The God Slaying Hero and the Seven Covenants
The God Slaying Hero and the Seven Covenants [WN] Volume 1 (Chapter 1-11) Preview

Chapter 9
The God Slayer and Orc (4)

The most inconvenient thing after coming to this world was, the lack of internet.

Internet. The symbol of modern civilisation. The treasury of knowledge. The string of electricity that can connect to anywhere.

You can find any and everything on it.

What you want to know, what you don’t know, things you find weird etc.

And, everyone is connected through it.

For example—someone you want to meet, someone you want to contact with, someone with whom you want to talk and even with people you don’t know anything about.

That’s why, I really want the internet here.

Why looking at the clear blue sky, I thought of this.

Currently, Souichi-kun should be going to a school somewhere, he should have free time as well.

Couldn’t I call him and have him kill these Orcs for a bit?

After all, it’s the duty of the Brave to kill monsters, right?

“Renji-san, how does this hole look?”

While breathing heavily, Miss Francesca asked me so while I was thinking of stupid things.

Her expression was filled with confidence and a wide smile.

Her hair stuck to her forehead with sweat and her bright smile felt way too dazzling.

…….though what she’s saying is very weird.

Should a girl of this age be talking about ‘holes’ like this in such a loud voice? Though I am the type who likes it.

But I think I’ll be killed if her parents knew of this. While I thought of such things inside my head, I moved my gaze towards the pitfall created by Miss Francesca.

“Not bad, I guess?”


Width- 80cm, depth- around 2.5m. It’s a well made hole in which I’d completely fit.

It’s a size out of which an Orc would definitely be unable to get out.

Miss Francesca held her both hands and seemed to be filled with happiness.

She must be really happy because I think she might be crying a little.

Well, after being made to create over 50 holes, anyone would cry I guess.

“Then, let’s fill up the holes next.”


“If you dig then you also have to bury them back. If you leave so many holes beside the highway, I think you’ll be scolded you know?”

“…….even though Renji-san was the one who made me do this.”

“It’s fine. I’ll also help.”

As I gave a wry smile as she seemed to be a bit angry, I picked up the shovel I had borrowed from the villagers.

Seeing me like that, Miss Francesca breathed a sigh.

[Ah…….It was the same when Aya created these holes for the first time as well right?]

Yeah. It’s a nostalgic memory.

After that, as a result of the training, a specialised hole creating magician had been born.

That really was a pitiful incident, really. It’s a part of the sad past of the [Grand Magus]. Even now it’s the same though.

While thinking about such things of the past, I lowered my shovel into the mountain of dirt beside Miss Francesca.

And threw it inside the nearby hole.

“But, Renji-san can’t really use magic right?”


While I was filling up the hole, Miss Francesca said in a surprised voice.

By the way, she’s filling up holes back with magic.

Yeah, magic really is convenient.

“Why are you so informed about magic?”

“I’m not really that informed. Probably.”

“No such thing. At least, I think only Renji-san has thought of a magic to create such pitfalls.”


Well probably, I think someone somewhere is still using them, those pitfalls.

“I’m told that often. That I have a weird way of thinking.”

My way of thinking about magic is similar to elfs and pixies…….spirit magic of the demi-humans or so I’m told.

Humans are the ones who specialise in direct attack magic.

In contrast, the demi-humans use surprise attacks, restraints, status afflicting—–basically indirect magic.

Humans and demi-humans have begun to have a better exchange in culture in recent years since they found a common enemy in the Demon God.

Before that, though not to the extent of fighting, they simply tried to keep out of each other’s way.

Humans who cut apart, burned down and expanded their territory while destroying nature.

Demi-humans, who thanked the earth and lived together with the nature.

They couldn’t get along so easily.

In that sense, we might have to thank the Demon God.

Well, they have such a relation. They aren’t close enough that they’ll teach other their systems of using magic.

Until and unless one was special like us, there would be no way to get such information.

[Renji, you’re the weirdest and the most eccentric of all, after all.]

For some reason, my partner said that with a happy tone.

While sustaining a wound on my not-so-delicate heart, I sighed.

“Ah, sorry…….”

Maybe she thought something about it, she ended up apologising like it was normal.

That hurts in its own way so please stop.

After that as well, while talking about useless things, we filled back the holes.

About my journeys till now, what I was doing before I became an adventurer, why I became an adventurer etc.

Why is everything about me? Do young noble ladies find pleasure in adventurous tales?

Surprisingly, she didn’t talk about the Orcs even once, probably because she was scared.

Tomorrow, we’ll be fighting.

Let’s stop here and rest and face them tomorrow in our perfect conditions.

I didn’t say it out loud but Miss Francesca should have also realized it by now. Even while walking and laughing, her expression was slightly stiff.

“It’ll be fine.”

After filling back all the holes, I flicked the medal Ermenhilde with my thumb.

As the setting sun reflected on it and made it shine, I caught my rotating partner with my hand.

“It’s Heads.”

As I opened my hand, just as I had declared, it was Heads.

“It’ll go well. We’ll complete the request safely.”

As I declared that, her stiffened expression seemed to have loosened a bit.

Well, I had seen which side I was catching before I actually caught it though.

My kinetic vision is strong enough to be able to do something like that. The Cheat ability isn’t just for show.

[As usual, Renji is good with his words, eh?”]

I returned that fed up voice with a wry smile. Ermenhilde, adults are such dirty beings.

I have tricks and secrets but this is perfect to calm someone.

As I shouldered the now used shovel and smiled, she smiled back.

As long as I can see such smiles, I don’t mind being sneaky.

The next morning, while it was still dim outside, we had come to the entrance of the forest before the sun began to rise.

To live one has to sleep and eat.

Even Orcs sleep at night and become hungry as well.

So we’ll be attack while they’re sleeping or eating. We didn’t attack at night because there was a chance to get lost inside the forest.

I am used to walking inside the forest but if it’s a surprise attack, I can’t use light either. So the chance of getting lost was very high.

With Miss Francesca along, all the more so.

“Will it really be fine?”

“Well, if Miss Francesca can walk properly, we’ll be fine.”


Tunic and green trousers along with an overcoat and an iron knife on my waist.

Also, I had a 2 small pouches filled with potion.

There’s no real chance of using the potion. They are meant to be used after the battle.

They aren’t immediately effective like the potions in video games so they can’t really be used during battle.

In my pocket was my trusted partner. I’m with my usual equipments. The preparations are perfect.

While Miss Francesca was fastening her leather breastplate with her fingers, I confirmed my equipment as well.

“Are you fine with just that equipment?”

“Orcs attacks are strong enough that it’ll be over with a single hit. Even with heavy armour, I’ll get crushed inside.”

Rather than that, it’s better to simply avoid.

Miss Francesca can simply make them powerless with pitfalls while staying out of their range.

After inspecting our equipment, we continued into the forest.

I know the place. As long as they haven’t changed their place of dwelling after that, that is.

“Renji-san is amazing.”

How long have we walked inside the forest?

You really lose the sense of time while you’re walking inside a forest.

Miss Francesca was walking behind me with just enough distance that she doesn’t get left behind.

After walking through almost 80% of our distance, Miss Francesca talked to me.

We both had been silent after entering the forest so I was a bit surprised.

Maybe due to the atmosphere, even Ermenhilde had been silent for some reason.

Well, I wouldn’t be able to reply if Miss Francesca was beside me so it would have ended as a one-sided bantering though.

..……that would have been torture in itself.

At times we’ll create pitfalls and traps and mark them.

Just in case they might come useful if we ended up running.

“What’s so amazing?”

As I covered the pitfall with grass, I asked back.

“Even though we’re facing 12 Orcs, you’re still calm as always.”

Am I?

Normally, I would talk more, fool around and enjoy seeing Miss Francesca pant as she is unable to get used to walking in the forest.

When I thought that way, maybe I am also a bit tensed.

We killed the Demon God. We even fought against the demons and the Demon Lord.

But still, I was scared.

Humans die easily. Because I know that. And I am also a human.

Even if we’re called God Slaying Heroes, we’re still humans.

“I’m scared. My hands are shivering.”

“I see.”

Me too, I couldn’t say that.

After all, I’m the senior here, I’m the elder one here, I’m the man.

It’s always like this.

My comrades were all younger than me. There was only one woman that was in the same age group as me.

That’s why I couldn’t complain, even when I was scared I wasn’t discouraged, even when wounded I didn’t cry.

I had no choice but to be so.

I was the older one, the man, because I was the adult.

…….I have such a duty I think. Really.

In forests, in dark places, it’s bad to be too silent. I’ll end up thinking only in the bad direction.

Standing up, we began walking again.

“It’ll be fine. You won’t die.”

I simply said just that.

There’s no meaning behind it.

You will die when your time comes and a person who can live through anything will definitely live through it.

That’s why, there’s no meaning behind my words.

But the silence was painful so I said that, that’s all.


But, if simply words can make one calm down then I’ll say that as many times you want.

I think that way. I’m not strong enough to show that with my attitude or abilities.

My cheat, [Power of God Slaying], is really weak. I can only use it in limited conditions.

That’s why, I’m different from those 12, I’m the weakest.

[What is it?]

Unconsciously, I was stroking Ermenhilde inside my pocket.

There’s no meaning to it. Only—–it was to divert my anxiety.

[Even though, you’re actually a coward.]

Don’t say things like that.

I’m the man here, the adult here. Even if I want to cry, even if I’m scared, even if I’m shivering, I can’t act weak in front of her.

That’s what my role is.

[Renji won’t die. I’m here after all.]

Ah, is that so.

I smiled wryly and once again stroked the medal inside my pocket.

In that time, we reached our destination.

Hiding inside the bushes, I examined the surroundings.

The settlement of Orcs.

Their numbers are…..14

“It grew again.”

“…….are they sleeping?”

In front of our view, in a place without trees, Orcs were sleeping.

Some used tree stumps as pillows, some used their weapons as pillows, some used each other as pillows.

Are you a gathering of drunkards? Seeing that human or rather, old man like behaviour, I felt that Miss Francesca’s tension seemed to have lessened a bit.

“Even monsters sleep.”

“So it seems.”

“They didn’t teach you this at school?”


It seems they don’t teach this.

I had told her this before but she must have been in doubt even then. After talking a bit more, her tension lessened a bit more.

She’s a student of magic academy after all, they must be teaching only magic.

Rather than fighting monsters, they give a more scholarly image.

“The first stage of the plan seems to be a success.”


If the Orcs were to wake up now, it’ll completely become a head-on battle instead of a surprise attack.

But now, we should be able to turn at least half of them powerless.

Calming a bit, I searched for the problematic black Orc.

But, it wasn’t here.

I tried changing locations but I still didn’t find it. Is it not with this group?

It’s a new species, maybe it was removed from the group…… way.

That one was definitely the leader of this group. It must be in a different place.

I could search for it but we don’t know when these ones would wake up.

The sun would also reach high enough soon. There’s not much time left before the Orcs wake up.

“Let’s take care of the small fries first.”

“Orcs are small fry?……I understand.”

I could only think of Orcs like that but, as expected, for the people of this world, even the lowest level of monsters are a big threat. For even a magician.

“Probably, the black Orc would barge in between.”


“Yes, black.”

I couldn’t think of any other name for it after all.

Other than its black skin, it looked completely similar to a normal Orc.

“I’ll be the one to face that one. Miss Francesca, you shouldn’t do something unreasonable and simply take care of the normal Orcs from a distance.”

“Black…….is it because of that Orc that so many of them have gathered here?”

“Well, who knows? I’m not a scholar either so I’m not sure.”

Those intelligent guys can think of reasons behind why these Orcs gathered.

I’ll do what I can do the best.

Killing them.

I took out the iron knife from my waist.

I glanced at its rusty edge and gave a sigh.

[If turns dangerous, use me.]

“I know—–“

I took a deep breath.

Whether I’m tensed or excited, my heart is beating faster.

But, there was no sweat on the palms that were holding the knife.

Miss Francesca also drew her 70cm long short sword.

The tip of the sword was trembling.

“It’ll be fine.”

I say that once more.

“You will not die.”

The surprise attack was a success.

8 of the Orcs fell in the pitfalls, and their surprised shouts woke up the rest of them.

But even then, they were in chaos and were unable to take proper actions.

Searching for their weapons, they panicked as they looked at their fallen comrades.

Jumping out of the bushes, I closed in towards the nearest Orc.

While surprised, it was able to swing its punch towards the sudden intruder but even faster than that, the iron knife cut at its underarm.


[Too blunt.]


I did expect this but I could only click my tongue when the blade couldn’t cut through.

But, the Orc that busy looking at me, fell inside the pitfall created by Miss Francesca.

A dull could have not reacted when a pitfall suddenly appeared underneath it.

5 remaining.

Without minding their fallen comrades, two Orcs came towards me with their weapons.


Moving to the area between those 2 Orcs, I kicked the knee of one of the Orcs.

Orcs had small legs. That’s because it would be impossible to carry their overlarge body with normal human like legs.

This made them unable to make tight turns and lessened their reflexes.

Though it looked like I was trapped between two Orcs, they didn’t even face towards me right now.

I kicked once again. With more strength this time.

This time, with a dull sound, the Orc’s knee bent to an impossible direction and broke.

It’s thanks to my enhanced leg strength given by the cheat. If I were to kick seriously, I could blow away even a giant.

With that leg strength, the Orc’s one knee was snapped.

Unable to understand what had happened, the Orc stopped moving.

Finally, the other Orc turned towards me and raised its weapon.


I ignored Miss Francesca’s voice.

Avoiding the incoming blow with a paper-thin distance, the other fallen Orc’s head was crushed instead by that blow.

If it’s impossible with my iron knife then all I have to do is use a different stronger attack.

The dull Orcs were good for that.

4 remaining. Also, the Orc that had attacked me just now fell down due to the gravity.

Right underneath me, the pig raised its hands high trying to crawl out of the hole.

It’s fingers reached the tip of the hole but it simply didn’t have the arm strength in it to carry itself out of there.

“3 remaining.”

Those 3 were running towards me from the other side.

I stepped back due to their intensity and ran while dodging the nearby pitfall.

I’m not trying to escape though.


A pitfall was created in front of my path. Jumping over it, I heard groans from behind me.

As I looked back, Orcs that had been chasing after me were reduced to 2.

We can do this. A slight sense of hope was born in my chest.

But, the 2 Orcs who judged Miss Francesca to be more of a threat than me began running in my opposite direction.

I quickly stopped and began to chase after the Orcs that were ignoring me.

Since they were slow, I quickly caught up and kicked their back with my full strength.

And just like that, another one fell into a pitfall.

[What a ridiculous fighting style…….only one of them has actually died, you know?]

“If I can fight safely then it doesn’t matter.”

Last one—-just as my eyes caught towards the remaining one, the black Orc entered my view.

Since water was dripping from its body, it was probably bathing till now.

It really does live leisurely. But, it also proved that it really was intelligent. An Orc that bathes is too weird after all.

Maybe it returned in panic, its breath was ragged.

“Miss Francesca!”


A pitfall appeared underneath it.

But it dodged it by jumping back a second earlier.

——It’s not just intelligent but also quick, eh?

And, the remaining normal Orc headed towards Miss Francesca without hesitation.

“Run! Calm down and—-“

[Dodge, Renji!!]

While I was trying to speak to Miss Francesca, I was startled.

Above the black Orc, a lump of rock was floating.

I know what that is.

“An Orc is using magic!?!”

As I hurriedly jumped, a rock the size of a human fell down on the place I was standing earlier.

The ground burst and dirt flew up. I was surprised by its strength but I quickly fixed my posture and avoided falling into a pitfall.

This is the first time I’m seeing an Orc using magic.

No matter how intelligent it is, does it even possess magical energy? There’s a limit to how unfair it can be.

As my head was in chaos, I lost sight of the black orc.

[Any injuries?]


I briefly answered and gripped the iron knife in my right hand.

While crouching, I looked at the surroundings. Hole, hole, hole. The black orc is……..

“Renji-san, are you alright!?

“I’m fine! Rather than that——–“

What about you? Before I could ask that, the black Orc aimed for Miss Francesca this time.

This time the atmosphere distorted. And the figure of the black Orc swayed like a heat haze.

“It’s not just rocks?!”

I began to run. At the same time, a hole was created below the black Orc.

This time it fell in the hole……it was too shallow. It stopped after falling to its knee level.

But, it seems this was able to stop the activation of its magic.

A good way of using it. That girl might have the talent to be a pitfall expert magician.

While thinking such stupid things, I moved to a position where Miss Francesca was protected by my back and then, I started running towards the Black Orc.

The black Orc gave out a cry.

Pointing towards it stomach, I positioned my knife. If I can’t slash it then I’ll just pierce through it.

I’ll end this Orc right here. A magic using Orc is definitely a danger.

Letting my guard down thinking it was a normal Orc, just how much damages would—–



Stopping due to the sudden scream, I turned towards Miss Francesca.

There, my fellow traveller had been captured by an Orc.

Focusing on the black Orc, I had forgotten about the remaining Orc, I finally realized that.


“Aah, I should have known.”

The Black orc stretched its arm towards me. Behind me was Miss Francesca restrained by the Orc. I won’t be able to avoid the magic being fired this time.

In front of its arm, a fireball appeared. Dark black, a flame I had seen before.

As my line of sight matched with the Orcs, I felt like it was grinning.

I stopped my legs and faced the black orc and put strength into the arm gripping the iron knife.

Take on the flame? That’s impossible. The tunic I’m wearing won’t defend me against that falme.

If I dodge, Miss Francesca will die——-

[Good grief.]

Unusually, Ermenhilde gave a slight impatient voice.

But that voice, made me feel calmer.

The black flame became larger, as large as a human and it was still growing.

Let alone me and Miss Francesca, it would even swallow up the other Orc as well.

Well obviously. That’s the kind of flame that is.

I know. Just how many comrades and enemies that flame has swallowed.

“Ermenhilde, lend me your strength.”

[—–Roger that.]

My, Yamada Renji’s, cheat is very weak. It can only be used in certain specific conditions.

That’s why, unlike the other 12, I was the weakest.

But, in those certain situations.

In a situation where those certain conditions have been fulfilled.

I’m also, definitely one of the [God Slayers].

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