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The Fallen Star
Chapter 8 - Back Home Again

The palace


Laruth’s informant did his job splendidly and Roxanne now knew where she had to go to avoid the patrolling guards around the private rooms of the royal family, leaving only the soldiers on guard in front of the door of her room.


Laruth also sent a message through his pupil that both, her spy and the girl, arrived in his hideout.


After writing a short message for him, leaving out critical information in case the young soldier got caught, she went on her way.


Sneaking inside with the help of an unknowing merchant, she passed through the court after getting off the carriage.


She was wearing a simple maid uniform, also an involuntary gift from the merchant. Keeping her head down and her hair coloured, she was no different than the other hundreds of maid hurrying around in preparation of the Council of the Lords.


She passed by the kitchen, when she stopped.


“Hey you, yes you there”. She froze on the spot when a voice called out and turned around when the voice confirmed that she was the person called.


“We don't have time for the likes of you to slack off, grab these plates and bring them to the main hall.” The man, a cook, pointed to some plates in front of him. Filled with snacks they were to served in the beginning to greet the guests, Roxanne often saw them in prior Councils.


She grabbed some plates and went on her way, “It's true what they say, act like you belong there and no one will doubt you”, she whispered to herself.


She entered the main hall for the festivals that occur after the Council finished, with enough space for a banquet and seating possibilities around the huge table for the nobles.


The private rooms of the royal family and inner part of the palace were behind this hall. She placed the plates in a free spot at the banquet and sneaked a few glances to the gate. After she confirmed the presence of the only two guards in the room, she went on her way back to the kitchen. The other gate in the hallway wasn't guarded but locked and without a key she wouldn't be able to get through without making a commotion.


There were ways to make it inside faster but it would mean a detour and she couldn't afford to waste time and run into the risk of getting caught by a patrol in the outer areas around her rooms. Grabbing another plate she left again for the hall but this time approached the banquet on the other side of the room, closer to the gate and guards.


Coming closer to the end of the banquet, she faked tripping over her own feet, resulting in the plate and the food flying straight into the two soldiers.


After some angry shouts, her bowing and apologizing including cleaning the guards up, she left the hall.


Luckily the guards didn't notice how she stole the key for the gate.


Ignoring the way to the kitchen she turned to the gate, as she was opening it, only the tired servants were still in the hallway none of them even bothering to look at her.


She quickly slipped through the gate, closing it again and let out a sigh.


“The first part is done, now comes the second. If the time is right there should be a guard change soon.”


Removing the white parts of her maid dress, she retrieved some jewelry that she hid in the apron.


After a quick dress change, she found one of the countless mirrors in the palace. Now she didn't look like a maid instead she wore a simple black dress with adorning jewelry similar to the water drops she took one from one of the market stalls.


She never had a thing for keeping her outfits flashy or adorning herself with jewelry, styling her hair or going out. Over the years she often was training or on duty, paying no mind to these things, she sure was pretty but she never considered enhancing her beauty for the pleasure of others.


But right now in front on the mirror she remembered another person from pictures that resembled her.


“Mom”, said while reaching out to the person in the mirror.


Since she had died during childbirth, Roxanne never had a chance to see her in person but her father often showed pictures.


Over the last few years, she shaped her body with training and her muscles started showing up but the closer she came to maturity, the more apparent her female charms became. Her chest grew combined with her body, her legs got more defined through the growth spurt, her hips slender.


Combined with her training she didn't notice first but after her maids pointed the would need new fittings, especially for her chest, she first was worried about growing too big and the disturbance of the balance.


Luckily the growth spurt slowed down and now, close to maturity, she was often noticed by her maids for her body. According to them it was something a body they all desired, the chest not too small or big but yet perfectly shaped, a slender figure with a height that was perfect.


And now in front of the mirror, with a tight dress that would catch eyes in certain spots, no man would deny a request if she would want to. Ther black dyed hair, combined with the red coloured eyes combined with outfit would steal every man's breath, even without make-up.


“Perfect…. I can see why father fell in love with mother.”


Suddenly she heard footsteps, snapping out of the day-dream. She quickly threw the remains of the maid outfit behind some furniture after taking out an simple small red fox mask.


The banquet was usually concluded with a masked ball and it was part of her disguise. For the area around her private rooms,only her personal maids were allowed and those that all the soldiers knew. So she had so switch outfits, a maid wouldn't get far here but a noble for sure. It was one of the more private parts of the palace and nobles regularly moved around here.

Not a second too late, she put the mask onto her face, the soldier called out to her.

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