The Dungeon Seeker
Volume 3 Preview

Prologue – Faraway Memories

It probably feels like this inside the womb.

Dark, red, and muddy sight.

Lukewarm, and wet feeling.

As if an ejaculation continuing eternally, good feeling that is hard to describe and sense of unease.

Within that strange feeling, memories from faraway, thoughts of a certain girl when she was still small.

ーーSakaguchi Nazuna

That girl was terribly skinny, and something that couldn’t be used as a battle personnel at all.

Transported to a world that was not good at all, the reason why I, who should not have any time for caring about strangers, picked her up, it might have been because of a whim.

“No, that’s wrong”, I shook my head sidewards.

ーーthat girl, the world had given up on her just like me. That is why I picked her up.

*Pikon*, I knew that a sound effect rung on the corner of my head. It looks like the thesaurus points became zero.

“I see now”, I remembered everything, I understood the current situation that couldn’t be saved.

How I was going to reach the end of the labyrinth, it was promised by the curse that she put on me.

Compared to the ability to steal skills, far more awful than that……”what the heck is that cheat skill”, I smiled deprecatingly.

ーーin short, on that day, at that time, a curse was put on the girl. And, that girlーーSakaguchi Nazunaーーstopped being a human, and became a dungeon seeker that endlessly wanders in the labyrinth.

Gripping my fist, I closed my eyes.

The remaining path is a spiral of killing each other.

And ahead of that, I, or she, it would be either of us breaking through the labyrinth.  

No, in the first place. The one who put on a curse on her is meーーit is Takeda Junpei.

ーーThat’s right. That is why.

Even if my head was cut by herーーSakaguchi Nazuna, I need to continue going down towards the deepest parts.

“Fuu”, I took a light sigh there.

It started to become very noisy outside. And together with that, I knew that my ability to think and memories was being lost very quickly.

ーーit looks like it’s time to wake up.

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Volume 3