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The Fallen Star

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Here are some short informations about the novel

I´ll update it in the future when its necessary, so come back once a while :)

The novel

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Farsight / 19 Sep 2016 16:23
Good story. There are many questions that popped while I was reading and made me curious of what's next. Great work! ^_^
One thing is that, for a prologue, it's too long... Well, it gave me a fresh feeling and the literary parts aren't bad. I'll silently following this work.
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DELETED / 19 Sep 2016 19:28
I split the prologue to gain some time. My chapters are a bit longer than you would see from other novels but I´ve math prep the next two weeks and I´m nearly burned out in the evening and cant write much. I´m not finished yet with the chapter but want to release it at once (hence the releases times mentioned on the top)
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Farsight / 6 Oct 2016 0:15
Nice chapter. It makes me feel like "Finally it started" kind of sense. I'm looking forward to the continuations! XD

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