The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine ~Fight!~
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First Episode

The relationship between the heroine and the rival

First Episode: The relationship between the heroine and the rival

“Frangwerg Gakuen” is an esteemed school where many of the nobility’s sons and daughters attended. The school was full of history and tradition, with wide area, and the chalk-white school building is always shining. This school is one of the leading schools that is famous for putting emphasis on sports and; many of the famous name in this country are the alumni of this school.

Therefore, the house with power will enrolls their child in this school, while those from the lower families intend to register with the aim of establishing their future pipeline and making association. Those with higher family’s position will learn how to conduct themselves as a superior and trying to find their own subordinate. For those who possess superior ability in other hand will try to make full use of their abilities and aiming for further leap in life. However, for those from lower families or those with insufficient skills, this school give them opportunity to strive mainly through their effort alone.

Frangwerg Gakuen accepts such people and is putting emphasis on becoming the support for their future. Such an academy was the stage of a certain otome game.

In this game’s world – The so-called heroine is a 16 years old girl. Her story will begin when she entered this school. She will meet many people, polished herself, and later on falling in love. However, there were also various difficulties awaiting her in the process; such as her pedigree, appearance, intelligence, motor skill, sociability, favorability and so on. Moreover, the existence of the so-called rival is also standing to obstruct the heroine.

The heroine in other hand will persevere over the trial and aims for a happy ending. She will shoot down the opponent with love and winning over the rival. That was the scenario decided in the Otome game.

— But, someone who was not convinced by this has appeared. That person who accidentally knew of the prescribed fate was shocked by its future. But she never gave up. That girl’s pride and her hate to lose determination blended nicely with her head which seems to have a few of its screws loosened.

This villainous lady who is the rival to the heroine is known as Belfreya Alunst. In contrary to her destruction future, the soul of this particular girl was burning. Facing the terrible enemy, she was shaking with excitement. Thus, the answer that her indomitable spirit derived is that she need to “overthrown the heroine”

Belfreya who has found a rival for life at the age of nine has spent seven years training to polish herself. It is the birth of a rival that will raise the heroine power. Therefore, as a rival of an absolute existence called heroine; and to become a suitable person for such title; she need to become a winner herself. While deeply involving her one-year older fiancé, Syulein Edward, in her grand scheme, she has blasted in a straight line towards that goal.

Finally, Belfreya Alunst entered the school which will be the stage of the decisive battle. To encounter the heroin which has been occupying her mind for many years; she is unable to suppress her beating heart. Her breath gets hot and her cheeks blushes with excitement. In the back of her eyes, there is a mixed of anxiety and passion which emitting strange atmosphere around her.

Towards such girl who was in that condition for the last week to change, her fiancé pinched her cheek while keeping his eyes half open. There is only one reason why Belfreya is in that condition.

“The Heroine is not here–…..”

Until yesterday she was looking forwards to overthrown the heroine, and continue to keep a lookout at all the first grade’s classes, but unexpectedly she did not found the heroine even after the whole week … … it was completely white. To the Belfreya whose head had fall down upon the desk and exposing the sorrowful back, her cheeks was pinched by Syulein.

“Oi, Bell. Well, oh, that. Where is your spirit?’

“It’s totally burned out … …. Hey, Syulein, just a bit, look where you poke—“


“Mr. President, this is the classroom. You have done it twice”

“You have been saying something strange, but…”

While boisterously scratching the light brown hair with his hands, Syulein raised his eyebrows towards Fior Curtis, the student councils’ vice chairman next to him. Because it seems fascinating, his friend has come with him all the way to the first grade classroom during lunch time just to watch him stir someone. What’s more, contrary to Fior’s princely appearance, he is actually a person who has a bad habit playing with people.

It was just a rotten luck that Syulein and Fior became friends. This relationship was due to the fact that the two of them were childhood friend, including the relationship between the houses, later on belonging to the same student council in the school, thus make it easier for them to act together. And naturally, he was also acquainted with Belfreya.

Since the beginning, Syulein has already disclosed the information on Belfreya act as a villainous lady to him, and when they arrive at the scene and saw the current condition of the girl, Syulein cannot help but to use his finger to poke at her while Fior laughed at his act. The fact is that he is that sort of friend.

Fior, who knew the inside story and often made fun of Syulein based on Belfreya’s story, was laughing in return. And ultimately shut up. That just how the three of them are.

“Rein-sama …. The heroine, heroine is nowhere, nowhere to be found……. Ha~ it, it cannot be. It is said that when the heroine element reaches its highest value, a legendary promised event will happened. An abduction flag. However, that event is already been started, so……!”

“To kidnap a heroine, that opponent is quite a fierce person.”

“Is this the heroine whom Bell-chan been talking all the time?  If it is about her specs, it should not be easy for her to be caught so early. So … this is surely a trap, based on the information I gathered, he has already been caught. In fact I’m also working behind the scene! ”

“- Fi! Fior-sama, this is where the heroine has something to do.”

“You, your face is saying like this is how it should already been decided”

At that time, Belfreya’s classmate who were also at that place were whispering with each other

Wavy gold hair and orange eyes. The vividness of marigold and the beautiful expression suit her well. That sun-like girl was folding her hand together and showing a difficult face. She has been searching for the heroine for quite a long time now, but then she realized that, she might has not been as familiar with the heroine as what she previously thought.

For Belfreya, she had previously believe that she would definitely see the heroine if she entered the school. However, it did not come true and the information that she has is too little for her to determine the real situation. In the otome game, the heroine specification can be change such as the heroine’s name and even their family’s name as they like. Even though initially she remember the heroine’s name, however according to Fior, the family name does not exist.

As for the information that Belfreya knows, the heroine is supposed to have soft peachy hair, and the position of her family is lower than hers, and that she is the strongest woman ever. There were a couple of people with pink hair, but there were not enough fighting spirits in them for them to be the heroine. Belfreya already thought of the possibility that the heroine is hiding her ability, but even so, it is supposed to show up under the pressure. Because it is the heroine, you know.

It was the rival position that she had been committed to be for the last seven years, so she concluded that there was no heroine in any person that she had observed in the school. No way, maybe she disguised herself as a man! Therefore she also observed the male student from around the 4th day of enrollment, but there is no one who have the appearance like the heroine. A male student who frantically trying to stop his fiancé from thrusting into any other male student, and a friend who keep laughing, are also cooperated in the search, but no positive results come out.

“Is the heroine really not here?”


Perhaps she should be happy that there is no heroine that would threatened her future. However as Belfreya hearts pounds, there is an unspeakable feeling of emptiness occurred. For her, towards the heroine, being the rival has led to such big goals and high walls. And she yearns for that.

“… Indeed Bell has been working hard to overthrown heroine, so when the goal is gone, that feeling of  getting lost … … I also understand a little bit of it and that’s why I cooperated with you.”


“But yet, the days and efforts that the Bell have accumulated over time will never go away … … as long as we been together forever, I can assure you properly.”

Belfreya raised her face that was lying down and turned uneasy eyes towards Syulein. With gentle eyes, he softly extended his hand with a soft smile on his mouth. She grinned shyly and at the hand presented towards her, she took it firmly. She was beaten by his kindness.

And then he shamelessly grasp her hand into his.

“By the way, do you know Bell-chan, there is a girl who has been taking a leave of absence for a long time since entering the first grade class?

“Is it true?”

When Belfreya heard the casual remark from Fior, her face, body and consciousness began to flare up, turning her upside down; physically and emotionally. Holding her hands to her chest, she could feel that the heat overflowing from it, burning her soul once again. The changes in Belfreya against her previous predicament was fast.

“Fufufu~ so it is like that. The heroine was also a samurai huh…I already knew that it will be a fierce battle and sometimes it can be cruel, but it was never said that the heroine was also familiar with the law. She capable of attracting the attention by being [a freshman who is one week late], and furthermore she will be able to shake my intention in this way … She is truly the strongest rival.”

Again, Belfreya trembled thinking of that terribly strong enemy. She acknowledged the heroine capabilities in make full use of that strategy. The heroine has already been working from before the entrance ceremony. Cutting off one week of physical fitness and mental strength may affect your body. However, her fighting spirit does not change. All the missing thing can be easily recovered as much as you can with the spirits and guts of this soul.

“Sa~a let’s go heroine. Let’s engraved the existence of this Belfreya Alunst!”

Within the seven years, after repeating it over and over again in her head she has forcefully write “the letter of challenge” which was edited over and over again until it was completed one month ago. And with a lively smile, Belfreya jumped out of the classroom.

“Well, I’m glad Bell-chan is finally cheer up”

“……I see”

“Um, Syulein. Hmm… Mr. President. As the representative of the school, it is important to have a grasp on the situation of all student.”

“You (Teme~), you did this on purpose. That timing is definitely on purpose.”

“Hey, that is my neck! My neck!!”

In this way, the main part finally started.


“This is the last classroom…”

Just now she jumped out of the classroom with a momentum when she suddenly remembered that heroine can quickly became a lads at any time, so she had walked around the first-grade classroom searching for her. Even though she did not feel the shortness of breath due to all the running, however, as she peeped into the classroom, she can’t help but taking a deep breath to calm her pulsating heart.

Because this is during the lunch time, she saw that many students are talking with each other while spreading their lunch box. While she was checking everyone, the idea that her target might have gone to the cafeteria appeared on her mind

“Anthrium-san’s lunch box is very cute, isn’t?”

“Ah. Thank you… I’m so happy.”

Hearing that voice, Belfreya quickly stopped her leg. A voice that makes you feel kindness like the tinkling of bell. While one might be embarrassed from hearing the praise, Belfreya understand on the feeling of being deeply grateful for being told so. The face of the girl who received the words also turned dreamy. This is the destructive power by voice alone. Those who had such a presence were not in this classroom until yesterday.

When Belfreya scurried her eyes around the classroom once again, she noticed that a wall was formed in a corner of the classroom. A place made by a “girls’ wall” while the male’ students keep darting their eyes towards that distance. She thought that they have a lot of people eating in the classroom today, apparently their aim was there.

Then, those in the classroom finally noticed Belfreya who was at the entrance and turned their eyes on her. The gathered group also senses the changes in the air and their line of sight also moves toward the entrance. Through their actions, the hidden wall was finally discharged

While being surrounded by crowd, the eyes of the girl who was spreading out her lunch box and the eyes of Belfreya meet up.


“You are…”

The semi-long pale pink hair fluttered in the wind that flowed from the open window. It looks like a jewel of Inca rose, like an orange covered with the pink color. The color of the hair also make Belfreya feel the cuteness of the cosmos flower. However, there is no weakness. There are only strengths that firmly put her feet on the ground and despite the thinness, it managed to attach the roots.

Belfreya instinctively understand. Her soul trembled. The face of the rival, the presence, the voice, and the figure which had been vague up until now, have been replace by the girl in front of her. Her sweat soaked up her letter of challenge. The bubbling in her heart make her feel joy, excitement, and awe.

“You are…heroine”

“…Belfreya Alunst, nice to meet you”

“Hello, nice to meet you, I’m honored that you know me despite being in different class”

“Well, I am sorry if I made you feel bad, I was anxious about the start because I was taking a leave of absence for a week. So I tried my best to remember all the senior student and teacher from the first grade from the rooster and materials during my free time.”

To Belfreya’s surprise, the girl in front of her eyes lowered her head and apologized to her. She got up from her chair and walked to the entrance with a slow movement. As the whole body is up-stretched, both of them notices that their height is about the same. As she begin to digest the words of the heroine girl, cold sweat began runs over Belfreya’s back. Her body stiffened as she realize the heroin high specs.

However, she is the rival that must be exceeded, so Belfreya reproached herself and slowly take a small breath. Then she look straight at the girl in front of her and bow down elegantly. In this sophisticated movement, the students in the classroom who saw it were overwhelmed by it.

“Let’s make acquaintance once again. I’m Belfreya Alunst. Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. I have not told you my name yet. I am called Shana Anthrium. Nice to meet you too.”

“Yes, the pleasure is all mine.”

Towards Belfreya who responded vigorously, Shana also smiled happily. While somewhat being contrasting, both of girls seems to be close, while giving breathtaking atmosphere to their surroundings. Syulein who finally caught up with Belfreya was also watching the spectacle with surprise.

It truly is. With the overpowered heroine next to her, his fiancée also giving an amazing feeling in another sense.

To tell it simply, for example, there is a sun and a moon shining in the sky. While each of them has their own beauty that fascinates the sky, there is no unnaturalness detected from each of them. While coexisting, there have never mixed together. Everything goes up and competes at times, just like a rival.

As if the time has stopped, the people around them kept their breath to the minimum and seriously observed the two girls in front of them. Among the many audiences, the heroine and the rival have finally encountered each other.

And, both of the girls are…


Simultaneously, both of them crouched down.

“Well …I can see that you have been stretching your arm, flank, chest, and back with bust-up every day. Even from the top of the clothes, I can see that it was quite plump. It is the top position. It also look elastic, yet the shape does not collapse. Up until now this is the best stretching method ever……! ”

“No way … You also stretched you upper body, lower body, pelvis, and your backs all the way with hip-up every day. You can see it even from the top of the clothes. The beauty of the well-balanced hip line which depicts stunning curvaceous beauty, How much training did you have……! ”

Towards Belfreya, who having regret over her chest and Shana who is anguished over her ass, both of them begin to neglecting the crowd around them as they trade compliments and regrets and thus begin exchanging information on their stretching manual. The surrounding girls who recovered first, desperately began to copy their conversation contents into their memo pad. Their hand was shaking as they tried to write as fast as possible

Within 5 minutes of battle, both of them have shocked each other. The girls put their strength on their knees and rise vigorously. The only things left in their eyes is the crackling and burning fighting spirit. Fufufu, Belfreya shows a fearless smile while Shana smile softly at her.

It was as if the Khan and Gong was ringing in everyone head.

“I wanted to meet you, Heroine!!”

“I will not lose to you, my rival!!”

It was also the moment when the curtain for the battle for the summit was opened.

“Wa~a… That kid is absolutely like Bell-chan. So burning”

“Hey, isn’t there something strange about this, how to say, there is something fundamental that seems to be missing…”

“Mr. President, I’m sorry for disturbing you while you tried to escape from the reality, it seems that the lunch break is going to end soon…. and as far as I remember we have not eaten anything yet”


Everyone in this classroom looks at their bento and their purchase goods which only have been half-eaten when the chimes of bells began to resonate heartily. They were only managed to shed their tears quietly. The conflict of the first battle has brought out so many victims and it was done by this two girls without using their iron fist.

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