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The Fortress
But I'm cuuuuuuuuurious!!!!!!

Okay, if you need to know, I guess I can explain it... sigh

So, thing is, the idea is that this book will be like a CYOA. It's actually a little bit more complex than that, but for now CYOA is good enough. But to make it work like a CYOA, I have to setup links and chapters and all that and it'd be best if I didn't put those in the way of reading and finding where to actually start reading, so I put all the little story pieces below this book.

So yeah, unless you want to skip parts of the story and probably end up not understanding anything, it's best to start from "Start here". Btw, if you want to stop in the middle of the story and continue where you stopped, bookmarking the page you're in should work. If for some reason(Armaell messing up with the site's addresses) this doesn't work, you can also check the bookmark address to know what's the code for the page you're at and just click the chapter below in the right volume with the right code.

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