Tsuki Tsuki


“Now then, Nanjou-sama, let us proceed together—to our Paradise Lost!”
It was summer vacation after the troublesome end of term tests had ended. The maid, who had come in through my window, firmly grabbed my hand and relaxed the corners of her mouth.
This maid, Kaorun was somehow in a good mood, but I said wearily.
“Paradise Lost… Where do you plan to do?”
“Anywhere is fine as long as it is with you, Nanjou-sama.”
“…For real?”
“Yes, for real in it’s literal meaning. As long as it is together with you, Nanjou-sama, I will follow through fire, water or even inside the Miss’ bed.”
“And even to jail?”
“Wh- Why a jail? At this point you were supposed to make a remark about my mentioning of the Miss’ bed. Besides, you may seem to be motivated to do something, but a jail is certainly a place I cannot follow you to.”
After saying rude things so nonchalant, Kaorun laughed faintly and continued with a “That is because”.
“I will push all the fault on Nanjou-sama and escape overseas myself.”
“…I see. Seems I have to do it before I get done.”
“D- Do me before you get done…Nanjou-sama, you pervert!”
“Hey, don’t get weird ideas. Stop blushing and take away your hands from your clothes. What are you doing…”
“No, I believed it would please you…”
While saying so, Kaorun unbutton around her chest and smiled sexily.
“Nanjou-sama, I would not mind to show you when you come along with me.”
“Does your indifference not know any bounds?”
Kaorun made a slightly hurt face.
Sure enough, Kaorun’s behaviour got to me.
But she was just teasing me anyway. So I didn’t step into the trap. Upon that,
“P- Please wait, Nanjou-sama!”
Kaorun clung to me with a flustered voice. Then two soft breasts pressed onto my back and she said somewhat spoiled.
“…I have nowhere to go. Just for a short while will be sufficient, but please let me take shelter in your house. If you agree now, I will let Miss Cow-woman have the position of Maid #1. But please let me stay here at least as Maid #2.”
“No, the maid stuff aside for now, you ran away from Hijiri’s house, right? They’ll easily track you down if you stay here.”
While feeling the indescribable elasticity of her breasts on my back, I remembered Kaorun’s words.
—When I skimmed through my summer homework, Kaorun suddenly appeared with a travel bag. She was coerced by her Master Gogyou-san, Hijiri’s father, to do things she dislikes, so she ran away.
As a bad timing, Hijiri was away on a training camp with the Kendo club, so she had only me to rely on. That was what Kaorun said.
…By the way, Hijiri was my classmate and actually my fiancée.
Though I say fiancée, it’s only a formality and nothing official.
But due to certain circumstances, Hijiri wants to seduce me and previously threatened me with “If you don’t call me Hijiri, I’ll kiss you”, so I now called her by her name.
Well, that aside, now I had to deal with Kaorun.
“…First of all, we need to find a place for you to hide besides here.”
Kaorun seemed troubled, so I wanted to help her as much as possible.
I pondered rather seriously, but
“Mh, how strange. I cannot find any perverted books.”
the Kaorun in question got away from my back and searched curiously under my bed.
“…Hey, Kaorun.”
“I am occupied at the moment, so please come back later.”
“Ah, yes, sorry— Like hell. What are you doing!”
“Well, I wanted to study your preferences for future plans.”
“Stop that. More importantly, do you really have nowhere to go?”
I asked once more to be sure, when Kaorun fixed her posture and shook her head.
“I am afraid that is the case. Though I know of a few holiday houses of the Gogyou Household…”
“We can’t really use these places, since you ran away from them.”
There I suddenly remembered.
Speaking of holiday houses, I was sure that Gramps also had one.
“By the way, Kaorun, did you walk all the way here?”
“No, I came with the car…”
“I see. That’s good.”
“Good? What do you mean?”
“Yeah, my gramps got a holiday house. They shouldn’t find you there so easily… Let’s go there together.”
I thought it was a great idea, but Kaorun showed a bewildered expression.
“Ehm, you’re against it?”
“n- No. I did not expect you to do this much for me, so…well, it is not causing you any inconveniences? If it should I will—”
“Hey, hey, what are you saying at this point? Don’t show any weird reservations now. You can rely on my in times of trouble.”
Cutting into Kaorun’s words, I continued softly.
“Don’t worry, you’re not causing any troubles. Just wait a moment. I’ll get ready right away.”
“…Yes, I understand.”
After showing a bit of hesitation, Kaorun nodded small.
Seeing that, I pulled out my travel bag and started to pack my things.
For a while Kaorun sat well-behaved on my bed, but soon enough she lay down on the bed, hugged my pillow against her chest and said.
“…This pillow smells of a beast.”
“You sure are rude.”
I stopped my hands from moving and lightly glared at Kaorun, but she didn’t seem bothered and now went under my blanket.
“The blanket smells like you, Nanjou-sama.”
Kaorun made a somewhat happy expression. But suddenly she faced me and said warning.
“Nanjou-sama, please do not sniff the blanket later while saying ‘Maid Smell’. Since it is disgusting.”
“No, I don’t want to be told that by you, who’s sniffing my blanket while thinking ‘Nanjou-sama Smell’ in her head.”
“I was found out, huh…”
Upon my words, Kaorun blushed for some reason.
“…Whatever. Just don’t get excited over my smell. It’s disgusting.”
I said so in retaliation, but Kaorun pressed her hands on her flushed cheeks and looked down bashful.
“Oh my, to call me disgustingly cute…”
“Hey, no one said that. Actually, that’s a rather brass mindset.”
I retorted wearily, when Kaorun didn’t reply and happily hummed on my bed.
For now I ignored Kaorun and continued to pack my bag…

Once I finished packing, I stood up and shoulder the travel bag.
“Okay, let’s go.”
I called out to Kaorun, who was still on my bed. She got off the bed with a regretful expression and came closer.
“Nanjou-sama, do you have your handkerchief? Your wallet and cell phone?”
“Got them all.”
“What about a change of clothes and your toothbrush?”
“All clear.”
“And my ‘leaving’ kiss?”
“Will come now.”
I approached Kaorun as a joke.
“P- Pervert!”
Kaorun backed off with red cheeks.
It was a bit cute.
There I opened my mouth while I reached out for the door knob.
“Okay, I’m going to borrow the keys for the holiday house from my mother. You wait in the living room, Kaorun.”
“No, I am tired of waiting now, so I will accompany you. On this occasion, you may introduce me to your mother with ‘She’s my maid’.”
“…Please don’t follow me. I don’t even want her to think we’re acquaintance.”
“Your coldness knows no limits!?”
Kaorun received a shock.
I ignored her and was about to leave the room, but she grabbed my sleeve somewhat pouting and wouldn’t let go.
For some reason I didn’t felt like shaking off her hand, so in the end I entered my mother’s room together with Kaorun.
Upon that my mother was working on something her computer for her job.
“Mom, do you have a moment?”
When I called out to her, my mother stopped her hands and raised her head.
“Mh? What’s up, Shinobu…Oh my?”
Midway in her sentence, she noticed Kaorun. My mother said remembering.
“If I remember right, you’re… the Pervert Maid.”
“Yes, as you said, I am the Pervert Maid. So please do call me more insulting.”
Kaorun requested an abnormal thing, whereupon my mother sharpened her look and responded.
“You lewd Pervert Maid!”
Right away Kaorun’s cheeks coloured red and she pulled jerkily on my sleeve.
“Nanjou-sama, I like this person.”
My mother was liked by the Pervert Maid.
I was sure it was nothing but trouble for my mother.
I thought so, but my mother seemed unbothered and opened her mouth.
“So, what’s up?”
“Ah, yeah. Remember gramps’ holiday house? We’re going there, so give me the keys. Likewise I’m demanding a summer bonus.”
“…Maybe for Luna-chan, but you haven’t worked enough to earn a bonus.”
“What are you saying. I’m giving you a wonderful smile every day, aren’t I?”
I showed a fresh smile and approached my mother, but
“You’re annoying, so stay away.”
And with that my cheeks was lightly slapped.
There I displeased pressed my hand on my slapped cheek and glared at my mother.
“Y- You hit me! Not even my parents hit me before!”
“…Who do you take me for then?”
“A red demon from the heisei era?”
Right after I answered, a kick came flying.
…It hurt quite a bit.
“Good grief, you’re so not cute…”
My mother opened the drawer in her desk while sighing. She took the key for the holiday house out and then she pulled out a five thousand yen bill from her wallet. She put both into my hands.
Despites her words, my mother was kind.
“Mom, I LOVE YOU.”
“Sure, sure, same here.”
My mother said suited and now pulled out some kind of tickets from her pocket. She held it out to Kaorun.
“Uhm, this is?”
“Tickets for an amusement park. You also gave Nazuna and me tickets for a hot spring trip before. So this is a thanks for that. I got them for free, so use them freely.”
…Reminded me, when we held the Bridal Showdown with Luna, Hijiri and Kaorun here, Kaorun had said that she gave my mother and Nazuna a hot spring trip as a present.
I remembered it, when Kaorun once again pulled on my sleeve.
“Nanjou-sama, we were offered this chance, so how about we go to the amusement park in front of the holiday house?”
“Well, if you want to go, I’ll tag along…”
I nodded without giving it another thought, when Kaorun faintly relaxed her cheeks. Then she lowered her head to my mother with a “Thank you very much” and left by taking my hand.
“Ah, wait a moment, Shinobu. I have tickets for the other girls too…”
“Yes, but no thanks.”
“Hey, why are you answering, Kaorun— Hey, don’t pull on my hand.”
I warned her, when Kaorun turned her back to my mother and jerkily pulled on my hand. Then I was dragged by Kaorun to the front door, just when a silver-haired pretty girl, Elni came down the stairs.
Elni was a bit of a strange fellow that called herself a Goddess and she was currently freeloading at my house. Elni had probably slept until now. She was still in her pyjamas and her also hang down straight instead of being tied up in her usual twin tails. On her head was a nightcap. Elni noticed us and approached with a yawn.
“Mmh? Kaorun? Oh, you’re going somewhere with Shinobu?”
“Yes, right now I am embarking on a trip to Paradise Lost together with Nanjou-sama.”
“…I see. Make sure to be back for dinner.”
Still half-asleep, Elni rubbed her eyes and waved her hand lightly.
Being sent off by Elni, we went outside and there stood Kaorun’s car, which she rode here.
Exposed to the strong summer sun, I approached the car, urged by Kaorun. Suddenly my cell phone rang on an incoming call.
“Oh, it’s from Hijiri.”
When I pulled out my cell phone from my pocket, Kaorun came closer. Then she brought near her head and listened in.
In that moment, a pleasant fragrance hang faintly in the air, which excited me a bit.
I was cautious not to be found out about that and took the call while ignoring Kaorun for now.
“Hello? It’s me. Me, you hear. I just caused an accident at a nearby crossroad, you see…”
I played a little prank, when Hijiri asked confirming through the phone.
“Uhm, that sounded like an It’s me prank, but… it’s you, Shinobu-kun, right?”
“Yeah, the strong, kind and generous man, Shinobu-kun. Actually I’m in front of my house right now.”
“Fully naked of course.”
…Just for confirmation, I didn’t have a fetish for running around naked outside early in the morning.
Just now that sentence was said by the Pervert Maid, mimicking me.
I glared fiercely at that Pervert Maid, Kaorun, but she expressionless continued mimicking me.
“Hijiri, right now I’m freeing myself of the affectation called clothes and exposing my real self to gain enlightenment. Don’t bother me.”
“Ehh!? You’re naked outside…What if someone sees you!”
“Fufu, at that time I would surely get aroused. I want a little girl to look at me.”
“I, I didn’t know. To think you had such a fetish, Shinobu-kun…”
Kaorun continued further on Hijiri’s surprised voice.
“Hey, Hijiri, let’s go on an exhibitionism date in the park at midnight next time.”
“Such a sudden request troubles me! It troubles me, but if you insist, well, I’ll try hard…”
“No, you don’t need to. That was all just Kaorun’s joke.”
I interjected, when Hijiri made a sigh of relief beyond the phone.
“I’m glad. Just Kaoru-san’s joke…wait, Kaoru-san!? Kaoru-san is there?”
“Yeah, she’s right next to me… Were you really going to go along with the exhibitionism date? You’re surprisingly perverted.”
“N- No! I’m not perverted!”
Hijiri denied with a loud voice.
Her face was surely bright red. I pictured her flustered appearance. Inadvertently I smiled faintly, but
“Don’t get the wrong idea! I only said that to seduce you, Shinobu-kun!”
upon the word seduction, my smiled turned into a wry smile.
—Hijiri was an exorcist. Mainly she exorcised and sealed devils and she always worked hard to raise in the ranks of the exorcists to be able to fulfil a promise that she made with Kaorun in her childhood.
I believed that to be admirable, but with Hijiri’s words “For that Shinobu-kun’s help is necessary”.
Well, that being said, it didn’t mean as an actual combat force, but that she wanted my help as a partner on an onmyou technique.
However, that technique increased one’s power by mixing the male yang energy with the female yin energy, that is, it was necessary to do perverted stuff.
Basically, Hijiri was seducing me for her job.
“L- Like I said, I have not such a fetish!”
“Yeah, I get that…but what’s up? It’s rare for you to call me.”
“Ah, yeah. I called since I wondered if Kaoru-san is with you. Could you pass the phone to her if she’s nearby?”
Hijiri had an unexpected serious voice.
I replied “I’ll pass it over” and held out the cell phone to Kaorun.
“She wants to talk to you, Kaorun.”
“I understand.”
Kaorun nodded and took the phone from me.
“Ahn… Nanjou-samaa…Not while I’m on the phone…”
Suddenly she started to raise a bewitching voice.
“Hyan, if you tease me in such a place… Mm, I, can’t hold back my voice. The Miss will notice…”
“Wh- What are you two doing!? Aren’t you in front of the house?”
Even away from the cell phone, I could hear Hijiri’s agitated voice. But Kaorun didn’t react to that and said “Nanjou-sam, that feels good. Ahh…. Please more….Nha…!” bewitching. Then she hang up the phone.
“—All good now.”
“Not good at all! What the heck are you doing. She totally got the wrong idea there.”
“Do not worry. I think I am quite sure that the Miss probably noticed it was a joke on my part.”
I couldn’t put my trust into these words…
“More importantly, you didn’t have to tell her about your circumstances? I’m sure Hijiri could have helped you.”
“…Even if for argument’s sake the Miss should help me, she has her own situation to consider. I do not wish to cause her any trouble.”
Upon my words, Kaorun showed a slightly gloomy expression.
“What do you mean?”
I asked curiously, but Kaorun didn’t answer my question and opened the door of the car.
“Nanjou-sama, first of all, shall we head to the amusement park? I will explain things further afterwards.”
“I don’t mind, but if you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to force yourself to.”
“…Eh?”i1-2Kaorun made a slightly surprised face. I continued while I opened the door to the passenger seat.
“Whatever you situation is like, I plan to help you out. Well, I get the feeling it will work out well in the end.”
“I understand. The same feeling the people had aboard the Titanic.”
“You’re as impolite as ever.”
Then we would go under, wouldn’t we! Is what I wanted to retort, but Kaorun’s smile came into my vision, so I stopped my words unmeant.
For a moment I was smitten by her sudden and happy smile.
“Nanjou-sama? Something the matter?”
“—That smile is, priceless.”
I played cool to cover it up, but
“That is disgusting, Nanjou-sama.”
Kaorun cut it down merciless.
“…Could you be bashful?”
“What part of me looks bashful? Do not speak nonsense and let us proceed already.”
Kaorun said wearily and got into the car.
Right then.
“Oh my, Shinobu-san?”
I heard a beautiful voice like the ringing of a bell from behind.
When I turned around, my gaze fell on a two females.
One was the reliable older sister of our house, Luna.
Her neat and beautiful appearance fascinated any onlooker, but despite her looks Luna was a devil.
Though to me that was a trivial matter.
Being a devil or not didn’t matter to me. Luna was a precious family member.
“Oh, you two were out?”
While saying that, I faced the red-haired beauty next to Luna.
She was Luna’s little stepsister, Machina Liebelei Orangelo. Half-human, half-devil, she was one of the freeloaders at our place.
When Machina met my eyes, she came closer with a smile.
“Shinobu, you’re going somewhere?”
“Yeah, seems I’m going on a trip for Paradise Lost now.”
“What the? I don’t get it, but take me along.”
Machina said somewhat spoiled.
Mh, it was a good opportunity, so should I invite Machina and Luna too?
I considered it, when Kaorun suddenly pulled on my arm from the driver seat. She forcefully pulled me into the car and quickly started up the engine.
“Hey, Shinobu! Why are you leaving me behind!”
“Shinobu-san, where are you going?”
Right away I could hear Machina and Luna’s sad voices, but the car drove away and their appearance disappeared soon enough.
“…We could have taken them along.”
“I am afraid that I cannot do that.”
I asked nonchalant, when Kaorun, serious or jokingly, answered with a faint smile.

“Because I want to have a date with just the two of us, Nanjou-sama.”

…Must been one of her usual jokes.
I made a sigh in my heart and reached out for the seat belt.
Then Kaorun suddenly faced me while still driving. Her cheeks were coloured in a light red and she smiled faintly.

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