Tsuki Tsuki

Chapter 01
The fiancée is a classmate!?

Besides me, silver twin tails swinging around.
The name of the girl, who was walking besides me and stuffing her cheeks with a taiyaki I bought her while she hummed, was Elni. Crimson eyes and shining silver hair. Her finely chiselled features like a doll surely fascinated you. It was also pretty charming how she was happily eating her taiyaki.
Though that was only in appearance.
Elni was a somewhat sorry girl that claimed herself to be a Goddess. For me, she was a perfect beauty as long as she stayed silent.
Due to some circumstances this Elni was currently freeloading at my house and recently there had been a lot of occasions where we went out together like this.
That was fun in itself…but there was just one problem.
Right now there were staying Luna, the first freeloader, Machina, Luna’s little stepsister, and Elni at my house, but I hadn’t told my mother, who was on a trip, about Machina and Elni.
If my mother knew that I had allowed two new girls to live here while she was away, she would surely get angry. She would be like Asura…
I had to tell her as soon as possible. Pondering like that, I made a regretful expression and entered the house together with Elni, who finished the rest of her taiyaki.
Upon that, my little sister Nazuna showed up from the living room.
When she saw us, she ran over to us with a smile and with a “Meow!” she hugged onto me just like that.
“Welcome home! Brother, El-chan.”
Nazuna showed a kitten-like expression and I petted her head like always, whereupon she narrowed her eyes pleased and nestled her face against my chest.
“Oh, you seem to be in a very good mood. Something happened?”
I asked softly, when Nazuna answered while hugging onto me more tightly.
“You know, mom just called. She said she’ll be home soon!”
“…For real?”
What a horrible timing. I lost my chance to tell her about Machina and Elni.
“She’s on her way to the house.”
“…That’s rather sudden.”
Nazuna smiled happily, but I scratched my head and faced Elni.
“How should I explain her about Machina and Elni…”
I said so with a sigh, when Elni, who heard everything, said full of confidence.
“No problem, Shinobu. I’m a Goddess. I’m sure you mother too will be overwhelmed by my charm.”
“…I sure hope you won’t be overwhelmed by her fists.”
“I- Is she scary?”
Elni lightly trembled, so Nazuna answered her with a smile.
“It’s okay, Eln-chan. Mom will understand it when we properly talk to her. Right, Brother?”
“Well, you‘re right…”
Despite all that, my mother was actually kind. If we explained the whole story to her, she wouldn’t chase out Machina and Elni. Still, I was concerned about one thing.
“So, Nazuna, how often do you think I’ll be hit until Mom understands?”
Nazuna made an awkward expression and averted her eyes.
Yeah. It wouldn’t end so easily…
I was depressed now. I dropped my shoulders and opened my mouth while heading for the living room.
“Nazuna, did you tell Luna and Machina about Mom?”
“No. Luna-oneechan left for shopping before the call and Machina-chan is still napping in her room…”
“Machina is still sleeping, huh”
I mumbled wearily, when Elni said as a follow up.
“Shinobu, Machina watched anime with me until morning, so she lacks sleep.”
“Reminds me, Machina-chan was also watching TV in the living room when I got up.”
Nazuna said remembering and added “Machina-chan watched TV in tears while El-chan slept soundly on the sofa”.
“Okay, I’ll go wake up Machina. Elni, you peacefully wait in the living room.”
Elni saluted with a reply like from Nazuna.
Right after Nazuna happily smiled with a “You’re mimicking me!” and hugged onto Elni.
…Then the two of them went to the living room while meowing.
I watched after them, then I headed for Machina and Elni’s room. I knocked and then opened the door.
“Machina, are you awake? We have to…”
I stopped my sentence midway unmeant.
She was most likely changing, as my vision was filled with a beautiful girl in light green underwear.
Glamorous long, red hair. Amber-coloured almond eyes. Bright features. This girl was Machina Liebelei Orangelo. Half-demon, half-human, she was Luna’s little stepsister.
Like Elni, she was freeloading at our place…but wasn’t this situation bad?
I could see her voluminous breasts perfectly over the brassiere and her tight waist and sexy thighs exposed themselves before me eyes freely.
Machina didn’t move, as it was an unexpected situation, and looked at me with widened eyes. But over time, she became red and her lips trembled.
To cover up the situation, I said somewhat cutesy.
“What cute underwear. I was fascinated by it inadvertent.”
“…Th- Thanks. I’m happy that you like—-as if! Why are you suddenly coming in! Close the damn door already!”
“Y- Yeah, sorry.”
Like I was told, I shut the door after I went inside.
Upon that, Machina shouted flustered.
“Wh- Why are you coming inside!”
“Eh? But you said I should close the door…”i1-2“What are you acting perplexed for! Shinobu, you pervert! This is sexual harassment!”
Mhm, now that she mentioned it, it certainly was.
“…Machina, sexual harassment and whatnot aside for now, I have something important to discuss.”
“Important? What is—wait, how do you expect us to discuss something seriously in this situation? Besides, why are you only peeping on me at times like this? You never come to peep on me when I wear my favourite underwear!”
“I, I don’t really get it, but that underwear is also wonderful.”
“Really!? You like this stuff?”
“Yeah, I do. But don’t misunderstand, I don’t dislike the sexy type either.”
“Okay. From now on I’ll choose my underwear….not upon your preferences! You pervert! Just get the hell out already!”
I only admitted honestly, but it got her angry.
Well, only obvious.
I apologized to Machina and hastily left the room. Then I timidly called out to her through the door.
“Ehm, Machina. When you have changed, I want you to come to the living room…”
After a short pause, Machina peeked her head through a small gap in the opened door and said with her cheeks red.
“…Shinobu, as punishment for peeping on me, you’ll tag along with my shopping next time.”
“Shopping? If it’s only that, I don’t mind…”
I nodded confused, when Machina smiled lightly.
“Then I’ll forgive you. I’ll get ready immediately, so give me a minute.”
She pulled her face back with a faint smile, then shut the door.
This behaviour Machina made my heartbeat go up involuntarily. When Machina came out of the room, we went together to the living room, where Elni and Nazuna were waiting.
“So, Shinobu, what’s the deal?”
Before I could answer Machina’s question, Nazuna answered with a smile.
“You see, Machina-chan, mom is coming home!”
“Eh? Shinobu’s mother?”
“Yeah, she called earlier. I think she’ll be here soon.”
“I- Is that so? What now? I’m not mentally prepared yet…”
The restless Machina started to fidget, when Elni clapped her on the shoulder assuring.
“No worries, Machina. I’m with you.”
“…Now I’m even more worried.”
“I agree.”
I consented with the sighing Machina, when Elni lightly puffed her cheeks.
“That was rude, you two. Why don’t you trust me a bit? You know the saying, Those who believe— will be see an idiot!”
“You’re the idiot! I’m getting more and more worried!”
“She’s right, Elni. I plan to explain about you guys to mom, but she’s scary when angry, so please behave, okay?”
Machina and I told her warningly, when Elni became dejected and nodded lightly.
“Okay. I’ll be serious. I swear to God.”
“Swear to God…weren’t you a Goddess?”
For a moment Elni made a blank expression.
“Oh right! I’m a Goddess! Do, you believe, in me?”
“No way.”
“Not feasible.”
I and Machina denied it outright, whereupon Elni made a heart-rending expression. I thought that was kind of cute, when I suddenly heard the front door opening.
“Is it mom?”
“I hope it’s Luna… You wait here, Machina, Elni. If it’s mom, then behave like I told you just now.”
I reminded them, whereupon Machina and Elni nodded firmly.
Yeah, with that it would be no problem to present them to my mother. The problem was how to explain it to my mother.
Together with Nazuna, I headed for the entrance hall with heavy steps, when there were two women.
One of them was my mother, Nanjou Tomoe.
With the travel bag shouldered over her shoulder, she was pretty and had a young face that didn’t make you think she was the mother of two children.
And the one was a peerless beauty. The reliable older sister of our household, Luna.
Brilliant blonde hair, capturing emerald green eyes and a fascinating dynamite body. How she stood there with a gentle smile while holding on the shopping bags soothed your heart.
Well, despite all that, Luna was a devil, but she was a precious member of my family.
Luna noticed me and grinned at me.
“I’m home, Shinobu-san.”
“Yo, welcome home. Shall I take your bags?”
I approached Luna, when my mother said displeased.
“Hey, Shinobu, are you ignoring me? Do you only have eyes for Luna-chan?”
“…Eh? Who are you?”
I asked while playing surprised, when my mother swung her fist with a smile.
“I’m gonna smack you.”
“J- Just kidding. Welcome home, Mom….What a surprise that you two would get home together.”
“Yes, I ran into Luna-chan at the shopping district.”
My mother answered and shifted her gaze to Nazuna.
Upon that, Nazuna, who had been impatient meanwhile, hugged onto our mother with a smile.
“Welcome home, Mom!”
“Yes, I’m home. You’re as spoiled as ever, Nazuna.”
My mother patted Nazuna’s head, then looked at me with a suspicious smile.
“Reminds me, Shinobu. I heard from Luna-chan that you brought in more girls.”
…Huh? Did she already know about Machina and Elni?
I felt a cold sweat run down my cheeks.
“Hey, one is Luna-chan’s sister, right? Introduce us already.”
Surprisingly enough my mother urged me in a good mood. And Luna, beside me, looked at me and made a V-sign with her hand.
….Ah, I see. Luna explained it well to my mother.
Well done. I reached out my hand towards Luna and gently patted her head.
Upon that, Luna showed a bright smile and hugged me tightly.
For a moment my heart skipped a few beats when Luna’s voluminous two breasts, felt even through her clothes, pressed onto my body and bended softly.
…I got the feeling that Luna strangely often hugged onto me lately. To begin with Luna liked to have body-contact, but she wasn’t this assertive before.
Seeing that, my mother said jeering.
“You sure are close to Luna-chan, Shinobu. …Don’t tell me something happened?”
I felt bad for my mother, who asked full of curiosity, but there wasn’t anything.
I opened my mouth to deny, when Luna answered faster.
“Yes. Shinobu-san did it to me…”
“Yeah, Shinobu-san lost himself and…. Mh? Wait a moment.”
Separating myself from Luna, I pondered.
Just now Luna had indeed confirmed my mother’s question, but I didn’t have any memories of it. Nothing.
But Luna was making a happy face with red cheeks.
“Could it be, you two…. really did it?”
My mother widened her eyes and Luna nodded firmly with her cheeks still red.
“It is true. It was in the morning of a holiday some time ago…”
“M- Morning? Not in the night?”
“Yes, when I came to wake up Shinobu-sun, he was sleeping together with Machina and Elni-chan…”
“Ehh!? Wh- What’s with that situation? These two are the girls Shinobu brought in, right?”
“I was surprised too. They looked so happy with Shinobu-san that I became sad and ran out of the room. Then Shinobu-san chased after me and explained that it was just a misunderstanding.”
“Ah, I see. Just a misunderstanding.”
My mother sighed of relief.
“And then Shinobu-san pushed me onto the sofa just like that—”
“Hey, Shinobu! Misunderstanding my ass! You sure had your way while I was gone!”
Cutting into Luna’s words, she came closer to me.
But the most confused here was me.
I was bewildered, when Luna hastily got between my mother and me and said.
“P- Please stop it, Tomoe-san. Surely Shinobu-san was a bit forceful, but I was really happy about it! I thought that I want Shinobu-san to do it to me repetitive!”
“R- Repetitive? You’re surprisingly bold, Luna-chan…”
My mother let go off my collar. Luna nodded embarrassed.
“That might be. After all, I also… did it to Shinobu-san.”
“You also did it to Shinobu!?”
“…For real?”
I had absolute no recollection of it. Together with my mother, I was surprised, when Luna happily continued.
“Shinobu-san’s cheek felt really good….”
“…Eh? Cheek?”
My mother showed a perplexed expression, but I finally remembered.
On the holiday before, I had slept together with Machina and Elni, who were scared after watching a spiritual show, and when Luna had come to wake me up, she had misunderstood about it.
Well, the misunderstanding was cleared soon enough, but at that time I had kissed Luna’s cheek by accident. Basically, what Luna claimed to be “did to me” was a kiss.
Once I understood that, I could shake off my confusion.
But my mother was still confused. She asked with her head tilted.
“Ehm, what does this mean?”
“….Mh, well, some stuff happened and I kissed Luna’s cheek.”
“Huh? A kiss? And on the cheek? That’s all?”
My mother made a face like she just missed her prey. Luna nodded smiling.
Then Nazuna, who had made a wondering expression so far, turned bright red and shouted.
“Th- They are so adult!”
“…Well, I wonder about that.”
I retorted, when Nazuna fled with her face red up to her ears.
Nazuna was just not accustomed to such stuff.
Then Luna’s cheeks also turned red, as she remembered the kiss, and she made a happy expression…. I heard that a kiss was a form of communication overseas, but when she got so happy about it, even I became bashful.
I slowly averted my eyes from Luna, when my mother shrugged her shoulders lightly.
“…Geez, you made even less progress than I thought. Luna-chan, you also have to be more aggressive or this dull blockhead won’t notice it.”
“But Shinobu-san kissed me…”
Luna said with a faint smile. My mother replied with a wry smile.
“A bit of stimulation might be good.”
“Mh? What do you mean?”
I asked curiously, but no one answered me.
Feeling a touch of loneliness, I returned to the living room with Luna and my mother.
Upon that, Machina and Elni, who were sitting on the sofa, hastily stood up and greeted my mother. Ohh, even Elni could do it when she put her mind to it.
I was somewhat moved, when Elni took one step forward, as to introduce herself.
“Nice to meet you—I’m a Goddess!”
…Hey, wait a moment. She pulled out something ridiculous right off the bat. I hastily made a “X” with my arms to tell Elni that it was NG, but she didn’t notice it and continued with a meek face.
“I’m an inexperienced Goddess, but please do take care of me.”
Could it be, Elni was trying to be serious in her own way?
Elni politely bowed once more, but
“Hey, do it seriously! I can’t tell if you’re trying to be polite or cocky! You promised to behave!”
At the speed of light, Machina retorted and Elni made a flustered face.
There I doubtful looked at my mother, when to my surprise, she was giggling.
“What a funny girl.”
My mother approached Elni and patted her on the head. Then she called out to Machina.
“Ehm, you’re Machina-chan, I guess?”
“Y- Yes. I am Machina Liebelei Orangelo. It is nice to meet you.”
“Same here. I heard about you from Luna-chan, so you don’t need to be so nervous. You’re Luna-chan’s sister and Shinobu’s classmate, right?”
“Th- That’s right. I’m a classmate of Shinobu.”
Machina replied with a slightly shrill voice.
My mother reached out her hand for Machina and gently patted her head like with Elni.
“Then Machina-chan, please look after Shinobu. At home there’s Luna, so it’s fine, but outside you never know what this idiot will do…”
Facing me, my mother said some disappointing stuff.
I was thinking how rude she was, when Machina clapped onto her own big breasts and nodded firmly.
“I understand. Please leave it to me.”
“Fufu, so reliable.”
My mother wanted my consent, but I just nodded vaguely.
Then my mother also made a simple self-introduction and Nazuna came back, so we relaxed on the sofa with the tea Luna made.
Like that, my mother had approved of Machina and Elni.
The reason I wasn’t hit by my mother was most likely because Luna explained it well to her. Once again I patted Luna’s head, then called out to my mother.
“But I must say, you were gone quite long this time. Did something happen?”
“Yes, some stuff…”
My mother just smiled vaguely, so I didn’t dare to ask further and changed the topic.
“No idea what happened, but hand over my souvenir.”
I held out my hand, when my mother awkwardly averted her gaze.
Huh? How rare. Normally she would give me my souvenir while adding how cheeky I was. Seeing our mother like that, Nazuna also made a sad face and mumbled.
“No souvenir…”
“No, I have a souvenir. Kind of…”
“Mh? Then bring it out already.”
I once again held out my hand, when my mother made a complicated expression.
“Shinobu, your souvenir is rather special.”
“Special? What, do I get the panties of a gal or what?”
“No. Please ask Luna-chan if you want panties.”
My mother touched on this matter, whereupon Luna made a surprised face.
“Sh- Shinobu-san, do you want panties?”
Upon Luna’s words, Machina frowned.
“…Shinobu is a pervert.”
“Hey, hey. Don’t misunderstand. It was just a joke. A joke.”
I denied so, but Luna said with her cheeks lightly flushed.
“It is okay, Shinobu-san. I believe it is something that cannot be helped for a healthy boy. If you are fine with mine, I will gladly give you one…”
….Not good. Luna was taking it seriously. Even though it was just a joke.
“Hey, it was a joke, okay? Am not that obsessed over panties.”
I once again denied it, when Elni nodded bigly in affirmation.
“That’s right, Luna. Shinobu just wants to play around by putting panties on his head like a hat.”
“No, I don’t have such a perverted gentlemen fashion sense. Listen, I do not want any panties.”
“I want Luna’s panties!”
“No! Don’t mimic me in a weird way! And don’t take it seriously, Luna!”
I retorted to Elni and reminded Luna, then shifted my gaze back to my mother.
“So, what’s this special souvenir?”
I asked to get the conversation back on track, when my mother answered with a sigh.
“Shinobu, your souvenir is a “fiancée”. In other words, a betrothed.”
“Huh? Fiancée? ….What a lame joke.”
I replied with a wry smile, but my mother slowly shook her head.
“It’s not a joke, Shinobu.”
My mother continued with a sorry expression.

“—Sorry Shinobu, but would you have an arranged marriage?”

The sudden topic of an arranged marriage. Needless to say, I was surprised, but the girls were even more surprised. Specially Luna received a huge shock and tears dwelled up in her eyes.
“…No way. Shinobu-san is going to marry?”
“Uh- Uhm, Luna-chan?”
My mother hastily called out to her, when Luna looked down sadly.
“Right. I am just Shinobu-san slave, so there is nothing I can do…”
“…Yes, we are different from Shinobu. We won’t be accepted after all.”
Following after Luna, Machina also looked down teary. The two emitted an aura like with a death-watch.
In contrast to these two, Nazuna and Elni frowned angrily.
“Mom! It’s too early for Brother to marry!”
“Yep, yep! To begin with, Shinobu isn’t even at an age to marry!”
Upon Elni’s words, Luna and Machina yanked up their heads.
“That is right, Tomoe-san! Shinobu-san cannot marry yet!”
“It’s decided by the law, so there’s nothing we can do. The arranged marriage is called off!”
Pressed by everyone, my flustered mother said soothingly.
“F- For now, calm down, girls. There is a reason for this.”
“Reason? What do you mean?”
I cut in, when my mother answered with “I also didn’t know about it…” as a prologue.
“Shinobu, you had a fiancée all this time.”
“…First time I hear of it.”
“The poor girl.”
My mother said sympathetic, when Luna puffed her cheeks and shouted.
“That is not true! I would gladly take her place!”
“S- Sorry.”
Overwhelmed by Luna, my mother apologized honestly on a rare occasion.
I was moved by Luna’s kindness, when my mother cleared her throat with a cough and explained with a serious expression.
“It was when Shinobu was still small. The old geezer—whoops, my father-in-law apparently got really drunk on some party and was getting heated up with a friend of his and there they set up their grandchildren to marry each other.”
“…Gramps sure lives a selfish life.”
“Indeed. I also only got to know about it when the topic popped up by chance in a call I made from my trip.”
My mother made a big sigh while talking.
“So I want you to attend the arranged marriage meeting. Of course you won’t bed forced into marriage. The old geezer decided it on their own, but it seems they do respect your own opinions. So for now, meet her and when you turn her down later, it shouldn’t prove to be a problem.”
“…Well, if it’s like that, I don’t mind going, but I’ll surely turn her down. I mean, I can’t suddenly marry a girl I don’t know.”
When I answered such, all girls brightened up in uniformity.
Seeing that, my mother faintly smiled.
“Well, it seems the girl is from a fine family. Sure not a match for you.”
“Even so, my charm might make her all obsessed over me.”
“…Stop it already with your training.”
“As if I would do that! Who do you think I am?”
“A womanizer, who not only brought Luna-chan home and made her say that she’s your slave, but also brought two new girls into the house?”
I couldn’t deny that so easily, which saddened me. I averted my eyes from my mother and asked distracting.
“S- So, when is the marriage meeting?”
“On Saturday next week. What? Do you have any plans then already?”
“No, I’m free…”
The marriage meeting itself was a pain in the ass. Gramps really did something unnecessary there. While my mother told me plaintively about my suit and necktie, I just nodded suitable and made a sigh inside my chest…


The next day. Like always I was sent off by Luna when I headed out for school.
Ever since Machina came to stay with us, the three of us, Machina, Nazuna and me, had gone to school together, but I got the feeling that Nazuna acted even more spoiled lately.
Even today she took Machina and my arm and walked in a happy mood.
Machina showed no signs of disliking it and accepted it with a rather happy expression. Nazuna held tightly onto us and wouldn’t let go.
We three walked in line like that, when we met my classmate, the black-haired beauty Gogyou-san by chance.
Nazuna immediately let go off us and hugged onto Gogyou-san.
“Gogyou-san, good morning!”
“Yeah, good morning, Nazuna-chan. Good morning to you too, Nanjou-kun, Orangelo-san.”
After a moment of surprise, Gogyou-san patted Nazuna’s head and greeted Machina and me. But her expression looked a bit clouded.
I suddenly remembered Gogyou-san’s words of farewell from a few days ago….A small pain ran through my chest. Machina and Nazuna guessed something from Gogyou-san’s expression, as they both called out to her worried.
“What’s the matter, Gogyou-san? You seem somewhat down.”
“Do you fell unwell?”
“It’s nothing. I’m fine.”
Gogyou-san replied with a small smile.
But it lacked her usual dignity. She appeared somewhat frail…Before I noticed it, I had reached out my hand for Gogyou-san.
“N- Nanjou-kun?”
When I gently patted her head, Gogyou-san raised a surprised voice.
Then I came back to my senses.
“S- Sorry.”
She might have disliked it.
I immediately pulled back my hand, when Gogyou-san opened her mouth shyly after a bit of hesitation.
“Uhm, if you don’t mind, I want you to continue for a bit longer…”
On a rare occasion, Gogyou-san said pampered.
Surprised, I nodded lightly, then reached out for her head once again and patted it. Upon that, Gogyou-san smiled faintly.
“…You have big hands, Nanjou-kun.”
“Yeah, big and warm….It feels really good.”
Gogyou-san narrowed her eyes pleased.
Seeing her defenceless like that made my heart race and restless. I slowly averted my eyes, when I noticed Nazuna’s envious gaze.
Geez, Nazuna really was a spoiled girl.
There Machina patted Nazuna’s head, then suddenly stretched on my cheek.
“…Why are you pinching me?”
“Because you’re all love-struck.”
Machina said pouting, when Gogyou-san turned red and got away from me.
“O- Orangelo-san! I wasn’t acting love-struck!”
“Eh? I was saying that to Shinobu…”
Machina replied so, which made Gogyou-san turn even redder. She walked away with her face covered.
What was up with Gogyou-san?
We all chased after her, when Nazuna said remembering.
“Reminds me, your school has it’s culture festival soon, hasn’t it, Brother? Have you already decided what your class will do?”
Nazuna asked while she linked arms with me. I patted her head and answered.
“Yeah, we decided that our class will be doing a café.”
Midway the idea of a haunted house had also emerged, but in the end it was decided on a café by majority vote. Though that was because my classmate Asada (the pervert) pulled some strings in the back.
To fulfil his desire of getting to see the girls of our class in cute waitress dresses, Asada had appealed at the boy’s sneaking desire and made shady deals with some of the girls.
But there was a trap to it.
This year a new condition had been added for when the program of a class was serving drinks or food. Namely one in the class had to cross-dress as a girl.
According to the student council, “It was done to reduce the number of restaurants, since there had been too many last year”, but cross-dressing was too hard in various ways. Most people wouldn’t be able to look anyone into the eyes.
I summarized it, when Nazuna said with a smile.
“It might be that you end up having to cross-dress, Brother.”
“Haha, as if.”
…At that time I didn’t even dream that Nazuna’s words would become reality.

Classes ended, it was after school. Finally the time had come for the boys to decide on the fearful sacrifice.
“Like planned, today we’ll decide on who’ll cross-dress. Any volunteers or recommendations?”
The class-rep Katagiri-san stood at the teacher’s desk and watched around the classroom. All boys in class looked down at once and a strange nervousness hung in the air.
Amongst that, my classmate Minami (rumoured to have F-cups) raised her hand and said.
“If there are no volunteers, I nominate Nanjou-kun!”
…Huh? Me cross-dressing? What was Minami saying out of the blue?
“Hey, hey, Minami. Isn’t Katou more suited for cross-dressing than me?”
I faced Katou, who had neutral features, when he blushed for some reason.
“…If that’s what Nanjou-kun wants, then I don’t mind.”
Damn, that was kind of scary. I averted my eyes from Katou and said.
“W- Won’t Asada be good? I mean, it doesn’t seem like he’ll protest.”
When I brought up the matter, Asada, god knows what he was thinking, suddenly unbuttoned his shirt around the chest and smiled sexily.
“Nanjou, don’t awaken to a new side when you see the sexy cross-dressing Asada.”
Yeah, Asada was utterly disgusting. I wanted to sent him flying right away. Asada stroke a pose like a model and was quite motivated.
But most of the girls in class declared “No to the pervert!” in unison.
The girl’s assessments about Asada was understood in a second.
However Asada was in agony, saying “These cold glares send a shiver down by spine!” not so displeased.
Then following after Minami, our homeroom teacher Hiiragi-sensei and a couple of girls started to say that they wanted to see me cross-dressing.
…Huh, was this a new kind of bullying?
“Hey, guys, calm down. Do you really think I would look good in girl’s clothes?”
I said persuading, when Minami puffed her big chest and smiled confidently.
“No worries. It’ll surely suit you.”
“On what basis?”
I asked with my eyes half closed. Minami suddenly averted her eyes and answered.
“A woman’s intuition, I guess.”
“Says a boy…”
“Wh- Who are you calling a boy! No matter how you look at me, I’m a girl!”
Everyone looked at Minami’s swaying big breasts and nodded huge, but I clapped my hands as I suddenly remembered.
“That’s it. Minami will be a guy, so we can just have her cross-dress as a girl.”
I said it as a joke, when Minami shouted with a face bright red out of anger.
“Now you pissed me off! I’ll make you cross-dress at any costs, Nanjou-kun!”
“So you say, but we have a democracy, you know? So it’ll be either Asada or Katou, who I nominated.”
I showed a composed smile, when Katagiri-san clapped to get the attention.
“Then let us decide by majority vote.”
The result of the majority vote that Katagiri-san took indifferent was—- unanimous for me cross-dressing. I dumbfounded stared at the letters saying “Cross-dressing = Nanjou” on the blackboard.
Upon that, Minami smiled daring and came closer.
“That settles Nanjou-kun for the cross-dressing. How does it feel to get betrayed by democracy?”
“…So according to our democracy, I strongly demand that you lend your ear to the opinion of the minority too!”
“Fufu. Say what you want, but it only sounds like the howling of a loser.”
Minami smiled triumphant.
I was rather frustrated. To vent that frustration, I asked Machina besides me.
“Machina, please do the howl of a loser in my stead.”
“Howl~~—wait, what are you making me do! I’ll tell Sister and the others about your cross-dressing!”
“Anything but that!”
After Machina raised an adorable howl, she shouted seriously, when Minami said in a good mood.
“Nanjou-kun, I’ll do your make-up perfectly on the day of the culture festival, so look forward to it.”
“Spare me…”
To be honest, it was a huge shock for me. Even after the discussion ended, I couldn’t stand up from my chair and was dragged home on my hand by Machina that day…


As the culture festival drew closer, it became busy after school.
“Everyone, we’re lagging behind. I’ll be gone for a while, but… if you slack off, I’ll kick you.”
Machina, who was responsible for the schedule together with Katagiri-san, said warningly, when all boys in class shouted in unison.
“—Please kick us!”
The voices of the boys in perfect harmony surprised Machina.
“If you do your job seriously, I don’t mind considering it.”
She replied to the boys with a seductively smile that sent you a shiver down your spine. Then she left behind a “I’ll be in the home economics room” and gallantly left the classroom.
Most likely Machina was going to check upon Minami and co.
With Minami at the top, all those good at sewing were making the costumes for the café in the home economics room. Everyone in class was working hard.
…At first I thought the café building to be a pain in the ass, but working together with everyone while fussing around like this might actually be fun.
My thoughts wandered like that, when the door of the classroom was suddenly opened and Minami together with some other girls appeared.
Then Minami spotted me, spread the tape measure in her hand and showed a bright smile.
“Okay, Nanjou-kun, it’s time for measurements.”
…I took back my previous words. This wasn’t fun at all. I didn’t want to cross-dress.
I immediately plotted to escape, but the nearby girls caught me all too soon.
“Girls, use this chance and measure his sizes!”
To seal my movements, Minami strongly clung onto me while her huge breasts, which were competition for being #1 or #2 in our grade, were raving on my back.
Needless to say, I was perfectly petrified.
The girls in the classroom drew closer and reached out her hands for my body without mercy.
….I thought I would be more happy about being surrounded by girls, but in reality it was rather scary. Actually, I was receiving certain sexual harassment.
Before I noticed it, the buttons of my top had been undone and a couple of soft and warm hands were stroking over my chest, arm, thighs and even butt.
I wished the measurement would end quickly, but not a single one was actually measuring me.
The girls played with me like a toy.
“Hey, girls, don’t touch me so much! The office won’t stay silent about it, when you do this to an idol like me…Ah, I’m sorry, don’t get angry. Actually, not there!”
I couldn’t endure the sexual harassment anymore and shouted a SOS in the middle of the classroom.
But all the girls, who were looking at me from a distance, closed her eyes and stayed silent. As for the boys, every single one of them just looked at me enviously.
Especially Asada was biting frustrated on a handkerchief.
“Damn! If I had been chosen for the cross-dressing, then the girls would be all over me now!”
“—Not in a million years.”
The girls replied in unison with a cold voice. Then they took their sweet time to finish measuring me. After that they made a satisfied expression, got away from me and whispered stuff like “A boy’s body is so nice” and “Completely different from ours” to each other.
Watching that, I called out to Minami, who clung to my back.
“…So, how long do you plan to do that?”
“Forever. I won’t let go of you…”
“You’re like a back haunting ghost.”
I separated myself from Minami and looked over my shoulder. Minami was sticking out her tongue while pulling down her eyelids like a kid, then she left the classroom pouting.
“What’s with her…”
I didn’t quite understand her. I tilted my head and returned to my work.

A break from the work. I sat on a bench before the vending machine and was sipping on my canned juice. Suddenly Asada sitting besides me called out to me with a serious expression.
“Hey, Nanjou. Don’t you think that Minami is in love with you?”
I inadvertently spit out my juice. I wiped my mouth and faced Asada.
“What’s that out of the blue? I’m not even on her radar.”
“Really? I was quite confident about it…”
“Don’t be stupid. It’s your misunderstanding. That’s just what makes her popular.”
“Mh, the survey I conducting with the boys in class about the ‘Ranking of the girls that I want as my girlfriend’ placed Minami on third.”
Asada pulled out a memo pad from his chest pocket and continued while skimming through it.
“By the way, second was Orangelo-san and Gogyou-san was first.”
“Hee, they sure are popular.”
“Didn’t you also had all these girls swarming over you earlier?”
“That’s not being popular, but just getting toyed with.”
I shrugged my shoulders and took another sip of my juice, when I saw Gogyou-san coming down the hallway with the other girls of the class.
Gogyou-san was part of the shopping team, so she walked around the nearby supermarkets with the team and checked the prices.
She probably just came back from an assignment. I absent-minded watched over the girls chit-chatting, when I made eye-contact with Gogyou-san.
I waved my hand a little, whereupon Gogyou-san approached with a soft smile.
“Are you two on break?”
When Gogyou-san asked, Asada answered with his cheeks reddening.
“No, it’s not a break, but a stay-over.”
“…Hey, don’t say such disgusting stuff.”
I was grossed out, but Gogyou-san lightly tilted her head as she didn’t understand the meaning.
“Ehm, can I join you?”
“Oh my, Miss Nanjou and me are expensive, you know?”
“Yeah. Miss Asada and me aren’t cheap women.”
It seemed funny, so I played along with Asada. Gogyou-san laughed a little.
“But you two are boys.”
While saying that, Gogyou-san sat down right besides me.
Somehow I couldn’t calm down with Gogyou-san so close with her sweet fragrance.
I scratched my head to cover it up, when Gogyou-san looked at me and grinned.
Seeing that, Asada made a meek face and asked.
“Hey, lately you two are getting along strangely well. Are you dating?”
Upon Asada’s question, Gogyou-san showed a puzzled expression, then suddenly turned bright red and shouted hastily.
“N- No! There’s no way we are!”
“Yeah, Asada, there’s no way.”
I also denied it outright, when Gogyou-san said depressed for some reason.
“…It’s like Nanjou-kun said. He’s very kind and attractive, but he already has Luna-san…”
“Mh? Why would you mention Luna now?”
When I asked confused, Gogyou-san dropped her shoulders and answered.
“I mean, you are dating Luna-san, aren’t you, Nanjou-kun?”
“…Eh? I’m not really like that with Luna.”
“Is that so!?”
“Y- Yeah…”
I affirmed Gogyou-san, who had leaned forward.
Right after, the corner of Gogyou-san’s mouth raised and bloomed a smile on her face.
I was fascinated by that smile, when Asada clapped onto my shoulder.
“Nanjou, just to tell you, you’re about the only guy, who’s on such good terms with Gogyou-san. At this rate a rumor about you two dating might be spread. So be careful.”
“Be careful of what?”
“Gogyou-san has quite passionate fans. So in the worst case, you might get attacked.”
After giving me an advice, Asada looked away embarrassed.
“I- It’s not like I’m worried about you or anything! Don’t get the wrong idea!”
…It was disgusting, so I ignored the tsundere Asada.
Or so I thought, when Asada corrected his tone and showed a serious expression.
“But on a serious note, it’s a fact that Gogyou-san has fans. So really be careful.”
“No problem. All those who came at me, I’ll show them the dreadfulness of the Nanjou School of the mental moon-state water.”
“…Nanjou, you can be arrested for excessive self-defence, you know? So keep it down.”
“Huh? Violence in the act of self-defence is reasonable.”
“Well, if it’s you, her fans might think twice before attacking you…”
Asada stood up with a wry smile.
“M’kay, I have to see the student council, so I’ll be going now.”
“The student council? Did you peep into the girl’s changing room again?”
“Don’t be stupid. I won’t make a blunder of getting caught. I’m just going there today to get the permission for our stall.”
“Hee, you’re surprisingly busy.”
“Yeah, no time for erotic.”
Asada made a thump-up, turned the back to us and went away.
I watched after him, when Gogyou-san faced me and said shyly.
“Nanjou-kun, about that from earlier…”
“Mh? About you placing first in the ‘Ranking of girls that I want to be my girlfriend’?”
“Wh- What’s that about!?”
“Fufu, a secret.”
After dodging her question, I called out to Gogyou-san to get back on topic.
“So, what exactly do you mean?”
“Ah, yeah, that Asada-kun, well, said that you and I look like we’re dating…”
Gogyou-san looked lightly down and opened her mouth again after a short pause.
“If it’s troubling you, I’ll be more careful from now on, so it won’t be misunderstood.”
“Careful? … Like how?”
“Not coming to school together, not talking in the classroom and neither after school…”
Gogyou-san’s expression turned more gloomy while she talked.
Thus I also felt a bit miserable.
After the culture festival it would mean farewell from Gogyou-san.
We finally got this close and it would be too sad to take a distance again before it was time to part.
I slowly reached out my hand for Gogyou-san’s head.
“Just be like you always have. I would get sad if you were to suddenly keep a distance.”
“B- But, Asada-kun said you might get attacked.”
“Don’t worry. It’s trivial matter. Besides…”
It was rather embarrassing, but I said it clearly.
“We’re friends. So no need for an weird reservations.”
I said so while patting her head, when Gogyou-san showed a smile.
“You really are kind, Nanjou-kun…”
“Yeah, half my body is made of kindness.”
“That might be an exaggeration, but because you’re so kind…I like you.”
“…Mh? What was that?”
I unmeant asked back, when Gogyou-san hastily covered her mouth with her hand and turned bright red up to her ears.
“Th- That’s not it!”
Gogyou-san suddenly stood up and denied with her face still bright red.
“By like I mean as a friend! Not in a weird way!”
…Well, if you thought about it calmly, it could only be like that.
For a moment I got excited, but there was no way the popular Gogyou-san would go for someone like me.
I took a big breath deep down and smiled while hiding my agitation.
“I understand. You don’t need to get that flustered.”
I said to calm her down, but for some reason Gogyou-san frowned.
“….You don’t understand at all.”
“Eh? What do you mean?”
Saying pouting, Gogyou-san faced the other way and continued.
“Just go away…”
“…Y- Yes.”
I didn’t know why, but I made Gogyou-san hate me.
…Just what did I do wrong?
I left with my shoulders dropped, when Gogyou-san pulled on the sleeve of my clothes.
“Sorry. Please don’t go after all…”
Not good. She was frigging cute.
For now I obeyed Gogyou-san and sat down on the bench. Then I fidgeted with my canned juice…when I noticed that Gogyou-san was giving me a sneaking look.
“What’s up?”
“Ehm, well…”
I asked curiously, when Gogyou-san said tentative and then continued.
“I always wanted to ask you something…”
After showing a bit of hesitation, Gogyou-san opened her mouth determined.
“…You’re not scared of me, Nanjou-kun?”
“Nah, not at all.”
When I replied instantly, Gogyou-san was surprised and said flustered.
“Nanjou-kun, I’m an exorcist. I fight with devils…that is, I’m close to a monster. I’m different from a normal human. Despite that… you’re not scared?”
“Yeah, I don’t really think you’re scary.”
I asserted without hesitation, whereupon Gogyou-san showed a confused expression.
“Why? It’s not just with me. Luna-san and Orangelo-san are devils, yet you’re not scared at all. You treat me kindly… Really, why is that?”
“It’s simple.”
I slowly reached out my hand for Gogyou-san’s head once more.
“An exorcists or a devil, that doesn’t matter to me. For me, you, Luna and Machina are just cute girls. And there’s no need to be scared of such.”
When I patted her head again, Gogyou-san’s eyes got wet and she looked down. Her shoulders were lightly trembling.
I didn’t say anything and continued to pat her head gently.
“…I don’t really want to part with you, Nanjou-kun.”
Her lonely mumbling corded up my chest.
But the break time ended without me being able to say anything tactful and I went back to the classroom together with Gogyou-san.
At that time, Gogyou-san showed her usual dignified expression, but it looked somewhat forced and her lonely mumbling from earlier still echoed in the back of my chest…


While working myself to the death with the preparation for the culture festival the weekend finally came. The day of troublesome marriage meeting. My mother drove me to the hotel in question with her car and together we headed for the room. By the way, for some reason Luna and co had tagged along and were waiting in the lobby.
While the bellhop guided us, I recalled Machina and Nazuna’s countless reminders of “Make sure to reject her”, then entered the meeting place.
….Apparently the other party wasn’t present yet. The room was extremely broad and not really suited for a conversation of a couple of people.
“What an awfully big room.”
I approached the window and blankly watched the scenery from there.
I had nothing to do but wait, so I stretched out my hands and tried a loud laughter.
“Haha! Behold, the humans look like trash! Take a look too, Mom!”
Upon being called on, my mother lined up besides me with a wry smile.
“Hey, I want to ask the idiot, who’s mimicking something he isn’t suited for, a question…”
“Watch your words. You’re in front of King Lap*at.”
“Ah, sure, sure. Sorry for that.”
Appropriately replying to my joke, my mother made a slightly serious expression and said.
“Shinobu, what do you think about Luna-chan?”
“Luna? She’s a precious family member.”
“…That’s all?”
I couldn’t grasp the meaning of her words and cocked my head in puzzlement, when my mother made a small sigh.
“…Guess it really does need a small stimulation.”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“Mr. Dull hasn’t to worry about it. Anyway, Shinobu, it’s a marriage meeting, so show proper etiquette.”
“Leave it to me. It’s my speciality.”
I replied with a big nod, but my mother looked at me with a face that said she wasn’t trusting me.
“…How would you answer when asked for your hobbies?”
“My hobby is to make everyone happy! I often do volunteer work on the holidays!”
Just to make sure, it wasn’t me who said that.
In my stead some weird fellow had answered the question.
“And also do create a neverland of love and kindness. Right now the neverland of the Goddess is at the Nanjou house, so drop by to play.”
Naturally my mother and my gaze gathered on the weird fellow—Elni.
“Mh? What’s up, you two? You don’t have to mind me.”
When did she had sneaked in? Elni curiously watched over the room and wanted to sit down on a chair with a smile, but…she was grabbed by my mother like a cat and thrown out just like that.
“Uwa~! I’ll be Shinobu’s fiancée~!”
I heard Elni’s sad voice beyond the door, but that voice faded into the distance as she was taken away by the hotel staff.
“…What a weird girl.”
My mother said plausible words, then opened her mouth again remembering.
“Reminds me, Shinobu, I didn’t tell you the name of your partner yet…”
“It’s fine. I’ll turn her down anyway. So no meaning in knowing it.”
I cut into her words, when my mother shrugged her shoulders.
Then a sudden knock on the door and the door opened slowly. From beyond the door a maid and a girl in a kimono appeared.
….Mh? A maid?
She had entered just so naturally that I had overlooked it, but seeing a maid right here was strange.
The maid was a fascinating beauty, but was expressionless like a doll.
Tender white skin, long slit eyes, a semi-short haircut with somewhat shaggy at the side and a symmetric body-balance like a model…wait, this maid was Kaorun. Kaorun was working at Gogyou-san’s house and her real name was Kaoru. She wore maid clothes, but it was suspicious if she really fulfilled her duties as a maid.
That aside, what was Kaorun doing here?
I was surprised, when she fluttering draw closer, grabbed my hand and said.
“Nanjou-sama, let us get married.”
“Too quick! Actually, you were my fiancée, Kaorun?”
When I asked agitated, Kaorun responded still expressionless.
“Are you happy that it is a beauty as myself?”
“What are you saying. It must be you, who’s happy, since I’m such a handsome guy.”
“…Nanjou-sama, I recommend that you take a proper look in the mirror in the morning.”
So cruel…. Such a cruel treatment on my joke.
I received a light shock, when Kaorun continued smoothly.
“By the way, I am not your fiancée, Nanjou-sama.”
“Eh? Then my partner is…”
While saying that, I shifted my gaze to the kimono wearing girl that entered the room together with Kaorun. The girl was a beauty with glamorous black hair that reached until her waist. Her dignified expression made her more than suitable to be called a cool beauty…wait a moment.
Due to the kimono I was late in realizing it, but it was without doubt Gogyou-san.
…That meant, Gogyou-san was my fiancée?
Inadvertently I stared at Gogyou-san, when she forced her way through between Kaorun and me, shouting flustered.
“Wh- What’s going on here, Kaoru-san! I never heard that my partner would be Nanjou-kun!”
“Yeah, well, that is because I did not tell you.”
Kaorun replied nonchalant and continued unconcerned.
“As you can see, Miss, your fiancé is Nanjou-sama. Miss, I want to return home soon to watch a recorded anime, so please hurry up and get married.”
“You’re crazy…”
I retorted as such, when Kaorun pulled out something from her pocket and with a “Nanjou-sama, here…” she stuffed it into my hands like a bribe.
When I looked at it, I held a cheap car toy in my hand.
“What’s this?”
“Your favourite vroom-vroom. It was an extra to some snacks and I will give it to you as a present, so please marry the Miss.”
“Ehh, should I?—-As if! Just how much of a kid do you think I am! Besides, as if a marriage could be settle with that!”
I gave the toy back, when Kaorun purposefully pretended to cry.
“So mean. Even though I brought it because I thought it would make you happy…”
“…Hey, don’t casually stuff it into my pocket. Hey, don’t tickle my sides. Don’t touch my earlobe. Don’t pat my neck! Just what’s up with you!”
“I am your beloved Maid. When you marry the Miss, I will come along with it as an extra. Makes you happy, right?”
“No, not really.”
I replied coldly. Kaorun drew closer.
“Nanjou-sama, please consider it well. I am an excellent maid. I can easily handle everything from cooking and laundry to handicraft. And of course I will not throw away your forbidden books.”
There she stopped for a moment, then continued in a louder voice.
“But you have to add perverted books about maids for that!”
“That’s uncalled for!”
I shouted back in a loud voice as not to lose out, when Kaorun edged up to me and said whispering.
“You do not have to force yourself, Nanjou-sama. Truth be told, you are excited over my maid clothes right now, right?”
“Save your sleep-talk for when you sleep.”
I laughed scornfully, when I received a chop on my head.
It hurt quite a bit. I glared at Kaorun in opposition,
“Kyaa, Nanjou-sama, you are scaring me~ You want to hit onto my bottom~”
when Kaorun said in a monotone voice and quickly hid behind Gogyou-san’s back.
There my mother called out to me.
“You know them?”
“Yeah, the girl in the kimono is my classmate and the other one is a pervert maid.”
I faced Kaorun, when she said unbothered.
“Nanjou-sama, please do not call me ’Pervert Maid’, but ’My Angel’ like always.”
Kaorun shamelessly deigned to say.
My mother looked at Kaorun and coldly said.
“This girl gets 65 points.”
“A harsh valuation!?”
Kaorun leaked a shocked voice.
But my mother ignored it and now looked at Gogyou-san. She said remembering.
“…Shinobu, could it be that this girl came over once?”
Reminded me, my mother and Gogyou-san had met before.
Before Gogyou-san had collapsed on her way home from an exorcist job, so I had her taken home with me and introduced her. Then I had asked my mother to change Gogyou-san’s clothes and treat her wounds. My mother likely remembered that.
I gave my mother a nod, when Gogyou-san quickly lowered her head.
“I do thank you for your assistance at that time. Ehm, are you Nanjou-kun’s older sister?”
In that moment, my mother showed a bright smile and said while she strongly clapped my shoulder.
“She’s a fine girl, Shinobu. She gets 100 points. Why don’t you marry her?”
My mother said casually, when Kaorun nodded big.
“Then the marriage is settled.”
“No, you’re way to random. Take it seriously, seriously, you hear. Actually, why are you even here, Kaorun? Wouldn’t normally the parents come along?”
I asked curiously, when Kaorun puffed her chest and answered.
“Today, I have come to represent the Master and the Mistress.”
“Yes, I secretly snuck in some work for them and partly forceful came here.”
“…Just what are you doing.”
“Please do not fret over the details. Now let us talk like it is common for marriage interviews.”
On Kaorun’s words, we sat down at the table for now.
However, Kaorun alone didn’t sit down, remained standing besides Gogyou-san and opened her mouth.
“Now then, let us talk about hobbies even though it is classic. Nanjou-sama, excuse the suddenness, but please do tell us your hobbies.”
“Mh? I like reading.”
I answered normally, when Kaorun nodded a “I see” and continued expressionless.
“Nanjou-sama just made a coming out that he likes to read erotic novels…”
“Hey, who said that?”
“You do not need to cover it up. I am quite understanding. Also, I also possess erotic novels.”
….No one asked that.
“However, Nanjou-sama, when you marry the Miss, you no longer have to rely on erotic novels The Miss’ soft and ripe breasts, her pleasantly elastic bottom like a peach and her reasonable firm thighs—- you can suck on all these all you want.”
“…Then can I feast myself on your body too, since you come as an extra with Gogyou-san?”
I asked that to avert the topic, when Kaorun sharpened her gaze.
“What are you saying. Please stop with the sexual harassment.”
“S- Sorry.”
It was a joke, but she got angry.
I was a bit scared, so I apologized honestly, but then Kaorun said displeased.
“Good grief, if we were in America, you would have gotten a trail at once. As an apology, please marry the Miss.”
“Again, don’t bring up marriage so easily. Actually, are you fine with someone like me marrying Gogyou-san?”
“Of course. With you, Nanjou-sama, I can entrust the Miss to you reassured.”
Surprisingly enough, Kaorun gave an instant reply.
Despite her actions, Kaorun might actually trust me.
I was a bit moved, when Kaorun continued in a serious tone.
“Besides I am an exclusive maid to the Miss. I will have to follow to the household the Miss marries into. When I do not do my job properly, I am getting scolded. So in case I should be playing around at the Nanjou household, Nanjou-sama would surely work in my stead.”
“Hey, hey. How does it come to that? My wife aside, am I even going to be dominated by my maid? Actually, you’re only working on your own selfish desire, aren’t you?”
I wanted my earlier emotion back.
I faced Kaorun with a wry smile, but she said teasingly.
“Nanjou-sama, you are treating the Miss as your wife already? Well, I am also happy that you feel that way. Once you married the Miss, let us gently tease her together.”
“Oh, that sounds fun.”
I got a bit into it and replied, when Gogyou-san raised a surprised voice.
Seeing that, I corrected my tone and said.
“But well, even when Kaorun approves, what actually matters is Gogyou-san’s opinion. I’m sure you don’t want someone like me, right Gogyou-san?”
I asked as brightly and jokingly as I could.
Now I thought it was easier for Gogyou-san to turn the matter down, but she reddened her cheeks and looked down.
Seeing that, Kaorun nodded big and said.
“Nanjou-sama, as it seems, the Miss desires to marry you.”
“No, no, she’s obviously against it.”
I replied wearily, when Gogyou-san said solitary while still looking down.
“…I’m not against it.”
“L- Like I said, I’m not against it. Actually, Nanjou-kun, are you against me as your partner?”
Raising her face, Gogyou-san looked at me with wet eyes.
That behaviour was so indescribable cute that my heart wavered.
Still, I couldn’t really give my OK here.
“Ehm, well, you know, I’m not at an age to marry yet…”
I smiled vaguely. There Kaorun raised her hand and proposed.
“Then let us proceed like this: Since marriage is too early, you two will enter a relationship with marriage as the premise.”
Eh? I would date Gogyou-san?
That was a rather attractive offer…but what should I do?
I couldn’t sort out my own feelings and was confused, when my mother interjected.
“Shinobu, it’s a good offer, so why don’t go out with her?”
“Wh- What are you saying, Mom?”
“Mh? You can try to go out and then make your decision based on it.”
“That is right, Nanjou-sama. After you enjoyed the Miss’ body to the fullest, you can simply abandon her by claiming ‘In the end you were only after my money, you dirty pig’.”
“What kind of brute am I? I won’t do that. Besides, what do you mean after the money? Our positions are completely reserve.”
I retorted with such, when Kaorun leaked a surprised voice for some reason.
“Then could it be that you want to completely train the Miss with ‘This is what you want, right, you dirty pig*, so that she cannot live without you anymore?”
“Yeah, that sounds more like—wait, as if I would do that! When we’re dating, I’ll treat her kindly!”
I shouted unmeant. Kaorun gave a suspicious grin. And Gogyou-san acted bashful while looking embarrassed and happy.
H- Huh? That was weird.
I felt a cold sweat rose on my forehead, when Kaorun said concluding.
“That settles it. Nanjou-sama, we are an inexperienced Miss and an excellence Maid, but please do take good care of us.”
Kaorun bowed while she nonchalantly said something shameless. Gogyou-san imitated her.
“Nanjou-kun, I’ll give my best, so I hope we can get along.”
Damn. When I thought that, it was already too late. In no time I ended up in a relationship with Gogyou-san.
After that we friendly chatted for a while, then we parted with Gogyou-san and Kaorun in front of the elevator on the first floor. With heavy steps, I headed to where Luna and the others were.
…What now. I had boasted about turning down the marriage, yet I was in this predicament.
I reached the lobby depressed, when the girls on the sofa noticed me and approached with a smile.
“Shinobu-san, how did the marriage meeting go?”
“What was the girl like?”
Luna and Machina asked softly. Then Nazuna and Elni opened their mouths too.
“Shinobu, how did you turn her down?”
“Obviously in a cool fashion, right, Brother?”
I wiped the cold sweat from my cheek and answered as bright as possible.
“Y- Yeah, she was head over heels for me, but I told her ‘You’re not in love with me, but with love itself’.”
“That’s so cool, Brother!”
“Cool indeed!”
Nazuna and Elni had sparkling eyes while Luna and Machina faintly smiled.
But like throwing cold water on this situation, my mother said calmly.
“Well, actually it turned into them dating with the premise of marriage…”
In that moment, Luna, Machina, Nazuna and Elni’s expressions froze up all at once.
…Somehow I got the feeling that the temperature here just dropped by 2,3 degree.
Receiving everyone’s cold gaze, I said with stiff cheeks.
“Oh man! She came onto me strong and I couldn‘t refuse! I’m such a sinful man. Ahahaha!”
“Oh my, is that so. Ufufu—wait, what do you mean, Shinobu! You said you would turn her down!”
“Right! You are a liar, Shinobu-san!”
I tried to cover it up with a laughter, but Machina got angry and Luna hassled me with teary eyes.
“No, well, the other party was Gogyou-san, so it turned into that before I knew what was going on. You know, it’s like one of these things. Like when a door-to-door seller makes you buy an expensive pillow.”
I made excuses, when Elni frowned and suddenly slapped my cheeks.
“Wh- What are you doing, Elni.”
“Shut up! The Goddess’ anger is at max! Stupid Shinobu!”
For some reason Elni was angry.
I hastily got away from Elni and looked at Nazuna for help, but
Nazuna turned into BADNazucat, puffed her cheeks and then powerful bit onto my hand. Furthermore, Elni also bit onto my hand like Nazuna and Luna and Machina approached me with tears in their eyes.
“Owa! Why even you—!”
I was forsaken by everyone. Both my hands were bitten by Nazuna and Elni while both my cheeks were pinched by Luna and Machina. Unmeant I leaked a scream.
But even when my mother stopped them, they still made a displeased expression.
…It felt really uncomfortable.
On our way home, in the car ruled by a heavy silence, I prayed that we would get home soon.
Then Luna besides me suddenly said solitary.
“…Shinobu-san, I, will not lose to Gogyou-san.”
Eh? What did she mean? Lose at what?
I pondered about it, when my mother giggled as she looked at us through the back-mirror.
“Just like I thought.”
“Mh? What?”
“Love is better with obstacles.”
“Huh? Did aliens send you a transmission or what?”
Not understanding what she mean, I replied so, when for some reason Luna, sitting besides me, pulled on my cheek.
…Why was she pinching me? I also wondered about it before. It was a rather huge shock that Luna did that to me.
I sighed and entrusted my back to the car seat….

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