, my body was shaken greater and Hijiri’s bottom bounced on my waist even more. When I faintly opened my eyes, Hijiri was shaking my shoulders with still straddling me and her voluminous breasts bewitchingly moved up and down. She herself might not be aware of it, but from my standpoint, I could also feel how she shook her hips on top of me, which was quite erotic.
“Uhm, Shinobu-kun, if you don’t wake up… I, I’ll kiss you.”
“Bring it on. Do what you want.”
“R- Really? Then I won’t hold back.”
“I don’t mind. It’s a dream anyway.”
I replied composed and closed my eyes once more, but… wasn’t somewhat weird?
The warmth of Hijiri’s hand on my shoulders. Her soft and pleasant bottom on my waist. Her voice coming from above my head. For a dream, it was pretty realistic.
“Mhm~ are you still half-asleep, Shinobu-kun? Or are you joking around like usual? I don’t really know, but if you don’t get up… I’ll really kiss you.”
“I’m always serious. And at inconvenient times, I crack a… wait, stop!”
A kiss was definitely going too far. Returning to my senses from a half-asleep state, I pushed aside my sleepiness and jumped up, whereupon a small “Kyaa” scream raised and following my vision was filled fascinating black panties.
…A- Apparently I did something outrageous in my half-asleep state.
Because I had straightened up my upper body with attitude, Hijiri had lost her balance and with both her hands to the back, she had gotten in a posture, where she spread her legs like the letter M.
Widely spreading her beautiful legs clad in stockings, her bewitching thighs and even her crotch were exposed before my eyes, giving a good view on her black underwear.
Truly a lascivious pose.
When I thoughtlessly stared, Hijiri seemingly noticed her own posture as well. Turning bright red in no time, she quickly averted her eyes from me, whereas I lowered my head with attitude.
“Sorry, Hijiri. I was still half-asleep.”
“Y- Yeah, I know you didn’t do it on purpose, so it’s okay. And you don’t need to apologize. If you want to look… go ahead and look some more.”
When I raised my words on the unexpected words, Hijiri flushed her cheeks even more still spreading her legs like a M and continued with a small voice.
“If it pleases you, I’m happy. If there’s anything else you want me to do, just so say without reservation…”
Contrary to her soft tone, Hijiri tightly closed both her eyes and turned bright red due to shame.
At this rate she might listen to all my demands. Yes, for example… wait, not good. It was rude to have weird fantasy.
To get my slowly awakening brain into gears, I lightly slapped my cheeks and repeated to take deep breathes… then the door of my room opened with the worst timing ever.
“Hijiri-san, is Shinobu-san awake yet?”
Along with a gentle voice, a girl of dazzling beauty came into the room.
Long, blonde hair that emitted a graceful brilliance. Clear, emerald-green eyes. A slender waist and an overwhelming bust, which prided itself with a top class size even amongst my acquaintances.
The girl with the charming figure and full-bodied fruits, was our reliable older sister, who surprisingly loved physical contact: Luna. Unfitting to her neat and clean aura, she was a devil, but I myself wasn’t bothered by it.
But well, that aside. The problem was the current situation.
Hijiri was spreading both her legs on the bed while flushing her cheeks. And I stared at that.
For a bystander, it might look like I was doing something indecent to Hijiri.i1-2Then Luna seemed to jump to conclusions, as tears filled her eyes and she trembled her voice.
“…Could it be, I am interrupting?”
“N- No, Luna-san! Don’t get the wrong idea!”
To clear up the misunderstanding, Hijiri fixed her seating position and hastily shook her hands.
“But Shinobu-san is doing something perverted to—”
“That’s not it! Shinobu-kun hasn’t done anything! To begin with, I think it was my fault for telling the half-asleep Shinobu-kun that I would kiss him if he doesn’t get up.”
“Uhm, I do not quite follow, but you got into that position on your own…?”
“No, no, that’s not it either, Luna-san.”
It seemed Hijiri was quite agitated. So I made a follow-up.
“I caused Hijiri to spread her legs like a M. It’s my fault.”
“Y- You are at fault, Shinobu-san? Then, does it mean, you asked Hijiri-san to take a perverted pose for you?”
“…Rather than a ask, it was more by force.”
“By force!?”
“Yeah, I really wronged Hijiri.”
But it was an accident— Before I could explain so, Luna lightly puffed up her cheeks and protested with teary eyes.
“You are so mean, Shinobu-san! I am the one who always wakes you up! Why do you only do something like that when it is Hijiri-san!”
Temporarily stopping her words, Luna raised her voice with still teary eyes.
“It is not fair to leave me alone out of the loop!”
…So- Somehow, the point she got angry about was slightly off?
When I had that impression, Luna flushed her cheeks and continued.
“I understand that you become unable to hold back on various things, Shinobu-san, seeing as you are a boy. But at that time, please come to me! It is not fair that it is just Hijiri-san! If you would just ask me, even I, well, will try my best to take a perverted pose!”
“—Then immediately take off your clothes, raise up your beautiful huge breasts, take them into your own mouth and show off how you lewdly suck on them.”
“Ehh!? I get the feelings that is more demanding than what Hijiri-san did, but if that is what you wish for, Shinobu-san… wait, now that I think about, that was not Shinobu-san’s voice!”
Yeah, exactly. It wasn’t said by me.
It was the voice of a third party, who had suddenly butted in with an imitation of me. When I swiftly shifted away my gaze from Luna, who had put her hands onto her clothes, I saw a girl wearing maid clothes coming into the room.
Smooth white skin. Amber eyes and a perfectly proportioned figure on a slender body.
Still the eye-catching beauty as ever, she was the Gogyou Household’s maid and Hijiri’s older sister— Kaorun aka Gogyou Kaoru.
She must have imitated me… but why was even Kaorun here besides Hijiri? Inadvertently I forgot to retort and tilted my head, whereupon Kaorun was perplexed for some reason.
“Ehm, Shinobu-sama? Were is your usual sharp, yet lovely retort? More importantly, what is the ruckus so early in the morning about? Did something—”
“Please listen to it, Kaoru-san!”
Cutting into Kaorun’s words, Luan grabbed the sleeve of her clothes tightly.
“Shinobu-san would just not get up! So I came to check upon him! And then Hijiri-san was taking a perverted pose in front of him!”
“…Incidentally, what kind of pose was it?”
“She spread her legs like a M!”
When Luna answered so instantly, Kaorun sparkled her eyes, then softly rested her hands on Luna’s shoulders and made her tone a bit gentler.
“It seems you are tired, Luna-san. You must have seen an illusion. Certainly I recommended Hijiri-chan to wake up Shinobu-sama in an astraddle position. But please think about it. Do you believe the usually composed Hijiri-chan would wake up Shinobu-sama by spreading her legs like a M?”
“No, that is not it, Shinobu-san forcefully…”
“Shinobu-sama did? I cannot believe that. Shinobu-sama is a wussy—No, I mean, he has resistant rationality, irritatingly so. I did not see the actual happening, so I cannot say it with confidence, but was it not just an accident?”
When Kaorun replied without screwing around on a rare occasion, Hijiri nodded firmly in confirmation.
“Just as Kaoru-san says. It’s not like Shinobu-kun tried to do anything funny…”
There Hijiri got off the bed and told Luna the circumstances. Meanwhile I whispered into the ear of Kaorun, who had approached me.
“Thanks. You really saved my ass there, since Luna seemed to have the wrong idea.”
“I know, right? I really had to hold myself back there from fooling around. Please praise me more.”
“Well, that aside, did you call me a ‘wussy’ earlier?”
“Yes, I did. However, even as a wussy, you are adorable, Shinobu-sama. More importantly, please praise me already. I hope you will pet my head.”
“I’m afraid, that request is rejected.”
“…Is that so. Still, you are fantastic again today, Shinobu-sama. So cool.”
“It’s too late to flatter me now— wait, don’t be so downhearted. Just how bad did you want a pet on the head?”
Actually, didn’t she show even more expressions lately?
Involuntarily considering it cute, I softly reached out my hand for Kaorun’s head, but midway I suddenly felt something amiss and stared into her face.
Upon that, Kaorun reddened her cheeks for some reason.
“Shinobu-sama, even if you do not look at me with such perverted eyes, I will return your love unconditionally, unlimited and free of charge.”
“Well, I would love to retort that you need your eyes checked, but… didn’t you stop with the ‘Shinobu-sama’ stuff?”
Realizing what I felt amiss, I looked into Kaorun’s eyes.
Despite her appearance, Kaorun was a hybrid devil. Ever since she could remember, she was treated as a tool at the exorcist organisation and had hard a hard time acting spoiled towards someone.
But she must haven opened up a lot.
Right now she was walking besides Hijiri, who tried to change the exorcist organisation, and she should have already refrained from adding -sama to the names of people at least close to her. In reality, she was calling Luna with -san.
“…Hey Kaorun, I told you before, you don’t need to add ‘sama’ to my name.”
Softening my tone a bit, I gently petted Kaorun’s head, but she lightly shook her head and replied.
“I appreciate the thought, but in the future you could become my Master. The honorific seems appropriate for me, so please let me call you like that.”
“…Wait a sec. What you mean future Master? I have no plans to become your Master. I always want to stay on equal terms with you, since I don’t like to appoint superior and inferior in human relations.”
“Then I do not mind it if you are my Master in name only. Please consider it that kind of play and enjoy it.”
I had been quite serious, yet Kaorun took it with in a casual mood.
“Also, Shinobu-sama, if you insist that you do not want to be called with sama, then I will call you ‘Darling’ from today on. Are you fine with that?”
“I don’t really mind. Sounds fun.”
“An unexpected interest!?”
When I replied this time by screwing around, Kaorun widened her eyes, then flushed her cheeks faintly.
“Uhm, Shinobu-sama, I know I brought it up myself, but ‘Darling’ is too embarrassing after all. If possible, could you choose between ‘Master’ and ‘Dear Brother’?”
“Hey, don’t strike the crucial ‘Shinobu-sama’ off from the choices. Besides I was only joking. Don’t take me serious. Just keep calling me how you always have…”
Replying so with a light shrug of my shoulders, I casually looked at the other girls, whereu Luna squeezed herself sorrily with “I am sorry. I misunderstood”.
Hijiri must have cleared up the misunderstanding. I made a sigh of relief and returned my gaze to Kaorun, changing the topic as I suddenly noticed something.
“That aside, why are you both here today in the morning?”
When I asked doubtful at this late point, Kaorun replied with a small smile.
“Actually I wanted to surprise you, so on my suggestion, I came over together with Hijiri-chan. It is a plan to make your heart skip a beat by waking you up like a childhood friend.”
“…I see.”
To be honest, it didn’t really felt like a childhood friend, but it must have been Hijiri’s own way of approach. And stuff like this morning might continue from now on. Giving Kaorun an agreeable response and crossing my arms, I looked up to the ceiling… deeply thinking back upon.
The confession from Hijiri the other day. How I didn’t have an answer yet. And my relationship with Hijiri.
Even while I knew that it couldn’t continue like this, our current relationship was just too comfortable to me, so I kept putting off the answer I should already know… and still hadn’t come to a solution yet.
At that time, to drag my thoughts back to reality, Kaorun peered into my face and showed me a roguish smile.
“What do you say, Shinobu-sama? You were indeed surprised from having Hijiri-chan waking you up, right?”
“…Yeah, I was. I thought my legs would give in.”
When I cracked a joke to hide my emotions at once, Kaorun frowned a bit for some reason.
“That sounds a bit perverted.”
“Just what about it does!? Isn’t it your brain what’s erotic?”
“Muh, that is not the case. If you are doubtful, shall we have Luna-san say the same remark as a test? There you have it, Luna-san. Please say it with a deep sigh. Laying face-down on the bed would be even better.”
When Kaorun brought up the matter to Luna while turning around, Luna, who had watched over us with Hijiri, made a wry smile in confusion.
“Uhm, why are you asking me? If possible, I would like to decline…”
“Luna-san, if you listen to my request, I will present you with a picture of Shinobu-sama’s sleeping face. Besides, I believe it will please Shinobu-sama.”
When Kaorun replied so somewhat joking, surprisingly not Luna, but Hijiri blushed and raised her hand reserved.
“Ehm, Luna-san seems hesitant, so I could do it in her stead…”
“Aww! Not fair, Hijiri-san! Please do not get on the bed! I also want Shinobu-san’s pictures!”
Luna extended her foot towards the bed in opposition to Hijiri. On the other hand Kaorun put our her palm, as to stop them.
“Please wait, you two. Quarrelling is not good. How about I respond to Shinobu-sama’s expectations as a compromise between you two?”
“…Hey, how did it come to that? Besides, I aren’t expecting anything. Actually, don’t fool around so much in the morning.”
Retorting half-wearily, I thought in the corner of my heart.
That the wish of having these fun and lively times continue on forever unchanged was surely just my egoism…

After that I finished dressing up and eating breakfast, then I walked through the residential area on my way to school while being sent off by Luna and Kaorun. Next to me was Hijiri, but also two other girls.
One of them was Machina Liebelei Orangelo, who was in charge of getting tricked and then retorting. She was Luna’s little stepsister and a hybrid devil despite her appearance.
Long, elegant and glamorous red hair. Amber almond eyes that showed her willpower. Her two voluminous breasts and long, beautiful legs that even overshadowed a gravure idol were a feast for the eyes.
And the other girl was my little sister, Nanjou Nazuna.
With features that reminded you of an adorable kitten, Nazuna was a 8th grader and became the captain of the karate club the other day… but was she properly keeping her club members in check?
Making a nonchalant smile, Nazuna hummed a strange tune. Watching my sister, whose image was far away from being a captain, with a side-glance, I asked partly fooling around.
“I gotta say, you’re so energetic again today. Technically you’re in a sensitive age. Don’t you have a worry or two?”
“A worry? Mmh~ That it gotten colder lately, I guess…?”
“Yeah, you can’t stand the cold after all.”
Reminded me, every year in winter, Nazuna often rolled up with our cat at home under the heated table. When I put my retort on hold and was reminiscent about that time, Machina, who had listened in to us, interjected slightly worried.
“Hey Nazuna, you really don’t have any worries? You said the proficiency test is soon, right? Is your studying coming along well?”
“…Somehow, I suddenly got the tension from a Monday morning.”
As she had completely forgotten about the test until now, Nazuna dropped her shoulders dejected.
Well, you reap what you sow. I leaked a wry smile and lightly rebuked Nazuna.
“Aren’t you tense because you only keep playing around? How about you properly review and prepare for class from now on like I do? I think that will make things easier.”
“But Brother, facing troubles in your youth helps you grow.”
“That’s strangely fitting…”
However, next year Nazuna would prepare for entrance exams, so I should help her with her studies next time.
Such thoughts crossed my mind, whereas Hijiri, who had quietly observed so far, showed a soft smile and softly rested a hand on Nazuna’s shoulder.
“Nazuna-chan, if you like, I can help you with your studies.”
“Of course. Let’s have Kaoru-san help you as well on this occasion, not just me. Kaoru-san is good at teaching, so let’s study with three of us next time.”
“Yeah! Thanks, Hijiri-oneechan! And after studying, let’s play together!”
“Uhm, Nazuna-chan, let’s leave the playing for after the test, okay?”
Making a faint wry smile, Hijiri petted Nazuna’s head. Nazuna tightly clung to her. And for some reason, Machina grabbed the sleeve of my clothes with a bitter expression.
“…Shinobu, Hijiri said all that what I wanted to say.”
“What you wanted to say? You mean ‘playing after the test’?”
“Yep, yep, Nazuna often plays with Elni, but not so often with me— wait, no! I mean about helping her study!”
She might have brought up the proficiency test, because she wanted to suggest that.
Surely Machina wanted to play the older sister in front of Nazuna. Staring at Hijiri and Nazuna, she once more made a bitter expression.
“Somehow, Nazuna is quite attached to Hijiri. She calls me ‘Machina-chan’, but Hijiri with ‘Hijiri-oneechan’…”
“Jealous? Then why don’t you ask Nazuna to call you with ‘oneechan’ as well? I’m sure Nazuna will agree. If you’re too embarrassed to ask her yourself, I instead will— call you ‘neechan’.”
“Of course. Let’s have Kaorun join in as well on this occasion, not just me. We two will call you ‘Neechan’.”
“Yeah! Thanks, Shinobu— is certainly not what I’ll say! How did it turn into that!? Go ask Nazuna in my stead! Besides, I don’t want you to be the little brother, Kaoru the little sister and I the older sister! You’re always so useless, Shinobu!”
“Not always. But doesn’t my level of uselessness tickle your motherly instincts… Machina-neechan?”
“Well, it’s a bit cute— wait, you casually changed your way of calling me! It’s embarrassing, so stop it!”
“…Would you have preferred Big Sis?”
“Even worse!”
Mhm, apparently she didn’t like it. I crossed my arm and pondered for a few seconds, then I clapped my hands and cracked a joke.
“Okay, then I’ll become your older brother now.”
“I, I don’t get at all how it turns into that…”
“Well, you know, if you become my little sister, you naturally will become Nazuna’s older sister. Then Nazuna might call you with ‘oneechan’ as well. Want to try it? If it makes Nazuna consider you as an older sister, it’ll be perfect.”
“…You have a point. Okay, I’ll try it.”
No, no, not the slightest bit of it was convincing.
While I retorted so in my heart, Machina seemed motivated and cleared her throat with a single cough. Faintly blushing, she looked at me with upturned eyes.
“Ehm, come shopping with me next time, Shinobu-oniisama.”
N- Not good. It was more effective than I had imagined. If Machina were my little sister, I might coddle her like a cat.
“Mh? What’s the matter, Shinobu-oniisama? Your face is kind of red… could it be, you’re embarrassed?”
“…Lil Sis, even if it’s your beloved brother, don’t go reading other people’s hearts.”
“Eh? You really are embarrassed? Th- Then I wouldn’t mind calling you ‘Shinobu-oniisama’ all day today.”
Machina was in a good mood. In regards to that, Nazuna, who watched over us, got worried with “…Machina-chan might have become my rival” and Hijiri got a weird misunderstanding with “So Shinobu-kun has a thing for that…”.
While watching the two of them at the corner of my vision, I decided to stop with the jokes already.
“Hey Machina, let’s put an end to this play now, okay? I’m scared that Elni or Kaorun might fool around by imitating you.”
“Right… wait, you just said ‘play’! You tricked me again! Stupid Shinobu!”
“…I’m not stupid. But doesn’t my stupidity tickle your motherly instincts— Aw, ouch! I apologize, so stop pulling on my ear.”
While talking like that, we then parted with Nazuna at the usual place and when I headed for school side by side with Machina and Hijiri, suddenly a cold wind blew and I shivered my body a bit.
…Just like Nazuna had said, it really had become cold.
Getting up in the morning would get harder from now on. When I shivered my body once more, Hijiri reserved took my arm for no apparent reason and instantly a squishy elasticity touched my elbow.
It were Hijiri’s soft and full voluminous breasts.
They pressed onto my body with a particular touch, which wasn’t too close, neither too shallow. Moreover Hijiri tightly clung to me after a short hesitation and my arm was pinched between her two plump swellings. This sensation was irresistible.
While my heartbeat accelerated, Hijiri flushed her cheeks and looked at me sneaking.
“Uhm, I think you won’t be cold like this. What do you say… Shinobu-oniisan?”
Influenced by Machina earlier, Hijiri bashful changed her way of calling me.
“…Hijiri, enough of that. I’m bored of the little sister play.”
“You’re already bored of it!? Even though you looked like you enjoyed it…”
“Sorry, I’m at an age where I easily get passionate and easily get bored.”
Even while I cracked such a joke, my cheeks were actually quite hot. When I quickly averted my eyes from her, Machina grabbed my arm with attitude for some reason in opposition to Hijiri.
Instantly, now plenty voluminous breasts pressed squishy onto my body.
Machina’s round, warm and soft breasts full of elasticity. They pressed onto my arm stronger than Hijiri’s and while my cheeks got even hotter, Machina frowned and faced Hijiri.
“…You’re so obstinate, Hijiri. Again with the known seduction?”
The seduction Machina was speaking of most likely meant the yin-yang technique.
The bedchamber skill that increased one’s power by combining the yin energy of a woman with the yang energy of a man.
That skill required to do perverted things and Hijiri previously used all opportunities to seduce me, so that she could increase her power with the skill.
But now that I thought about it, all these seduction might have just been done to get closer to me. On Machina’s question, Hijiri replied with a clear negation and still red cheeks.
“Machina-san, this isn’t seduction. It’s not related to the yin-yang technique. I love Shinobu-kun, so I’m doing this.”
“You love Shinobu? That’s not really anything new… wait, Ehh!? What the! You already confessed!?”
After widened her eyes, Machina went all dewy-eyed for some reason and clung to me even stronger.
“H- Hijiri, shouldn’t you reconsider? Falling for Shinobu surely brings hardships. You know, how should I say, he’s a playboy and has an evil look.”
“Still, he’s the right one. He certainly has an evil look, but on a closer look you can tell that he has a kind face. At times he even makes a really cute face.”
“Th- That’s true, but he’s always telling strange jokes, isn’t he?”
“Yeah, Kaoru-san also complained that he immediately distracts with a joke to hide his embarrassment. But I don’t think that’s all. Because he looks slightly scary, I think he’s working hard to soften the atmosphere with jokes, so that people aren’t afraid of him.”
“Is that so? I didn’t know…”
…Neither did I.
I wanted to crack that as a joke, but I just wasn’t capable to.
Hijiri and Machina’s sweet fragrance and soft warmth agitated me. I was also concerned about the cold glares by-passers gave me for a while now. I should give them a piece of advice at this point, but it just wasn’t the right atmosphere to interject.
But well, after a while they surely would calm down.i1-3I was optimistic as such, but while the number of students naturally increased as we approached the school gate, Hijiri and Machina were still clinging to me and continued their quarrel.
All gazes around us were focussed on us.
All these looks, alike to jealousy and killing intent, directed at me hurt a bit. That said, it might only be natural, since both Hijiri and Machina were popular at school with boys and girls alike.
But, I wished they stopped already. As they didn’t notice the looks around us, they faintly raised the volumes of their voice while still clinging to each my arms.
“You’re right, Hijiri, Shinobu has good parts. But he often does sexual harassment, you know? He touched my breasts or bottom numerous times. Are you fine with being sexual harassed, Hijiri?”
“Shinobu-kun isn’t someone that would do sexual harassment on purpose. Besides, if it’s him, I would forgive anything. If that’s what he wants, then well, I’m happy as well…”
“F- Forgive anything… Why are you so daring! You really are a sullen pervert!”
“I, I’m not a sullen pervert! It’s only for Shinobu-kun! I won’t say that to someone else!”
In spite of being at the school gate, Machina and Hijiri were in a heated debate. While they were doing so, finally girls, who seemed to be juniors, approached us.
A fan of Hijiri? All of them fiercely glared at me and for starters, I called out reserved.
“Ehm, need something?”
“Hii! I, I’m not scared or anything!”
“Y- Yeah! We won’t yield to threats!”
“We’ll protect Gogyou-senpai!”
Contrary to their words, the girls trembled her legs in a frightened state. Somehow I couldn’t stand watching that. I felt bad for scaring them, so I made an awkward smile, but
“Y- Yakuza! Murderer! Devil!”
“It’s impossible for us after all!”
“…S- Sorry! We got carried away!”
Showing tears in their eyes, the girls quickly ran away without time to stop them.
That reaction was quite hurtful. I dropped my shoulders a bit and while Hijiri and Machina finally ended their quarrel, now a familiar girl approached me.
She was my classmate and childhood friend, Minami Ouka.
Adorable, big eyes. Light crimsons lips that reminded you of petals. Huge breasts that were rumoured to be F-cup and greatly bounced on her every step to emphasise their existence. When I unintentionally was about to follow these movements with my eyes,
“Morning, Shinobu-chan~”
Along with her greeting, Minami made a small jump. And like that, she clung to me.
Upon that, her plentiful voluminous breasts came into contact with my face and I felt an indescribable softness on both my cheeks… but I couldn’t breathe like this. While I struggled for oxygen, Minami clung to me even stronger and Machina gave her a warning right away.
“H- Hey, why are even you clinging to Shinobu. Hurry up and get away from him.”
“Eh, if you’re clinging to him, let me in too. It’s physical contact between friends. Besides, you know, Shinobu-chan likes it. For a while now, he’s wildly rubbing his face onto my breasts… It feels kind of nice…”
“Uhm, Minami-san? Take a closer look. Shinobu-kun looks somewhat in pain…”
I heard Hijiri’s rebuking voice, then the ruckus around us grew ever louder, as even Minami was clinging to me now.
“Nanjou-kun surely is doing something incredible in front of the school gate.” “Nothing less from Nanjou. He calmly does what we can’t do.” “Fascinating, I’m in awe” “So envious. I also want to hug onto Nanjou-kun when he cross-dresses!”
Such carefree voices from people I believed to be my classmates reached my ears, but it was only for a few seconds. The larger part of the students
“Not only does he have Gogyou-senpai and Orangelo-senpai cling to him, he’s even making out with that big-breasted senior…!” “Unforgivable.” “I’ll curse him! 24/7!” “No, just cursing him is too half-hearted. Let’s tear him to pieces right here.”
were in a rampant state like that. When I somehow pushed off Minami… I could recognize a couple of girls, from the Kendo club?, slowly approaching me with bamboo blades in their hands in my vision. They all showed an ominous smile.
…How should I explain this?
I didn’t like to resolve things with strength, neither against boys or girls. While I pondered with my arms crossed, Hijiri took a step forward and calmly opened her mouth.
“Wait, girls. Please calm down a bit. Put away your bamboo blades.”
“B- But, Gogyou-senpai, that delinquent—”
“Shinobu-kun isn’t a delinquent.”
Cutting into the girl’s voice, Hijiri said with a strong tone.
“Shinobu-kun is precious to me. I’m happy that you’re worried about me, but don’t talk bad about him. I don’t want him to be hurt.”
On a rare occasion, Hijiri had an angry way of speaking. The nearby girls replied with silence. Was this the so called silence before the storm?
While I broke out in a mental cold sweat, Hijiri gently took my hand with “Let’s go, Shinobu-kun” and started to walk. A short time later,
“Wh- What does she mean with precious!?” “D- Don’t tell me, Gogyou-senpai is in love with this villain-faced guy!?” “Calm down, girls! I’m sure Gogyou-senpai was tamed by that guy in body and heart.” “Wh- What are you saying! You’re the one who has to calm down!”
The voices of the students making a ruckus like that echoed around…


Class went on like always, getting into lunch break like that. After taking care of my affairs, I returned to the classroom and sat down on my chair, whereupon Machina next to me called out to me a bit worried.
“Welcome back, Shinobu. What did the junior girls say?”
“Who knows. It only sounded like screams to me.”
Replying so while taking out my lunch box from my bag, I made a small sigh in my heart.
Truth be told, due to the incident this morning, I was called out every break with “We have to talk about Gogyou-san” by either letter or messenger and went to meet unfamiliar students, but everyone of them ran away in a frightened sate upon seeing my face.
How rude could they get?
However, I was used to such reactions, so it didn’t bother me too much and I opened the lid of my lunch box while humming, whereupon Machina said with a slightly astonished tone.
“Hey Shinobu, Hijiri is popular at school, so you better don’t provoke her fans too much. You said they screamed… Just what did you do?”
“I didn’t really do anything. Nor do I intent to provoke them. I just tried to smile. And then they ran away. Well when you’re so rocking like me, your existence alone is enough of a provocation… wait, why are you suddenly petting my head?”
I was fooling around, so I wanted her to retort, but Machina was probably comforting me. So I didn’t resist in particular and while I was petted, I saw Hijiri softly getting away from the circle of classmates surrounding her and approaching me.
Hijiri’s hand held a lunch box and she called out with a smile.
“Shinobu-kun, Machina-san, if you like, would you like to eat together?”
“Mh? How rare. You’re not going to eat with the others?”
“Ehm, I’m a bit troubled by all their questions from the ruckus this morning.”
…I see. So she escaped, huh. Speaking of questions, I saw Hijiri getting called out during break and talking with someone in the hallway too.
“Well then, let’s eat together today.”
“Okay. Thanks, Shinobu-kun…”
While saying her thanks, Hijiri borrowed an empty chair and stared at Machina for some reason. More precisely, her gaze was fixated on Machina’s hand, which was petting my head.
“What, you jealous?”
“Eh? Uhm… Yeah. I want to pet your—”
“Then I’ll pet your head in exchange, Hijiri.”
“Ehm, Shinobu-kun? I don’t want you to pet my head, rather I want to pet yours…”
“Don’t be shy.”
“S- Somehow, you’re a bit forceful, Shinobu-kun.”
“Don’t fret it.”
No way I would stand the embarrassment of having both Machina and Hijiri pet my head.
A bit hurried, I reached out my hand for Hijiri’s head. Upon that, her glamorous, black hair tickled my fingertips and showing no particular signs of resistance, Hijiri narrowed her eyes pleased.
“Mm… This is…. kind of amazing… My voice is going to leak…”
Apparently she liked it.
When I softly tried to comb my fingers into her hair, her silky hair passed through my fingers and I felt a confined heat under it. Then Hijiri started to smile pleased, so I continued to pet her head for a while, but
The moment my little finger incidentally touched her ear, she raised a strangely bewitching voice.
“Sh- Shinobu-kun, my ears are a bit, well, too much…”
“Why? You don’t like it?”
“I don’t hate it, but…. Uhn… It tickles…”
“Mhm, it tickles, huh…”
Someway my prankish nature awakened.
In no way able to suppress that, I slowly traced her ear with a feather touch, which was barely a touch at all, whereupon Hijiri trembled her body with a shiver and started to leak a sweet voice.
“Ahn… Shinobu-kun, you meanie… Mm… Stop…”
“Fufu, for saying stop, you’re making a rather pleased face.”
“Please don’t… Ahn… say that…”
Colouring her cheeks red, Hijiri cast down her eyes embarrassed.
…This wasn’t good. I had meant it as a mere prank, but at this rate it seemed like I would be unable to stop. For now I repeated deep breathes in my heart to calm down, whereupon now Machina lightly pulled on the sleeve of my clothes.
…I got the premonition that I would get scolded.
I timidly turned around with that in mind, but Machina didn’t say anything in particular and pointed to the door of the classroom awkwardly for some reason.
What was up? When I doubtful followed her direction with my eyes… I confirmed multiple female students in the gap of the opened door or at the hallway windows. They must have been fans of Hijiri as well? Everyone looked at me with a fierce gaze and severally said with a low voice.
“Th- The rumour is true after all.” “Gogyou-senpai is threatened by a Yakuza to keep his company…!” “That Yakuza touched Gogyou-senpai’s hair with animalistic eyes.” “Poor Gogyou-senpai…”
If my look were just a bit better, a weird rumour might have not spread. But well, people’s rumour only lasted for 75 days.
Not really bothered, I replied with a small wave of my hand, whereupon the girls went pale with “D- Did he hear us?” and Hijiri stood up with attitude.
“What’s up? Toilet?”
“N- No. I’ll go clear up the misunderstanding quickly. You guys can eat already.”
Before even finishing her sentence, Hijiri rushed over to the girls. In regards, Machina, who had stayed quiet so far, rested her chin on her hand on the table and made a small sigh.
“…Popularity sure is though.”
Well, you are adored too by a lot of students who call you “Queen” behind your back.
I thought of interjecting so, but I stopped, since it would shock her…

Afterwards my classmates called out to me with mild voices saying “You’ll face a lot of troubles, but hang in there, Nanjou” “I’m on your side” “But I’m envious of Gogyou-san” “…That’s all you ever say, Katou” while on the other hand unfamiliar students continued to give my jealous glances, then it was after school.
When I watched over Machina, who happily chatted with classmates, with a side-glance, Hijiri, who usually headed for club activities right away, approached me with her bamboo blade pouch over her shoulder and lowered her head a bit.
“Sorry, Shinobu-kun. You had a lot of troubles because of me today. I didn’t think it would turn out like this…”
“Well, no sweat. You don’t really need to apologies. I enjoyed the tension, so it’s fine.”
As a matter of fact, that much was rather cute. Moreover my classmates took my side.
…In middle school I was feared even more than now and barely had anyone to talk to, so I was really grateful about my classmates’ reaction. So I showed a smile, but Hijiri slightly worried rested her hand on my shoulder.
“Shinobu-kun, please tell me right away if anything happens. I’ll properly protect you.”
“Mhm~ I don’t think there’s a reason to be that worried. Most of your fans are girls, right? If it’s a girl… I can win her over with sweet talk.”
“…Somehow I got even more worried now. You look like you would really do it.”
“Hey, you sure have become rude.”
Actually, don’t take my joke serious.
I inadvertently showed a wry smile, but Hijiri said with a serious expression.
“Just like Kaoru-san, you aren’t aware of your own charm, Shinobu-kun. I’m sure if you get serious, the junior girls will fall for you. That might be a good thing, but increasing the rivals even more is, well, troubling for me.”
“B- But people are able to strive further specially because they got a rival, no?”
“…Please don’t obscure it.”
Staring into my eyes, Hijiri faintly flushed her cheeks.
“You’re a boy, so I can understand that you’re attracted to various girls. But if you should choose me, I’ll give it my utmost best. I’ll do anything possible. I’ll make sure to satisfy you…”
S- Satisfy? Me?
Hearing this bold words, I suddenly remembered Hijiri spreading her legs like a M from this morning. Moreover while my eyes were drawn to her ripe breasts or slender waist and even to her perfect, beautiful legs, Hijiri flushed her cheeks even more and continued with “Therefore”.
“Please look at me properly too, just a little longer.”
While saying so, Hijiri cast down her eyes and started to say something about “… Not just Luna-san, but me as well…”, but her voice was just so small that I couldn’t hear it well.
When I tilted my head,
“That’s all I wanted to tell you.”
Hijiri finished so and left the classroom with a wave of her hand. On the other hand I, left behind, dropped my shoulders a bit and put my cheek onto my table like that.
…Please look at me properly too, huh.
In the end, I couldn’t say anything back to her.
What was I doing? I knew it couldn’t continue like this, yet I didn’t do anything. My chest was full of regret.
When I unintentionally felt low with my cheek still on the table, I suddenly made eye contact with an easygoing guy, as he still hadn’t went home. He was our class’ pervert and my friend, Asada Kouta.
“…What’s up, Nanjou? Why the depressed look?”
Approaching me wondering, Asada faintly frowned.
“Could it be, you’re worrying about what to do when you’re attacked by the fan club girls on the street at night, since you’re getting along so well with Gogyou-san?”
“Hey, Hey, if a harmless guy like me gets attacked, then a pervert like you must have been stabbed seven times already.”
“Hahaha… Touché.”
“You’re not denying it!? It’s scary, since your eyes are shallow!”
On the one hand I retorted with attitude while Asada corrected his tone a bit with “Well jokes aside”.
“I don’t think you have to worry about the fan club. I looked a bit into it and the club presidents seems to be someone from your old middle school. The president seems to know a few rumours about you, so I doubt you’ll really get attacked.”
“Wait a sec. Rumours about me? Like what?”
“Stuff like you’re the young master of a Yakuza group or a killer.”
“…Okay. Don’t say anything more. At any rate I have a villain face.”
“Don’t get so depressed, Nanjou. I’ll do something about the fan club. So you just have to act like always.”
I was honestly happy about Asada’s concern. I was a bit worried about the fan club. But was it really okay if I acted like always?
Even though I would keep running away from Hijiri’s feelings then…
Before I noticed it, I had clenched my fist. Softly loosening them, I thanked Asada and then left the classroom behind me.
By the way, Machina apparently was invited by the girls from class to hang out and left, so I walked down the hallway alone, whereupon my vision captured Hijiri, whatever happened to her club activities.
Like before, Hijiri was surrounded by a couple of students and had a pretty appearance.
But, as soon as Hijiri met my eyes, she showed a smile and separated from the nearby students, rushing over me with sparkling eyes.
…It was a somewhat innocent and adorable smile. It was slightly different from the one she showed to classmates or juniors and hadn’t the usual dignity, but I selfishly thought that I would like to monopolize this smile a bit longer.
Amidst that, Hijiri was faintly out of breath while still smiling at me.
“Shinobu-kun, if you’re going home now, want to go together halfway?”
“Yeah, sure, but are your club activities already over?”
It was still too early. I felt a bit doubtful, whereupon Hijiri quietly whispered into my ear.
“…I got a job call during club activities.”
“I see. So you’re leaving early.”
While I also replied with a quiet voice, I gave the students, who were with Hijiri just now, a side-glance.
Most likely, Hijiri whispered into my ear in consideration of them. She was hiding the fact that she was an exorcist. However, her warm breath touched my ear and her glamorous, black hair brushed my shoulder while even a nice fragrance hung in the air, so I certainly was a bit restless.
Moreover the students were somewhat glaring at me.
“…Hey Hijiri, I’m fine with going home together, but what about them?”
“No worries. I’m happy that they talked to me, but it’s about time I go. Let’s go together.”
Along with her words, Hijiri showed her innocent smile again.
A smile that gave the impression that she rather stayed with me than with the others.
Nodding in response to that smile, I left the school side by side with Hijiri. And while I then was smitten by her dignified side profile, I opened my mouth casually.
“Still, continuing with your club activities when you have that job… Sounds hard.”
“Mhm~ Might be, but I still want to keep doing it. Kendo is a good recreation.”
“Yeah. It’s fun playing sports and sweating with others. I just can’t do that with my exorcist training or job…”
“I see. So that’s the reason you keep at it.”
Just like Hijiri said, the exorcist training certainly didn’t feel refreshing. And by confronting devils on her job, there was the danger of losing her life. Unlike the Kendo techniques that are meant to protect, the exorcist techniques mostly aimed at defeating the opponent.
I kind of understood that, since I was getting exorcist training at the Dojo in Hijiri’s house for a while now.
I pondered about these things while giving an agreeable response, whereupon Hijiri showed me a wry smile.
“I guess, the exorcist training is a bit harsh for you too?”
“A bit. But more so it’s fun.”
If I continued the training like that, I could surely get stronger than now. When I faintly smiled with that premonition, Hijiri widened her eyes a little.
“You’re amazing, Shinobu-kun. There is hardly anyone who says that training is fun. Reminds me, my father praised you how surprisingly fast you learned. But…”
Midway faintly filling her words worry, Hijiri asked reserved.
“Are you sure about your grandfather’s dojo? Lately you’re often coming over to get exorcist training, but do you really have no intention to take over your grandfather’s dojo?”
“Yeah, I think I already told you before, but I have no such intention.”
It was before the sports festival, if I remembered correctly. I had the memory of being asked something similar, when I went to get exorcist training. While remembering about it, I continued my words.
“Actually I was quite weak as a kid and I hated that my weak self couldn’t protect anyone, so I attended my gramps’ dojo. Not to take over the dojo, but to get stronger.”

“…You were trying to get stronger for someone, right…”

A small mumbling that had an isolated tone like a monologue.
Hearing it, the figure of a single girl scurried in the back of my brain. While I was at a loss for words, Hijiri looked at me fixated and changed the topic without previous notice.
“Shinobu-kun, would you be happy if you can stay with Luna-san and the other from now on?”
“Well, yeah… They are like family to me.”
Unable to grasp the meaning behind the question, I nodded a bit perplexed.
“I see. Then I’ll try even harder at my job.”
“…Mh? How’s that related?”
“Fufu, secret.”
Hijiri smiled roguish, but also a bit proud.
Now unable to understand the meaning of her words, I softly called out while tilting my head.
“Trying hard is all fine, but don’t overdo it, okay?”
“Yeah. Thanks, Shinobu-kun.”
Hijiri brightened her smile and after walking for some time,
“I’m going this way. See you, Shinobu-kun. I think I’ll be coming over next time to help Nazuna-chan study, so let’s play once I’m done.”
“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”
When I replied with a small wave of my hand, Hijiri left still smiling. Most likely she was heading for her job destination now.
…If I just could help her with the job.
When I thought about Hijiri getting injured at her job, my chest was full of turmoil. I quickly wanted to get enough exorcist training and help Hijiri at the actual scene.
While concerned about such thoughts, I walked towards in front of the station, as I wanted to drop by the bookstore, whereupon I heard Luna’s voice saying “Shinobu-san” amidst the hustle and bustle.
Stopping a bit surprised, I faced the voice, where Luna stood with a happy smile. Wearing a shopping bag from the supermarket in her hand, she rushed over to me with a smile, but
Luna perfectly tripped midway. I hastily drew closer to her.
“E- Everything alright?”
“Yes! The eggs are fine!”
Confirming the contents of the shopping bag, Luna replied with a great nod.
“Okay, but be a bit more worried about your own body.”
You could get new eggs as much as you please.
When I gently took her hand, Luna tilted her head puzzled with “Why did I even trip?” and stood up, directing a smile at me.
“Are you on your way home?”
“Well, I wanted to stop by the bookstore, but you’re shopping?”
“Yes, my part-time job is over, so I am shopping for dinner.”
…Part-time job, huh.
As a matter of fact, Luna recently started to work part-time at a nearby family restaurant on the referral of Asada’s older sister for the reason of learning about society and saving up money for university. Right now she was in the training period.
She surely wasn’t used to the job yet and I felt bad about disturbing her, so not even once I went to the restaurant so far, but once her training was over, I should drop by.
While such thoughts crossed my mind, I softly opened my mouth.
“Hey Luna, as we already met, want to go home together?”
“Ehm, I would love to, but I am still in the middle of shopping…”
Apparently Luna only bought bargain goods and was heading for a different supermarket now.
So I decided to drop by the bookstore some other time and accompanying Luna, we two went to a nearby supermarket and set foot into it.
There I took a shopping basket and Luna started to pick a menu for dinner.
Amidst that, I stopped in front of the Sashimi corner.
…I would like to try fat tuna.
“Shinobu-san, what do you want to eat tonight?”
It was expensive after all, so she likely would get angry if I asked her to buy it?
“If you want, I can make your favourite mapo doufu?”
“Guess so…”
But I believed that Nazuna and Elni would love to have Sashimi as well.
“Uhm, Shinobu-san, are you listening to me?”
“What to do— eh, Uwah!”
Before I noticed it, I had felt the sensation of soft lips on my ear. a sweet breathe and Luna’s play-biting. When I inadvertently returned to my senses, Luna smiled roguish.
“Shinobu-san, please listen properly. What do you want for dinner?”
“Ah, yes, sorry. I want to eat fat tuna.”
“Eh? That is a bit expensive, so Tomoe-san will get angry…”
“Please. Man up!”
“Ehm, I am not a man, you know?”
“Hm, then I’ll give you a kiss, so please.”
Instantly, Luna stared blankly, as she took my joke seriously, and then put the fat tuna into the shopping basket without hesitation, walking on in a good mood.
“N- No, wait, Luna! It was just a joke! You gotta retort! You don’t need to buy it for real!”
While I hastily stopped Luna, our dinner then was set to mapo doufu in the end and finishing our shopping, we left the supermarket behind us. And when we two headed for the house, Luna suddenly shifted her gaze to the nearby park.
This park, Park Midorikawa, was a famous dating spot around here.
“Oh, you want to stop by there?”
“No, I have to prepare today’s dinner, so maybe next time.”
Replying with somewhat regretful words, Luna walked on. While matching my pace to hers beside her and fixing my grip on the shopping bag, I asked with a casual tone.
“Reminds me, how’s your job going? Everything’s fine?”
“Yes. Everyone at the restaurant is nice. It is really fun.”
“…Have you tripped so far?”
“I, I tripped twice…”
Luna blushed embarrassed and I gently reached out my hand with a smile.
“If you feel like grumbling, I’ll listen to you anytime. I’m sure it’s a lot of work, but hang in there.”
When I petted her head along with my words, Luna smiled with “Thank you”, then happily sparkled her eyes.
“When I keep working hard, save up money and can attend university together with you, then I might get to go home with you like today.”
“Yeah, might be.”
The reason Luna started to work part-time.
The started aiming for university and learning about society, so she could fit into the human world despite being a devil and stay together with everyone forever.
—Because I always want to stay with Shinobu-san and the others from now on.
Luna told me these words once.
Suddenly remembering them, my chest slowly became warmer. And then, still smiling, Luna softly conveyed her feelings carefully.
“I hope I can attend university together with Machina, Hijiri-san and Kaoru-san. Going to university together and going home together with sometimes hanging out somewhere on the way. Spending time like this sounds really fun.”
Like talking about a dream, Luna smiled joyful.
The future she picture was my wish and casually and calmly walking home with her felt just so lovely for some reason…


An early afternoon on a holiday. Amidst the delicious sound of chewing snacks, there was a single girl holding a bag of rice crackers in my field of vision.
Calling herself a Goddess and in charge of foolery, she was Elni.
Ordered features that reminded you of a delicate doll. Her big eyes red like a Rubin and her silver hair tied up in twin tails sparkled glamorous today as well. Also, I didn’t grow tired of watching her joyful behaviour of eating snacks, but
“…You know, Elni, lately I’m a bit worried.”
I softly shifted my gaze away from Elni, looked at the window frame of my room and quietly started to talk.
“It’s about school. Everyone is calling me ‘Ogre’ or ‘Devil’. Well, that’s nothing new, but lately I even got the nickname ‘Harem King’…”
I thought that the reason for that was probably that Machina was always by my side, Hijiri’s action and Minami’s physical contact.
“Of course my classmate don’t call me like that and I can brush off bag gossip like that. It’s no use to always worry about other’s opinions.”
Before I noticed it, the rice cracker chewing sound was gone. Elni surely was listening to me seriously. I continued with my talk while still facing the window.
“But it seems Hijiri is concerned about it. Machina is a bit worried too. And it looks like Asada is working in the shadows as well. So I thought it’s better for me to not do anything, but what do you think?”
When I shifted gaze back expectant,
“…*snore, snore*”
Of all things, Elni carefully hugged the rice cracker bag and was sleeping with an innocent face.
That sleeping face was highly adorable.
But, I faintly frowned and lightly slapped Elni’s cheeks right and left.
“Hey, wake up. I was being serious here. Don’t fall asleep at a time like this.”
“Mmh? Ah, sorry. I unknowingly fell asleep. I’ll give you some crackers, so forgive me.”
“…I don’t want any crackers.”
Even though she fell asleep on my story, she made an indifferent face.
I should reject her on a trial. By doing so, Elni might reflect on her actions a bit.
“I don’t know you anymore. Get out of my room already. And you can laze around in your own room all you want.”
“…Eh? Wh- Why are you so angry? The usual Shinobu would forgive me with a pinch on the cheek. C’mon, pinch them as much as you want.”
Elni looked somewhat worried, but I turned my back to her half-prankish.
“Hm, if you aren’t going to leave, then I’ll.”
“U- Uwaaah! Wait, Shinobu! I won’ ever doze off again! I’ll even give you all the crackers! I’ll listen to whatever you say! Please, just forgive me!”
“No, no, you don’t need to feel that guilty. I overdid it too. Sorry.”
Lowering my head and taking one rice cracker from Elni, who was half in tears, I sat down on the bed and made a sigh.
“But I wonder why I scare people. Even though I’m so pretty, such a mystery…”
“M- Mhm~”
“Hey Elni, what’s with the face that says ‘What nonsense are you saying when you have a face that gets you reported to 110 by walking on the street. Even the kids on the street would foam at the mouth upon seeing you’.”
“I, I’m not making such a face! I don’t want to make you angry again!”
“…I see. My bad. I was just paranoid.”
When I lowered my head again, Elni crossed her arms with a serious expression on a rare occasion.
“I think it’s true that you have an evil look. But personally I think instead of your look, your aura is the problem.”
“My aura?”
“Yeah. For example, Luna gives of a gentle one. Machina is like a Queen and Nazucat a kitten, while Tomoe-san is kind of a leopardess.”
“And me?”
“A wild tiger.”
…Obviously anyone would be scared if someone like that stood in front of him.
“You see, you’re doing martial arts, so how should I say, you don’t give off the vibes of an ordinary guy. And I heard that real masters can suppress their aura. So you should hurry up and become a master too, Shinobu.”
“Well, my gramps and dad are like that, but I wouldn’t have such troubles if it was that easy to become a master. Any other ideas?”
“Let’ see… How about smiling all the time?”
“Yeah, I’m trying that at times already. Like this.”
When I made a smile for a trial, Elni trembled her shoulders with a shiver.
“…I, I thought you would eat me.”
“Hehehe, you look really tasty.”
“Uwaaah! Don’t eat me! Perverted Shinobu!”
“Hey, hey. I didn’t mean it like that. Stop reacting like Kaorun.”
When I angrily poked her cheeks lightly and played around for a bit, Elni suddenly faced the clock on the wall and opened her mouth remembering.
“Reminds me, it’s about time Hijiri and Kaorun are coming over to play.”
“…Elni, they aren’t coming to play.”
“Oh right! It’s war! Today for sure, I’ll beat Kaorun at the game!”
“Hey, hey. I know you want to play, but they are coming over to help Nazuna with her studies, you know? So keep low today.”
By the way, Nazuna told me yesterday that Hijiri would be coming over. Like previously promised, they would hold a study session for the proficiency test.
That said, the important Nazuna was currently having an afternoon nap, since last night she stayed up late by blurting out “I’ll become serious tomorrow. I don‘t want a tomorrow, until I win.“ while holding on the controller of her game console.
Well, that aside… It was already this late, huh.
I had nothing to do, so I should go prepare some snacks. I slowly stood up, left the room together with Elni and showed up in the living room, but
“…A waitress?”
The moment I saw her, I inadvertently tilted my head.
A white blouse and a straight skirt with pink suspenders. And her beautiful legs were clad in knee socks as white as her blouse.
Was it the uniform from her part-time job? Certainly she was supposed to have a shift this evening, but why was Luna dressing like that at home?
Said Luna sat on the sofa and was absent-minded watching something that looked like an album while a woman with sharp ordered features was next to her.
This woman, who looked young just in appearance, was my mother, Nanjou Tomoe. For some reason she was happily fiddling with the digital camera, but I was more concerned about Luna.
“Hey Mom, why is Luna wearing these clothes?”
“Fufu, cute, isn’t it? You might not know it, but is are Luna-chan’s work uniform. She put it on for me, when I asked her earlier.”
…It was her work uniform after all.
Okay, I definitely should visit her once her training was over.
Without doubt my heart would be soothed by just looking at her uniform appearance.
When my cheeks formed a small smile, my mother lightly waved with the digital camera in her hand and smiled at me.
“Hey Shinobu, I’m going to take some pictures now and I guess you also want some, right? How does 1000 yen per picture sound?”
“…Mom, I’ll pay with my smile, so hand over the data, no the whole camera.”
“Judging by that smile, your words and your actions, it looks like a thievery. Well, I would be willing to give you one picture for a massage of my shoulder.”
“Not just your shoulder, I’ll even massage your hips and legs.”
“…But no my breasts, you hear?”
“Who on earth would do that! Don’t say weird stuff with a straight face!”
When I retorted with attitude, Elni, who kept quiet so far, frowned faintly and jerkily pulled on the sleeve of my clothes.
“Shinobu, Tomoe-san has a D-cup just like Kaorun. I think there are plenty of people who would massage them. So it’s not right to say ‘who on earth’.”
“I, I see. My bad— wait, no! Why am I getting scolded! Actually, you didn’t need to tell me about the D-cups!”
Still, Kaorun had D-cups, huh.
I got a bit excited at heart, whereupon Luna faced Elni and me with an “Ah”, as she came back from her dream world from our ruckus, and called out with a smile.
“Shinobu-san, Elni-chan, please look at this. It is so cute.”
“Yeah, these waitress clothes suit you well. It’s cute.”
“No, that is not what I meant. I mean the pictures.”
…I tried to tell her my impression despite my embarrassment, yet Luna ignored it with a smile.
While feeling somewhat miserable at heart, Luna pointed at one album.
The opened page showed a picture of a baby with an adorable face. I could also confirm a comment written by my father that said “Shinobu-kun – 3 months old – Taking a nap. Tomoe keeps saying ‘I love you’ to him, so I was a bit jealous”.
“Mhm, that baby has a promising future. He could become a second Hikaru Genji.”
“…I thought so back then too.”
Hearing my joke, my mother made a deep sigh.
“As a baby your were pure and innocent, yet now you’re not even close to Hikaru Genji, but Mephistopheles. You’re only ominous like a devil. Just how did you turn out like this?”
“I must come after my mother.”
“…I’ll smack you?”
The moment my mother swung her fist then, Luna frowned and interjected.
“Tomoe-san, Shinobu-san is not ominous. He is really cool. Please do not say such weird things.”
“O- Oh please, Luna-chan. Of course I was just joking. You’re right, Shinobu is cool. Yeah, really…”
In a somewhat flustered state, my mother swiftly averted her gaze from Luna.
As always, she was weak against Luna. While I made a wry smile, Luna started to look at the album together with Elni again, leaking a somewhat sexy sigh.
“Ahh… I want such a cute baby as well…”
“Well then, Luna-chan, ask Shinobu—Mmg.”
Before she could say anything strange, I covered my mother’s mouth with my palm.
Upon that, my mother softly shook off my hand and changed her words.
“But Luna-chan, it’s quite a lot of work to raise a baby, you know? Shinobu often cried ‘I want breasts’ and seeing that, my husband screwed around with ‘Me too’… He was so cute, my husband that is…”
“Just how much do you love dad?”
When I commented so half-astonished, my mother showed no particular sign of concern and clapped her hands together with a roguish smile, as she thought of something.
“Hey Luna-chan, since we’re on the topic, want to practice raising a baby? As for a practice partner… We have two right here.”
At the same time of her words, my mother clapped Elni and my shoulder. In that moment,
“The Goddess flees towards an unknown tomorrow!”
“Our fight starts now!”
Elni stood up and tried to escape, as even she didn’t want to play a baby, and I tried to follow her, but my mother firmly grabbed only me on the shoulders. Moreover my vision fell on Luna sparkling her eyes with a bright smile.
A natural erotic big sister in front. The tyrant of our house behind. I might be done for. I swallowed my saliva with a gulp.

…A few minutes later.

Playing baby with an incredible embarrassing outfit, I was in Luna’s arms.
Normally my heart would jump in joy from her sweet fragrance and soft warmth. But, right now my heart was only filled with shame.
While my cheeks burned hot like a fire, Luna was really enthusiastic about practicing for some reason and petted my head along with a gentle voice.
“Shinobu-san, it is about time for your afternoon nap. Time for beddy-byes. Shall Mama sing you a lullaby?”
“—Please a rock song, Mum. I want to ride a bike in my dream.”
“Geez, Shinobu-san, you are a baby, so do not speak.”
“…A baby has no right for free speech?”
“Th- That is not it, but if possible, I would like you speak in baby talk.”
“Hey, don’t ask for the impossible. As if the cool and rocking me could do that. Are you telling me to betray my few fans?”
“…You will not do it no matter what?”
“No, it’s an idol’s job to “overcome prejudices”. I’ll try it.”
Aww, I was weak against Luna too.
However, Luna seemed to have fun, so I had no other choice. I shrugged my shoulders and grinded my teeth… Then I decided to properly get on with the practice.
“Well then, Shinobu-san, let us take a nap now.”
“Ehm, you are not sleepy yet?”
I nodded in confirmation. Just for the record, usually I would be more composed and unaffected. When I made such excuses in my heart, my mother, who had watched silently so far, snorted and right away started to snickering while covering her mouth.
…Aw, somehow, I wanted to die. I couldn’t express it well, but I just wanted to die. Seriously, what was I doing…
Luna must consider it disgusting as well without doubt. When I shifted my gaze while feeling close to tears, Luna surprisingly enough leaked a sweet “Hahn” voice.
“Shinobu-san is too cute. I always want to take care of you. I never want to let go of you like this!”
Luna repeatedly rubbed her cheek lovely against mine while in a spellbound state.
…Strange. Suddenly I felt like living on. Luna’s cheeks felt so pleasant that I felt a small happiness in my chest, but it was only for a short moment. Still snickering, my mother said something unnecessary for no apparent reason.
“Luna-chan, you can’t play around forever. You properly have to put Shinobu to sleep.”
“But, it looks like he is not sleepy yet. What should I do?”
“Then— Breasts!”
“Breasts, you say?”
My mother asserted Luna, who asked back like a parrot, with a “Yes”.
“Babies will get sleepy when they had their fill. Besides, Shinobu loves breasts. Therefore, Luna-chan, give Shinobu your breasts.”
…Hey, hey, Mom, what outrageous joke are you telling while laughing? Besides, if it was Luna, she wouldn’t go so far as— wait, this natural erotic big sister was unbuttoning around her chest while blushing.
Inadvertently widening my eyes, my mother called out to stop her in a surprised state.
“L- Luna-chan! It’s practice, so just pretend to! Pretend, you hear! You don’t need to have him suck on your breasts for real!”
“Ah, you are right. He was just so cute that I unconsciously…”
So Luna would let me suck her breasts unconsciously.
I opened my widened eyes even more whereas my mother leaked a “T- To think she would take me serious…” and Luna presented me a lap pillow with a smile. While her voluminous breasts were bouncing,
“Shinobu-san, here my breasts.”
Luna brought her big breasts slowly closer to me with a calm tone for a baby. Through the unbuttoned part, I could confirm a black brassiere. And two hills and a valley from pressing her round swellings against each other.
The huge, beautiful breasts with the well-shaped texture gradually drew closer to me and moved bewitching in front of my eyes and noise, then stopping temporarily.
“Please say right away if it is hurts.”
Along with these breasts, the breasts trembled again and finally the plump breasts gently pressed against both my cheeks. Upon that, I felt a softness with a perfect elasticity and tension that melted my cheeks along with a mellow warmth and sweet fragrance.
“How is it? These are your beloved breasts, Shinobu-san. Does it feel good?”
“Fufu, it does, right? Then I will give you some more. I will stop right away when it hurts, so just say the word.”
Leaking a happy voice, Luna strongly pressed her warm breasts onto me. Moreover her voluminous breasts lightly bounced off my cheeks and sometimes moved right and left, which made it unbearable for me.
…M- My reasoning was about to be blown away.
My heart beat fast and my breathing got slightly rough. But when I thought about it, this was just playing baby, wasn’t it?
As soon as I realized that, my reasoning came back instantly and I got embarrassed to the level of getting burning hot cheeks. I was done for if anyone saw me like this. Well, I might already be done for by the fact alone that my mother was watching, but it couldn’t continue like this.i1-4I had to escape as soon as possible— When I was in a hurry like that,

“Sh- Shinobu-kun, Luna-san, just what are you doing?”

suddenly a agitated voice cut in.
When I nervously shifted my gaze with a bad boding, my eyes fell on Hijiri, Kaorun and Machina, both widening her eyes.
R- Right, Hijiri and Kaorun were planned to come over. But why would the three of them come together at this timing? Actually, since when had they been watching? Even know they had their eyes widened while Machina and Kaorun broke the painful silence.
“T- To think that Shinobu-sama was so brave as to play a baby in front of his mother…”
“Sorry, Shinobu! I didn’t notice at all that you were seeking a mother figure to that extent! I’ll be more attentive from now on, so don’t do something as sad as this anymore!”
Completely getting the wrong idea, Kaorun leaked a shrill voice, whereas Machina got teary eyes on the misunderstanding and only Hijiri approached me, puffing up her cheeks sulking.
“It’s not fair that it’s only Luna-san! I also want to spoil Shinobu-kun!”
“Ehh!? H- Hijiri? What are you saying out of the blue?”
“M- Machina is right, Hijiri-chan. Wanting to play baby by your own initiative, there has to be a limit to how bold you can get— wait, she is not even listening!?”
As she wasn’t listening to Kaorun, Hijiri swiftly sat down besides Luna and before she even finished “Let me do it too”, she hugged my body against her voluminous breasts and started to gently pet my head.
“It’s mommy, Shinobu-kun. Good boy.”
“Ahh! Hijiri-san! Do not interfere! Right now I am Shinobu-san’s mama!”
“B- But I couldn’t hold myself back anymore after looking at Shinobu-kun. Just for a little bit is fine, please allow me to take over.”
“…I am sorry. I would prefer it if you would refrain this time. Could you at least wait for an hour?”
“You plan to keep doing this for an hour!? That’s not fair— No, I mean, I’m so envious— No, not that either. It’s not okay to monopolize Shinobu-kun!”
“I, I know that! But I cannot control myself! Please give Shinobu-san back to me!”
“No! I don’t want to!”
While quarrelling like that, Luna and Hijiri stretched me left and right.
…Okay, what was up with this situation?
Certainly I felt excitement from the sensation of their breasts.
Don’t fight over me— It wasn’t really the atmosphere to crack a joke like that. Someone help me. Clinging to that thought, I shifted my gaze to Kaorun and Machina.
But, as she didn’t notice my SOS, Kaorun coloured her eyes with agitation and opened her mouth in a flustered state.
“Uhm, ehm… Sh- Shinobu-sama! Hijiri-chan has a stronger mother instinct! I believe that you would get to snuggle her breasts every day once you marry her!”
“Hey, Kaoru! What are you saying!”
Good going, Machina. You stop Kaorun, who lost her head.
“Good grief, why are you making a follow up for Hijiri even at a time like this? Just to tell you— My sister won’t lose to Hijiri.”
No, not like that. Why are even you losing your head?
I dropped my shoulders dejected, whereas Machina clenched her fists and insisted.
“My sister doesn’t only know how to spoil, but she even takes the carrot-and-stick approach! She will be a good wife and mother!”
“Even Hijiri-chan will be a good wife! I guarantee it! After all, Hijiri-chan is the epitome of a pure, feminine beauty that has a dignity for acting when it counts!”
“C- Certainly Hijiri is cool and the devoting type. But I’m sure my sister is superior in techniques!”
“….Techniques, it is? I have some confidence in that domain. Let me proof that by enjoying some baby play with Shinobu-sama after Hijiri-chan.”
“H- How did it come to that! It’s my turn after Hijiri! This is my house, so show some reservation!”
…This was hopeless.
Apparently they weren’t my allies, but an ambush. While the situation sadly got worse and worse, I was still pulled between Luna and Hijiri.
“Hijiri-san! Please let go of Shinobu-san!”
“You let go, Luna-san! You had plenty of fun already! I’m sure that, well, Shinobu-kun would like to snuggle my breasts!”
“…That might be, but he nodded when I asked him if my breasts felt good. So I believe he wants to snuggle mine even more!”
“St- Still, I reckon that Shinobu-kun loves my breasts! Isn’t that so, Shinobu-kun!”
“Huh? Eh? Well…”
When I was perplexed by suddenly having the topic directed at me, both Luna and Hijiri showed a worried expression.
“You like my breasts better, right Shinobu-san?”
“Make a choice, Shinobu-kun. Whose breasts are better, mine or Luna-san’s?”
“I will acknowledge Shinobu-san’s answer. So please tell us.”
“…I’m afraid the baby can only answer the question with ‘Babu!’.”
Urged by the two at the same time, I first tried to crack a joke, but
“Shinobu-san! You can forget about the baby talk now! Please answer properly!”
“I agree with Luna-san! Don’t dodge the question, Shinobu-kun!”
“Well, but, ehm…”
Shifting my gaze pressed for an answer, I felt a cold sweat and looking at my mother, who panicked on a rare occasion, I suddenly thought of words to get out of this mess.
“S- Sorry girls, but I like my mother’s breasts the best. Y- You know, they say a child feels safe in his mother’s breasts. Of course your breasts are great too. But they just can’t win against my mother’s, I guess, ahaha…”
The worst kind of lie, if I may say so. Moreover, I couldn’t pull back now.
While laughing, I desperately tried to change the topic, whereupon Kaorun sparkled her eyes, as her quarrel with Machina had ended at some point, and sharply pointed at me.
“On top of having a sister complex, you even have a mother complex!”
“Sh- Shut up. What’s the problem. I just love them…”
It was right on the mark, so I carelessly ended up leaking half of my true feelings.
Instantly, Luna and Hijiri got teary eyes for some reason and approached my mother together with attitude.
“Not fair, Tomoe-san! That Shinobu-kun chose you, even though you did nothing!”
“Right! Shinobu-kun is shy, so he rarely speaks out the word ‘love’! I’m so envious that he loves you, Tomoe-san!”
“…Wh- Why are you angry at me?”
It must have never occurred to her that she would become the focus of the argument. My mother backed off in a bewildered state, but Luna and Hijiri continued to close the distance.
“Besides Shinobu-san always listens to you, even if he complains or grumbles! He doesn’t even resist when you pet his head! I get the feeling he favours you, Tomoe-san!”
“S- So Shinobu-kun loved you so much. Could it be, Tomoe-san is Shinobu-kun’s type of woman?”
“Ehm, calm down, Luna-chan, Hijiri-chan. What are you getting so hot-blooded for? Besides Shinobu is, well, how should I say it… Ah, right. I got tickets for the aquarium from a friend. I’ll give them to you two. Please cheer up with that.”
Hey, Mom, I can understand your agitation, but don’t bride them. Even I mostly thought that it was a horrible way to sugar-coat, really.
When I was certainly a bit astonished, my mother quickly fled the living room, whereas Luna and Hijiri started to stare at two tickets on the table.
“…Two tickets. Regrettably it looks like only two can go to the aquarium.”
“It would be fun going with you, Luna-san, but I would like to go with Shinobu-kun. Same for you, right Luna-san?”
“Yes. I want to go with Shinobu-san too.”
“Then we’ll have Shinobu-kun choose once more. The other one has to hand her ticket to Shinobu-kun— how does that sound?”
“It is a good idea. No hard feelings.”
Both nodding, Luna and Hijiri made a warm handshake.
S- Seemingly the situation turned dubious again. Before I noticed it, the cold sweat from my forehead had spread to my cheeks and I was at my wit’s end.

“—Hold it!”

Suddenly a resolute voice echoed through the living room and when I shifted my gaze, there was Elni, who escaped from the baby play earlier.
Just how long had she been hiding? And what was she after? Also, wasn’t that the snacks for the guests she was hugging against her chest?
Various questions floated in my brain. But if it stopped Luna and Hijiri here, I didn’t mind. I continued to look at Elni for help as a last straw.
But, reality wasn’t as sweet as honey. Elni crossed her arms with a serious expression and looked at the girls like that.
“Luna! Hijiri! That decision— Leave it to me! I’ll make a fair setting for both of you! Kaorun, Machina, you two help me too!”
…Now I probably couldn’t keep it vague or deceive them anymore. My hope instantly changed into disappointment and I unintentionally leaked a sigh…

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