The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero
Volume 3 Preview


“Let’s buy weapons!” (Tamaki)

That was the first thing she said. Tamaki was in a cheerful mood, so she proposed it.

I did break my sword and Shuri’s dagger was chipped so it was a good idea.

As amateurs using them so roughly in combat, it was to be expected.

“This is a good time to buy weapons~! Don’t you agree?” (Tamaki)

“What’s that? Even though you wouldn’t listen to me.” (Shuri)

“I don’t want to recognize the meek and obedient Yui-chan’s opinions, staring at him with those warm dere eyes.” (Tamaki)

“… Hmph, is that so…” (Shuri)

Their expressions relaxed into grins as they turned towards me.

These two; their behavior towards each other reverted to close friends after the battle against Fantra and the awkward mood lessened considerably.

Because of that my chances to talk with Shuri decreased though.

I can profit from Shuri by purposely letting these two shop by themselves.

Perhaps, tonight… if Shuri remembers the promise… it will be that kind of day. If I preserved this good mood, would it be selfish to receive it tonight?

“It’s not like that wasn’t the plan. Well, we have money from capturing the dungeon, so go buy something. Besides… look.” (Daichi)

I quickly gestured at the red horned demon behind me with my thumb. Leadred’s eyes blazed with childlike innocence.

Her reaction showed how much she loved fighting. She wanted to look at weapons, so there was no helping that she would go to look at them.

Seeing her appearance, Tamaki agreed. Today’s plan was decided.

“It’s settled, then. I’ll go around with Shuri-chan, and Katsuragi enjoy time with Leadred.” (Tamaki)

“Objection!” (Daichi)

Emphasizing it, I objected.

“Why are you the one making decisions? Shuri will always go with me.” (Daichi)

I pulled Shuri’s hand and embraced her.

“… Ah. Daichi-sama…” (Shuri)

Seeing her expression, my determination was reaffirmed. I won’t hand her over today. Normally I would let her but definitely not today!

“Ah-! I thought you’d say that! I admit that Shuri-chan likes you, but this is different!” (Tamaki)

“Are you Shuri’s mother!? I like Shuri. Shuri likes me. You don’t need a reason for a couple to go around town together.” (Daichi)

“I also want to slowly spend time alone with my close friend!” (Tamaki)

“Therefore, saying something like that I also-“ (Daichi)

“On the way back here, every day, who were the ones being flirty from morning to noon to night~? Making us endure seeing that! I almost vomited sugar!” (Tamaki)

Leadred nodded her head with a [Un Un]. Remembering that, Shuri smiled while embarrassed.

Somehow or another I didn’t have any allies in this. Nothing could be done but to use my last resort.

“That’s fine, Tamaki. I’ll use『Absolute Command』to teach you a lesson of my greatness.” (Daichi)

“That’s cheating! Do you have no pride as a man!?” (Tamaki)

We glared at each other. Feeling the situation was escalate, I felt a bloodcurdling presence like cold water was splashed on my head from in front of me.

Wanting to buy weapons, Leadred who had been made to wait started urging us with her glance.

“… Will you stop fighting?” (Leadred)

The pressure from Leadred’s presence caused Tamaki’s face to turn blue.

“… That’s so. However, what will we do? I don’t want to separate from Shuri.” (Daichi)

“I also don’t want to.” (Tamaki)

“U-um, you two… we could decide it with rock paper scissors? Whoever comes out with the same result as another is a pair? How about it?” (Shuri)

As we were beginning to repeat the same thing again, Shuri proposed a compromise.

I see. It’s impossible to cheat, and was entirely left to luck. It was impossible to complain at any result.

“I’m fine with that.” (Tamaki)

“I also don’t mind. Leadred?” (Daichi)

“You want me to join the rock paper scissors? Well, I’ll go with the extra person because I don’t understand it. Or rather, as long as I can look at the weapons anything is fine.” (Leadred)

“If that’s the case, it’s fine.” (Daichi)

Shuri’s fluttering hand had already been taken by Tamaki, whose face was brimming with confidence.

Predictions wouldn’t matter. The one to win the date with Shuri will definitely be me!

“Alright, let’s start! Rock, paper!” (Daichi)

“““Scissors!!””” (Daichi, Shuri, Tamaki)

Each of us threw out our hands that would decide our fates.


Now, we were in an industrial blacksmithing area called Russell. It was in the opposite direction of the Royal Palace from the【Labyrinth of the Sleeping Trance】.

However, we were far away. It was a five day’s walk. Without even a village from there to here, we were stuck with just portable rations and water summoned by magic, but with our experience from【Rigal’s Den】 we didn’t starve.

On the way back from the labyrinth we encountered a thief boss and took his head, so his followers listened to what we said and carried out baggage as well as hand over all of their money. Never again would they try to do that. After doing something like that, it felt good. Very good.

“T-that way has something that looks like delicious yakitori! The price is fine, buy it!” (—)

It turned out that I was paired with this person…

“Why did I have to pair up with you…” (Daichi)

Muttering that, my feet moved to the stall slowly.

“You said it yourself. It’s an unlucky day, unlucky.” (—)

The results from the rock paper scissors, paper (Me), paper (Tamaki), scissors (Shuri), had me pair with Tamaki, the worst possible pair from the lots.

Though we both demanded a redo, we saw Shuri smile with eyes that held no laughter and Leadred’s glare abandoning us.

Shuri and Leadred went to the left, and Tamaki and I went to the right, with a promise to gather in the central plaza at six o’clock when the evening is over and started after about ten minutes.

Tamaki and I immediately, mutually, complained.

Haa, Tamaki sighed. I feel the same.

“… Anyway, there’s no use in complaining now… hey.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki held out her small white hand. Though I understood her intention, I ignored it.

“… W-what are you doing? Hurry up and take it.” (Tamaki)

“Why?” (Daichi)

“I’m trying to be a substitute for Shuri-chan. Don’t you understand?” (Tamaki)

“… Well… you aren’t suited to be a substitute for Shuri.” (Daichi)

“You’re always so fussy. Listen up, escort me. Why don’t you treat me as Shuri-chan and tomorrow ask her on a date?” Tamaki)

“Eh? It’s fine?” (Daichi)

I wasn’t able to hide my surprise from Tamaki’s unexpected remark.

“Unfortunately, I understand that Shuri-chan’s feelings towards you were not from being compelled. There’s no way that I would be a hindrance.” (Tamaki)

“Wasn’t the obstruction from a bit ago a little cruel?” (Daichi)

When I replied with my justifiable opinion, Tamaki lost her composure and became flustered.

“T-that’s… That’s because if Katsuragi doesn’t rehearse it beforehand, he’d make a blunder. If that happened Shuri-chan’s mood would turn to the worst, and that’s no good. After all, Katsuragi has never had a girlfriend.” (Tamaki)

“No, I’ve had one.” (Daichi)

“From a manga probably.” (Tamaki)

“… … …” (Daichi)

I had no words to respond with.

“Because I am experienced in these things.” (Tamaki)

“… Wasn’t that your first kiss?” (Daichi)

“Fue-!?” (Tamaki)

Tamaki blushed immediately, panicking timidly. This person has been hectic for a while now.

“D-don’t say that! That sort of thing wasn’t a kiss! I mean, Katsuragi! Won’t you take responsibility? You took my first kiss.” (Tamaki)

“The imperfect society of this world approves of polygamy.” (Daichi)

“… Eh? Ah, you’ll take responsibility…?” (Tamaki)

“Yeah, Shuri will be happy if you are there.” (Daichi)

Though from the beginning I never planned to part with someone I made into a slave. Unlike Rin Wade’s ordinary level whose level would never surpass mine, a hero like Tamaki will someday become resistant to Absolute Command.

At that time, it would be more convenient for her to be close to me.

… Well, I wonder if it will be okay if it’s this person, I locked this feeling away inside my chest.

“I-is that so… You’re taking responsibility… t-then, I can feel at ease, yeah.” (Tamaki) [TN: Lit. ‘yeah’ = ‘un’]

Why does Tamaki seem to be so glad from that? It seems I’ll have to rethink this girl…

Or I might not be able to enjoy time with Shuri.

“Hey, hey, let’s hurry and go to that arms shop? There are good quality weapons inside, they are cheap!” (Tamaki)

“Ah, oi!” (Daichi)

Tamaki grabbed my right hand and advanced ahead, pushing a few people out of the way. Her hair waved in the wind, and I saw her laughing face break into a smile from behind.

“Come to think of it, Katsuragi uses a one handed sword right?” (Tamaki)

“That’s right… why?” (Daichi)

“Here, you aren’t carrying a shield.” (Tamaki)

“Hahaha. Don’t make me laugh, Tamaki.” (Daichi) [TN: ‘Tamaki’ read as ‘Shield’]

“Fine, don’t move, I’m going to fix your face back to your ugly one.” (Tamaki)

Our conversation carried on in this beautiful style while we were choosing our weapons.

I bought a longsword and a dagger, while Tamaki bought one hundred throwing knifes. Taking her style into consideration I didn’t complain.

“Where should we go next? We have plenty time left.” (Daichi)

“Then, shouldn’t we go buy potions and elixirs? When we fought Fantra, we had almost no magic remaining.” (Tamaki)

“… That’s right.” (Daichi)

Lowering my eyelids, I clearly remembered the fierce fighting from the other day. It was a considerably hard fight.

I heard later, Shuri’s magic also almost ran out like Tamaki’s…

To prepare for the worst situation, I learned that it would be good to have a means to commit suicide from the fight against Fantra.

We need to buy a few Yanu leaves to replenish our stock.

“I don’t mind. For those, how about we go to the Adventurer’s Guild?” (Daichi)

“Right… Ah, wasn’t I supposed to be dead? Won’t it be bad to go to the guild?” (Tamaki)

“It shouldn’t be a problem. There are fools everywhere spreading news like『The Hero that should defeat the Demon King died before fighting with the Demon King』.” (Daichi)

However, that relies on Hayase telling the story to Ginger. However, she will do it. To do me—Yuji-san—a favor.

“Is that so… oh well.” (Tamaki)

“Therefore, it is fine. Hey, let’s go.” (Daichi)

“Roger!” (Tamaki)

Tamaki and I, for different reasons, decided to head to the Adventurer’s Guild.


The Adventurer’s Guild is located in front of Russell’s central plaza. It tries to distract Russell’s guests from the left and right sides from whatever they are doing and go into it.

The left side that Shuri went to is for the wealthy, whereas the right side that we are in is for civilians such as adventurers.

Therefore, this Adventurer’s Guild is in the center.

Though are first impressions were that it looked like the last one, it was much larger as we approached. Ignoring the bar, it sold goods required to capture the dungeon, though sales were on the second floor, and quests were given on the first floor’s lobby. In addition, it seemed adventurers could book low costing rooms.

However, Russell’s Adventurer’s Guild had a strange atmosphere. A bloodthirsty atmosphere seemed to waft through the air. Because women’s figures were practically never seen there.

Adventurers were at the reception counter as well. Only then did I see the receptionist lady that was like a breath of fresh air in the dirty guild.

“Thank you for waiting. Here is your order of twenty potions and ten elixirs.” (Receptionist Lady)

“Thank you very much… Um.” (Daichi)

“What is it?” (Receptionist Lady)

“Is something happening, here? The air here seems interesting.” (Daichi)

“You don’t know?” (Receptionist Lady)

When I asked the receptionist-sama—her nametag had Miare written on it—her jade green eyes focused on me.

“Yeah, well. I just came to this town.” (Daichi)

“Is that so? … Though it is an embarrassing matter…” (Miare)

Confirming that no one was around us, Miare taught us a secret matter.

“Recently, there’s been a party of people from the capital called Heroes… it hasn’t been easy but they have been advancing floors one by one in the【Scorching Execution Ground】… it seems he brought a female adventurer with him.” (Miare)

Like always, I can’t ignore this. In short I cherry pick the information, jealously, and become soured. However, still.

“… …Hero?” (Daichi)

So. I reacted to this word with hypersensitivity this time. Behind me, Tamaki’s body quivered.

I will not let this chance escape.

“Heh… what’s the name of the hero?” (Daichi)

Miare-san didn’t seem to pay particular attention and told us the name.

The moment I heard the name, both the anger that had been accumulating in my gut for a long time and the resulting laughter at the chance of meeting him welled into my throat.

“It was… Samejima, I think. In addition to Samjima, there was one named Kishima that came… customer? Are you alright?” (Miare)

A mischievous angel, or a devil’s trap?

For me it would be the former, which would make the latter for him.

“Ah, no, I’m sorry. Just a little, I felt in a good mood. I owe a great deal to them.” (Daichi)

A really, really large debt. Tormented, thrown away, killed… one life won’t be enough for him to pay it back.

“Heeeh, really? That’s good then. Being able to meet them again.” (Miare)

“Yeah, really—I’ll finally be able to repay them.” (Daichi)

I naturally had an evil smile at the thought of the future.

Having fun couldn’t be helped. Like a child given a toy he wanted.

I’m looking forward to it.

With his sword in hand, at that time he will be dyed in crimson—.

When Tamaki and I received our items, we hurried towards the central plaza.

What to do? I decided.

On that guy, everything will be for the sake of———revenge.

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