Tsuki Tsuki

Chapter 01
“Slave” has a wonderful ring to it

I woke up with the bright sunlight shining through the curtains. I reached out my hand and looked at the alarm clock. I was right on time.
I was still sleepy, since I stayed up late last night. I turned off my alarm clock, which had started ringing with a stupid mechanical sound. Saying “good night” I put my head back on my pillow. When I was enjoying my slumber, I suddenly heard a cautious knock.
“Shinobu-san, it is morning.”
A gentle voice echoed from beyond the door. This beautiful voice surely reached my ears, but since I was still sleepy, I pretended not to have heard it.
After an “I’m coming in?” the door opened with a creak and someone came into my room.

“Shinobu-san, it is morning. Please wake up.”
A soft voice that soothed your heart. When I opened my eyes, an unrivalled beauty stood there. Shining blonde hair. Gentle eyes. Glamorous pink lips. And melon-big breasts that wouldn’t let me have my peace.
The name of the blonde beauty, who looked at me while peeking her head into the room, was Luna. This might sound unbelievable, but she was a devil.
Back in my childhood I had said “I’ll protect you, a devil”, which she put her faith in, and we reunited after seven years. After that a lot of stuff happened and now Luna is freeloading at my house.
When Luna first got here she had a hard time with machines, but now she completely got used to it and does all the cooking and laundry.
Luna, who gave off a snuggling aura, which was a mixture of warmth and kindness, of a neat big sister from her whole body, came to wake me up gently, in place of my little sister Nazuna. But,
“I’m sleepy. One more hour.”
I covered my head with my blanket and enjoy going back to sleep.
“Uh- Uhm, if you sleep another hour, you’ll be late for school, you know?”
“Mhm~ you’re right. I don’t want to be late, so I might just as well skip school.”
“Ehh? You’re not getting up? Skipping school is no good, you know?”
“Then I have a cold. Just pretend that I caught a cold. Aww, my head hurts. My whole body feels dead. I even have a heartache. Everyone except me looks like a fool. All adults appear rotten. I believe I’m the only one who can understand that girl.”
“Instead of a cold, it seems to be a disease…”
After muttering something pretty reasonable, Luna gentle shook my body with a “please wake up.”. But her shaking, unlike Nazuna, did not include stealing my blanket, so it actually felt quite comforting.
“Breakfast will get cold, you know?”
“I’ll just heat it up later.”
I answered the gentle voice, entrusted my body to the comforting shaking and closed my eyes once again.
For a while Luna continued her shaking attack while saying “today’s breakfast is fish”, “Nazuna-chan and Tomoe-san are waiting” and “please get up” with a gentle voice.
Just when I thought she had given up, I heard a cute “there” exclamation and felt a light pressure on my stomach. Two big and soft things were pressing on my stomach.
The feeling of an unbelievably soft flexibility and a comforting warmth.
I slowly peeked out from my blanket.
“Are you awake?”
A gentle smiling face was right in front of me.
Emerald eyes that were sucking me in. Light red flushed cheeks. And well-formed soft lips.
Her smiling appearance, bathed in the morning sun made her look like a painting. An untainted beauty. A dazzling look. A gentle smiled aimed at me.
I still wondered if all this was just a dream. Luna, who said she would stay with me, was just so pretty that it made me think she was just a delusion of mine.
But the Luna that was on top of me was undoubtedly real. Her body warmth that I felt through the blanket and her sweet fragrance. Also the soft sensation of her big breasts.
For some reason, Luna was waking me up lately with a body press. Her big breasts bounced on top of my stomach, and blew away my sleepiness.
I sat up and scratched my head.
“Morning, Luna.”
I gently patted Luna’s head. Upon that Luna answered with a bright smile.
“Yes, good morning, Shinobu-san.”
Her smile was so good that it could be counted as foul play. I was embarrassed, so I averted my gaze from her. Then I stood up from the bed and grabbed my uniform. And when I was about to change I noticed that Luna was still in my room.
When I turned around, Luna was still smiling and looking at me. For now I took off my top.
“What, you want to see me changing?”
I asked, and Luna got all flustered and rushed out of the room with an “s- sorry!”
Luna was as cute as ever…
It wasn’t all that bad to start a day with Luna’s smile.
While relaxing my cheeks, I quickly changed, left my room and went down the stairs into the bathroom to wash my face. There I was surprised by the handsome guy looking back from the mirror and then the nice aroma of fish and miso soup lured me to the dining kitchen.
* * *
After breakfast I got ready to leave and headed with Luna for the front door, when
“Brother, wait.”
I heard a voice from behind, so I turned around. There I saw my sister Nazuna rushing over in a hurry.
“I’ll wait, so don’t be in such a rush.”
I said with a wry smile, but Nazuna still approached without slowing down, then clung to me with a smile and “meow!”.
The warm body temperature and a soft sensation unique to girls. Also, Nazuna gave off a fragrance like the sun.
When I looked down, a small body and an adorable facial expression filled my vision. Big eyes and soft, pale light red cheeks. Apparently the long hair she had tied up in the back was supposed to symbolize a cat’s tail.
For the record, if I played around by pulling on that long hair, rather than getting angry, she happily clung to me with a “what’s up, Brother?”.
Seeing her happily smile in my arms, made her look like a kitten and was soothing for the heart.
After patting Nazuna’s head lightly, I took my bag from Luna and left the house. Then Nazuna and I waved back at Luna, who send us off in front of the house, and headed to school.
Walking besides me, Nazuna was happily talking about her friends at school while giving me quick glances. Maybe she was around the age where she wanted to be spoiled, as Nazuna said “meow!” again and clung to my arm.
“You’ve been doing that a lot recently.”
I said somewhat wearily to Nazuna, who happily pressed her cheek against me arm.
“But lately, you haven’t been dotting on me much.”
“Is that so?”
Nazuna answered while hugging on my arm more tightly. I said while patting her head lightly,
“Nazucat is acting so spoiled again today.”
No, that wasn’t really something you reply to with a smile.
Actually, you’re acting too spoiled. These days Nazuna was always going to school with me arm in arm. It might be about time I said something about it.
“Nazuna. If I remember correctly, your goal for this year was ‘to become a devilish girl’, right? If you keep acting spoiled like that, you’ll never reach that goal, you know?”
“That’s not true. I have been studying. Watch me, Brother.”
When I wondered what exactly I was to watch, Nazuna suddenly stared at me and said.
“Shinobu-san, I don’t want to go home tonight.”
….Ah, not good. I tried to hold back, but that phrase was so out of place for her that I couldn’t help but snorted with laughter.i1-2“Geez, why are you laughing, Brother? That wasn’t supposed to be funny!”
“Sorry, sorry. But that was just too much for you.”
I said to the troubled Nazuna while suppressing my laughter.
“It’s not. I’ll become sexy like Mom or Luna-san.”
“….I see. Well, mankind was able to travel to the moon, so it isn’t all that unlikely. Give it your all, Nazucat.”
I comfortingly said to Nazuna, who made a confident expression. Upon that Nazuna frowned,.
“Brother, could it be you’re making fun of me?”
“Hey, hey. There’s no way I would ever do that.”
I once again patted Nazuna’s head to fool her.
“You’re right. You wouldn’t do that.”
Nazuna smiled.
Yep, your brother was rather worried about your future.
“Well, for now give up on becoming a devilish girl. It is better that you stay short. It makes you look like a cat.”
Nazuna replied all energetic, probably happy because she was called a cat.
“By the way, I heard that a cat’s highest speed is over 40 km/h.”
“Is that so?”
“Since you also hold the title of a cat, try running at that speed.”
“Eh? Roger? Ah, hey, Nazuna!”
Just when I realized that Nazuna had let go off my arm, it was already too late to stop her. She accelerated at once. Probably seeking attention, she waved back at me with a “try to catch me!” while running.
“Hey, look out in front. It’s dangerous!”
I warned her frantically, but Nazuna continued to run without looking forward. At this rate she was going to bump into someone at the corner, and before I could warn her about it, a girl, who appeared at the corner, crossed right into Nazuna’s path.
“Wa, wawah!”

I was sure Nazuna would totally bump into her, but the movements of the girl were beyond my expectations. Their legs entangled and Nazuna was about to fall over. The girl saw that, and swiftly reached out with both her hands and caught the falling Nazuna.
Her actions were so adept and pretty that. I was charmed by her movements.
Impressed, I rushed over to Nazuna. When I looked at the girl, her straight, long black hair first caught my eye. Followed by her well-formed eyebrows, keen eyes, her ample chest, her firm waist, and her supple, long legs. A beauty with sharp facial features and a bamboo-blade pouch over her shoulder that made her appear so manly.
She was my classmate, Gogyou Hijiri-san.
Her beauty and cool appearance made her popular with not just the boys, but she was actually an exorcist. She was from a family that exorcises and seals devils and the likes. Her power was exceedingly strong.
So at first Gogyou-san tried to exorcist Luna, who was a devil. But after getting to know Luna and her kindness, she offered her help.
Thanks to her, Luna’s existence was kept a secret to the exorcists. That’s what the self-proclaimed Goddess Elni told me.
But Gogyou-san never said a word to me and only helped out from the shadows.
It was understandable why she was popular. Even now, she didn’t scold Nazuna, who came rushing out, and just gently patted her head with an “it’s dangerous, so look out in front when you’re running, okay?”.
Nothing less from the cool beauty, Gogyou-san. After I rushed over, Gogyou-san noticed me and smiled,
“Good morning, Nanjou-kun.”
“Ah, morning. Sorry for all the troubles my sister caused.”
“Eh? This girl is your sister?”
“She’s cute just like me, right?”
Astonished, Gogyou-san looked back and forth between Nazuna and me, and then said.
“….S- sure.”
Gogyou-san averted her gaze and nodded awkwardly.
…That reaction hurt me deeply.
Well, I was a bit aware of my roguish face, so Gogyou-san’s reaction might not have been all that uncalled for.
While I felt a small pain in my chest, Nazuna pulled on my sleeve.
“Hey, Brother. Do you know this pretty girl?”
“Mh? Yeah, she’s a classmate. Her name is Gogyou Hijiri-san. Her catchphrase is: ‘Don’t screw with me. I’ll cut you!’ ”
“Th- That’s not true!”
Gogyou-san denied it hastily, but Nazuna liked it and said “so cool!”.
“So Nazuna, you heard her name, but you aren’t going to reply in turn? If you don’t introduce yourself properly, I’ll lie to her and say you’re a pervert obsessed with cats.”
“Eh? I do love cats. Meow.”
Nazuna tilted her head and meowed.
….I was at a loss on how to react to that.
“Fufu. So you’re Nanjou-kun’s little sister?”
Gogyou-san gently asked Nazuna as if our comments didn’t bother her.
Nazuna nodded and answered energetically.
“Yes, I’m Nanjou Nazuna. Also Nazucat. I love cats. But I love my brother even more.”
It was a weird self-introduction, but Gogyou-san didn’t let any wariness show and said with a smile.
“I see, you really love your brother, Nazuna-chan.”
“Don’t take him away. I’ll bite you if you do. And jump at you.”
Nazuna warned the smiling Gogyou-san.
Seeing that, Gogyou-san gave a delighted “so cute” and extended her hand. Then she started to gently pat Nazuna’s head. Nazuna must liked being patted, as she had a happy expression and clung to Gogyou-san while meowing.

“I envy you, Nanjou-kun. You have such a cute sister.”
Gogyou-san went on while still patting a clinging Nazuna.
“I have a little brother, but he’s quite antisocial and doesn’t play with me like this.”
“I’m sure it’s because you found his hidden porn books and left them on his desk later on.”
“I…I didn’t do that!”
After denying it strongly, Gogyou-san mumbled an “I didn’t do that, but…” and then asked while turning red.
“He’s a boy after all. So I guess he will have those kind of perverted books?”
“Actually he’s only got sister-type ones.”
“Ehh? Sister-type? Those kind of perverted books exist too?”
Apparently, Gogyou-san didn’t know that and turned bright red. Yeah, she was surprisingly innocent. I had believed she would be more resistant against such stuff, since she was popular, but it seemed like I was wrong.
Actually, Gogyou-san had a brother.
While I wondered if her brother looked like her, I shifted my gaze towards Nazuna, who was pulling on Gogyou-san’s arm.
It appeared that Nazuna had taken quite the liking to Gogyou-san, as she was smiling happily.
Gogyou-san also seemed to like Nazuna. She was looking at Nazuna just like at her beloved dog plush-toy, while saying “so cute.”.
And even when we parted with Nazuna, Gogyou-san asked me, “Nazuna-chan seems to love cats, but what about dogs?”, so I answered her with, “She loves basically all animals, but she told me that dogs came after cats in her love-ranking.”.
Hearing that Gogyou-san happily smiled with an “I’m glad.”.


I chatted about some trivia with Gogyou-san on the way to school and when we arrived at the classroom together,
“Oh, Nanjou. Morning.”
A boy with a handsome face called out to me.
The name of the boy with the wasteful handsome face was Asada Kouta. He was an idiotic and lewd sis-con who had not a single praiseworthy trait and the girls in class said about him: “He would be so cool if he would just say quiet.”.
The pervert Asada noticed Gogyou-san besides me and said with a refreshing smile that was totally unfit for a pervert.
“Morning to you too, Gogyou-san. I dreamt of you last night.”
“What, you had a wet dream, Asada?”
When I warned him wearily with “stop with the sexual harassment so early in the morning,” Gogyou-san turned bright red, hid behind my back and said.
“Asada-kun, you perv.”
“Ehh? N- No. I only said that because I thought it sounded cool. I didn’t mean it in a perverted way. Really.”
“Really? Is that really the case? Can you swear with your sister on the line that you didn’t have any perverted intentions there?”
When I stared at him intensely, Asada’s look wavered. Then he changed the topic,
“M- More importantly, did you two hear about the transfer student?”
What a terrible way to distract us, but I was intrigued by the word “transfer student”.
“Eh? Transfer? Asada… Don’t tell me you’re transferring away?”
“Yeah, my father’s job— wait, it’s not me! Don’t say something so depressing! No one is transferring away, rather it’s the other way around. We’re getting a transfer student!”
“Huh? Why? Who allowed that? I don’t remember ever giving the okay to that.”
“Please be understanding, Master. This isn’t much, but—wait, since when did you have such an authority? And why am I taking out my wallet?”
“Guys, it seems Asada will treat us to some juice.”
I snatched away Asada’s wallet and held it up high. When I shook it, I could hear the clinking sound of pitifully small coins.
“No! Stop it, I don’t get that much allowance! Just try to buy juice with my money! I won’t tell you about the transfer student then!”
“Hey, Inoue. What do you know about the transfer student?”
I ignored Asada and asked my classmate Inoue.
“Don’t ignore me! Listen to me! Also Inoue, if you dare to tell him about the transfer student, I’ll kill you!”
Just how much did he want to tell me about the transfer student?
I returned Asada’s wallet and decided to listen to him together with Gogyou-san.
By the way, I will keep it a secret that Asada’s angry expression was a bit scary.
“So Asada, what’s the transfer student like? A pervert? Or maybe a sicko?”
“Why are there only these two options!? It would be troubling if it were like that!”
Surely, Asada was more than enough for our pervert-quota.
When I nodded, Asada cleared his throat with a COUGH and said with the preface of “Be in awe!”.
“Truth be told, the transfer student is supposed to be some real beauty.”
“Gogyou-san is also a beauty, you know?”
I pointed at Gogyou-san, who stood besides me. Right after which, Gogyou-san shouted “ehh?” in surprise and turned red.
“W- Well, yeah, she sure is, but that’s not the point, Nanjou. A beautiful transfer student, you get it? My chest bursts with excitement—”
“And your groin bursts with desire.”
“Yep, yep, my groin—-Hey, that’s only obvious! She’s a beauty!”
“Ah, sorry.”
Asada was too scared, so I apologized on reflex.
But still, that guy sure got excited quickly. I could understand the fuss about a beautiful transfer student, but Asada was a pervert, so a little warning was in place.
“Asada, I understand your enthusiasm for the beautiful transfer student, but don’t go asking her sexually harassing questions right off the bat.”
“Nanjou, sorry, but I can’t promise that. I can’t betray myself.”
What he said was the utmost worst, but for some strange reason it sounded really cool.
Asada put his hands on my shoulders and continued with a “therefore” and a serious expression.
“If by chance I’m swallowed by my perverted instinct, I want you to stop me.”
“….And if I said no?”
“Then I’ll most likely be arrested.”
“I see. Seems you’ll make an acquaintance with the police rather early. Tell me later if they really serve katsudon in the investigation room.”
“Wh- What an indifferent reaction! Nanjou! You don’t care if I get arrested? And what you mean with rather early!? By the way, if you order the katsudon yourself, you can eat it!”
Why did he know that you can eat katsudon if you order it yourself?
It was just too scary, so I was left with no choice but to nod.
“…W- Well, I’ll stop you if it comes to that.”
I said while backing off a bit. Then Asada gave me a wink and said some gross thing, “That’s why I love you.”. Just when I wondered what I was to do about this pervert, Gogyou-san, who had been watching us two, giggled and said.
“You two are such close friends.”
“Not at all.”
“Ehh? You’re supposed to nod there!”
When I denied it outright, Asada raised a sad voice.
Then we three continued to chat for a while until the bell rang. The classroom door opened with a clatter and our baby-faced homeroom teacher Hiiragi (25) appeared.
If that had been all, it wouldn’t have been any different from usual, but behind Hiiragi-sensei followed a girl that caught my eye.
Most likely a foreigner. Red hair. A somewhat sharp gaze. Beautiful legs extending from her short skirt, covered by black knee-socks. She emitted an indescribable sex appeal.
A beauty that made everyone turn to her.
She was the transfer student that Asada spoke about, but this went beyond my expectations. For a moment I was captured, but Asada besides me looked at her with a stupid expression, so my reasoning returned all too quickly.
As usual Asada served as a cautionary tale straight from the textbook… But it seems that I wasn’t the only one, who had his heart captured by the transfer student.
Like always all students were returning to their seats, but even when Hiiragi-sensei stood at the teacher’s desk with the transfer student, the commotion wouldn’t die down.
I could hear stuff like, “A beauty”, “She got great style” and “I want to be stepped on by these legs”.
Well, there was one abnormal one mixed in, but let’s just ignore that.
Hiiragi-sensei exhorted the class with “everyone, be quiet” in her usual kind and slow-paced voice, then waited for it to quiet down. Then she wrote “Machina Liebelei Orangelo” on the blackboard and introduced the transfer student.
The transfer student bowed to Hiiragi-sensei, then took a step forwards.
All gazes were focused at the transfer student at the front. But she didn’t seem to be nervous and was confidently, yet contemptuously looking back at the other students. That attitude made her look like some kind of queen.
Mh, surely the transfer student was a beauty, but a different type from Gogyou-san. If you compared her to flowers, she would be a rose. She emitted an aura that made it difficult to approach her.
The transfer student calmly let her gaze wander over all students, then,
“I’m Machina Liebelei Orangelo. Nice to meet you.”
She showed an alluring smile.
Right after, the boys in the class started to give enchanted sighs.
For some reason, even Hiiragi-sensei had an enchanted expression, then she said with a smile.
“Guys, Orangelo-san came to Japan because of her father’s work. So she’s still not used to Japan yet. She doesn’t seem to have any problems with Japanese, but there might be some things in our culture that trouble her. So please kindly help her out if that happens.”
The boys reacted with enthusiastic agreement to Hiiragi-sensei’s words. Hiiragi-sensei noted that with a nod, then faced the transfer student.
“Okay, it’s time for the long-awaited questioning time of the transfer student. Does anyone have a question for her? I certainly do. How do I can become as beautiful as you, Orangelo-san?”
The usual questioning time of the transfer student.
Baby-face Hiiragi-sensei asked the transfer student full of interest.
But the answer was an “I don’t really do anything special”, so she dropped her shoulders and mumbled “if only I were a bit taller and prouder…”.
I highly doubted it would change anything if she were a bit taller and prouder.
Actually, why was she the first to ask a question? I made a wry smile, but no one else in class followed after her. Overwhelmed by her elegant appearance, no one dared to open their mouth.
But suddenly a “yes!” broke the heavy silence and a male student stood up. It was our audaciousness special corps leader, Asada Kouta.
“Seat number 1, Asada Kouta! I have a question for the transfer student!”
Asada said while looking straight at the transfer student.
“Please tell me your three sizes!”
There was the anticipated question. The girls gave Asada cold and piercing looks. And for some reason the boys looked up to Asada in awe. But the problem was the transfer student. She wasn’t disturbed at all by the sexual harassment from Asada.
“If you want me to tell you, then beg for it properly.”
She said with a faint smile.
“I’m not all that opposed to telling you if you get on your knees.”
She appeared so much like a queen that it sent a shiver down your spine.
The transfer student had said it with an amused expression and but Asada reacted surprisingly quickly. “Don’t underestimate me! I don’t have a single shred of pride!” He jumped in front of the transfer student with a diving roll.
He kneeled on the floor like he was used to it.
It was my first time seeing someone without any pride. Even the transfer student was surprised for a moment, but shortly after she laughed a “fufu” and said while looking down on Asada.
“Not telling you.”
What a betrayal! I pitied Asada a bit. But Asada himself didn’t pay any mind to the back-stabbing and was writhing on the floor with a “what a thrill!” and a not-so-dissatisfied expression.
The transfer student just passed by Asada and looked around the classroom. Then she suddenly met my eyes, give off an alluring smile and walked straight to my desk. Then she looked directly into the eyes and said.
“— You, become my slave.”
The moment she told me that, my heart skipped a beat.
For some reason her amber eyes had the power to entrance whoever she looked at and made it impossible to decline— But, so what? I was the great Shinobu. There is no way I, the great Shinobu, would become a slave!
The boys were making a ruckus with “So lucky!”, so for now I clapped on Katou’s shoulder, who sat beside me, and said,.
“Good for you, Katou. She wants you to be her slave.”
“Ehh? M- Me? You sure you want me?”
“Of course not! Don’t be stupid! I mean him. Him!”
She rejected and silenced the surprised Katou, then shouted with her finger pointing at me. Upon that I looked away and answered.
“I’m currently not there.”
“You’re right in front of me!”
“I said I’m not here, so I’m not. If you have business with me, please tell your preference in men after the BEEP.”
“Huh? What are you going on about?”
I didn’t answer the perplexed transfer student and just put up my hand and said “BEEP!”. Hearing that the transfer student got even more perplexed. Then,
“Ehm, I… I prefer a man that dotes on me— wait, what are you making me say!”
The transfer student got red and angry. She might be the easy-to-trick type.
Hearing the transfer student’s words, the boys went “OHH”, but I ignored that and whispered to Katou beside me.
“That’s your chance, Katou. Show her your manliness. Tell her ‘Jump into my arms, my kitten!’.”
“Ehh? Me again? If you say so…”
Katou stood up with a somewhat unhappy expression, face the transfer student, spread his arms and shouted.
“My chest will always be open for you! Now jump into my arms, my kitten!!”
“….You should go see a doctor. This will be my seat now, so get lost.”
Receiving the transfer student’s cold words, Katou froze on the spot with his arms still spread open. But then he snapped and glared at the transfer student with a “This is my seat! I won’t give up my place besides Nanjou-kun!”.
The transfer student took his glare head on, then slowly placed her hand on Katou’s chin.
“Get lost.”
Just that.
For some reason, Katou became enchanted and nodded with a “yes”. Then he took his bag and went away. The transfer student didn’t even give Katou a glimpse and naturally said down in Katou’s (former) seat. She really did behave like a queen. But Hiiragi-sensei had no intention to reprimand her because of that and said to me with a merry smile.
“Nanjou-kun, Orangelo-san hasn’t received any textbooks yet, so don’t be a meany and share yours with her.”
I just gave simple nod, at which time Hiiragi-sensei ended this morning’s homeroom and left the classroom. And in her place, our history teacher Kuroki came in and started the first period.
When Kuroki started his lesson at the front, the transfer student immediately started talking to me.
“Hey, Nanjou.”
“Mh? What’s up, transfer student? Actually, how do you know my name? Let me guess, you’re a stalker.”
“No. The teacher called you that earlier.”
“Ah, right. Still, don’t call me by my name so casually.”
“Then how should I call you?”
“Call me Master.”
“Okay. Master it is. If you become my slave, I wouldn’t mind calling you that— wait, that would make me the slave! I’m the master here!”
When the transfer student shouted that, Kuroki at the front warned her with a “we’re in class, so keep it quiet.”. The transfer student was surely glaring at me, so I gave her a wink in return. Upon that her cheeks twitched angrily. Then she took a deep breath and steadied her emotions.
Mhm, surely now she understood that I wouldn’t become her slave.
I nodded and faced Kuroki at the blackboard.
“Hey, Nanjou.”
She called out to me again.
“I still don’t have any textbooks.”
“I know.”
“So hurry and show me yours.”
The transfer student moved over, but I hid my books with my arm and said.
“If you want me to show you the books, ask for it properly.”
“Wh- What was that? Show them to me already!”
“That’s not how you ask for a favour.”
“Then what do you want me to do?”
I wrinkled my nose at the unhappy transfer student and answered.
“When you get on your knees and say ‘Please!’, I’m not so opposed to telling you.”
“What, so you’ll show them to me when I just kneel down? Mh, the floor doesn’t look all the hard— wait, there’s no way I would do that! Why are you acting so arrogant!?”
No, I didn’t want to be told that by you. You said the very same stuff to Asada, is what I said back in my heart. The transfer student, who had momentarily stood up, crossed her arms with “hmph” and sat back down. Then she looked sideways while pouting.
“Forget it! I- It’s not like I want to see your textbooks or anything!”
When the transfer student said that, I moved at the speed of light. I presented my book to the transfer student and said with a smile.
“Wh- Why! Why are you showing it to me the moment I say that I don’t want to see them? You’re stultifying yourself!”
I wasn’t really stultifying myself.
I was merely moved by her tsundere act.
She herself didn’t seem to be aware of it, but it was a bit cute.
The transfer student somewhat forcibly grabbed the book from my hand and surprisingly followed the class seriously, maybe due to the fact that Japanese classes were new to her.
But when the bell heralded the end of the fourth period, the transfer student stood up, crossed her arms and said while looking down on me.
“My room is around twelve square metres big.”
“Fufu, mine is around sixteen— wait, that’s not it! No one asked the size of your room! Idiot!”
Her arrogant tone changed completely. The transfer student angrily kicked my shin. It hurt quite a bit.
“Geez, what a violent girl…”
While complaining, I asked “what you want?”, whereupon the transfer student said, while still looking down on me.
“Nanjou, bring me to the cafeteria.”
“Nope. Ask someone else.”
I rejected her outright with a smile, whereon the transfer student got confused as she didn’t expect me to reject her. Then,
“Why! Just show me the way!”
She kicked my shin again while shouting angrily. My shin really started to hurt, so I rose from my chair and turned my back to the transfer student, ready to flee. But,
“Ah, wait, where are you going!”
I couldn’t get away. The transfer student grabbed me by my shoulders and I turned around with a sigh. I answered with a shrug,
“I’m not going to involve myself with a violent person like you anymore. Go eat some plain udon at the cafeteria all by yourself.”
I said all lowbrow, after which the transfer student frowned and opened her mouth to say something…but in the end she closed it again. Then she face sideways and said with a quiet voice.
“…Fine. I’ll go alone. It’s not like I’m lonely… or anything.”
Contrary to her words, she looked really lonely.
When I looked closer, her eyes were wet and tears started to well up.
“W- Well, you don’t necessarily  have to go alone. You can asked someone else from class besides me. I’m sure they would be happy to.”
I suggested that as I couldn’t bear it any longer. The transfer student dropped her head sadly.
“That’s not going to work. Everyone is looking at me from afar and whispering, but no one won’t come to speak with me… Even if I asked them, they would decline.”
The transfer student said unhappily. Her expression was a bit woeful.
Could it be she was insecure on her first day of transferring schools?
She acted all arrogant the whole time, so I wasn’t considering that…. but that’s how it was. A new school and on top a foreign one. Everyone would be insecure because of that.
Still, there was one thing she seemed to have misunderstood.
“Listen, the reason no one comes talking to is that you’re a beauty. I believe it’s hard to approach you, since you’re too pretty. So be at ease and ask them.”
Upon my words, the transfer student babbled a “wh- wha-wha-wha…” and turned bright red. But soon enough she glared at me and said,
“… But you declined it.”
Technically she was glaring at me, but her eyes were filled with tears.
… She was insecure after all.
“My bad. I’m at fault there. I’ll show you the way.”
I lightly bowed my head to the transfer student as I reflected on my actions. After that she frowned and kicked my shin, while mumbling “idiot!”. Then she said “Get going already” and turned away.
I shrugged and nodded. Then I took my lunch box out from my bag, left the class room together with the transfer student and walked down the hallway.
When the students in the hallway spotted the transfer student, they all got an ecstatic expression and looked jealously at me. And when we passed by, I could hear stuff like “what a beauty”, “she got great style” or “I want her to scold me” from behind.
Maybe she thought that it wasn’t about her, as she walked with a carefree expression.
By the way, I could also hear voices saying stuff like “aww, the transfer student will be tainted by Nanjou”, “he’s going to train another one” or “he’s going to brainwash her”.
Yeah, I really didn’t understand what the other took me for.
I sighed in my heart and entered the cafeteria with the transfer student.
The cafeteria was crowded with students, but the atmosphere was laid-back and laughter could be heard everywhere.
The transfer student curiously glanced around the cafeteria, then shifted her attention to the menu.
“Hey, Nanjou. Which one is good?”
She asked me while reading the menu. I honestly replied, “No clue.”.
“I mainly eat my lunch box, so I rarely go to the cafeteria.”
I said, while showing her my lunch box. Upon hearing that the transfer student gave a small sigh.
“You’re so useless.”
“Hey, hey. Don’t say that. Even he can be used as a backstop when it counts.”
I said while gently clapping some random male student’s shoulder. The transfer student also nodded and said.
“Yeah, true. When it counts, he— wait, who is that! I was talking about you! And what’s that about a backstop? You mean he’s going to serve as a shield? That’s just too sad!”
Even when the transfer student said that, the apparently junior male student said “…. In any event I’m just useless” and left with a pitiful smile that tickled your motherly instinct.
“Hey, you just hurt this boy!”
“Well, don’t sweat it. More importantly, what are you going to eat? If nothing piques your interest, why don’t you take the daily special, which is a sure hit?”
When I suggest that, the transfer student stopped her leg, which she was going to kick me with, and nodded hesitantly.
”… Okay, I’ll do that, so go buy it for me.”
When I nodded honestly,
“Why are you accepting so obediently?!”
The transfer student got angry for some reason.
“….Ehm, you don’t like that?”
I asked surprised, after which she said while turning red.
“Y- You only spout nonsense, so I was prepared not to get dragged in this time… .All in vain now!”
Not like telling me that unhappily was going to change anything.
Anyway, there was only one thing on my mind right now.
“You’re surprisingly cute.”
“S- Shut up!”
She turned bright red and while kicking my shin, she angrily shouted, “When you’re just a lowly slave!”. I didn’t remember ever becoming her slave though. Well, it was her first day here today, so I’ll overlook it.
I handed my lunch box to the transfer student with a wry smile. I asked her to “go save us some seats”, then went to the cafeteria lady and ordered the daily special. After waiting for a while, I got my order from the cafeteria lady, put it on a tray and headed over to the transfer student.
Amidst the crowd, she sat at a table with an insecure expression, but when she saw me, she showed a bit more relieved expression.
That behaviour was just too cute, but if I had told her that she would surely get angry again, so I stayed quiet.
I said “thanks for the wait” and sat down across from her. I loosened the wrapping around my lunch box and lifted the lid. Then I noticed that the transfer student was staring at my lunch box full of curiosity.
“What? You want this?”
“I- I didn’t really say I want it!”
I had asked casually, when the transfer student answered all flustered.
“I see.”
I nodded and stuck my chopsticks into my lunch box. After which she looked somewhat enviously at it.
I wouldn’t have minded sharing it, but it was made by Luna and just so delicious that I finished it all by myself in the end…


After finishing lunch, the transfer student looked at the clock of the cafeteria. She mumbled “we still have some time until afternoon classes” and shifted her gaze towards me.
“Nanjou, now show me around school.”
“Mh? What, you want to see the karate club? Or the judo club? Or could it even be the kendo club?”
“Why is it only martial art clubs? Show me around the whole of the school!”
The transfer student said in a commanding tone. She really was arrogant. While sighing, I nodded a “sure, sure” and stood up.
“So, where do you want to go?”
I asked casually, but she looked at me unhappily for some reason and said.
“I noticed, you’re always calling me with ‘you’ or ‘transfer student’, but not once have you called me by my name. Just call me by my name already.”
“… What was your name again?”
“How did you forget it already!?”
“Wait, don’t kick me. I was just kidding. I remember it all right… Mash-san.”
“Who’s Mash!? You forgot it after all!”
“Wait, wait. I’ll remember it, so give me a moment.”
I avoided the incoming kicks from Mash-san (alias) towards my shin, put my finger on my sleeve and pondered.
“Mhm, I remember it was a feminine name.”
“Obviously, since I am a girl! If you don’t get a grip, I’ll send you flying!”
“Eh? You were a girl!?”
“Can’t you see that!?”
The transfer student stuck out her big chest. I looked at these breasts in doubt and said.
“… They might be fake. I heard medicine is working wonders these days.”
“Then make sure by touching them!”
I had no clue what was going on in her head, but she shouted angrily, tightly grabbed my hand and pressed it on her own breast. Instantly a soft sensation was transmitted to my palm. When I looked down, I saw my hand pressing down the breasts of the transfer student, changing its form.
A soft sensation and fair flexibility in my palm. For a moment it made me want to fondle her breasts, but,
“S- Say, isn’t this going too far?”
I hastily warned the transfer student. She probably had forgotten herself in the excitement. My voice brought her back and she realized what she was doing. She turned bright red and then she fiercely stared at me with teary eyes.
“Y- You pervert! Pervert, pervert, pervert! Where are you touching?!”
“No, you made me touch it, you know?”
I shook my hand while pledging my innocence. The transfer student raised her leg and aimed a sharp kick at my face. On reflex, I bent my upper body slightly back to avoid that kick. The transfer student’s short skirt fluttered wildly, making her black panties visible.
“Oh, black.”
In my surprise I unintentionally voiced out the colour of her panties… which wasn’t good.
When I face the dreadful transfer student, she was red up to her eyes, either due to shame or anger. Still with teary eyes, she glared at me and shouted.
“Perv! Idiot! Pervert!”
While shouting that, she gave me a wonderful double slap on the cheek.
I put up with that, but after the slap, she merciless kicked my shin and with an “hmph”, she turned around and walked away.
“Ah, hey. Where are you going? What about the tour?”
I hastily cried after her, but she didn’t turn around.
I scratched my head and walked beside her. I apologized with an “my bad”, but the transfer student didn’t respond and simply kicked my shin again. Then she walked away alone.
Looks like I made her truly angry.
I tried to apologize, but whenever I tried to talk to her after that, she didn’t respond. She continued to face sideways and ignore me. So without properly apologizing, fifth period started, followed by sixth period and before I noticed, all the classes were already over.
“Okay, I’ll try my best tomorrow.”
Making an irresponsible statement, I grabbed my bag and left the classroom. I heard someone shout “hey, Nanjou” behind my back, but I was the ace of the going-home club. I wasn’t on cleaning duty today either, so I didn’t turn around and just quickly walked down the hallway, heading for the shoe locker.
Today, a novel I had been looking forward to was going on sale. Enthusiastic, I set out for the station.


I put the novel I purchased in my bag and left the book store through the automatic door.
Just when I was going to hurry home to read the novel,
“— Mh?”
I suddenly felt a gaze on my back.
… This wasn’t just an ordinary gaze. It was filled with something close to hostility.
Still, I was learning the old martial arts, the Nanjou School of the mental moon-state water, at my gramps’ doujo. My gramps, the head instructor, was either strict or just stupid; in any case he would launch an “ambush” on me, be it at home, on the streets, or even at school. Therefore my body learnt to sense such a presence.
But whose gaze was it? If it were my gramps, he would try to hide his presence as best as possible. He wouldn’t direct such obvious hostility at me.
I didn’t know who it was, so I couldn’t afford to act carelessly. I slowly turned my head around.
“… Strange.”
When I turned around, there was no one there. At the same, the presence I felt was gone.
… Did I imagine it?
“I certainly felt something…”
I mumbled while turning my head back. For a while, I walked down the lively street while paying attention to the people, when suddenly,
I saw a sign saying “Bargain Sale.”.
“Guess I’ll take a look.”
It piqued my interest, so I entered the western clothes shop that was running a sale. When I was randomly looking at some clothes,
I unintentionally let out a voice.
I found a mature-looking tunic blouse. It had a deep V-neck and a full-moon embroidery at the chest.
This surely would suit Luna. Thinking that, I took the blouse to confirm the price.
“Quite cheap.”
Let’s make it a present for Luna. I took the blouse and headed for the cash register, when— I spotted a familiar face.
Big red eyes, radiant silver hair tied up in twin tails and wearing the usual oversized yellow hoodie… What was she doing here?
I often saw her loitering in front of a restaurant with a sad expression due to hunger, but it was my first time seeing her in such a place. I approached her, since it made me curious.
By appearance, Elni was a pretty girl, but she was a weirdo, who claimed to be a “Goddess.”.
Previously I had treated the starving Elni to some food, whereupon she happily said “as thanks I’ll give you a guardian spirit!” and gave me a silver-blue ring. This ring, which I was currently wearing, apparently had the power to link relations, which made it possible for Luna and me to reunite.
That’s why I was grateful to Elni and ready to treat her again when she was starving, but…
What was up with her today?
Elni was looking at various clothes. Then she found a camisole with an adorable design and her eyes began to sparkle.
But when she looked at the price of the camisole, Elni made a sad expression. She took out a small wallet from the pocket of her hoodie and worriedly peeked inside. Then she looked heart-broken and sighed. After that, she watched the nearby dressed up girls with an envious look.
Elni was a girl after all too. A bit surprised, I draw closer to her.
“Yo. It’s rare seeing you in such a place.”
I called out to her.
When Elni noticed me, her face brightened up and she said “Shinobu!”. But when she saw the blouse in my hand, she made a somewhat awkward expression, turned her back to me and was going to leave.
“Eh? Ah, hey, wait. Why are you leaving?”
I was a bit hurt and hastily grabbed Elni’s shoulders. That’s when Elni pressed her hands on her ears and shouted,
“I don’t know anything! I haven’t met you here! So rest assured, I know nothing about your cross-dressing fetish!”
Suddenly all gazes were focused on me.
Elni was shaking while muttering “To think Shinobu had such a fancy…”. What was I going to do?
People around us gave me a distant look and mumbled “a pervert”, so I thought it would be alright if I were to lightly place a chop on Elni’s head. But then Elni frowned and shouted, probably agitated by the word pervert.
“Who said pervert! Shinobu isn’t a pervert! What’s the problem with cross-dressing!? Shinobu is Shinobu! I won’t allow you to make fun of him!”
A rare sight of the angry Elni, who stood in front of me as to shield me. Upon Elni’s outburst, the people gave a sorry expression and gave me an affectionate look.
The situation hadn’t gotten any better, rather I believed it had gotten worse. Either way, I understand that Elni was the type to accept me, even if I were to have a cross-dressing fetish.
I pulled down my arm, which was ready for a chop attack, and said with a sigh,
“Let me tell you, this blouse is a present for Luna. There’s no way I would wear it.”
“Ehh? I- Is that so? Ehm, well… Sorry.”
Elni turned red when she realized her mistake and lowered her head. And when she raised her head she mumbled “a present, huh” and looked enviously at the blouse.
She was making an expression that was saying “I’m so envious”.
I gave a wry smile and looked at the camisole, which had caught Elni’s eye before.
“Hey, you have been checking out these clothes so intensely, but you aren’t going to try them on?”
“… I would love to, but I can’t afford them.”
When I asked, Elni replied despondently.
“I see. Still, trying it on doesn’t cost anything. Why don’t you try it on? I’ll laugh at you when it doesn’t suit you.”
“Th- That’s rude! Just wait! Anything looks good on a Goddess! Right now I’m wearing a hoodie, but in my mind it’s a fine dress!”
While saying something rather cool, Elni took the camisole and headed for the changing room. I also followed behind her.
In front of the changing room Elni turned around and warned me with a “don’t go peeping on me just because I’m so charming!”, whereupon I replied “I can’t promise that.”.
What that, Elni gave off a happy smile and went into the changing room.
Elni seemed pleased for some reason, but such innocence was usually not good.
If I were to deny the peeping, she would get depressed thinking she lacks charm and if I were to say I’ll peep, she would reprimand me as a pervert.
Girls sure were difficult. While I stood in front of the changing room with my arms crossed, I was pondering that… When suddenly the curtain of the changing room opened and Elni, wearing the white camisole, appeared.
“How is it?!”
Elni, standing in front of me with a smile, was undoubtedly cute. Her pretty collarbone line on the pure white skin was quite charming. How should I describe it? She was so adorable that it made you want to hug her and pat her head.
“It suits you. Really cute.”
I forgot about teasing her and inadvertently told her the truth.
Elni wasn’t expecting a praise, gave off an “eh?” in surprise and turned bright red.
“W- Well, I’m a Goddess, so it’s only obvious! Feel free to praise me some more!”
Elni threw out her chest, but her cheeks were red and a smile was forming at the corner of her mouth.
That appearance was so charming that I couldn’t get enough of it. I squinted happily and watched Elni, who spun around and took poses like a model.
But the delighted Elni soon dropped her shoulders.
“… I want it, but can’t afford it.”
She mumbled quietly as if talking to herself.
I scratched my head, approached Elni and confirmed the price on the camisole’s price tag.
It certainly was expensive, but not out of my budget.
“It suits you, so shall I buy it for you?”
Hearing my words Elni was surprised and looked back and forth at me and the camisole she was wearing.
“Really? Are you sure?”
She asked with sparkles in her eyes.
No way I could take it back now with these eyes. When I nodded, Elni gave off a bright smile.
“Thanks, Shinobu!”
She suddenly hugged onto me. Then she gave me a light kiss on the cheek and, while smiling, went back into the changing room in a good mood.
As for me, I was in Heaven due to the soft sensation of Elni’s lips. I had definitely calmed down by the time Elni came out of the changing room, but her smile was still cute beyond my expectations, so I couldn’t look her in the eyes. Elni apparently wasn’t embarrassed about the kiss as she headed straight for the cash register.
What’s more, when I slowly followed, Elni came back with a smile.
“Shinobu, Shinobu. Hurry up.”
She jerked on my sleeve and pointed to the cash register.
“You’re stretching my clothes, so stop it.”
“Then I’ll do this.”
When I admonished her, she clung to my arm.
Now that was stretching my weakness for women, so stop it.
I retorted in my mind. Though, the small, yet squishy and soft sensation made me excited while I was taken to the cash register by Elni and paid the bill.
The full-moon embroidered blouse and the white camisole together were quite expensive and hurt my wallet. But seeing Elni happily hugging on the paper bag with the camisole, made me accept these expenses.
Elni continued to thank me with a smile and remained in a good mood.
It was a bit distressing how a single piece of clothing made her so happy. So I walked while avoiding Elni’s gaze.
Then I parted with Elni at the crossroad and hurried home under the setting sky.
In the bag in my right hand was the present for Luna, the full-moon embroidered blouse.
I wondered if Luna would be as happy as Elni.
With these thoughts, I reach the house and opened the front door with an “I’m home.”
Immediately, Luna stuck out her head from the living room. After that Nazuna, still in her school uniform, since she probably only just got home too, showed her face too. They saw me and came over with a smile.
“Welcome back, Shinobu-san.”
“Welcome home, Brother.”
They greeted me. I replied with a “yo” and handed Luna the paper bag.
“Eh? What’s this?”
Puzzled, Luna tilted her head. I looked away and replied.
“Well, uhm, I found this nice piece of clothing, so I bought it. If you like it, wear it.”
I couldn’t come up with any cool-sounding lines, since I was embarrassed.
While regretting my lack of words, I snuck a peek at Luna. Luna took out the full-moon embroidered blouse and stared at it. Then her eyes suddenly got teary.
Eh? H- Huh? She disliked it so much it made her cry?
“S- Sorry. You don’t like it?”`
I hastily apologized, but Luna shook her head with a “no” and said.
“I’m…just too happy…”
Luna said, with her voice catching, “Shinobu-san, thank you so much” and tightly hugged the blouse while showing me a smile with her still teary eyes.
I didn’t expect her to be that happy, so I got a bit embarrassed. When I scratched my cheek,
“Good for you, Luna-san.”
Nazuna, who had watched everything, smiled, then she held out her hand to me and said.
“So Brother, where’s mine?”
“There’s none.”
I spread both my hands and resolutely told Nazuna, whose eyes were sparkling with hopes for a gift. The novel, the blouse and camisole. I had spent quite the sum today. I wanted to avoid any further expenses.
“Sorry, Nazuna.”
I lightly stroked Nazuna’s head in an apology.
“… I don’t get anything.”
Nazuna dropped her shoulders. Then,
“Hmph, fine. I’ll play games. Games are fun. And I won’t let you play them.”
She turned on her heels and went away pouting.
“…Luna. Please give Nazuna an extra portion for dinner today.”
“Yes, I understand.”
Still moved, Luna nodded with her teary eyes.


After dinner, I returned to my room. When I opened the novel I bought today, there was a knock on my door. I asked, “Who’s there?”, but without an answer the doorknob turned with a clatter, and my mother entered the room with flushed cheeks as she just came out of the bath.
Like always, she had a pretty face and didn’t look her age at all. While I was thinking that she would get hit on by young boys on the street, since she looked so young, my mother approached and called out to me with “Shinobu”.
I answered with “good enough”, but she ignored me and looked down at the novel.
“Oh, the now volume is out. I’ll read it first, so hand it over.”
She casually said something unreasonable, then snatched the novel from my hands. When I reached out to take it back—- a punch came flying at my hands.
“I’ll give it back tomorrow. Anyway, the bath is free, so go in. You’re the last one and we can’t run the washing machine when you haven’t taken one. That’s troubling Luna.”
Hitting someone while talking as nothing had happened was one of my mother great traits.
I gave up on the novel and made my way to the bath with a sigh. As I took my clothes off in the anteroom, I noticed that the lights in the bath were on. My mother must have forgotten to turn it off. Thinking what a troublesome mother I had, I opened the door to the bath.
What instantly came into my vision were two big and well-formed swellings that also had an enormous volume. They were big breasts. Like watermelons, they were floating in the bathtub.
The blonde beauty, who was lying in the bathtub with a blissful expression, had settled back at the edge and was stretching her arms with a “mhm~”, and the breasts, probably due to buoyancy, lifted up… Hey, wait.i1-3Why was Luna in the bath!?
I looked at Luna perplexed.
“… ?”
Then suddenly our eyes met.
— Instantly Luna widened her eyes in surprise with an “eh?”.
Then I covered myself with my arms and shouted,
“I’m sorry!”
When I screamed, Luna, the actual victim, covered her face with her hands and apologized for some reason.
Mhm, my playing the victim act was successful, but soon enough I recovered my reasoning and shouted, “Sorry, I’ll close it right away.”. Then I entered the bath and closed the door.
“Fuh, all good n— wait, not good at all! Am I stupid!?”
I was too agitated. Why did I just go into the bath like it was nothing? Surely, seeing Luna in the bath was quite charming. And I really wanted to see more of it, but if I did, Luna was going to hate me. I hastily turned around and reached for the door.
“S- Sorry, I’ll get out right away.”
I said hastily.
“Shinobu-san, please wait a moment.”
I heard Luna’s abashed voice from behind. Then I heard her rising out of the bathtub, walking over the tiles and grabbing my arm.
“Uhm, Shinobu-san, I’ll get out, so you take a bath. Or you will catch a cold.”
“No, I’m fine. Rather you’ll get a cold, so take your time.”
I replied quickly, when Luna hesitated for a moment and then,
“…. Then should we go in together?”
She shyly asked.
That was quite the appealing suggestion, but if I did that, all my reasoning would go out of the window.
I sneaked a peek behind me, Luna, with her hair tied up and fully exposing her beautiful neck, was unnaturally erotic. While she was covering her breasts with one arm, a fantastic valley still was visible. I could even tell the full size of her breasts.
What’s more, besides the breasts, everything was fully visible. Her slender waist, her small navel and even further down….
“Shinobu-san, ehm, please don’t stare so much.”
My reasoning returned with those words.
Damn. It was supposed to be a sneaking look, but I was totally busted!
Luna let go of my arm and shyly hide her body with both of her arms.
That appearance was so erotic that my reasoning cracked again.
… At this rate my reasoning would say good-bye forever.
When I realized that, I swiftly grabbed the doorknob
“S- Sorry. I’ll go in later.”
And turned the knob in a hurry.
“… Like I thought, you don’t like going in together with me?”
A sad voice echoed throughout the bath.
Stop it, Luna. When you say that my resolve to leave the bath crumbles.
“It’s not like I don’t like it…”
I answered with my hand still on the doorknob, when Luna asked apprehensively,
“…Shinobu-san, just now you saw my boobies… .well… do you think they looked strange?”
These words were agitating me to no end, so I took a big breath in my mind and calmly replied with a “why would you ask that?”. Then Luna said with little self-esteem,
“It was on the TV before. It said Japanese men preferred small breasts. So when they’re too big…. you will be hated…. they said….”
Luna uttered sadly.
I had no clue if that TV show was correct or not, but let me officially tell you that a woman’s charm wasn’t decided by the size of her breasts.
Luna looked depressed.
“Do you prefer small ones too, Shinobu-san?”
She mumbled. More important than the size of breasts were feelings, no?
I let go off the doorknob and gently said,.
“The size doesn’t matter when you’re in love. There’s more to it than what the TV says. Besides, while I only got a quick look at them, your breasts were beautiful. You can be proud of them. They’re charming enough. I… I like them.”
Hallways, around the “charming enough” part, my voice turned really quiet, but she didn’t really have to hear it anyway. I scratched my head and turned around without looking at Luna, and headed for the bathtub. Then I went into the bathtub with my back to her.
Since it was Luna, she would get depressed with “I knew that my breasts were strange” if I refused to go into the bath with her, so I had no other choice.
Though if you asked if I had any lewd thoughts, I couldn’t really say I hadn’t any.
Still, I had resolved to keep my reasoning.
However, Luna didn’t seem to notice my dilemma. Following, she entered the bathtub cautiously, and said “Shinobu-san” with a sweet voice and hugged onto my back.
Instantly, the indescribable softness from two fruits pressed against my back. Skin to skin. The softness and warmth felt great.
“Thank you, Shinobu-san. You took away one of my worries.”
Luna whispered gently into my ear. At the same time she wrapped her arms around my chest and tightly hugged me. Obviously the soft and elastic big breasts were pressing tightly on my back.
U- Universe. Truly watermelons. Import goods were different after all. Luna’s unparalleled breasts pressed on my back and I noticed a different softness from the centre of the breasts, when,
“O- Ohh?”
I got a nosebleed.
I hastily pressed my hand on my nose, which made my palm blood red. Luna must have seen that from behind.
“A- Are you okay?”
Luna asked in panic and got off my back for a moment.
But in the next moment, I felt two soft sensations on my right shoulder. Big and quite heavy, they were undoubtedly Luna’s breasts. Luna rested both her breasts on my right shoulder and leaned forward while looking at me.
“I- I’m fine.”
I turned my eyes from the worried Luna, when pretty breasts entered my vision. From between the two ripe fruits flowed out water and a pink— when I saw all that, for some reason my nose got strangely hot and before I noticed it, I got another nosebleed.
“Bomb A Head!”
“Ahh, Shinobu-san!”
Once again I heard Luna’s panicked voice, but my consciousness did a break out there.
Amidst my fading consciousness, I extended my hand and felt a great softness, but I couldn’t confirm what it was and fainted.


My memory was cruelly vague.
For some reason I woke up in the bath’s anteroom, while being dressed by the bright red Luna. Then I staggered out of the anteroom while borrowing Luna’s shoulder. Luna was wearing the full-moon embroidered blouse that I gave her today as a present. The cleavage showing out of the V-neck was erotic.
While I did remember that I took a bath together with Luna, I had no memories of why I collapsed. For some reason my body was swaying like from anaemia.
While thinking how strange that was, Luna guided me to the living room, where my mother sat on the sofa and was reading my novel. She looked up at us, who just got out of the bath, and said with a smirk,
“Oh, could it be you took a bath together?”
My mother was smiling with a “you’re so close”.
“Hey, Mom. Why did you tell me to take a bath when Luna was still in there?”
When I glared at her, my mother still smiled and said,
“A reward. Luna-chan is helping around the house so much, so it’s a little reward for her.”
“Huh? What the…?”
I tilted my head, unable to understand her words. But Luna seemed to have understood, as she turned red and lowered her head.
“Tomoe-san, thank you.”
The two of them seemed to understand, but I had no clue. I sat down on the near sofa with a puzzled expression and looked at the TV. It showed a cat, wearing a red headband, agilely running through the desert.
“Ah, Nazuna is playing a game.”
I muttered and looked at Nazuna, who was holding the controller. Nazuna looked back and forth between Luna and me, paused her game and asked,
“Huh? Brother, you went into the bath with Luna-san?”
“Yeah, I think so. I don’t really remember it though.”
I answered while settling back into the sofa. For some reason, Nazuna looked enviously at Luna, then shifted her gaze back to me and said,
“Brother, take a bath with me too.”
“Eh, no way. I’m not a child.”
It was too embarrassing, so I rejected outright, whereupon Nazuna pouted unhappily.
“But you took one with Luna-san.”
“And it’s okay.”
When I said it proudly, Nazuna pouted even more.
“Hmph, fine. I’ll play my game. Mr. Cat is waiting for me.”
“Yeah, do your best.”
I gave her a casual cheer, but Nazuna said “brother, you idiot” and looked away.
What was she angry about? I asked my mother, who watched Nazuna with a wry smile, “What’s going on?” with my eyes.
“Brother, you idiot.”
She returned those sickening words.
Probably because they were mother and daughter, but her mimicry of Nazuna was pretty good, which made me angry.
“Luna, hit that idiot over there for me.”
“Ehh? Tomoe-san is not an idiot. And I can’t hit her.”
Luna turned me down, so I dropped my shoulders and looked at the TV. After,
“Shinobu-san, you always drink milk after your bath, right? Shall I get it for you?”
Just when I was thirsty, Luna asked that, so I replied “please” with a smile. When Luna nodded with a smile in return,
“Ah, Luna-chan. Get me an apple juice.”
My mother threw in a stupid remark.
But Luna nodded a “yes” while still smiling and headed for the dining kitchen.
It happened when Luna came back with a cup of milk and apple juice in her hands. My eyes caught the black adapter cord of the console at Luna’s feet.
When I opened my mouth to warn her, it was already too late. Luna’s feet tangled with the adapter cord, she tripped and the two cups were flying through the air.
Instantly, I jumped up and caught the cup of milk. Besides me, my mother, like me, jumped up and caught the cup of apple juice. But,
A sad scream echoed through the living room. When I looked over, there was Nazuna tightly grabbing onto the controller and shaking.
“M- My game, Mr. Cat disappeared! I hadn’t saved yet!”
I said to Nazuna, who had tears starting to well up.
“Don’t worry! The milk is safe!”
Following up, my mother also held out her apple juice and said,.
“The apple juice is safe too!”
Then we clinked our cups with a “cheers”.
“Get real!”
Unusually, Nazuna raised her voice, so my mother and I lowered our heads with a “sorry”.
Then Nazuna frowned and glared at Luna. But Luna was really bad with machines. She didn’t seem to realize what she had done, so her eyes shook apprehensively.
Quite out of the ordinary, Nazuna was really angry.
“Luna-san, you idiot! I just cleared it! So cruel!”
She shouted out her disaffection. Luna cowered out of guilt and apologized to Nazuna with an “I’m sorry”. But Nazuna just looked away.
“I don’t know you anymore. You look so lame in those weird clothes.”
W- Weird clothes, that was rude. I bought that, you know? I was about to balk with “it’s fashionable”, but stopped. Because I noticed that Nazuna was just sulking and didn’t mean it.
Well, Luna should have noticed it too.
“It is not weird.”
Yep, yep, it wasn’t weird. Luna didn’t bal— Huh?
“Nazuna-chan, please take a closer look. It is a fantastic blouse!”
I didn’t expect this. As out of the ordinary as with Nazuna, now Luna frowned angrily.
“Not fantastic at all! It’s weird! I’m not envious or anything!”
Probably due to Luna’s angry outburst, Nazuna couldn’t back down and said loudly,
“Besides, you aren’t suitable for my brother anyway!”
Luna was probably shocked, as her eyes got teary. Seeing that, Nazuna made a regretful expression that said “aw, now I have done it…”, but in the next moment she had an indifferent expression again and continued,
“…B- Before they were saying it on TV. That women like you ruin men. You’re too kind, so my brother will turn into a spoiled NEET. He needs someone stricter! Just like mom!”
I didn’t want anyone like my mother!
Actually, just how much of a useless guy was I? Nazuna saw me like that? I was a bit shocked, but Luna said “do not make fun of Shinobu-san” in a sharp tone.
“Shinobu-san is just a bit sloppy and somewhat wild, but he’s kind and strong. So he won’t become a NEET!”
“You won’t know that! What if he becomes a NEET because of you?!”
“Then I’ll take responsibility for it and feed Shinobu-san!”
Luna declared openly while throwing out her big chest. Then Nazuna suddenly clung to me and shouted while frowning unhappily.
“When he’s in trouble, I will just have to feed him!”
Upon seeing that, Luna grabbed my arm, probably in opposition to Nazuna, and shouted,.
“I’ll feed him!”
“No! I will!”
Both were pulling on my arms and glaring at each other. They were exerting quite some force, so my arms hurt quite a bit. I was troubled on what to do, when,
“Hey, you two.”
My mother couldn’t watch any longer and interfered, so with a wry smile she said so to Luna and Nazuna. But,
“What is it, Tomoe-san?”
“What, mom?”
Both of them showered her with fierce looks, so my mother looked away and said,.
“… It’s nothing.”
So weak! So weak, mom! Why didn’t you stop these two with your usual frightening look? I faced my mother. But she sent back an “impossible” with her eyes and turned her head a bit to the side.
How pathetic.— is what I thought, but when I looked at Luna and Nazuna, I painfully understood my mother’s reaction.
Scary. They often say that a usually meek person gets scary when angry, and it was true. Like my mother, I looked away from the two who were glaring at each other.
Ignoring my mother and me, Luna and Nazuna continued their dispute, which ended in,
“I don’t know a Luna-san anymore!”
“Even I don’t know Nazuna-chan anymore!”
They both gave the cold shoulder and left the living room still angry.
Jesus Christ. Luna and Nazuna had a fight.
With this unexpected event, for a while, my mother and me stood in the living room dumbfounded and perplexed.

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