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The Fallen Star
Prologue I

Isn’t it a bit cruel? - Female Voice

It’s what HE wished for, WE can only obey his order, and also what would you be able to do?

You know influencing the mortal world is forbidden! - Male Voice

I know but I can’t help but feel pity for her. To bear an ill fate is nothing you should endure,no matter what life you live. - Female Voice

If someone heard the voice, it would have been possible to hear a glimpse of sadness. Unfortunately, no human ear would have been able to pick it up in the vast space of the void.

The course has been set, even though it doesn’t reach far into the future. What happens afterwards is out of our control. Even with the Life Forge, it would be impossible to influence it.

- Male Voice

True, but if I ignore this, I won’t be able to have peace of mind. At least I´ll give her a farewell present. - Female Voice

Don’t, you know what will happen when HE finds out. - Male Voice

The atmosphere grew sinister as small cracks ran through the crystal walls. You could feel an oppressive force, strong enough to make lesser beings immediately unconscious, pushing against the limits of the makeshift room.

Stop it, I won’t be impressed with this show of might. Also I won’t interfere with HIS will. It’s just that she is like a star, pulled down by HIS might, down from the sky; she shouldn’t be treated like this. - Female Voice

What are you going to do? - Male Voice

Give her a chance. How will it show, what will it do, when will it come, all of this will be up to her. - Female Voice

A swift voice, able to bewitch all hearers, was flying through the room. An aura of incredible peace settled. The presence would be able to calm an entire kingdom, making every human being to halt their actions.

A tinu guides cin, guiding cin back na i galad. I anor na- uireb sui cin, cin mír- a tul- estel, moving os- i aiwenor a i coe

Are you finished? - Male Voice

Yes! - Female Voice

Then let her go! - Male Voice

Had there been any intelligent lifeforms in this part of the continent, they could have seen a star on the sky, so bright that it illuminated the sky up to the horizon.

The star moved south, seeming to fall out of the sky, leaving a behind a tail, radiating like the clearest diamond.

This night the stars seemed to dull and they shined less than normal, making it look like the sky and the stars were mourning for the lost and fallen star.

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