The Lazy Swordmaster
001-024 Preview

Chapter 1
A Certain Butler's Diary (Prologue)

Today is an auspicious day.                    

The Finn Iphelleta house had its third son delivered.

His black hair had a striking resemblance to his mother's.

His name is Riley.

"At least I have enough strength left to name him!"

Lady Iris smiled brightly.


Age 0

The child spoke.

It was a word other than mummy.

He mumbled, "Finally..." What does he mean?

We never taught him that word...


Age 1

I have secretly inspected Young Master's body.

To check his talent.


I have never seen anyone with such talent in my 60 years.

My head was filled with excitement and envy.

Not as a butler, but as a swordsman.

Is it because I've seen talent that surpasses genius?

I could not fall asleep that night.


Age 2.

The first-born, Master Ryan has won second place in the Novice Swordsmanship Tournament.

His competition were all around the age of 14-15.

He defeated them at the age of 9.

The maids of the mansion are clamoring that he may surpass his father.

Fools, the true 'genius' is here.


Age 3.

Even if their mothers are different.

Watching his brothers train everyday should arouse some curiosity.

But the Young Master shows no interest in the sword.

Simply watching this talent go undeveloped, driving me insane.


Age 4.

Maybe I'm getting impatient due to my age.

I have given him a wooden sword.

Unlike his usual intelligent self, for some unknown reason, he bawled his eyes out, screaming because he did not want to hold the sword.

In the end, he never even swung it once.

Was I too early?


Age 5.

The Finn Iphelleta house has a bloodline that has been blessed by the sword.

After the First son, the Second born Master Lloyd has done well in the Novice Tournament.

As I carefully mention the idea to the Young Master Riley, he replied with a smile, "Not doing it."


Age 6.

Hah...... Just why?


Age 7.

Master Ryan has already learnt to imbue Mana into the blade.

Within the Mana was a pure and powerful essence. Therefore, his father gave Master Ryan the title of “Geuk-Geom”.

Master Riley showed no reaction to the story.

Hah, if only he would just hold a sword.

TLN: Geuk-Geom = Strong blade


Age 9.

I am disheartened.

I am sure there will be great achievements.

Even if I ignore my bias as his servant.

Even if i ignore his talent for the sword.

He is a truly intelligent boy, and it crushes me.


Today, Master Lloyd was given the title of “Sok-Geom

His speed was extraordinary, even beyond Master Stein's.


"Did I see it wrong?"

This thought occurred to me.


Age 10.

Master Stein finally made a decision.

He suggested that the Young Master competes in the Novice Tournament.


On that day, Master Riley disappeared from the Mansion.

Everyone in the mansion searched for him.

One day, two days, one week.

In the end, when the competitors of the tournament were decided, the Young master showed himself.


"Hide and seek is fun! Isn't that right?"


He smiled brightly.

Everyone in the mansion laughed nervously.

"My eyes weren't wrong."

That’s what I believed.


Age 11.

He naps in the apple tree in the gardens. Eats his meals.

Reads a few books and goes to sleep.

That’s his daily routine.

Sleeping 12 hours a day. Never touching a sword.

Even Master Stein has given up on Master Riley.


Age 12.

For fuck’s sake.

Why won’t he hold a sword.


Age 13.

Master Riley’s laziness has reached the pinnacle of laziness.

Even Master Stein has had it and went to give him a beating.

Yet Master Riley has disappeared miraculously.

Master Stein could not even find him.



Age 14.

One day, I decided to complain to the young master.

"Why won't you learn swordsmanship?"

Was he sleep-talking?

He replied to my question.

"I managed to kill the demon lord, so I can take it easy right?"

I couldn't understand his answer, and sighed.


Age 15.

Master Riley may be lazy, but there are times when things change.

When he talks with his mother.

The book I read was so interesting.

I had a strange dream.

Lady Iris always replied with a smile.

Always mentioning that his happiness is the most important to her.


Age 16.

It's been a long time since all members of the Finn IphelletaHouse has gathered together.

Master Stein.

His two wives.

The 3 sons.

After dinner, Master Stein made an announcement.

"I should start deciding the successor."

Master Riley was never mentioned in the discussion.


Age 17.

For the first time in my life, I have seen Master Riley seething with rage.

Someone who wouldn't bat an eye for countless insults towards him.

It was when his mother was ridiculed by the other sons because of Master Riley, as he was declared illegible as a candidate to be the successor.

In that short moment, I saw the potential in his eyes.

Master Stein also saw them.


Age 18.

During her meal, Lady Iris collapsed after coughing blood.

As the table turned red with blood, Master Riley's face changed dramatically.


And today.

He raised a sword...

Translation Note :
Sok-Geom = Quick-blade 

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