The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero
Volume 2 Preview


Two goddesses exist in this world. However, they belong to opposite sides.

Goddess [Claria]. The great goddess who the human race worships. Her appearance is beautiful and it is said she overflows with affection from centuries of sophistication.

Claria’s opposite goddess.

Her name is [Messiah]. The incarnation of evil who rules demons. Carrying out all kinds of brutalities, she would invade and occupy towns. The residents would be struck down and killed to a man.

These two conflicting gods would continue to fight, involving the world.

To defend people, [Claria]. To obtain the world, [Messiah].

Although their abilities rivaled each other’s, the tactical balance was skewed by a certain existence.

The hero Terias.

With the strong power gained after receiving the divine protection from [Claria], he went on to defeat demons sent by [Messiah] one after another.

And, finally, the hero and [Claria] managed to seal [Messiah].

Rostalsia has once again regained its peace—.


“——Fuu……” (Daichi)

I shut the book I was reading just now. I roughly learnt the knowledge of this country and world in this history book.

I was currently on the fourth floor of the royal library. A corner of the corner of history. There was still something I wanted to do before heading to the next dungeon, so I was still in Rostalgia.

The room accommodated three people. Leadred brought a jewel that we sold for money.

After all, a dungeon guardian’s finances are different.

I got the money for the royal library’s required admission from Leadred.

A slave’s things are its master’s things. I don’t have…. to worry… I’m not… worrying…

While reading and struggling with my pride as a man, someone came in and spoke from behind me.

“Daichi-sama, the preparations are complete.” (Shuri)

The girl’s name is Hamakaze Shuri. My memorable number one slave.

Apparently, she seems to have finished the mission I imposed on her.

“Is that so?” (Daichi)

I piled my books up sideways like a mountain and took her hand.

“Okay, guide me at once.” (Daichi)

“… Certainly, allow me to guide you.” (Shuri)

Hamakaze drews her body close.

… Because the feeling was pleasant, I didn’t say anything… though it is needless to say that looking away was painful.


I had promised Hamakaze a reward.

She isn’t in the usual adventurer clothes, as she and Leadred have been wearing matching maid outfits recently.

Why maid clothes? When Hamakaze asked, I answered with knowledge of this kind particular to boys.

“… Still, you have strange tastes. For you to want to be with someone like me…” (Daichi)

The wish Hamakaze asked for was『be together for one day』. In other words, she wanted to stay with me.

“Daichi-sama is mean.” (Shuri)

“… What?” (Daichi)

“You should know my feelings.” (Shuri)

“… I don’t know them.” (Daichi)

Recently Hamakaze has taken a rather aggressive attitude when it comes to that. Also why is it I need to know your feelings, understand mine.

I have a body that can be discarded at any time.

It’s this thought that is exacerbated by her right now. I’ve been down this road before.

Play a clown so that I’m not disliked. Suffer through wearing many masks.

This physical contact with her is part of it. So it shouldn’t be strange that above all, the painful one is Hamakaze.

Nevertheless, I can’t free myself from the chains of this dilemma.

For me, it is because I am doing things like this.

“… Huh? What are you doing? Don’t hesitate because today we are going out.” (Shuri)

“… That’s right… Yeah” (Daichi)

I stopped talking. However, she just looked at me and kept talking.

“I actually only want to go to one place. Truthfully I wanted to go there from the beginning with Daichi-sama.” (Shuri)

“Then wouldn’t the reward 『to go there』have been good?” (Daichi)

“No, because then my efforts would have been wasted.” (Shuri)

“…Hey, don’t be shameless.” (Daichi)

“Daichi-sama may have stopped caring about me.” (Shuri)

… Because it might have been like that, I wasn’t able to reply immediately.

“Well, it’s fine. So, where is it? Say it.” (Daichi)

“… You won’t refuse?” (Shuri)

“I won’t break my promise, come on and say it.” (Daichi)

“I see… I want to go to….” (Shuri)

She somehow put on a lonely smile and said where.

“—the royal palace.” (Shuri)


After coming here, all I saw was doom and gloom. Here I suffered alone and was thrown out to be eaten.

The beginning of everything.

The royal palace of Rostalgia.

Hamakaze and I stood in front of the gate.

“Seeing this again, it still looks huge.” (Daichi)

Towering over its surroundings, it had been made to withstand considerable attacks.

There was no response. With no one around, the air was suffused in silence.

“……….” (Shuri)

She was just staring at one point.

I didn’t know where that point was, and thought that I didn’t need to know.

“……….” (Shuri)

She just stood there in absolute silence.

Like a puppet with no soul.

A trickle of tears ran down her cheek.

What was she thinking about? Normally, it wouldn’t be weird for her to be here. At the dungeon, I think she swore her loyalty to me from her fear of 『Dying』.

She may only have goodwill for me because she thought it was necessary for her to live and get her revenge.

So, when she said she wanted to come here I thought 『Ah, it was like this after all』. I reacted cooly.

“—…” (Daichi)

My chest hurt.

Though only a short while had passed, it felt very long. She slowly turned to me.

“………….Daichi-sama.” (Shuri)

“……What is it?” (Daichi)

“….. I, I think you need to come here.” (Shuri)

“….. Why?” (Daichi)

『Because we were seen.』

Anyway, I was just thinking this kind of thing.

However, such an expectation was betrayed.

“—-Because I understood that my feelings were real.” (Shuri)

Hamakaze was smiling.

She ran to and hugged me, causing me to stand there surprised.

My frozen thoughts began to finally move again.

“… Hamakaze?” (Daichi)

“I saw Samejima from the gate.” (Daichi)

“….. So you are saying your feelings for him are real and the ones for me are not?” (Daichi)

When I said that, Hamakaze’s guesses by my jittery eyes.

“You’re kidding… right? … Perhaps, are you disowning me?” (Shuri)

Though it changed into a smile that was like teasing immediately.

“No… It’s just, well… I don’t want to cause a huge misunderstanding by saying something suggestive like『Hmm? Are you perhaps interested in me?』like I have done in the past.” (Daichi)

After becoming very sad, it was surely my misunderstanding. The sympathy sent through that glance was surely my misunderstanding.

“Anyway, if you don’t like me who on Earth would?” (Daichi)

“… With all due respect, that is rude, Daichi-sama.” (Shuri)

“That’s… well, you know?” (Daichi)

“Yes. However, I like that sort of Katsuragi.” (Shuri)

“————-” (Daichi)

A surprise confession.

Moreover, my mind stopped functioning.

“I know that it is selfish to say. However, please hear me.” (Shuri)

Her small eyes caught mine.

“Somehow, even when Katsuragi complains you do so kindly, even if speaking ill of something.” (Shuri)

“That is in your imagination. You should take that back while there is still time.” (Daichi)

“I will become stronger so that I won’t die in order to help the Katsuragi that I like.” (Shuri)

“I only wanted a strong piece. Hamakaze was thinking things like that?” (Daichi)

“Choosing to play a bad role purpose, Katsuragi gave me a reason to live.” (Shuri)

“It’s not like that… I…” (Daichi)

My mouth was held closed by her finger.

“No matter what you think Katsuragi, it is unrelated. Because my feelings won’t change.” (Shuri)

She brought her face close.

…. This beautiful face I’ve seen many times.

With cheeks that looked like they were dyed like red plums and round eyes that were moistened with tears. Soft pink lips and smooth flowing black hair.

A resounding hot gaze. Close enough that I could hear her breath. Our noses touched.

Then our lips.

“I love you, Katsuragi.” (Shuri)

She kissed me a second time, it was sweet.

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