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Chapter 76
Additional Chapter: With Grandfather!

Today I am making alcohol. I sterilised the bottles yesterday by boiling them, and all the ingredients were already prepared. Upon seeing the great amount of clear spirits I bought, I felt an indescribable sensation that I usually went through a very troublesome process to make less than third the amount.

I rolled up my sleeves and promptly began work.

The thing I am making today is dried apricot liqueur, as recommended by a friend of father-in-law’s.

The apricots are wiped clean with a wet cloth then put into a bottle. Then I added peeled lemons and apricot kernels. Apricot kernels have an effect of accenting the alcohol’s flavour, giving fragrance.

The lemons and apricot kernels that have been left for a month will be taken out of the alcohol, then the liqueur will be only made with the apricot. It can finally be drunk after a year.

The other dried good I will use are plums (pflaume). The sweetness is rich and the resulting alcohol will have a deep flavour.

In addition, the used fruit can be used for baked goods. This alcohol takes about half a year to make.

Next is fresh fruit. I especially used citrus fruits that I can’t find in my homeland. I gradually peeled them and put them in bottles.

I completed about ten bottles, but there were still empty bottles and more ingredients.

How about making mushroom wine as an adventure next~ while I was thinking that, Sieg entered the room.

“Oh, what is it, Seiglinde.”

“No, I just thought that I should help, but I see that you’re almost done.”

“Yup. But there’s still more to go.”

“Then, will you try this as well?”

Sieg held out the roses I gave her recently.

“Alcohol from that?”

“Aa, don’t you think it can work?”

Sieg wanted to keep the flower intact, so she sought advice from the gardner. She was told to dry the flower, but she gave up upon hearing that the colour changed.

“So, I asked the kitchen staff, and they told me that it is possible to get a vivid shade using alcohol.”

“I see!”

Then, to make rose liqueur, Sieg and I got down to work.

First the rose petals are wiped clean. With a cloth wetted with alcohol, we sincerely wiped them, petal by petal. Like other alcohols, it’s made by putting in ice and alcohol with the petals into a bottle.

“I reckon it should be done in about three months.”

“I see. Then, the child should be born so I will be able to drink.”

“Well, drink in moderation~”

Though saying that’s not very convincing when just I made lots of alcohol.

“It’s fine with just looking at the completed product.”

“The colour is nice after all.”

“It’s the crystallisation of love from Ritz.”

“Uwa, you’re embarrassing me. I can’t taste it then.”

“Then I’ll taste it alone.”

I didn’t think Sieg would be this happy about the roses, so I felt both embarrassed and pleased at the same time.

“Sieg, do you have some free time?”

“Aa. I don’t have other businesses.”

“Then, can you help me with making alcohol to give as a gift to grandfather?”


For grandfather, I prepared medicinal alcohol using herbs. I want him to live long, so I chose ones that are good for the health.

“We’ll be using this~”

“Those are one of the flowers you picked in the morning.”


The ingredient is chamomile I picked on the morning stroll with Edelgard and Adeltraud. They were blooming in the garden. Half were used for tea, and the rest are used for alcohol.

The part we use is only the tipped petals. The rest are used also for feeding the animals at the ranch, so I stored those away.

The clipped chamomiles are rinsed. After that, they are left in a well-ventilated place to dry.

The work is done by placing the dried petals in a bottle then pouring clear spirit into the bottle. Then it is left for about three weeks, then the contents are sifted. It’s drunk a month after that, or so I heard. It seems like it will turn into a nice amber shade.

“Chamomile alcohol is good for calming, skin moisture, recovering fatigue, and for insomnia. Because,”

Chamomile is a herb that has a refreshing taste like apples. When put in alcohol, the fragrance increases manifolds. That is all, all that I heard from the gardener.

Three weeks later, I filtered the contents in the alcohol and put the drink in a sterilised bottle.

Today, grandfather will be coming over so I made plans to dine with him and Sieg, the three of us together.

We still had time, so I rested while enjoying herb tea the nieces made.

“Uncle, I made snacks with oneesama.”

“Uwa, looks delicious.”

The two of them made muffins with chamomile in them. They apparently learned it from the cook.

“We crushed the tea leaves and mixed them in milk and flour.”

While still excited, the nieces went on about their experience in making snacks. Well, the chamomile tea has a calming effect, so I poured some and dropped in a flower steeped in sugar.

“What a nice scent.”

I took a bite out of a muffin, and had a sip of tea. I felt calmer from the taste. It was as if it healed me.

“……Uncle, how is it?”

“Delicious. Thank you, Edelgard, Adeltraud.”

The two angelic nieces smiled dazzlingly and said, “We’ll bake some again!”

Uncle is very happy.


After the fun teatime, it was time to dress up. I dried my hair properly after taking bath. I then braided my hair, splitting my hair into three ends to do so.

“Ritz, are you ready?”

“Ye~s, wait a bit more~”

I opened the door and greeted Sieg.

Sieg had a bright red dress on. Seeing her all dressed up, I ended up sighing.

“Sieg, you look amazing.”

“That’s nice.”

She had makeup on, so I couldn’t kiss her on the cheek. Instead, I kissed the back of her hand.

I wanted to bring her inside and just appreciate her beauty, but I heard the footsteps of a servant heading here.

“Looks like grandfather-in-law has arrived.”

“I see. Then I’ll get going.”

I took the bottle of chamomile liqueur wrapped in cloth to the dining room.

I was seeing him after a month. He was the ever energetic man.

“Sorry for making you come over every time.”

“It’s not like I’m coming for you so don’t mind it.”

“Haha, of course.”

And his biting remarks were ever the same.

“Ah, I made this with Sieg……”

I showed him the chamomile liqueur.

“What’s this?”

“Chamomile liqueur. We made this using the flowers picked from the garden. It’s good for your health.”

I explained that it should be drunk after two months, and in small amounts as medicine.

Then, we exchanged conversation about our recent happenings. The topics were endless, but I brought up the important request before I could forget.

“So, I have a request for grandfather.”

“What, do you need allowances?”

“No, no that sort.”

I exchanged gazes with Sieg who was sitting next to me, and said what was on my mind to grandfather.

“I was wondering if you could name our first child.”


“We decided together, the two of us. I hope you can consider it.”

Sieg also pleaded to grandfather.

“Grandfather-in-law, we’re sorry that we’re requesting this so late.”

“Don’t mind such a trivial thing……, haa, are you really asking for that?”

“Yes. May I ask you to do it?”

“Well, hmm, let’s see.”

Grandfather looked troubled from the sudden wish. Since the delivery was scheduled to be sometime soon, there isn’t much time to think, but nevertheless I pleaded him.

“Grandfather, if it’s too much,”

“N-No, too much, as if that’s the case at all!”

“Is that so?”

“Aa, just wait a bit. I’ll be back again…… mu, Sieglinde, when is the delivery?”

“In about two weeks.”

“I see. —Umu. There’s no problem. Leave it to me.”

“Grandfather, really!?”

“You’re noisy. ……We don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl, so I’ll think up names for both.”

“Grandfather, thank you!”

“Grandfather-in-law, thank you very much!”

I felt relieved that he gladly accepted the request.

Two weeks later, grandfather gave the great name of Arno to our newborn child.

Once Sieglinde’s condition recovers after her delivery, it would then be time to say goodbye to the people of House Wattin that I have been with for half a year.

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