The Lazy King
Part 1 Preview

Chapter 1 - Acedia

Part 1: Ah, this is a Pain

Ah, this is a pain.

I apologize for the sudden question, but do you know about the concept of otherworldly reincarnation?
I had never heard of it until I reincarnated, and I don’t think its usage was that common in my former world, but its meaning is just as it sounds: being reincarnated into another world. In most cases, the person affected usually retains the knowledge of their past life, and gets some sort of special power or something.

I don’t really get it, but you start a new game with new strength.
And it’s not like I was strong in my former life or anything. Ah. Ha. Ha.

For example, on a planet called earth, in a country called Japan, in a place called Tokyo, I was born. Well, I doubt you’re really interested, so I’ll skip that part. Anyways, this world has a few people like that distributed here and there, and quite a few of them hold some important offices.

Like Hero, or adventurer, or saint, or inventor, or noble, or stuff like that. Apparently those people often follow that pattern.
I wonder how they manage to do such pain-in-the-ass jobs. They’re just like normal rocks on the side of the road, and I really don’t care, but I can’t help but be impressed by their motivation.

If you ask me why I’m saying these things…

… What? Why am I wasting energy moving my mouth to say these pointless things?

“… The Great Demon King has given you a direct order. Please go and write a proper report!”

Unable to escape the annoying voice by my ear, I stuck my elbow into the bed, and turned over.

The one nagging into my ear was a woman whose clothing was all made with black as the base color.
Her disposition was as cold as a doll’s. There’s no doubt that she’s quite a beauty.
How useless.

I stick my elbow into my pillow to prop myself up, and looked at the woman who was knitting her eyebrows at me—the Great Demon King, King of Destruction, 『Kanon』’s something something knight brigade’s member, I think.

“And… what was that again?”

“A report! I’m the one who should be angry here, right!? Even though we were dispatched at the same time to all the demon lords, why is it that I’m the only one who can’t go back yet…”

“Ah, you sure have it rough…”

“Please quit screwing around! Write. Your. Damn. Report!”

I don’t get what’s she’s trying to say.
Why do I have to do something like that?
Ah, my arm’s tired. I once again fell into my pillow. I’ve wasted some energy on a useless thing.

She violently shakes my shoulders. Her shrieking voice is just way too annoying.
I raise only me head, and look at the woman who’s supposed to be from the Great Demon Lord.
For Christ’s sake, if you have the time to be doing this, go do your job. Your job.

“Oy, you. Go write the report.”

“Wha… what!? W-why do I have… in the first place, what should I write…”

“I’ll leave it to you. I’m busy.”

I grabbed the cover, but the woman grabbed my arm as I wriggled into it.
Dammit this is a pain. After I’ve said this much, she still plans on annoying me?
I’m tired. I’m sleepy. I really don’t care.
And wait, what sort of report is she on about?

“In the first place, weren’t you the one to say it, Demon Lord!? That writing was a pain so you would talk and I would write it all!?”

“… Talking has gotten tiring, so just write whatever you want.”

I tossed over the square box that had fallen off of the mattress.
It’s my official seal. It seems that I have to stamp it on reports. It’s a pain to get up to find it, so, I always keep it under the covers.
Regardless of whether she writes what I speak, or reports whatever she wants, I can see that the contents will be fiction, so there’s no point.

The woman frantically moves her arm to catch it, before staring at me with a blank expression.

“… Then, later.”

“What!? Wai…. Again, this is… get up!”

This time, I just ignore her screaming voice, and pull the covers over my head.
In a few seconds, my conscious drifts away, and the annoying voice is merely a sound in the distance. My mind escaped my body.

Um, I think there was something I was supposed to say. What was it again?

Ah… my name.

My name is… Leigie of the Slaughterdolls. I forgot whatever name I had in Japan long ago.
Once upon a time, on Earth’s Japan, I was a Salary Man who dedicated his hours to a company, and now, I’m just a poor, ordinary Demon Lord in service to some Great Demon King.

Part 2: I’m a Pacifist

Let me be a little honest here. When I first noticed that I had reincarnated into this world, my first thought was that it was a pain. That was all.
But right now, I think that rather than being a Salary Man on Earth, my current life is much easier.

This must be because I’ve been a good boy. Yep. That must be it.
If that wasn’t the case, then I would have been forced to work for the next few decades. Just like the laborers that exist all over the place. Well, perhaps I would find it a pain, and kill myself along the way.

In comparison, this otherworldy life is exceedingly easy.
Giving the specifics is a pain, so I’ll skip them, but from the moment I was born into this world, I haven’t worked for a second of my life. Even so, I’ve managed to attain quite a comfortable lifestyle.
It’s laziness without end. There’s no greater pleasure than this. At the very least, for someone who respects the poor, I’m satisfied with this life.

“Unemployed!? No work experience!? How could it be that one of the Great Demon King’s arms and legs, a Demon Lord is lazing around!? You just don’t want to work, right!”

Right now, the only headache I have is this woman the Great Demon King sent.
I don’t know her name. She’s quite a beauty. And she screams at me. If you’re looking for her characteristics, I guess that’s about it. She’s just a bit higher than the rest of the mob.
For me, her screaming is quite an annoyance. For someone as calm as me, we really don’t fit together.
I’ll bet the Great Demon King tried to send over whoever would annoy me the most as a form of harassment.

“… And what was this about again?”

When you compare the rest of the reincarnated in this world to me, who was born as a dirt-cheap devil, I guess the only saving grace is that this world was exceedingly easy to live in.
The value of life is just a tad bit low, but if you try a bit, you can enjoy an idle life. Even if you don’t try, it’s possible.
I feel like an idiot for working my ass off in Japan. I can only say this in hindsight, but I wish I reincarnated earlier.

“It’s a Hero. A Hero! A Hero’s attacking! See, now it’s finally the time for you to rise! Please get off of the bed already!”

“… I’m a pacifist.”

I can’t understand why she’s so energetic.
She raises both of her arms above her head, and makes a request to me as she looks over me with cold eyes. Change, change. Please give me a more decent one.1

I’d really like it if she stopped waking me whenever I was peacefully sleeping. She keeps waking me at irregular hours, so I’m always sleep deprived.

It’s fine if she has motivation, but I’d like her to think of all the people who don’t.
When you’re pointlessly brimming with spirit, you end up wasting your time pointlessly doing overtime. Ah, I just remembered a superior that worked in my division. Forgot his name, though.

“Pacifist!? The Demon Lord’s a Pacifist!? Have maggots finally made their way to your rotten brain!? This is a direct order! The Great Demon King’s direct order!! Do you understand the meaning of that? The Great Demon King has personally dispatched you, and it’s supposed to be an honor…”

I understand. Honor.
I just can’t defeat this drowsy feeling.

“… Change. Change. Go bring in the lazy attendant I had before.”

“Eh? Change?”

“Yes. Change. You loud. I hate.”


The woman opened her eyes wide in an exaggerated gesture. It’s as if I can see the veins just poping out of her forehead.

The woman in front of me is a demon.
I’m also one, and so’s the Great Demon King.
But even if you categorize them under one name, there are various types, and we’re divided by attribute.
That means, I forget the number, but it’s that… you know, that thing in earth’s religion or legend, or manga or something. You’ve probably heard about it.
Um… right, Wrath, or Decay or stuff like that… that thingy with seven or eight things. It sounds really high and mighty.

“My predecessor retired! He said something about 『Sloth』 being pitiful to look at! Do you understand what this means!? Looking at you, the Demon Lord, he got tired of his own attribute! Hey!”

“I see.”

“I see!? Your impression is, ‘I see’!? Two words? Only two words!? Ah, damn it all. The hell’s with this man!”

It was a topic I didn’t really have interest in.
In the first place, I don’t really remember the past guy’s face. All that I remember is that it was a lot quieter back then than it is now.

I am a demon. My attribute is 『Sloth』.
Depravity and resignation, escape and decay, suspension and stagnation, inertia and dejection. A Demon Lord reigning over that sort of thing.
From under the covers, I take a peek at the Great Demon King’s underling.

“And do you think that’s enough… to make someone like me move?”

“Ku… This man is…”

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a man who can sleep for as long as I want. This isn’t just because I’m a devil. It was like that before I reincarnated too.
In order to live, I reluctantly took up work, but on my off days, I slept the whole time. Because of that, I have no memory of when, where or how I died.
I guess that makes me luckier than all those reincarnators who were hit by a truck or slashed by some slasher.

Well, at this point, I don’t really care.

The screaming woman is still trying to issue orders.
Even being a Demon Lord is just like being a feudal lord, so I guess it isn’t that easy.

“Go report what I’m about to say to Kanon.”

With that one sentence, the woman fell silent.
Despite everything, I guess she’s still a professional, and she was personally sent by that Great Demon King. She’s supposed to be skilled.
Having said what I wanted, I finally resolve myself to return to the world of dreams once more, and again, the woman tries to pull my cover off.

“Wait… Wait a god damn second!! You haven’t said anything yet, why are you sleeping again!?”

“… Take a guess.”

If I get serious, there’s no way a demon of this level would be able to get in the way of my sleep.
I feel the futon, my arms and my hair being pulled, as I let my mind fall into the abyss. I fell into the depths of that peaceful darkness.

Part 3: It’s not like I’m a NEET or Anything

I don’t mean to brag, but it’s not like the only thing I do is sleep.
When I get hungry, I eat, and when it’s time for cleaning, I do get off of the bed.

Right, I just don’t work. It’s not like I’m a NEET or anything.

“… You really are the worst. That’s what society calls a NEET.”

“I’m on unearned income.”2

“No, it’s not like you’re living like this for free or anything, right!?”

No to me, it kinda feels free.
I’m not really worried about it, but if possible, I prefer my bed to be soft. And so, when they come to clean, I do get off of it. For a change of pace, I did think of changing my room every now and then, but I don’t want to walk in the hallway, so the idea was rejected. I’m not that desperate for a fluffy bed.

The greatest reason I’m grateful for having been reborn a devil, is that no matter how much I sleep, I never get a headache.
I take a big stretch after I get off the bed, and lower myself into a sturdy chair made of wood.
It’s my favorite. Apparently it has quite a history behind it, and it’s quite valuable, but I’m none too knowledgeable. When I lean back and let it swing back and forth, it’s as if I’m a baby being rocked to sleep in a cradle. It makes me sleepy.

“Oy, wrap that around me.”

“Yes. As you wish, my liege.”

The maid who had come to clean has a bright smile on her face as she brings the blanket over.
It’s this. This is how you’re supposed to be treating the existence called the Demon Lord.
Demon Lord isn’t just some random title. I have my own retainers, and some land.
It’s all what I was granted by the Great Demon King, but I don’t really care. What’s essential is that the people I’ve been granted all take good care of me.

I don’t mean to brag, but I can’t clean, cook or do laundry. The only thing I can do is sleep.

I say my thanks, as she wraps it around the armchair.
And as I was relaxing like that, the Great Demon Lord’s subordinate sent me flying.
She thrust at the chair with an incredible amount of power. My body floats in the air for a while before I crash head-first into the wall.
What power. Every time she hits me, I start to remember my past life as a human, and confirm the fact that this is, indeed, another world.

Is it just my imagination, or is this woman’s treatment of me getting worse, and worse?

“Ah… my liege!? A-are you alright!?”


“Quit screwing around!”

The woman stamps her foot in frustration. With just that action, the floor that’s supposed to be protected with a barrier of the highest class begins to creak.
Her expression is like that of a devil. Um, when did she get here again?
The maid lifts me by the armpits, and sets me back on the chair.

She thrusts her finger at the Great Demon King’s follower.
As she’s my subject, of course, the maid is also a devil. I don’t know her attribute. IF I may add, I also don’t know her name.
I’m bad at remembering people’s names. Most of the time, I just don’t have any interest.

“The one who should quit is you, Lize Bloodcross! Even if you’re a supervisor sent directly from Kanon-sama, your attitude towards our Demon Lord goes beyond what could be called rude!”

I see. So this woman had a name like Lize.
Now that you mention it, I get the feeling that she introduced herself when she was first stationed here.

“The hell are you saying!? It’s because you guys are like this, that that Demon Lord over there never has any intentions of working!”

Even I couldn’t stay silent at such a remark.

“No, even if they weren’t here, I have no intention of working, you know.”

“As expected of Leigie-sama!”

The maid is looking at me with sparkling eyes of admiration. I wonder if she realizes that I don’t know her name.
And I wonder just what part of me she’s admiring.
Well, all of it doesn’t really matter.

With feelings of resignation, I closed my eyes.

“Wait… Don’t sleep! Didn’t you just get up!?”

“Lize, the Demon Lord is sleeping! Please be quiet!”

“Haaaaa!? Why are all you people so soft on this Demon Lord!? And wait, why is this thing a Demon Lord anyways!? All he does is sleep!”

Ah, she’s loud.
Ah, all of this is a pain.

There are plenty of demons, but very few Demon Lords.
The method for determining a Demon Lord is simple.

Class: 『Demon Lord』

The ones who have that are the Demon Lords.

Classes are a concept that didn’t exist in my previous world, but to put it simply, it’s like your occupation.
By rising in Class, humans are able to access various incomprehensible superpowers… various forms of something called Skills. I don’t know the details, and I don’t know on what system they work. I don’t even know if there’s a set system. What’s important is that by dabbling in your class, you can get to use some convenient powers, and that’s all. Even without any effort.

What’s more, reincarnators usually end up with some special classes. Like Hero, or Savior or Sage.
In my case, I was born with 『Demon』 as my class.
After a few years of living a depraved life, it became 『Demon Lord』 before I even noticed it. Having Classes change is apparently something that happens all the time. I get the feeling that there was some criterion on who would advance Classes, but I don’t really remember.

Anyways, in the end, I became a Demon Lord without putting in any effort, and I was suddenly able to use some strange powers freely.
In that sense, giving an answer to this woman’s question would be easy.

I became a Demon Lord by doing nothing but sleeping. It wasn’t by my will.

That’s all I can say, and I don’t have any answers besides that.
But it’ll be a pain, so I won’t speak up.

“Demon Lord Leigie of the Slaughter Dolls! As a member of the Great Demon King’s personal 『Order of Black』, I command you in the name of Great Demon King 『Kanon』! Lead your Legion, and head to the Prison of Flames. Bring ruin to the Demon Lord who hath gone against us, Granzer Esther!”

“Don’t want to.”

Why? For what reason would I have to go to some random place for some guy I don’t know?

“Huh? You plan to refuse a direct order under the Great Demon King’s name? Do you truly understand the meaning of such an act?”


I truly did not care, so I was going to answer, ‘No Idea’, but I felt that would make things complicated, so I stayed silent.
It’s a problem of personality. I don’t think I’m ever going to come to an understanding with this woman. I hate pointless things, and I hate troublesome things even more. What I love is sleep and spare time, and I care not for anything else.

I call over the maid watching over us, and say a single word.


“… Understood.”

The maid respectfully bows her head.
She made quiet steps as she departed from the room. I finally closed my eyes once more, only to feel my head get smacked again.

It was an amazing display of strength. My favorite chair was smashed to pieces beneath me, and cracks spread across the ground as I crashed into it.

The woman’s arms were slender. About as thick as a weakling like mine’s.
But this is but a fantasy world, so appearance and power are disproportional.
She pants heavily as she raises her eyes. I take a glance at her, and since my chair had been smashed, I laid on the ground where I was.

I can’t go back to the bed yet. It has to air. And climbing up to the top of the bed is a pain.
The woman stared at me with a dumbfound expression as I spread myself on the groud.

“… Wh-what!? Y…you’re… t-that bad!? H-how about you try saying something at least?”

She’s an exceedingly troublesome woman.
Especially the part where she immediately resorts to violence. Let me add that as this woman is a direct follower of Kanon, she’s much stronger than an average devil. Devils have various ranks, and between a normal Demon and Demon Lord, there are numerous positions. Within that, the position one lower than a Demon Lord… I guess she has as much power as a General. This world is definitely a Fantasy, but because of the separation by rank, and the glass ceiling, I guess there’s not really a difference between this world and that one. Well, I guess her skill level is deserving of it, but…
This is a pain.

“I’m against violence.”

She grabs me by the cuff of my shirt, and shakes me back and forth.
Therein is the form of a small woman threatening a man much larger than her. But in the end, with something like this, disrupting my sleep is… impossible.

“What? You’re going to close your eyes in a situation like this!? Impossible, irrational, what the hell is up with this Demon Lord!!?”

She slaps my face left and right, and gets in a few well-placed body blows.
She uses an uppercut on my chin to get me airborne, and continues with a beautiful combo of kicks. Her flowing movements have been heavily polished, giving me the idea that this woman is quite used to beating up humans.
This one… even after transferring jobs, she isn’t showing any mercy.
The shockwaves emanating from each blow rip apart the cover, and feathers fly everywhere in a flashy display.

That Kanon guy’s going to be getting an invoice for this… of course, I won’t be the one sending it.

But in the end, trying to disrupt my sleep with this much is… impossible.

It’s not like I’m strong against pain or anything. I’m not taking any damage.
A difference between here and Japan is that a few things from that world have been systematically placed under something called HP, and as long as that doesn’t decrease, my body won’t get any wounds, and I won’t feel any pain.
Normal kicks and skills would drop my HP, but here, by the judgement of a stat called Vitality… the higher your VIT is, the lower the damage.
This entire world is built off of parameters, and using them, you can make a clear calculative comparison. It’s quite a pain.

And despite everything, me being a Demon Lord makes my VIT needlessly high. Every time the woman hits me, my VIT gets in the way, and my body is taking less damage than if I was being beaten up by a baby.
This is making me sleepy.
But she sure is an annoying woman. Just what is her attribute supposed to be?
My curiosity has been peaked ever so slightly.

“Hey, you. What’s your…”

And there, I breathed in a deep sigh. I flopped onto the floor, and rolled over as I averted my gaze.

“Don’t. Stop. In. The. Middle. Of. Your. Sentence!!!!!”

She really is a noisy woman. I really don’t have that much interest in you, you know.
I opened my mouth because I felt like it, but along the way, I realized I didn’t care.
The sole of her foot comes down on the defenseless me numerous times. My head is being kicked around like a soccer ball, and finally, she presses her sword against my face.
Don’t be bringing out a blade here. Not that I plan on saying anything, but…
A few minutes later, after overexerting herself, all that was left was the Great Demon King’s underling who had used all her energy, and me, who hadn’t taken any damage.

“Hah… hah… This man… I’d heard about it, but… H-he’s hard…”

Of course. As long as my VIT is high, I can sleep without paying heed to my environment.
With my bountiful VIT, high temperature, low temperature, poison, and even paralysis, and all other status ailments, as well as abnormalities don’t work against me.
It’s not like I was born this way, it’s a skill held by those of Demon Lord Class.
But the details are a pain to explain, so I’ll omit them.

The woman opened her hand, and stared at her own palm in amazement.

“So this is… the Demon Lord of 『Acedia』…”

Watch closely, and bear witness. Now kneel before my power.
And if I may beseech you, please quiet down. I assure you that’s the only path that will make everyone happy.

Part 4: Sloth and Depravity

Even if I didn’t really wish for my status, as long as I’m a Lord, I have my own men… my own retainers.
I’m the natural enemy of humanity, and in some country or another, some something something god’s followers see me as their complete nemesis. I should add that a few other demons and Demon Lords are after me for selfish reasons as well.
To summarize, I have lots of enemies. Even though I haven’t done anything, I have lots of enemies. It’s all the ripple effect from that Top Kanon guy declaring world domination or heavenly domination or hell domination or some needlessly grandiose goal. If I didn’t have any men, then as I don’t like fighting, I would probably be dead.
Every quarter of a year, someone with a Hero or Savior Class tries an assault, and once or twice a year, heavenly soldiers come to assassinate me. Once or twice a month, I’m dragged into some war going on in Hell. It’s a pain. I myself don’t fight, so I’m seen as one of the more moderate Demon Lords. I guess the world is at its end.

The Great Demon King’s follower who seems to be named Lize has her arms crossed as she stares at me with an unpleasant expression.

“Demon Lord, Leigie of the Slaughter Dolls. For your achievements at the Prison of Flames in the war against the Demon Lord Granzer Esther, under the name of the Great Demon King Kanon, you have been promoted to the Third Rank among Demon Lords, and have been awarded the mighty Demon Blade Celeste.”

“I see.”

It’s not something that concerns me.
As she reluctantly hands over the sword, I toss it aside without looking at it.
I don’t need a sword. But it’s not like I want a Shield or anything, and of course, I don’t want any medals. I really don’t want status either. All I want is quiet time to rest.

“AAAAAAAH, what are you doing to the sword Kanon-sama personally sent you!?”

In hot haste, Lize picks up the sword, and hugs it to her body as if it were a precious artifact as she glares at me.
I don’t even know the difference between a Demon Blade and a normal one, and I never even get off the bed, so I have no opportunities to use it. Even a kitchen knife would have been more useful.

Well, I wouldn’t be using that either, but…

“… I can’t accept this. Why the hell are you getting a promotion! You didn’t even do anything!”

“No idea.”

That’s something you should be asking your master. I’ll bet that would be a much better usage of your time.
Just meeting her gaze had become tiresome, so I fell face-up onto the bed.
Lize had splendidly destroyed the other one, so it’s brand new. At first, I longed for my old one, but now it doesn’t really bother me. All that’s necessary for me is simple sleep.

I don’t even know the reason for my promotion, and I didn’t know my previous ranking in the first place. I have no idea whether Rank Three is even high or not.
All of it doesn’t really matter.

But perhaps because she was unsatisfied with my attitude, Lize began stomping her foot. I don’t know just how long has passed since she first came here, but my impression of her as a beauty has been shattered with not a trace of it left behind. I guess it’s true that you can get tired of beauty. The only thing left is her annoying portion, and I’m also getting used to that one.

“Don’t think I don’t know! The one leading your army was Deije the Usurper! He led it as he conducted the assault on Granzer’s armies!”

“I see.”

Who the hell is Deije the usurper?
Well, it doesn’t really matter. I’m not that interested.
Lize let out a sigh as she looked at my face. Just as I was getting used to her, I guess she was also getting accustomed to me. It’s that power of human adaptation.

“It was a splendid strategy. I guess the rumors that the army of Leigie the Depraved was the strongest were true. They trampled Granzer’s forces as if they were children… I can see why Kanon-sama is permitting your current behavior.”

“I see.”

“… Are you even listening to me?”

“I see.”

I turn my body over once more, and grabbed the body pillow that was just about my height. I love to sleep, but I also love to roll around after waking up.
Lize’s eyebrows rise as she pulls the pillow away. There was no helping it, so I hugged the cover instead.

“… Anyways, I was only sent to watch over you by the Great Demon King, but let me give you a word of advice. As a Demon Lord, you should present something unto Deije for his distinguished services.”

“… That’s right… Who was Deije again?”

“Haaaaaah!? Could it be that you don’t even remember the members of your own Legion?”

That’s the sort of thing Sloth is.
And I don’t hold any interest towards the demon known as Deije.
It’s a bit troublesome, but… I pointed to the sword Lize was holding so preciously.

“… I’ll give him that sword.”

“Hah? Are you serious? No matter how distinguished he is, you’re going to give the Demon Blade granted to you by the Great Demon King to an ordinary Demon?

“I don’t need it. If it was some bedding, then perhaps I would consider it.”

A new mattress, or mabe a pillow, or maybe even a replacement for the armchair that was brutally destroyed. Kanon actually has a bit of a generous side to him, so I’ll bet he’ll prepare something nice.

“Divine goods… treasures of the gods… even if you may be a Demon Lord, do you think a Demon like you could use them?”


It was the first time I ever saw Lize gaze at me with eyes as if she was looking at a monster.
It was, without a doubt, a misunderstanding, but correcting her would be a pain.

“… That’s right.”

“I see… so you’re not just some ordinary loafer…”

Loafer… This woman says some interesting things.
Well, she can say whatever she wants. I have no interest in her words.

I turn myself over once more. The cover is warm, and heavy. It gives a sense of security.
Having accomplished everything I set out to do, I yawned deeply as I closed my eyes.

“Ah, wait a sec’ boss Leigie.”

What a loud person. It’s always like this. Whenever I try to sleep, everyone gets in my way.
I’m going to sleep either way.

“Oy, Demon Lord. That’s Deije.”

As I was saying, who the hell is that?
I roll my shoulders, and forcefully lift my heavy eyelids.
In front of me was a single man.
He was a large and muscular man. His beardless face was like a smooth blank mask, and on top of it grew a large pair of curling horns.
But his most prominent feature was his arms, three on each side for a total of six.
And on his head, a similar total of six glimmering eyes. In his disgustingly warped mouth, grew long fangs.

“Who the hell are you?”

“… You’re the same as always, Boss Leigie… I’m Deije Breindac. I’m in charge of your Legion’s third brigade.”

“I see…”

The male demon who proclaimed himself to be Deiji had an aloof tone unbefitting of his appearance.
So this is the Deije Lize was talking about a while back… I see…
Yep. I don’t care.

“And do I know you?”

“Of course, boss. You’re the one who appointed me to take charge of the third brigade in the first place.”

“… I see.”

I’m a bit curious as to how many brigades I have, but anyways, it seems he’s quite an important person.
My instincts are telling me that the Demon called Deije possessed quite a bit of power.

“The one who ignored that girl Medea’s opposition, and appointed me leader of the third brigade was you, boss. But I guess you’ll never change.”

Who’s that girl Medea supposed to be? I looked in Lize’s direction, but as she didn’t seem to be confused about it, I guess that Medea girl’s a well-known one in my army.
Well, not that it matters.
Names, and existences, and powers and everything else. They all don’t matter to me. Just do whatever you want.

I rubbed my head into the pillow as I spoke to Deije.


“Yes, it is an honor that I have answered to the Boss’s expectations.”

Deije lowers himself. On his actions, Lize tilts her head.

“… What exactly is that 『Iyo』 supposed to mean?”

『I』 will leave it to『yo』u.
『I』 am satisfied with『yo』ur work.


It’s a phrase that says both at the same time. Specifically thanking or ordering people got to be a pain, so it’s something I thought up. If you just say it whenever you want, they’ll interpret it however they want, so it’s quite convenient.
But answering her would be a pain, so I’ll just ignore her.

“And what are you here for again?”

“Yes, this may be presumptuous, but I was wondering whether or not the boss was deciding on a reward to bestow onto me. How about it?”’

There’s nothing to how about it.
I don’t care about that. All that’s important for me is to strive for a sleep more comfortable than this one.
I looked down on Deije with cold eyes. Of course, it was a pain, so I didn’t voice my opinion.

“I’ll award you that sword.”

On my words, Deije took a glance at the sword Lize was carrying. His eyes glowed red like a carnivorous beast who had just caught sight of its prey.
He licked his lips before turning his eyes back to me.

“It is an honor too great for me, boss. But there was another item I was hoping for… no, I’m not saying I don’t want the sword or anything. As you can see, I have six arms here, so…”

“Deije, you bastard! When you’re just a run of the mill Demon, you plan on saying that the sword the Great Demon King sent is not enough for you!?”

I hold up my hand to stop Lize, who had flown into a rage. The body pillow she’s holding is making creaking sounds, and it feels like it’s about to burst. I’d appreciate it if she were to stop.
It’s loud. It’s a pain. Can’t she close her mouth for a second? I just want to sleep here.

It looks like his attribute is Greed. It’s natural for him to want more.
Deije of Greed and me of Sloth will never have a conflict of interest.
I recovered my pillow from Lize, and spread it out below my head. I turn my eyes to the twisting patterns on the ceilings as I answered.

“Ask what you will.”

“Yes, so would it be possible for me to have another of the boss’s special 『Dolls』?”

That was a bit away from my expectations.
If it was something I had on hand, it would be fine, but making a new doll would take a bit of effort.

“… That sounds like a pain.”

“I beg of you, it can be the most basic type, so…”

This rotten greed. It seems that he won’t go away unless I do something to answer his desires, or unless I kill him.
I wonder whether killing him or making a new doll would take more effort.
It was a while back, but it seems to be true that he has done some distinguished service.
If both options will take the same amount of effort, then I guess I’ll give him a doll.

I look over the room, and picked up a candle holder from the closest side table.
The holder had a design resembling a skeleton. This is a pain, so let’s go with this.
I tossed it over to Deije as is.

Deije accepted it with a full smile.
He traced its form with all six of his hands.

“Boss, this one doesn’t have a soul.”

It’s ‘cuz I didn’t give it one.

“Would it be better if it did?”

“… Surely you jest. A doll without a soul is but an item. What I’m requesting for is one of your Slaughter Dolls.”

“I see.”

I guess I really will have to put in some effort, or he won’t leave.
There’s no helping it. Let’s just get this over with.
I yawned as I pointed my finger at the soul-less skeleton.

I used a skill.

And with that, a presence began to eminate from the doll.
Among my powers as a Demon Lord was a skill to grant life to dolls.
It’s a skill I specialize in. That’s where I get the Slaughter Dolls part of my title.

“Is that good enough?”

“Yes, I will happily accept it. Could you also grant a name onto it?”

Giving a name is an important ceremony for a Devil. The name is carved onto the body, and it’s not an exaggeration that the name gives way to new powers.
But why is it that I have to do something like that?

“… If you get some more achievements, I’ll consider it.”

“… Ki ki ki, understood. I’ll do my best to not croak out there.”

He laughs in a creaky voice, before retreating. I guess it’s a manner befitting for a Demoning governing over Greed, but I don’t really care.
With a grim expression, he took the sword from the hands of Lize, who had simply watched over the exchange like a scarecrow.

“Well then, boss. I’ll request another audience once I get some merits.”

After a single, deep bow, he left the room.

No, you don’t have to come again. I’ll give you whatever you want.
You don’t even have to ask me. I’ll leave it to you.
And so, just leave me alone.

Depravity and Sloth. Those are the only reasons for my existence, and that’s all I desire for.

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