Tsuki Tsuki

Chapter 01
End of Seduction…

The glamorous hair, reaching as far as to the waist, reflected the evening sun coming in from the window of the Dojo and emitted an ebony radiance. Watching me with her dignified eyes, Gogyou Hijiri rested on her knees and then bending over, she closed the distance between us.
Her graceful features slowly came closer, her long hair slipped over her shoulders and her sweet fragrance tickled my nasal cavities. As her training uniform was overlapping at the front, so it gave a sneak peek into her cleavage and Hijiri extended the tips of her supple fingers towards me while opening her wet, pink lips.
“Fufu, Shinobu-kun. You got all stiff.”
“Ah, well, that’s, what can I say… Sorry.”
“You don’t really need to apologize. And don’t make such a worried face. I’ll properly take the lead, so let’s begin. Okay?”
Lightly combing the strands of hair over her ear, Hijiri gently suggested. Even this casual behaviour made me be smitten by her and I replied to her with a somewhat shrill voice.
“W- Wait. I’m not mentally prepared yet. Give me a bit more time.”
“Mhm~ I can relate, but let’s do it already. It’s okay to fail, since it’s the first time. Whatever you do, I won’t get angry. And I won’t laugh if you screw up. I promise. So, let’s both give our best.”
“…Yeah, okay. Thanks.”
I took a deep breath. While I tried to calm down my feelings a bit, Hijiri suddenly moved her fingertip, which she was touching me with. She softly petted the stiff part of my body with the back of her fingers and giggled.
“Shinobu-kun, you got even more stiff.”
“J- Just your imagination. I should be cool as ever.”
“Really? Somehow, you’re quite cute right now. Your mouth denies it, but you’re rock hard here.”
While smiling, Hijiri massaged a part of my body— my stiff shoulders with her warm hands to relax them. However, I felt my cheeks turning hot and averted my gaze from Hijiri wordless.
There, the self-proclaimed Goddess and one of the freeloaders at our house Elni, who had silently watched over us until now, interjected with her snow-white cheeks lightly flushed.
“To hear you two talk, you would think Hijiri is doing something perverted to Shinobu. You sound like an experienced girl, just like you were seducing him.”
“Wh, Wh-Wha-!?”
Instantly, Hijiri got bright red in a flash and raised a flustered voice.
“Y- You got it wrong! By no means did I say it with that in mind! I just, tried to teach Shinobu-kun how to use talismans!”
“…Really? For that, I think you’re looking at Shinobu with a rather sullen-pervert look.”
“You’re mistaken!”
Elni narrowed her big, crimson eyes in doubt, whereupon Hijiri turned even redder and shook her hands.
“S- Sure, I thought that Shinobu-kun is cool! But I wasn’t having any weird ideas! To begin with, I’m not experienced! Nor am I a sullen pervert— wait, why are you getting away, Shinobu-kun? Don’t be so mean!”
No, no, that wasn’t my intention. Even now her sweet fragrance hung in the air, so I only tried to get away as I couldn’t calm down. But, Hijiri got teary eyes as she misunderstood it. Inevitable I quickly returned to my previous position and glanced at the clock on the wall of the Dojo.
…Mh, I was longer here than I had planned.
Today I visited the Gogyou Mansion as to get exorcist training from Sougo-san.
But well, while I knew that the needlessly broad garden of the Mansion had a pond and a storehouse, I never thought that there would be a Dojo as well.
Also, I didn’t expect Elni to tag along.
Sougo-san seemed to be on bad terms with Elni, so his cheeks had lightly twitched when he saw her, but he didn’t say anything in particular and after calling for Hijiri, he guided us to the Dojo, where we started the lessons.
Still, to my regret, Sougo-san apparently got a sudden job and left the Dojo while apologizing to me.
There Hijiri took over and taught me how to use talismans.
But, it wasn’t all too clever of me to casually ask about the price of the talismans.
The talismans in my hand looked just like a roll of banknotes and since I got to know per preceding instructions that the talisman would burn up on a wrong usage, I had become completely nervous.
Amidst that, Hijiri had tried to ease my nervousness, but as Elni had said, someone might misunderstand by just hearing her words.
As such thoughts crossed my mind, Hijiri seemed to have regained her spirit. Her usual dignified expression was back and she opened her mouth with a serious voice.
“Shinobu-kun, as my father already told you, talismans are very important tools for an exorcist. It might turn out that you’ll help out in an exorcist job in the future. To protect yourself at such a time, you must learn how to properly use a talisman. We got a bit distracted, but let’s get back to practice now.”
“Well, sure, but will I really be able to use them?”
I couldn’t image myself using them. I was kind of doubtful, whereupon
“Shinobu-kun, it’s not the technique that counts, but this.”
Along with her gentle words, Hijiri softly placed her hand on her own voluminous chest.
In regards to that, Elni and I looked at each other and then both opened our mouths.
“…Hijiri, what counts are E-cup boobs?”
“I don’t have such wonderful things.”
“Th- That’s not what I meant! You’re totally wrong! Also, how do you know my brassiere size, Elni!?”
This time Hijiri bashful hid her breasts with both her arms and said with red cheeks.
“Ehm, what I tried to tell you was that feelings are important. It certainly will take you a long time to master talismans. But when you don’t give up, anyone can learn it. The will to continue is important.”
“I see…”
Hijiri might be right. It was no use to chicken out before trying.
I slightly increased the strength on my grasp on the talisman, whereupon Elni came and rested her hand on my shoulder.
“Shinobu, I specially will you tell a trick to use talismans better. Listen, it’s important to think in the talisman’s shoes. Even a talisman is happy when praised.”i1-2“…Happy when praised? First time I hear of that. Actually, you can’t even use talismans yourself, so don’t give any weird advices.”
I rebuked so softly, but Elni didn’t seem bothered by it and lightly kissed the talisman for no apparent reason.
In that moment, the talisman glowed and Elni jumped up in accordance with it. Elni’s body was floating in midair and just like walking on the moon, she moved to the Dojo’s entrance with just one step.
While Hijiri and I both blinked on this completely unexpected development, Elni turned around and gave us a small wink with her hand.
“I don’t want to bother you, Shinobu, so I’m going to play with Kaorun. Give your best with the training. And don’t forget my advice.”
Leaving these words behind, Elni left the Dojo. After watching her off, I returned my gaze, whereupon Hijiri was showing a blank expression on a rare occasion.
…Apparently she was even more shocked than I about getting to know that Elni could use talismans.
As I watched her expression, I formed a smile and called out to her softly.
“I gotta say, I didn’t expect that a talisman was capable of that.”
“Eh? Ah, yeah. A talisman certainly can strengthen one’s physical abilities temporarily, but until you can use it like Elni just did, it takes a lot of practice. Even I can’t use the talismans that well yet. To begin with, I think there are only a few amongst the exorcists, who can do that.”
“…For real?”
“Yeah. Maybe I should get Elni to teach me as well…”
I inadvertently widened my eyes, whereupon Hijiri replied with a serious tone.
Well, at any rate, I resumed my practice, but in the end time just passed by without me getting any better. Amidst that, Hijiri suddenly rested her warm hand on my shoulder.
“Good work, Shinobu-kun. Let’s stop for today.”
“…Sorry, but can I continue for a bit longer?”
“Mhm~ I don’t mind, but it’s already pretty late. Is that okay for you?”
Following Hijiri’s glance, I looked at the clock on the wall of the Dojo… Like she had said, it was quite late. It really might be better for me to take my leave now. When I regretfully shrugged my shoulders, Hijiri clapped her hands with “Oh, I know” and a smile.
“Shinobu-kun, why don’t you eat dinner here? Elni as well.”
“Mh? Certainly sounds good, but is it okay?”
“Of course. My father left, so it’s just Kaoru-san and me anyway. And food tastes better with more people. So if you want, please stay.”
“Yeah, then I’ll gladly take up your offer.”
When I lowered my head a bit, Hijiri made a sparkling smile and leaving the words “Then I’ll go tell Kaoru-san and Elni” behind, she left the sunset coloured Dojo with light steps.
I on the other hand, left behind, recalled Hijiri’s appearance in her training uniform from earlier.
Hijiri clad in a white training jacket with a black skirt-like training trousers was quite the sight and emphasized her dignity. However, the flustered state she sometimes showed truly was adorable.
Hijiri was beautiful after all. Popular at school, she even got a fan club, though I didn’t know if that was true. And having this charming Hijiri as my fiancée, albeit only as a formality, was still quite unbelievable.
Having such thoughts, I pulled out my cell phone from my bag with a smile, as I wanted to call the reliable older sister of our household, Luna.
Luna was bad with machines, so she still had a hard struggle with her first cell phone, which she got just recently. But seemingly she mastered how to use it. The occasional mails came to have pictography, smiley or sometimes even a cell phone picture mixed in. Of course calls were perfect as well.
Therefore, I decided to call Luna on her cell phone…

After telling Luna that I would eat dinner at Hijiri’s house over the phone, I continued my training as Hijiri had come back. When I was done, I then started to clean up the Dojo together with Hijiri.
Well, I called it cleaning up, but the Dojo was maintained properly. So I was just wiping the floor with a rag a bit. Either way, I was being taught, so it was only proper to express my gratitude through it.
Still, I actually had intended to clean up by myself, but Hijiri had said “Let me help” with a smile and I couldn’t turn her down.
However, it seemed I was more tired than I thought.
While I wiped the floor rather absent-minded, I suddenly lightly bumped into something soft and a rather bewitching “Ahn” voice raised up.
…What? I couldn’t see anything. What happened?
I tried to move my head to the left and right, rubbing my nose tip onto something plumb, whereupon
“Yah… Uhhn… No…”
A flexibility spread over my whole face and I could hear Hijiri’s sweet voice while smelling a really sweet fragrance. Likewise, there was a warmth.
“Shinobu-kun, you…. are… touching… my… Hahn…”
A gentle sensation with a soft resilience enveloped my face. Ehm, could it be that I plunged into Hijiri’s bottom head on?
As soon as I noticed that, all blood drained from my head and I nervously pulled back my body, whereupon in front of my eyes and nose tip was a well-formed hips. The voluminous bottom was lightly shaking and when I moved my gaze, Hijiri was putting her red cheeks on the floor while on all fours, leaking an erotic breathing.
In that moment, I jumped back right up and hastily lowered my head.
“S- Sorry, Hijiri! I was spacing out!”
“…Ah, ehm, I was just a bit surprised, but I know you didn’t do it on purpose, Shinobu-kun. So don’t worry about. I’m also at fault for stopping there…”
No, no, Hijiri wasn’t at fault at all. It was completely my carelessness, but Hijiri didn’t seem angry and continued the cleaning with her cheeks still red.
On the other hand, I reflexive chased Hijiri’s nice bottom with my eyes and felt a bit of self-hatred. But I reflected on my actions afterwards, cleaning seriously together with Hijiri, when
“Guess who <3”
A sweet voice came from behind and my vision turned black once more. Following, two soft swelling pressed onto my back. Most likely my eyes were covered by two hands.
But, amongst the girls I knew, there were only two, who could sneak up to me without notice. One of them was my mother. The other one was the perverted maid of the Gogyou Household, Kaorun aka Kaoru.
The sensation of juicy breasts with plenty of elasticity pressing onto my back was still there. A sweet aroma of perfume. Her faint breathing near my near threw my heart in turmoil while I opened my mouth as composed as possible.
“Who are you? Are you some kind of Angel Maid?”
“Yes, as you have guessed correctly, I am your angel, Shinobu-sama.”
She blew a hot breath into my ear, whereupon I replied while hiding my agitation once more.
“Well, you certainly are an ‘angel’ with a ‘str’ in front and a ‘y’ at the back.”
“Grr, who are you calling strangely! That is rude. I am going to bite your ear.”
A sulking voice raised near my ear, but I paid it no mind, uncovered my ears and turned around.
Thereupon my vision fell on a female clad in maid clothes.
Long eyelashes and beautiful eyebrows. Almond eyes and well-formed pink lips. Soft cheeks so white as porcelain. As soon as I confirmed it was the maid Kaorun, I purposefully acted surprised.
“Ohh, it was you, Kaorun. It was such a pretty voice, so I thought it was Madonna.”
“…Thank you very much for this insincere flattery. I feel embarrassed for getting a bit happy despite that. That said, not so embarrassing as your face is, Shinobu-sama….”
“Fufu, you always cut my delicate heart into pieces like that.”
“Yes, I am Jack the exclusive cutter of Shinobu-sama’s heart. Cutting soothes my heart. Shall I give you a kiss as an apology for hurting you?”
“Yeah, a really passionate one please--- is what I would like to say, but more importantly, you need anything?”
Our usual exchange was fun. But Hijiri was looking over us slightly worried, so I better stopped now.
When I asked for her objective, Kaorun frowned a bit and answered.
“To be honest, I have been preparing for dinner, but… Elni-sama keeps troubling me by snatching away the food. Please say something to her, Shinobu-sama.”
…What was that girl doing at someone else’s place.
Shrugging my shoulders a bit, I gave Kaorun a piece of advice.
“Kaorun, you don’t really need to rely on me. If you just tell her sternly, she’ll honestly obey.”
“No, I tried to warn her just in case, but, well, she clung to me with a ‘Please’ and how should I say, she was cute. So I just…”
“went with the flow?”
“Yes, like the flood in a river.”
…This maid was surprisingly soft on.
A bit surprised, I readily stood up as to go to Elni.
We just finished the cleaning up anyway. I left the locking of the Dojo to Hijiri and decided to head to the kitchen of the Gogyou Household together with Kaorun.
However on the way, we found Elni laying in the broad living room and when we approached her, Elni was sleeping soundly.
Her finely chiselled features were like from an elaborate doll and her defenceless sleeping face was like the one of an innocent child. Whatever kind of dream she was having, she was happily smiling, which was a rather heart-warming sight.
As I feelt my heart calming down, Kaorun talked to me with a small voice.
“Shinobu-sama, I will go get a blanket.”
“Yeah, please do.”
Watching Kaorun quietly leaving the living room, I then watched Elni’s sleeping face for a while, whereupon Elni talked in her sleep.
“Fufu, Shinomuncat, wait. Wait for me…”
“…What kind of dream is she having?”
As I showed a faint wry smile, Kaorun came back. She gently put the blanket in her hands over Elni and then opened her mouth while pulling on my hand.
“Shinobu-sama, seeing as Elni-sama is asleep now, please do go enjoy a bath until dinner is ready. Incidentally, does a duck suffice as a bath toy? Or would you prefer rose petals befitting to your image, Shinobu-sama?”
“Nah, my existence alone is already like a beautiful flower, so I don’t need roses. I don’t want the duck either. What I want is---”
Temporarily stopping my words, I then shouted with a loud voice.
“Money! What else but money could it be! Fill up the big bathtub with banknotes! I’ll swim butterfly-style in it!”
“Does your crudity know no bounds!?”
On my joke, Kaorun purposefully trembled a bit.
“Considering it is you, Shinobu-sama, I believed you would say something on the lines of ‘Women! What else but women could it be! Fill up the big bathtub with girls in swimsuits! I’ll literally drown in women!’. What a cruel betrayal. So you were the type to change with money, Shinobu-sama.”
“Hey, hey, don’t be stupid. Rich or poor, money will be the only thing for me.”
“…S- Seems like you are possessed by money itself. I am certain that if you should get rich, you would flash some banknotes to a high school girl and say pressing things like ‘Hah, Hah. Please, okay? Take this money and--- hit me!’.”
“Okay, jokes have their limits as well, you know? I’ll get angry if you treat me like a pervert any more.”
I gave her a piece of advice with a low voice while smiling, but Kaorun replied nonchalant.
“Shinobu-sama, I merely wanted to tell you that it is not a good thing to be too obsessed over money. Neither is it any good to try to solve everything with money, you know? Well, if you should somehow end up in jail, I will free you with the power of the Gogyou Finances though…”
“Somehow, that makes it sound that ‘Money is convenient’ in the end?”
“…If you had mistakenly said ‘Women are convenient’, I would have burst into a big laughter.”
“Fufu, just shut up.”
“Yes. I understand. Well then, Shinobu-sama, please enjoy your bath to the fullest.”
“Yeah, I sweated quite a bit, so it‘s just the ticket now.”
“…Sweat, it is?”
Tilting her head expressionless, Kaorun suddenly brought her graceful face closer. Following, she took a small sniff and then reddened her cheeks for some reason.
“Apparently, you are emitting a lady-killer scent, Shinobu-sama.”
“Eh? That’s, well, what can I say, thanks…”
“It was a joke, yet you become bashful!? Well, it certainly was a nice fragrance, but if you react like that, well, even I end up becoming embarrassed…”
Then guided by the furthermore blushing Kaorun, I scratched my cheek and moved into the anteroom.
“Shinobu-sama, I will not mind it if you use my body soap and shampoo, but please refrain from saying things like ‘Gehehe, it’s the same scent as Kaorun’s’ while getting exited--- hey, please do not ignore me!”
After hearing Kaorun’s voice, which had a bit of bitterness mixed in, from behind, I took off my clothes and entered the bath that was about thrice as big as ours.
Upon that, it was still the perfect wooden bath that spread before my eyes.
“…Down the road I want a bath like this in my own house as well.”
Inadvertently mumbling to myself, I borrowed the shampoo with “Kaoru” written on it, as she had told me, since I doubted that she would get angry about it. Then I washed my hair and body and when I laid back in the bathtub, I suddenly heard a noise from the anteroom.
Ahh, surely Kaorun brought a bath towel for me.
Was what I thought only for a moment. Suddenly the bath door was opened and a girl with long, black hair came in.
That girl--- Hijiri was completely naked.
When she took one step inside, her voluminous breasts, opposing gravity by standing up, bounced. Furthermore her slender waist and firm thighs were in plain view, which made my heart skip a beat at once.
…Sh- Shit. I had let my guard down. This might be one of the usual seduction plans.
Hijiri, an exorcists, wanted to use a yin-yang technique to increase her own power. However that technique gave you power by combing the male’s yang energy with the female’s yin energy, so in other words, it was needed to do perverted things.
Therefore Hijiri used every opportunity to make erotic approaches at me…but how should bluff it out this time? With that perfect body in front of me, how long would my reasoning last? Feeling rather anxious, I suddenly met Hijiri’s glance.
Instantly, she flushed her cheeks bright red at once, as she didn’t thought I would be here.
“Ky- Kyaa!”
Leaking a surprisingly small scream, she tried to hid her breasts with both her arms.
But, someone pushed her from behind.
Hijiri pitched forward, as if to fall while her voluminous breasts bounced heavily. Instantly after the door was shut. I was confused about the situation. After a somewhat awkward silence, Hijiri shouted a “S- Sorry” and turned around, grabbing the door knob with attitude. However, someone was keeping the door shut from the anteroom and it wouldn’t open even on Hijiri’s desperate attempts.
Meanwhile, her sensual hips were lightly trembling, her bewitching bottom flapped and even her precious place was nearly visible.
But she was so flustered that she didn’t notice that. Hijiri knocked on the door while still grabbing the knob.
“This must be your doing, Kaoru-san! What are you planning! Open up already!”
“…My apologies, Hijiri-chan. It seems the door is broken.”
“A- As if! To begin with, you didn’t tell me Shinobu-kun was already in here! You tricked me!”
On Kaorun’s voice coming from the anteroom, Hijiri replied affected.
However Kaorun said to Hijiri persuading.
“I cannot run away now, Hijiri-chan. Please give it your best. It makes you happy as well to take a bath together with Shinobu-sama, right?”
“I certainly am, but…”
“I will not open this door at all costs. Please quickly get into the bath, so that you do not catch a cold.”
On Kaorun’s strong words, Hijiri dropped her shoulders resigned. Then with her soft and juicy bottom--- I mean, with her back still to me, she said isolated.
“I’m sorry, Shinobu-kun. Kaoru-san is doing something weird again…”
“W- Well, that’s no news, so don’t worry about it too much. More importantly, you’re going to catch a cold, like she said. So why don’t you come into the bath as well?”
As Hijiri herself hadn’t anticipated this, it couldn’t be helped. Besides, the bath was broad enough. It would be no problem if we sat apart.
When I urged her with a casual tone to hide my nervousness, Hijiri leaked a happy voice.
“…Thanks, Shinobu-kun. I’ll come in after I washed my body…”
“Yes, I’ll be waiting…”
To calm the situation, I cracked a usual joke.
But it didn’t calm the heartbeat in my chest. As late as it was, I took the towel from my head and wrapped it around my waist. With my back to Hijiri, I heard the foaming sound of the body soap. Then the faint sound of water rinsing the skin. The sound of the shower that gave me risky delusions. All these slowly ate away at my reasoning.
Furthermore, after Hijri finished washing her body,
“E- Excuse me.”
She got into the bath, emitting a sweet fragrance, and sat down besides me, so I turned my position around for 90°, turning my back to her again.
There Hijiri talked to me with a faintly excited voice.
“Ehm, a nice bath, isn’t it, Shinobu-kun. The water is so warm.”
“Y- Yeah, you’re right. Also, the bathtub is wide, making it really pleasant. Makes me want to take a bath every day.”
“Then, you can come over every day…”
…Not good. I became even more excited than before. It wouldn’t bode well if Hijiri were to seduce me now. After a short silence, I gradually took my distance from Hijiri.
“…Shinobu-kun, there’s something I want to tell you.”
Starting with that, then Hijiri, with a serious tone,
“I won’t do any weird seduction on you anymore.”
uttered something completely unexpected.
For a moment, my heart was filled with confusion and for just a short moment I was at a loss for words.
“…Did I something to offend you?”
“No, that’s not it. That’s really not it, so don’t make such a voice.”
I thought that she maybe had come to hate me, but apparently I was jumping the gun. Hijiri softly touched my shoulder from behind.
“Do you remember what you told me before? That you, well, wouldn’t do it with me just because of the yin-yang technique…”
Ahh, I certainly remembered saying that. I also remembered saying some embarrassing stuff like how Hijiri was brilliant and I admired her.
When I felt my cheeks getting hot, Hijiri once more opened her mouth with a series tone.
“Back then, your words made me really happy and I understood that you treasure your relationship with me… So I noticed.”
Temporarily stopping her words, Hijiri then said with a calm voice.
“That I got a bit impatient after the incidents with Kaoru-san and the other girls. I’m sure I was outgrowing myself. So I won’t do the unsuited seduction anymore.”
…Unsuited seduction, huh.
If I had to choose between good or bad, it probably was a good thing.
But even though it agitated me so much, I still couldn’t help but feel somewhat regretful, so I inadvertently made a wry smile.
Amidst that, Hijiri continued with “But” in a soft, yet passionate tone.
“I have no plans to back off. I’ll still give my best in my own way from now on…”
There she clung to me from behind. She softly rested her chin on my shoulder and twined around her warm hands around my chest.
…Ehm, this was Hijiri own way of giving her best?
Ripe fruits with a plump sensation. They comfortable pressed onto my back and the fragrance of the shampoo and Hijiri’s body itself tickled my nasal cavities. Moreover, I felt a faintly hard sensation from the pinnacle of her voluminous and flexible breasts. In no time, I was in a pinch.
If this were her usual seduction, she would do some kind of action now… but as she had declared, she stopped doing that. She didn’t do anything further.
But, for me that might be even worse.
I could forcefully brush away her usual seductions, but I couldn’t do so now. Unable to get away from the softness of her breasts, I felt pathetic for myself, when Hijiri suddenly released a small laughter.
“It’s kind of nostalgic. As a kid, I took a bath with my brother like this.”
“…I, Is that so?”
“Yeah, when I hugged him like this, he would be really happy.”
Hijiri embraced me even tighter while smiling. She might just be remembering the old days, but for me it only increased my heartbeat.
I, I quickly had to find a way out of here…
As I was in panic like that, Hijiri called out to reserved with “There’s also I want to ask you” after a short pause.
“Shinobu-kun, you’re not going to take over your grandfather’s dojo?”
“…How do you know?”
When I asked with a somewhat stiff voice, Hijiri answered, albeit hesitant.
“My father told me that it’s a surprised that you came here for exorcist training.”
“A surprise?”
“Yeah, my father seems to know your father. So he thought that you would take over the dojo for sure.”
…My dad and Sougo-san knew each other? Did that mean my father also knew about exorcists?
I certainly was surprised, whereupon Hijiri slowly continued.
“My father has taken a real liking to you and was scheming to somehow get you to join the exorcist side, but you came over without him having to do anything. He found that surprising.”
“I see. That’s how it. But Sougo-san had the wrong idea from the beginning. I’m not taking over the dojo from my gramps.”
“…Eh? Why? I think you’re were strong. I’m sure you’re capable of taking over.”
Hijiri softly traced over the scar on my right shoulder.
“---My dad or gramps barely have any scars on their bodies.”
I quietly declared to her.
“That’s the difference between a genius and an average person.”
And that was also the answer to her question. Unlike me, they didn’t get countless unsightly scars on their bodies. There was someone more suited to take over the dojo.
It had always been so since the past and wouldn’t change now.
Still, for Hijiri it came as a surprise. She leaked a perplexed voice.
“Despite that, you continued to work hard without giving up, right? Didn’t you continue as far as scarring your own body, so that you could take over the dojo?”
“That’s not it. I just…”
Hijiri asked back like a parrot, but
“…Sorry. My office forbid me to answer. It’s a secret.”
I dared to brush it off with a joke and before she could say anything, I left the bathtub.
“I’m getting out now. You properly count until hundred before coming out, okay?”
“Ah, wait, Shinobu-kun.”
“Mh? What else---”
The moment I turned around, I inadvertently was at a loss for words.
The timing must have been bad. The hand Hijiri had extended to stop me lightly touched the most sensitive spot for a guy.
Instantly, Hijiri turned red in a flash and shouted “S- Sorry!” while pulling back her hand with attitude.
But, her fingertips lightly brushed by my towel…and with a flattering sound, the towel wrapped around my waist fell onto the floor of the bath.
“Aahh… Ahh… Ah…”
First she released a weird voice, then she turned bright red like a boiled octopus and averted her eyes. Moreover, her body bended and sunk into the bathwater with a splash.
“Ehm, Hijiri-san?”
While feeling my face burning up, I called out to her, but Hijiri didn’t respond at all, as she might have fainted. Th- This was rather bad…
Right away I wrapped the towel around my waist again and caring carried Hijiri from the bathtub to the anteroom.
On that occasion, a drop of water dripped down from the pink pinnacle of her breast and her small navel and the shade of the joining point of her legs compulsory entered the corner of my vision. Aware of my raising blood pressure, I laid Hijiri down on the floor of the anteroom and covered her body with a nearby bath towel.
…However, I was impressive on how I didn’t try anything here.
This was even more harsh than any seduction. I sighed wearily, when suddenly the door of the anteroom was opened without warning.
In that moment, I jumped up in surprise and timidly turned around.
Upon that my gaze fell on Kaorun, who looked at me with a roguish smile.
“You took an unexpected long bath, Shinobu-sama.”
“Yeah, I waited all the time for you coming in as well.”
“I, Is that so. Then I will scrub your back on the next occasion.”
I declared to the somewhat bashful acting Kaorun with a smile.
“Thanks. That makes me really happy, but it’s embarrassing, so I’m afraid that I’ll pass.”
“…You are as shy as ever. But do not worry about it. One of these days, I will secretly sneak into the bath of the Nanjou household, so please look forward to that.”
Kaorun, readily saying something outrageous, moved her gaze to the fainted Hijiri and then shrugged her shoulders lightly.
“It was such a good chance, but she just is not making use of it.”
“…Mh? Don’t tell me, you saw it all?”
“No, I took my leave right away, but judging by this situation, I can conclude that the plan ended in a failure. It just will not turn out alright. So troubling.”
Uhm, more probably I was the troubled one here. My reasoning had a limit. I wished she understood that I went through a lot of troubles as well.
Making a small sigh, I faced Hijiri and opened my mouth.
“Kaorun, please take care of Hijiri. As you can see, she’s resting.”
“…Her sleeping face makes me want to play some kind of prank, but I will try my best to control myself. Meanwhile, should I also help you out with your change of clothes, Shinobu-sama?”
“No! Stay away! I’m going to call for help!”
I backed off from Kaorun, who suspiciously moved both her hands, while replying with drivel.
---In the next moment.
The knot of the towel must have come undone. With other flattering sound, the towel wrapped around my waist fell onto the floor of the anteroom.
Instantly, Kaorun widened her eyes and flushed her cheeks in a flash.
“M- Meooow!”
Raising a hysteric voice, she hastily ran away.
….Meow, huh. My first time hearing such a voice. Kind of cute.
With a distant look, I thought like that as if it didn’t concern me.
Without doubt people called that escaping from reality.


In the end, Hijiri didn’t wake up and stayed unconscious. And like Hijiri had said, her mother and little brother were going to eat outside, so Elni and I didn’t catch a sight of them, enjoying the meal in a threesome with Kaorun.
And on our leave I pulled the half-asleep Elni on her hand to my bicycle, whereupon Kaorun, who came to see us off, pulled out a talisman from her pocket and handed it to me.
“The Master entrusted me with this. It is supposed to be a present for you, Shinobu-sama.”
“For me? Really? Can I really accept something so expensive…?”
“What are you saying, Shinobu-sama? It is just a scrap of paper. Please use it to wipe your nose.”
“Well, I won’t use it for that… but yeah, I’ll hand it to a crying girl instead of a handkerchief.”
“Oh my, how wonderful. If the girl knew of the value of the talisman, she would feel like you had told her to wipe her tears with banknotes and probably beat you to a pulp. That said, I would beat you up either way…”
“Yeah, I also think that’s the right reaction.”
While playing along with her joke, I sat Elni on the bicycle, whereupon Kaorun suddenly lowered her head a bit.
“Thank you very much for today, Shinobu-sama.”
“Mh? I should be saying thanks, no? Not only did I receive training, but you also treated me to dinner.”
When I replied so, Kaorun raised her head and smiled softly.
“Hijiri-chan was really pleased. You come paying a visit more often now and Minami-sama also started to come by to play, so Hijiri-chan has always been in a good mood.”
…Could it be, Hijiri never could invite friends over due to her family’s profession until now?
On Kaorun’s warm words, I felt a faint pain running through my chest, though it might have just been my imagination.
Amidst that, Kaorun lowered her head once more, saying her thanks. However, when she raised her head, she mumbled somewhat sadly.
“…After all… I want… Hijiri-chan… normal….”
Unable to hear half of the small mumbling, I titled my head in my heart and left the Gogyou Mansion behind me by waving my hand with a “See you”. And then on the way home, Elni clung onto my back by leaning onto me from the back of the bicycle and still looked rather sleepy.
The twinkling stars in the night sky, the warm lights of the surroundings houses and a soft wind stroke my cheeks. Slowly pedalling my bicycle, I turned around my head and softly called out to Elni.
“Are you okay? It would be dangerous, so don’t fall asleep until we’re home, okay?”
“Mmh~ I will positively reconsider….”
She was done for, really.
Smitten by her silver hair fluttering in the soft wind, I shifted my vision from Elni with sleepy eyes to the front. Following, I started talking with “Reminds me” to keep her from falling asleep.
“You were already sleeping at Hijiri’s house. Did you stay up late?”
“Yeah. I helped Nazucat with her homework until late into the night.”
Still with a sleepy voice, Elni continued with “But”.
“I didn’t get the math questions at all, since they were so difficult. I believe the world doesn’t need math.”
“…The world wouldn’t function with just rough guesses.”
Replying half-wearily, I returned to the house without stopping the chit-chat, but Elni wouldn’t get off my back and had fallen asleep without time for me to caution her.
Left with no other choice, I carried Elni on my back and while getting excited at heart over the soft sensation of her thighs on my hands and her sweet fragrance, I opened the front door.
There a beautiful female in maid clothes showed up from the living room right away.
Soft, emerald-green eyes. Tender, white skin. Despite her otherwise slender body, a bust with an overwhelming volume that was recognizable even through clothes.
The fascinating girl, who emitted an aura of neatness, was Luna. The natural erotic big sister of our house and a devil, despite her looks.
Luna must have taken quite the liking to the maid clothes that Kaorun presented her on her earlier birthday. She habitually wore them for the house chores and as soon as she recognized Elni and me, she came rushing over with her waist-long, blonde hair swaying.i1-3“Welcome home, Shinobu-san, Elni-chan.”
Along with a smile, she tightly clung onto me.
Instantly, her pretty voluminous breasts softly changed shaped on my chest. Moreover, Luna brought her glamorous lips closer and placed a kiss on my cheeks as a greeting.
…F- For some reason, ever since her birthday party, I got the feeling that Luna had become more assertive with her physical contact.
Although this much might only be normal for a foreigner, I felt uneasy.
Soft, well-formed and warm, sweet lips. I perfectly froze up on their sensation, when Elni on my back apparently woke up.
“Oh, Shinobu is as red as a candy apple.”
Seeing my face, she gave this impression and slowly got off my back.
There Luna titled her head puzzled. Still clinging to me, she took a small sniff and smiled softly.
“Somehow, you smell nice, Shinobu-san.”
“Apparently it’s a lady-killer scent. Though it’s faint now, as I borrowed Kaorun’s shampoo.”
“Ehm~ You already took a bath, Shinobu-san?”
Before I could answer this casual question, Elni sleepy nodded a “Yeah”.
“Kaorun told me that he took a bath together with Hijiri.”
On Elni’s words, Luna got away from me and froze up, still smiling.
Wh- What unnecessary things was she spilling! When I resentful glared at Elni, she sleepy opened her eyes.
“Uwah! I carelessly run my mouth! Sorry!”
As her sleepiness was blown away, Elni ran away in an escape, heading for the living room.
On the other hand, Luna sulking puffed up her cheeks a bit and stared at me silently.
That behaviour was kind of cute, but I hastily explained.
“No, you got it wrong. I unluckily fell for Kaorun’s trap. It wasn’t my idea, you hear? And while I certainly took a bath together with Hijiri, I didn’t do anything.”
“…But, Shinobu-san, I take it that you were happy about it?”
“Yes, quite so!”
As I honestly consented, Luna puffed up her cheeks even more and asked with teary eyes.
“Can I take a bath with you as well next time, Shinobu-san? I want to wash your back.”
“…As long as you get the permission from my office.”
“I understand. I will go ask Tomoe-san right away.”
“Ah, wait! Forget that! There are things I can’t do, even with the permission of the office!”
Most likely my mother wouldn’t care for my feelings and readily give the go-sign. Having Luna wash my back would certainly be like having Obon and New Year on the same day. But I didn’t want to do anything that put my reasoning to the test.
I hastily stopped Luna, who had sparkles in her eyes, and distracted her vaguely.
“Luna, I’ll ask you to wash my back when I feel like it…”
“…Is that so. Well then, please ask me whenever you feel like it. I will be waiting.”
I personally considered it a half-assed coverage, but for Luna it might have been sufficient. She smiled happily and hugged me once more. Then she went back to the living room while smiling. Following after her, I also went into the living room, whereupon I saw two females watching TV together with Elni.
The beautiful girl with the long, red hair was Machina Liebelei Orangelo. She was Luna’s little stepsister, a hybrid devil and one of the freeloaders at our house.
Amber almond eyes. A smooth nose bridge and lips that looked like pink petals. Moreover, her perfect body line that would embarrass a gravure idol was dazzling in my eyes.
And the other female— with white skin, fine chiselled features and balanced proportions like a model, was Nanjou Tomoe. My mother.
Following their gazing, the TV showed the ending theme of some kind of drama and Machina cried overcome with emotions.
A bit curious, I called out to her.
“Hey, Machina. Was the drama so good that you would cry?”
“Yes. The last time I cried so deeply moved was when I watched Tit*nic—wait, I’m not crying yet! Don’t say weird things! Also, welcome home, Shinobu.”
“Yeah, I’m home. Here, use my handkerchief.”
Stopping her tough act, Machina obediently took the handkerchief from me.
Seeing that, Elni also held out a handkerchief to my mother, who had teary eyes just like Machina.
“Here, for you as well, Tomoe-san.”
“…How considerate.”
I watched over this situation with Luna next to me, when a short, young girl appeared out of the dining kitchen.
Innocent, big eyes and slender, long arms and legs. This young girl, resembling an adorable kitten, was my little sister Nanjou Nazuna, an 8th grader.
She must have been doing the dishes. She wore a apron with cat illustrations printed on it and smiled when she saw me.
“Welcome home, Brother! Meow!”
“Yeah, I’m home, Nazucat. You’re in a rather good mood. Did something good happen?”
“Yeah, it did. Thanks for asking.”
Nazuna, thanking me with a smile, moved her gaze to everyone and cleared her throat with a cough to get the attention. She opened her mouth with a meek face.
“Actually, I have some big news for you today.”
“Big news? What is it? I already know about Machina getting stilettos from a junior girl with the request ‘Please step on me”.”
When I interjected half-teasingly, Machina turned bright red and raised a voice like expected.
“Hey, Shinobu! I told you to keep it a secret! Why are you telling everyone!”
“…Forgive me, my Queen.”
“Fufu, I won’t let you off so easily. I’ll gently mess you up <3 As if! Who are you calling Queen! And why is everyone at school calling me that as well!?”
“A real mystery. Even though you’re so cute.”
Well, it was the reason I also ended up teasing her though…
Adding that in my heart, I petted Machina’s head apologetic.
Upon that, Machina faced sideways with “…I won’t be fooled”, but started to smile while having her head petted and narrowed her eyes pleasant. There I moved my gaze back to Nazuna to get back on topic.
“So, Nazuna, what’s this big news?”
“Yeah, your school has it’s sports festival soon, right?”
“Yeah, now that you mention it, it’s already time for it again:”
Sometime around next week, our class would surely discuss the sports festival. I made an agreeable response and listened to Nazuna.
“So you see, the seniors sadly are going to retire from the club after the sports festival. So today during club activates, we discussed who would be the next captain of the karate club.”
Midway in her sentence, Nazuna threw out her chest with pride and grinned ear to ear.
“Everyone recommended me as the next captain. The current captain and our adviser also gave the okay, so I became the captain!”
“…That sure is big news. Way to go.”
I knew that unlike me, Nazuna was popular at school. However not only was she popular, but also respected…
While I opened my eyes wide, Luna smiled so happily as if concerned herself and my mother was also smiling. Machina and Elni gave joyful looks and both praised Nazuna.
“You’re amazing, Nazuna. Everyone acknowledged you. So wonderful.”
“Yeah, just like Machina said, it’s wonderful. Okay, from this point on, the name Mad Dog will be yours, Nazucat.”
“Mhm~ I appreciate the thought, El-chan, but I prefer cats.”
“Then how about Super Cat?”
…Such a weak alias for the captain of the karate club.
As such kind of rude thoughts crossed my mind, Nazuna clung to me spoiled and begged me like that.
“Hey Brother, I think I’ll have to become even stronger now that I’m the captain. So I want you to spar with me. Will you help me out right away?”
“Well, if that’s how it is, I’ll help you out, but you’re quite energetic, huh. You stayed up late last night doing homework with Elni, right? Aren’t you tired?”
When I asked doubtful, Nazuna made a peace-sign and replied.
“I slept soundly during class today, so I’m fine!”
Nazuna said something negligent so openly.
However, she must have noticed her verbal slip right away. Nazuna hastily covered her mouth with both her hands, but it was too late. On Nazuna’s words, my mother made a big sigh.
“Geez, your friend Miichan is so capable with studying, but my daughter is still the same, even after getting elected as the captain. So pitiful for my own child.”
While saying so, my mother faced me and sighed once more with “Moreover…”.
“My eldest son has a sister complex, the face of a Yakuza and is a playboy. It’s the worst. Even though he was so cute it the past when he called himself Shinomun….”
“Sorry, Mom. I graduated from Shinomun. I was reborn from cute into dandy. So give up on it.”
“…I can’t give up so easily. I thought you would become a lady-killer, but now you’re just a fashion-killer.”
The instant my mother passed a rather rude evaluation onto me, Luna, who had stayed quiet so far, frowned and interjected.
“Tomoe-san! Please take a closer look! Shinobu-san looks like a wolf, which is cool! Your words make no sense! Please take it back!”
“…Y- Yes. I’m sorry. I was stupid. Please forgive me, Luna-sama.”
With a faintly trembling voice, my mother curled herself up frightened.
I didn’t think that she was acting.
Ago, my mother had made Luna drink alcohol for fun and apparently made a frightening experience, so when Luna came on strong ever since then, she became like a scolded puppy just like right now.
In other words, the power balance in our household had completely crumbled. My mother, who reigned at the pinnacle of the pyramid until just recently, had given the throne to Luna.
That said, I could completely understand it. If Luna were to seriously get angry with me, I might be ready to prostrate myself on the ground before her.
While such thoughts crossed my mind, my mother left the living room in a hurry.
“B- Brother, spar with me already.”
And Nazuna also moved to the garden in an escape. I then slowly followed after her while Elni and Machina looked out into the garden and said both sincere.
“But still, Nazuna as the captain, huh.”
“Somehow, Nazuna looks so grown up.”
“…A human’s life is short after all. Soon Nazucat will be in high school and after that in university.”
“Nazuna is cute, so I’m sure she’ll get a boyfriend by that time…”
“Then she’ll marry and leave this house.”
On Elni’s words, Machina sadly cast her eyes down. Upon that, Elni embraced Machina at the shoulders and made a suggestion with a serious face.
“Hey Honey, let’s make a boy tonight.”
“Yes, Darling---wait, no! How did it suddenly become like we’re married!? If I’m going to marry, it’s going to be with someone that has an evil look, a bad mouth, only fools around, but is surprisingly kind! I don’t want you as my husband, Elni!”
“Say that again! I won’t lose to Shinobu! I might not look like it, but I’m the devoting type!”
“N- No one said anything about marrying Shinobu---wait, hey! Don’t cling to me out of the blue! Ahaha, no tickling either!”
Hearing the voices of Elni and Machina, who were most likely dallying around, behind my back, I slipped on my sandals and went out into the garden. There, Luna’s flowerbed in the works entered the corner of my vision and I saw Nazuna wearing sport shoes, perfectly prepared.
Nazuna made eye-contact with me, pointed her finger at me and declared strongly.
“One attack.”
“I’ll defeat you with one attack.”
“…That’s quite cool. But one attack, you say? Fine, just try if you can, Missy.”
The instant I replied with a joking delinquent tone, Nazuna made a leap, closing the distance in no time. She launched a dropkick at me too fast for the eyes.
However, she still had a lot of unneeded movements. She made too many unnecessary noises. If I used my sharpened senses, I could dodge an attack of this level with my eyes closed.
Therefore, I pulled back my body a bit and dodged the kick. There Nazuna instantly twisted her body in midair and made a backward roundhouse kick with a wind-cutting sound.
…I had read that attack from her previous preparation movement, but she sure pulled it off. As always, her athletic ability was impressive.
Mentally impressed, I ducked down and dodged the kick. Following, I swiftly reached out my hand for Nazuna’s back, who was full of openings now, and stopped her movements with a cat-grip. Then I look into Nazuna’s face, as she was struggling around, and asked provokingly.
“---So? Weren’t you going to defeat me in one attack, Ma’am Captain?”
“I’m sorry. I withdraw my previous statement. It was completely impossible.”
“Good. Be careful with your choice of words from now on.”
Releasing Nazuna after a small lecture, I then took her on again, but she really was no match for me.i1-4Like my father and grandfather, Nazuna had far a better athletic ability and reflexes than an average person. However she relied on that too much, thus lacking the ability to read feints.
Of course she was pretty capable fighting despite that. No middle schooler was a match for Nazuna. But the kicks or fists Nazuna launched at me were parried, brushed away and pushed off, making all of her attacks ineffective. If there was an opening, I whipped Nazuna off her feet, making her fall on the ground.
As Nazuna absorbed her falls, there shouldn’t be any real damage.
But, when the count of her falling to the ground went into the double digits, Nazuna kept laying on the ground without getting up, as she had given up, and asked doubtful.
“…Could it be you’re also using techniques not from the Nanjou School, Brother?”
“Yeah, that’s right. I’m surprised you noticed.”
“Yeah, somehow, it was different from fighting with Dad. But why do you know such a variety of techniques, Brother? You only went to grandpa’s dojo so far, right?”
“Well, I fought with a lot of different schools. It got some grave injuries in it, but in exchange I had a chance to observe their techniques.”
And if there was a technique I liked, I stole it.
Even if I trained like my father or grandfather, I couldn’t surpass them.
We were born with different faculties. Our starting lines were too far apart. I was unable to catch up, running at the same speed. So I needed other means.
That said, it was unnecessary for Nazuna the genius.
The Nazuna in question straightened up her upper body
“You’re amazing, Brother!”
and sparkled her eyes, but
“…Actually you’re the amazing one.”
I replied so in a small voice.
But Nazuna must have not heard it. She tilted her head and looking into my sister’s pure eyes, I asked casually.
“Hey, don’t you actually want to return to gramps’ dojo?”
Upon entering middle school, my father forbid Nazuna to attend the dojo. Our father decided that Nazuna was unfit to learn dangerous techniques, as she was mentally weak.
But for Nazuna that was without doubt painful. Nazuna had loved going to our grandfather’s dojo. Moreover she rarely skipped on her club activities at school.
So I thought that Nazuna must have wanted to go back to the dojo.
However, much to my surprise, she slightly shook her head on my question and answered.
“…I won’t go back to grandpa’s dojo.”
“Eh? Why? In the future, you—”
“In the future I’ll be a kindergarten teacher!”
Quickly cutting into my words, Nazuna released a bright voice.
“And when I have become one, I’ll play together with the kids. I’m sure it’ll be fun. But my biggest dream is to marry someone like Dad or you…”
“No, someone like me aside for now, you better not marry someone like dad. What would you do if he cheated on you?”
“Mhm~ I think I would be very angry then. I would bite him a lot. But if he properly apologies, I might forgive him with a smile.”
…J- Just like my mother, she would forgive it with a smile on an apology, huh.
A bit surprised, I wanted to get back on topic, but Nazuna hastily went back into the living room to avoid that.
…Why was she running away?
Unable to comprehend it, I also went into the living room and tried to talk to her once more, but
“Brother, when are Dad and Kagari-chan coming back?”
Nazuna obviously tried to change the topic.
Apparently she didn’t want to talk further about it. Asking her against her will would be unreasonable. I was a bit curious, but it couldn’t be helped.
I gave up on it, while Nazuna, drowning in the memories about our father and Kagari— our pet cat, leaked a sigh with a distant look.
“…I hope Dad and Kagari-chan are coming back soon. I haven’t touched a cat for a long time and want to hold Kagari-chan tightly.”
“I can relate, Nazuna, but why don’t you make do with Machina’s breasts whilst?”
When I turned the topic to Machina, who sat besides Elni on the sofa, she blinked her eyes with an “Eh?”. But receiving Nazuna’s hopeful glance, she shrugged her shoulders a bit and replied.
“I don’t really mind if it’s Nazuna… But be gentle, okay?”
Getting the okay from Machina, Nazuna spoiled buried her face in Machina’s voluminous breasts and released an admiring voice just like that.
“Uwah… Feels so good. You’re amazing, Machina-chan.”
“Th- Thanks… But… Uhn, Nazuna, don’t move too… ahh… much…”
When Machina rebuked with rough breathing, Elni also started to poke Machina’s voluminous breasts from the side with her fingertip, as she wanted to join in.
“Ohh, so soft, yet also so elastic. My finger gets pushed back.”
“Hey, Elni, Hyahn, don’t poke… Yahn, you too Nazuna, don’t fondle… Kyahn… Geez, you two, stop it already… Mm…”
Machina started to raise a rather bewitching voice. In regards to that, I turned my back to the three of them, pretended not to hear it and reminisced about Kagari just like Nazuna had.
“…I also want to touch a cat.”
I inadvertently spilled it, whereupon the nearby Luna clung onto my arm without any pretext, pressing her soft breasts against it.
“L- Luna? Ehm, what’s up so suddenly?”
“Shinobu-san, please make do with breasts as well.”
While colouring her cheeks scarlet, Luna pinched my arm between her oversized breasts.
Quite agitated by the unexpected happening, I was completely captured by Luna’s breasts and after I enjoyed that sensation to the fullest, I got away from Luna and left the living room. And on my way back to my own room, I suddenly remembered about the conversation with Nazuna earlier.
…Why didn’t Nazuna say that she wants to return to our grandfather’s dojo?
No matter how much I pondered, I couldn’t find an answer for it…


Returning to my room, I finished my review of and preparation for classes and sat down on my bed, watching absent-minded the talisman in my hand.
Elni had said something about “It’s important to think in the talisman’s shoes” and “Even a talisman is happy when praised”.
…I wanted to use talismans as well as Elni, so I might as well try it out once.
Therefore, I half-convinced petted the talisman gently.
“Yeah, a nice touch. The sharp design is awesome as well.”
When I did something that looked stupid to a bystander, there suddenly was a knock on the door and I unmeant trembled my shoulder in a shiver.
…I, I wasn’t heard just now, was I?
Feeling my cheeks burning hot, I called a “Come in”, whereupon Luna came into the room with a smile.
—In that moment, the talisman in my hand glowed and a gust of wind blew.
That wind gently flipped up Luna’s skirt and my vision fell on brilliant thighs and wonderful, light-pink panties.
…E- Elni had said the truth. This talisman was quite tasteful. Truly a joyful happening.
While I reflexively was about to smile, Luna widened her eyes and slightly tilted her head.
“Uhm, what was that just now…”
“Wh- Who knows? That was quite the prankish wind. Haha, but I gotta say, the Goddess really does perform miracles.”
Commenting so to fool her, I decided to change the topic quickly.
“So, what’s up?”
“Ah, yes, I wanted to talk to you for a bit…”
Approaching me with a smile, Luna suggested softly.
“But before that, should I give you a massage, as you look rather tired, Shinobu-san?”
“Eh? Gladly, but—D- Don’t do anything weird!”
“I will try my best.”
“No, you don’t need to. Just deny it, you natural erotic big sister!”
“I, I am not erotic!”
…Unfortunately it was called “natural”, because oneself wasn’t aware it.
I made a small, wry smile and apologized to Luna with “Sorry, Sorry”, then lay face down on the bed to take up her offer.
Upon that, Luna got onto the bed with a somewhat happy expression and then reached out her hands for my shoulders and back, starting to massage them.
The massage by Luna’s soft, slender and warm fingers was really pleasant…and before I noticed it, my eyelids had gradually gotten heavier.
Amidst that, Luna called out to me in a gentle tone.
“Shinobu-san, please listen to me like this. What I wanted to talk about is… eh, huh? Shinobu-san, did you fall asleep?”
“Snore, snore. Mumble, mumble. I don’t need a dreaming girl.”
I pretended to sleep as a joke, whereupon Luna suddenly brought her face closer and with a single “Fuh”, she blew her hot breath into my ear.
Instantly, a shiver ran unmeant down my spine and a small voice escaped my mouth. When I turned around my head in surprise, Luna smiled prankish.
“Shinobu-san, please do not feign to sleep and listen properly. Actually, I am thinking of starting a part-time job.”
“P- Part-time job? What, you’re going to become a S&M Domina? I think you’re suited for it.”
I cracked a joke half-teasingly, but this time my ear was bitten playful.
The melting sensation of pink lips. Due to it, I once again raised a small voice while Luna gave me a soft warning.
“Please take this serious, Shinobu-san. I do not want you to fool around. Next time, I will pull on your ear, okay?”
“…Just for reference, what will you do if I don’t stop to fool around, even after you pulled my ear?”
I had turned my head again, whereas Luna bewitching licked over her own lips with the tip of her pink tongue and replied.
“At that time, I will lick you all over.”
…N- Now I had no other choice but to fool around.
For a moment, such stupid thoughts crossed my mind, but I certainly restrained myself and got back on topic.
“But why do you suddenly want to start a part-time job?”
“I want to learn about society. Compared to Machina, I know too less about this world and I want to save up money to go to university.”
“To university?”
“Yes, for high school it might be impossible, but I might be able to attend university together with you. Of course that is not my only reason. I believe that it is better to attend university and do a part-time job to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to live in this world.”
Midway in her sentence, Luna suddenly clung onto my back and declared in a warm tone.
“—Because I want to stay by your side forever.”
This affectionate voice echoed in my heart, making it tremble.
Luna surely had made her decision.
To once more live in the human world.
In the past she had been betrayed by a lot of people and went to the demon realm, but now she wanted to stay here.
So in order to live in the human world, she started to think and act for the future.
—But what about me in that regard?
In the past and even now, there was an unforgettable feeling in my heart. I had a goal. A dream. But, in the end that was all just in my heart.
A few hours ago, when Hijiri asked me “Aren’t you trying so hard to take over the dojo?”, I could only vague brush it away, hiding my true feelings.
Of course I was working hard for my dream.
Still, I never truly talked with someone about my dream. I had a dream I wanted to fulfil, yet I couldn’t speak it out.
The reason for that surely was….
“…Shinobu-san? Did you fell asleep?”
While I was thinking, my eyelids had become heavy again and Luna’s voice sounded rather distant in my ears, as my conscious was slowly fading away.
“Good night, Shinobu-san.”
With the last sensation of having my head gently petted, I fell sound asleep…


I felt the soft light on the back of my eyelids. The sparrow’s chirping reached my ears. Ahh, yesterday I feel asleep just like that…
I remembered how I half-asleep got a massage from Luna, when I suddenly heard a faint breathing besides me.
…Mh? Did Nazuna sneak in again? Or was it Elni?
I wondered who it was today. With my eyes still closed, I dozing opened my mouth.
“Mhm~ who’s there? Nazuna?”
“Meow~ I am Nazucat, who loves her dear brother very much.”
“Oh, good. I love you too. Let me sleep a little longer.”
I still wanted to sleep, so I gave a suited reply and tried to go back to sleep, but I felt something amiss and wondered.
“…Are you really Nazuna? Did you really give off such a mature scent?”
“Fufu, nothing to be done, if you find it out. Hello, Saz*e-san sure is good at rock-paper-scissor, Goddess here. Morning, Shinobu-sama.”
“Oh, Elni, huh. Morning. And good night… Mh? Wait a sec. Shinobu-sama?”
It felt even more amiss, so I suppressed my sleepiness and straightened up my upper body. Following, I yawned while pulling off the blanket.
Instantly, both my eyes beheld a bewitching naked body.
…What the? What was going on? Why was Kaorun naked on my bed?
My sleepiness was blown away in an instant and while I was confused, Kaorun sweetly clung to me without hiding the seductive joining point of her legs, her well-formed breasts or their pinnacle. And then she declared near my ear.
“…Please make sure to take responsibility, Shinobu-sama <3”
“R- Re- Re- Responsibility? F- For what? I remember about Luna’s part-time job, the S&M Domina, the massage and then, ehm…”
I desperately tried to wake my memories of last night, whereupon Kaorun, still clinging to me, giggled and smiled roguish. Following, her glamorous lips pressed onto my neck and she said softly.
“You do seem a bit perplexed, Shinobu-sama.”
“No, you’re wrong. I’m gravely perplexed.”
After all, I didn’t remember at all. However, Kaorun flushed her cheeks and started to gently pet my head like a love without covering her body.
My brain didn’t function properly after just waking up.
I started to take deep breaths to get it to work fully, when I suddenly heard footsteps from outside my room, which threw my already confused mind even more out of order.
These footsteps slowly approached in my direction, the door was knocked ruthless and as she had come to wake me up, Luna came into the room with a smile.
“Shinobu-san, breakfast is ready. Today I made your favourite… Kaoru-san?”
As Luna couldn’t comprehend the situation in front of her eyes, she closed the door still smiling after witnessing the naked Kaorun clinging to me.
SLIP, a cold sweat ran down my cheek and Machina’s bewildered voice raised from beyond the door, breaking this awkward silence.
“Huh? What are you doing here in front of the door, Sister? What about Shinobu? Didn’t you wake him up?”
“No, before that, I have to wake up myself. I am sure that I am still dreaming, but… I wonder when I will wake up from this nightmare?”
“Eh? Wh- What’s wrong, Sister? You look like you’re about to cry. Did Shinobu do something weird?”
Along with this doubtful voice, the door was opened again and Machina showed up in the room. She widened her eyes upon seeing me and Kaorun, then twitched her cheeks.
“A- Apparently, I’m also dreaming. And quite the nightmare at that.”
“Well, I could not care less about that, so could you please hurry up and leave Shinobu-sama and my love nest? Please do not disturb my sweet time with Shinobu-sama.”
“Ah, sorry. Take your time…”
Urged by Kaorun, who puffed her cheeks, Machina left the room grinning.
But, after a few seconds, the door was swung open and Machina shouted with a raised voice.
“Hey! Now that I think about it, it’s not a dream! Kaoru! Just what are you doing there!”
“As you can see, affirming the love of two people in love. It certainly is a bit embarrassing, so please do not stare too much.”
“E- Excuse me--- is what I’ll never say! What’s going on, Shinobu! Even though you didn’t do anything to me yet! Why with Kaoru! Do you love maids that much!?”
Machina drew closer to me with teary eyes, whereas Luna followed after her in the room and raised a voice, crying.
“Shinobu-san! What does she mean with two people in love! I am envious that you are affirming your love---no, wait! I am super envious! H- Huh? Ehm, well, anyway, I am envious!”
“No, no! Calm down for now, you two! Settle down! I have no clue either why she is here!”
I fell into a slight panic and pointed at Kaorun, whereas she frowned and pointed her index finger at me.
“Shinobu-sama, it is rude to point your finger at people.”
“…Then what are you doing right now?”
Settling down a bit, I retorted, whereupon Kaorun reddened her cheeks for some reason.
“Oh please, Shinobu-sama, you thrusted me so fiercely last night, so what is the problem with a little pointer now?”
Instantly, the atmosphere froze up in a flash and Machina powerful grabbed both my arms. Following, she faced the clock on the wall and leaked a low voice.
“Caught red-handed at 8:15.”
“…I still didn’t do anything.”
I was scared, so I appealed to my innocence, whereupon Machina showed a strangely gentle smile and replied.
“It’s okay, Shinobu. You have the right for a proper trial. Let’s go to the living room. You’ll get a random stray-dog for an attorney.”
…This wouldn’t end with me waking up from a dream, would it?
While I hoped for such a convenient development, now Nazuna came into the room, as she heard the ruckus.
In that moment, as soon as she saw the naked Kaorun, she raised a hysteric “MEOOW!” voice, as she guessed the circumstances.
“W- Wh- What’s this? Brother became a criminal!? Even though he has Luna-oneechan, so cruel! Right now, even I can give Brother a lecture!”
“…….Well, the lecture aside, I’m hungry, so why don’t we have breakfast?”
There I tried to deceive them by changing the topic, but needless to say, it didn’t work. Dragged by Machina and Nazuna, I was taken to the living room right away…

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