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The Fortress

「First, where are we, exactly? And what is this fortress?」

「This fortress was created amidst the wilderness of chaos, in order to fight off the army of darkness.」

And she says that with a straight face. You breathe deeply and try again.

「Yes, sure, we’re in the wilderness of chaos. Could you tell me what country we’re in?」

「Country? You surely do realize we’re not in the mortal world anymore, right? Didn’t you die and make a contract with the great archangels in heaven?」

Upon hearing this, your sweat runs cold. Sure, it’s all nonsense. Wilderness of chaos, army of darkness, that’s the kind of thing a kid would say while playing around, but when she talks about your death, you know it’s true. It’s not like you remember dying or that it’s logical that you must have died, but you just *know*, deep down, that it did, most certainly, happen.

What was all that stuff about a contract?

I think that's enough questions for now.

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