The Man Picked up by the Gods

Chapter 1

Right after I sent the Jamil Household off, I ran towards the mine as training.

On the way, I noticed the crowd of adventurers. Then I remembered that a lot of people came to hunt the grell frogs.

It was along the way so I took a look, but… I wonder if I should also catch a few more.

Thinking that, I took out my waders from my ‘Item Box’, and headed towards the swamp.

“There sure are plenty of people…” [Ryouma]

There’s probably over 100 people around here. There are also other people going to a different swamp, so I guess there’s just that many people…

As I thought that while I looked, I noticed that there were people wearing waders and jumpsuits here and there. Unexpectedly, it would appear it sold quite a bit.

Then my eyes stopped on one group. A group with five members, and all of them wearing waders and jumpsuits. I remember those faces. If I recall correctly, they are the ones who sold me the bloody slime, the Pier of Scheme.

I’m here after all, so I guess I might as well go and say hi.

Thinking that, I went closer, but… did something happen? From what I saw, Kai-san, looking slightly down, was patting the backs of the people around him as he encouraged them saying it can’t be helped.

“Hello.” [Ryouma]
“Huh? You are… from that time. Ryouma-kun, right? Thanks for last time.” [Kai]
“No, not at all. After all, I also managed to get a good slime.” [Ryouma]

Then, Thayne, the man who was drunk last time, stepped forward.

“Are you the guy who bought the slime last time?” [Thayne]
“Yes, that’s right.” [Ryouma]
“I see. Sorry about last time. I’m Thayne. I drank a bit too much that time and was quite drunk, so I don’t remember much, but… You really saved us by buying that slime. On top of that, you even told us a way to make a profit, so thank you. [Thayne]

“Please don’t mind it. That aside, did something happen? You looked like you were making a difficult face.” [Ryouma]
“It’s not exactly a problem, just a little. Before that, let me introduce these guys.” [Kai]

As he said that, Kai’s line of sight moved over to the two men who took Thayne away last time. Kai-san put his hand on the shoulder of the slightly shorter guy, and then said this.

“This one’s Kei, my little brother.” [Kai]
“A pleasure to meet you.” [Kei]
“A pleasure to meet you too.” [Ryouma]
“And next, is this one.” [Kai]
“Payron, nice to meet you.” [Payron]
“A pleasure to meet you.” [Ryouma]
“We five together are the Pier of Scheme, but you knew that, right?” [Kai]
“Yes.” [Ryouma]
“Actually, I used to be a fisherman.” [Kai]

Fisherman? “That’s fine, but why all of the sudden?” I thought. Then Shin-san continued.

“Sorry, but Kai’s bad at explaining, so I’ll explain.” [Shin]

From what he told me, the Town of Scheme is a village situated by the edge of the biggest lake in this country, and is the biggest fishing village in the entire country.

It was there that all five of them, the Pier of Scheme, was born and raised. It’s because of that, that they’re used to handling nets, so although there is quite a difference between mud and water, they were still faster than most of the other adventurers. And like that, they were able to catch plenty of grell frogs.

Looks like they made quite the killing in the past few days. And today they’ve already managed to catch over 20 grell frogs, but when they left the basket unattended for just a moment, someone apparently switched their basket. Unfortunately, that was something lent by the guild, so quite a lot of people have it. With that in mind, it’s impossible to find out who the culprit is just by looking for the basket.

“So your catch was stolen.” [Ryouma]
“Is that really it?” [Shin]

As I thought, “What’s with that response?” Kei-san showed me the basket. Inside were 20 grell frogs. However, each and every one of them was weak. A few of those were even at death’s door.

“If it’s just the number, then it’s just a switch. But with the quality in mind… ” [Shin]
“Apparently, someone sucked at catching and failed. Because of his technique the grell frogs are so weak. Weakened grell frogs go for less, and if they die, then they’ll go for even lesser. Even if we went to the town now, these little critters will still die on the way.” [Kai]
“That’s why somebody decided to switch this basket with ours.” [Thayne]
“It’d be fine if we just went and caught more, but it still stings. But that’s all.” [Shin]

I see… oh, that’s right!

“Do you know how much this would be if you sold all of them?” [Ryouma]
“This bunch will be really weak once they get to the guild, so 200 suits at most. If they die, then it’ll go as low as 50. We learned our mistake from the previous case, so this time we did our assignments properly.” [Shin]
“So if the conditions are good, they’ll go for 1000 suits per frog, right?” [Ryouma]
“Right. But what about it?” [Shin]
“Then in that case, will you sell these to me for 300 suits per frog?” [Ryouma]

Shin-san titled his head in puzzlement when he heard what I’d just said.

“I don’t mind, but is that ok?” [Shin]
“The price is higher than the guild, so it’s good for us, but…” [Kai]
“You’ll be at a loss, you know?” [Thayne]
“That may be so if I were selling them to the guild. However, I am using these for myself, so there won’t be a problem.” [Ryouma]
“For yourself? Are you going to make medicine?” [Shin]
“Yes. I can use these to make antidotes, so I came here with the intention of preparing some household medicines.” [Ryouma]
“I see. The price is higher than the guild would offer to us, so we’re grateful.” [Shin]
“We’re going to catch more to sell to the guild, so go ahead and buy everything.” [Kai]
“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

Like this I purchased 25 grell frogs from them for 7,500 suits.

“You’re… amazing.” [Shin]
“I also thought it back then, when you brought out that small gold coin. But you really do bring out money generously.” [Kai]
“It makes sense after seeing just how popular your store is though.” [Thayne]

Ah, looks like they came to my store.

“Oh, did you make use of my store’s services?” [Ryouma]
“Actually, we were only planning to try it out once, but then, not only is it cheap, it also cleans better than washing by hand. So we ended up using it a lot.” [Shin]
“And lately, because of all these mud, we’ve been going there every day.” [Kai]
“We were surprised at first, but it looks like the slimes can be useful too. I guess if you try it can turn out to be something good too.” [Thayne]

Ho, ho. Looks like I got myself some good regulars.

“Laundry’s gonna be a pain once we get back to our village. How about setting up a branch there? If you want, I can even introduce you a good place to negotiate with the fishing union.” [Kai]
“Talks about branch stores have come up from time to time, but I’m not planning to set up a branch as of yet.” [Ryouma]

Since I’d just recently hired Caulkins-san and the others…

“Well that’s true, it’s certainly not something you can easily set up. But if you do decide to set one up in our town, then contact me. I can help you out with looking for a good spot for your store.” [Kai]
“After all, if you use our connection with the fishing union, you should be able to get an even better place than what the merchant guild can get you.” [Thayne]

Using a community based organization rather than the guild…Right. That might be a good idea.

“Thank you very much. When that time comes, I’ll be relying on you.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, I left them and headed towards the abandoned mine.

The first thing I did when I got to the mine was to bring out the slimes and rimel birds from the ‘Dimension Home’. Then we dug a hole in the tunnel and created a place for me to live in, and an alchemy room. All the furniture, including the shelf, were made out of stone. Yeah, this should be good enough for the time being.

Afterwards, I let everyone else do as they please except for the bloody slime and cleaner slimes. Then I processed the grell frogs at the alchemy room that I’d just made, since I needed to process the weak ones quickly, and I also haven’t process the ones I caught the other day.

By the way, if you’re wondering, I put the grell frogs I caught the other day in a water tank made out of stone inside my ‘Dimension Home’. Provided they were caught skillfully, then they shouldn’t have any problem living for around a week. With that much time, a normal doctor would be able to process it well.

However, in my case, I have the bloody slime. I don’t need that much time.

First, I drew a magic formation of separation on a corner of the floor of the alchemy room. Then with earth magic I made out a vessel of stone. Next, I took out the grell frogs from the “Dimension Home’, and then put it into a cage I prepared, by the corner of the alchemy room. These are the ones I just bought today.

After that, I randomly took out one of them, and killed it with a knife as it tried to run. At that, I ordered the bloody slime to enter it through its wound.

After the bloody slime finishes draining its blood, what came next was disassembly. Following my ‘Pharmacy’ skill’s knowledge, I uninterestedly separated the important parts. Not even a drop of blood came out during this. The bloody slime’s draining was perfect.

After this the next process is to remove the refuse and the mucus, wash the separated parts, and wash off the dirt that stuck to the grell frog’s exterior during the disassembly and the refuse removal.

If these refuses aren’t properly removed, then the quality will greatly drop. Unfortunately, removing these mucus is extremely difficult. Moreover, if this process is done roughly, then its internal organs will suffer, causing the quality to drop again. That’s why it’s imperative that this process be done carefully and thoroughly. This process is extremely delicate… If you do it normally that is.

I ordered a cleaner slime to clean off the filth. Responding to that, the cleaner slime put the parts inside it, and began to wash off the mucus. Shortly after, the cleaner slime finished without either leaving a wound or taking much time. Its work was perfect.

Next, I take the parts that have been processed, put it on top of the magic formation, and dry it by separating it from its water contents.

Fire and wind magic would normally be used in this process as it’s no good with just one or the other. It’s hard for the wind to get rid of the water content by itself, and if you keep it up for too long, the inner organs will start to suffer. With fire the drying is fast, but a little error would alter the ingredient’s effect. And if poorly done, it’s also possible to burn it, rendering it useless.

But I’m not using fire, so there won’t be any alterations. There also won’t be any damage.

After processing the internal organs of the grell frog in this way, I used ‘Identify’ on it. The result of the skill showed that all the parts have been processed perfectly. Naturally, that goes to mean that all the parts are of the highest quality.

After that, I continued to quietly process the grell frogs. In the end, out of the 25, I managed to get everything else except for 19 to the level of highest quality.

And although the 19’s quality were lower, they were still considered to be high-quality ingredients. With this, the ingredients are more than useable.

As for the reason regarding why the quality dropped, it would appear that the inner organs were damaged since the grell frogs became weak, causing the flow of blood to become bad. It was probably treated roughly while being captured. It’s really important to be careful while catching these grell frogs.

Incidentally, after I had disassembled the grell frogs, I served the leftover skin and meat to the rimel birds. I brought it to them as I thought to myself, “Will they eat it? I mean they eat grell frogs, so… right?” Much to my relief, they did in fact eat it. Happily too. From what I’d heard these rimel birds like to eat meat, fishes, fruits, vegetables, and grains. But for the meantime, I guess I’ll focus on feeding them meat. After all, I can get those from Zeke-san’s store.

As I passed the day like that, eventually it became dark outside. Just to be safe, I had the slimes and rimel birds gather in the mine to make sure that they’re safe. It’s true that the slimes have gotten stronger, but it’s still dangerous in the night. Then I blocked the entrance with building stones, only allowing enough of a gap to let air pass.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a night like this… This reminds me of the time I just came into this world.” [Ryouma]

That time, I read Gayn’s letter, made that house, found that cliff, learned earth magic and dug a cave with it. At the start I could only shave the rocks at my fingertips a bit with ‘Break Rock’, but after repeating it a bit, I was eventually able to dig a hole. Then I just blocked the entrance with a wall of rock I made with ‘Rock’… After that, I gradually improved the environment. After I’d gotten used to the forest, I also started to hunt and train in the evening, but…

“I’m not really in the mood right now… Besides, I have some ingredients with me, so should I go ahead and make some medicines?” [Ryouma]

I aimlessly entered the alchemy room where I processed the grell frogs, and took out all the gathered herbs that were preserved by drying from my ‘Item Box’ and put them on the shelves. I want a medicine cabinet to put these ingredients in. I’ll make it one day.

The medicine I can make from these ingredients is an………….. antidote. I have just enough grell frog livers to make it too.

The ingredients I need for it are a grell frog’s liver, a poisonous plant called Kasuri, which by weakening the poison of the Kasuri Herb, it’s possible to use it as medicine. And then there’s the fruit of Kunashi, the invigorating flower of Josh, and the Ufer herb that causes diuresis.

First I use earth magic and create a pot of rock and two spatulas. Then I make a mortar and pestle. Next time, maybe I should just buy the tools from around instead… I’ve done everything so far with just my magic, but it’s definitely better to get some proper tools, right?

While I was thinking that, I used water magic and filled the pot, and put the cut Kasuri herb and fruit of Kunashi inside. With the electric magic ‘Microwave’, I made the water go faster, causing its temperature to rise and mix at the same time. Some materials are weak to heat, so I don’t use this method much, but the Kasuri Herb and the fruit of Kunashi aren’t affected much by heat. Even if I boil these, they’ll be fine, so it’s all cool.

Like that, I boiled the ingredients, and the color of the ingredients began to dissolve, changing into a purple liquid. Looking at its outer appearance it looks very poisonous.

By deciding based on the appearance of the color of the liquid, I stopped ‘Microwave’. While I waited for the medicine to cool down naturally, I thoroughly grinded the grell frog livers that had already been dried. Then I touched the liquid. When I thought that the temperature was good enough, I threw the grinded livers into it, and stirred.

But this really is convenient. This ‘Pharmacy’ skill that is. I should’ve been out of my expertise when it comes to the herbs of this world, but because of this skill I can even learn to figure out the timing just from the color and by feeling the temperature.

While I was thinking that, the liquid in the pot cooled down greatly. I guess it’s time.

I prepared the flower of Josh and the Ufer herb, threw just the right size into the pot, and lightly stirred the pot. I left it alone for a while, and waited for the effects of the ingredients to seep in.

“What should I do until then?” [Ryouma]

At that time, I randomly left the alchemy room, and noticed the rimel birds. There, I decided to take out my guitar from the ‘Item Box’, and I played two national anime ending songs, because I saw the moon through the hole I made for ventilation.

When I finished playing…

“―――――― !” [Rimel birds]

An incomprehensible sound echoed within the cave.

“What!? It hurts… can’t you guys shut up for a moment?” [Ryouma]

The source of the sound were the rimel birds. It looks like they were chirping beautifully like a musical performance this time around too, but because we were inside a cave, it echoed, and the sound became too loud.

I took more damage than I expected, but it seems the rimel birds are perfectly fine. What kind of ears do these birds have…?

Incidentally, the slimes don’t have ears, so they don’t have any problems either.

Afterwards, I passed the time by listening to the rimel bird’s calmer singing voice, and by eating dinner.

When I got back to the alchemy room, the flower of Josh and the Ufer herb’s effect had already been extracted, so I figured it should be done soon.

As I used ‘Identify’ on the pot’s contents.

Incomplete Antidote (High Quality)
An antidote for poison made out of grell frog liver.
Because of the grell frog’s liver, the poison will be disassembled. And because of the other ingredients, one will be reenergized and the poison will be ejected. There are plenty of effects, but this antidote is mostly effective against paralysis. It’s recommended to drink plenty of water while using this antidote.

“Good, looks like it’s a success so far. Next is…” [Ryouma]

I take out a huge cloth form my ‘Item Box’, and had the cleaner slimes clean it. This is one of the belongings of the bandits I defeated back at the forest. The stitches are thin, so it can be useful for straining the medicine.

I put a cleaner slime inside an empty pot, then after having the pot cleaned, I affixed the cloth on that pot by wrapping the string of the sticky slime around the pot.

I slowly poured the liquid from the other pot into the pot with a cloth attached to it. Like that, the liquid poured into that empty pot, and was filtered.

After I finished pouring everything, I took the cloth and wringed it one last time.

And then after stirring the medicine with a beautiful spatula, I used ‘Identify’ on it. The part about it being incomplete had disappeared, and the high-quality became highest quality. That high-quality was before I used the filter, of course it would change.

… Making the medicine went well, but what should I do with this now?

“If I preserve this, then I could use this as a pill instead of as oral medicine… Or no, the ingredients aren’t sufficient, so I guess I won’t be able to use it one way or the other.” [Ryouma]

Thinking about it a bit more, to begin with, I possess the poison resist skill, so half-assed poison won’t work against me. Right, in other words there’s no opportunity for me to use this. It’s a good idea prepare things like this just in case, but even then I don’t need an entire pot of medicine……

For the meantime, let’s make a funnel and a dipper with earth magic. And so, I prepared 20 bottles, and distributed the medicine one by one. After I finished filling up the 20 bottles, I put away 19 of it into my ‘Item Box’. And then I left the alchemy room while playing with the remaining bottle as I went towards the dwelling space.

“What should I do? … Should I sell these over at Serge’s? Or should I hand these over to Jeff-san’s?” [Ryouma]

As I was thinking that, I dropped the medicine bottle while I was playing with it.

“Oh no–…” [Ryouma]

The bottle fell to the ground, and because I was playing with it, the cap wasn’t sealed tightly and so, the contents spilled to the floor.

“Somehow I’m kind of not into it today… I wonder if it’s because of that thing about mental regression that Kufo mentioned… Right now I’m 11 years old, but mentally speaking I’m already over 40. So is that the reason why I’m feeling lonely from being separated with the others? … Even though I was perfectly fine in my previous life during times like these…” [Ryouma]

There were plenty of times when I or my colleagues resigned. Either because of overwork, or because the work was too hard.

… Of course I’m not really lonely enough to go crying, but somehow I’m feeling down.

I thought that for 10 seconds.

“… Whatever, I’ll just go sleep.” [Ryouma]

“Right, I’ll go to sleep after having used up my energy,” I thought to myself. So before I went to sleep I decided to clean up the spilled medicine. But when I glanced at the place where the medicine fell, the bottle was still there, but the contents were gone. It was clean.

“Huh? Where did the medicine go?” [Ryouma]

There were several slimes loitering in the room. And amongst them were the cleaner slimes, so I guess they just cleaned it by themselves? Well, whatever. It’s not bad to have my work done for me. So I’ll just leave it at that.

As I thought that, I decided to sleep. 

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