The Dungeon Seeker


In a dark dimーー”insides”, he was walking.


Red colored surfaces, creases, and veins, maybe it was easier to tell that it was the insides of the stomach. *Pechari*, he stepped on the yellow water puddle that was like amniotic fluid.


It was like he became as tiny as a little finger, walking around inside a human bodyーーit felt like that.


This is the different world’s dungeonーーthat was the place, where Takeda Junpei is walking right now.


「Damn it……this stage smells very raw……」


Ahead of the tube-shaped corridor, winds that had rotten smell mixed in it brushed his cheeks.


It looks like it would not take too much time, before this stage’s boss hall.


What can be felt was a very strong presence.


And the next instance, trembles that were like earthquakes echoed throughout the corridor.


At the same time that the premonition that “that” was ahead changed into conviction, a drop of sweat rolled down around Junpei’s temple.


He checked the feeling of the holster that was hung from his waist. It was a truly the massive weight of steel, it was『S&W M57』forthy-one caliber Magnum.


In a blink of an eye, the corridor’s outer wallsーーthe lump of flesh squirmed.


The flesh that was squirming on the outer walls were slashed through, and red liquid gushed out from it just like a fountain. What appeared was, a red-stained giant spider, an insect whose height was more than two meters.


Junpei immediately fast-drawed the Magnum, and at the same time, the spider’s head exploded together its yellow-green colored liquid, collapsed to the ground and stopped moving.


And walking ahead for about two minutes after that, a faint light entered his sight.


Inside the dark-red room that had a radius of about 30 meters, numerous corpses. Rotting smell in the surface and smell of steel, and, the sharp scent of gunpowder.


Standing on the middle part of the room was a giant mantis. Its height was probably around six meters.


「Use skill【Appraisal Eyes】」


A window emerged inside Junpei’s head.


【Crazy Mantis】

Danger Specification▼ ▼ ▼ SSS

Characteristics▼ ▼ ▼ Once for a long time ago, there was one that came out to the outer world. At that time, ten S-Rank Adventurers had been victim. It ruined a weak country by half, and it was finally successfully annihilated by the self-detonation magic of a hundred fifty court magicians from a strong country.


Human bodies scattered around, all of them were nude women, and their abdomens are strangely bulging.


There was only one situation that can be guessed from it……probably, it was after inseminating.


Women that had fallen into machines to manufacture anomalies. Their eyes were dim, and their saliva was drooping from their mouth sloppily.


*PikuPiku*, one of the girls started to convulse, raise queer sounds. And suddenly, its abdomen was torn up, as if it flowed out, or maybe fall down, *DobaDoba*, loads of small insects flowed.


To that scene, Junpei held his nausea, but the figure of the mantis swinging down its scythe entered his sight.


There were fifteen meters of distance between them.


While that far away, the mantis casually swung down its scythe.


Junpei felt a bad feeling, and instinctively squatted down.


*Hyu*, the sound of cutting winds.


The sound of the shock wave passing through his head, *Pasari*, it took away his bangs with it.


「Interference with air……long-ranged attack……Kamaitachi?」


While cold sweat ran down his back, the mantis moved.


With speeds that can even be called as instant movements, without a running start, without notice, without a doubt, god speed.


Its scythe passed through Junpei’s cheeks who bent backwards. About five millimeters, his skin was chunked off.  


Blood that overflows without stop.


Up to his shoulders, he who had blood make-up instantlyーーjumped to his side like it was nothing and pulled the trigger of his handgun at the same time.


Together with the dry sound, about 20 centimeters of mantis’ shoulder ruptured. But, the size of the opponent was……it can be compared to a tank, things like that, it would not be a fatal blow.


Once again, with the mantis’ speed, giant scythes swung continuously.


ーーtogether with the sparkling flash, a high-pitched sound that was like the collision of metals.


Before it was noticed, Junpei threw away the forty-one caliber Magnum, and, exchanged it with a samurai sword he took out from somewhere.


It was a long samurai sword. The length of its blade was about, the same of his height.


After exchanging slashes for a few seconds, he pushed back the giant scythe, and, a diagonal slashing flash.


After he slashed its thorny stomach into two which was the size of an adult male, organs flowed out together with liquids.


He, who took a breath after checking that his target was incapacitated, called out to every living human in the roomーーhe said one or two words to every impregnated girl.  


The girls smiled faintly, and shook their heads as if they had given up.


SlowlyーーJunpei left from the side of the girls, picked up the Magnum that he threw away and pulled the trigger without an expression on his face.


*Pan*, *Pan*, *Pan*, *Pan*, *Pan*.


Total of, five gunshots echoed. And soon after that, all breaths inside the room disappeared.


And, Junpei approached the giant mantis, and mumbled this.


「Confirmed the death of the target. Use Hunter Skill【Butcher】」


The surface of the mantis’ body was instantly enveloped by light particles, and changed into some created “materials”.


Those became shining cards, and fell fluttering in front of Junpei.


【Predator’s Scythe】

Item Rank▼▼▼ Rare (S)

Characteristics▼▼▼ Scythe of Crazy Mantis. Composed of organic matter that has lesser solidity than Orihalcon (Item Rank: Mythology Class). The difficulty for processing it is high, but it has the highest grade as weapon material.


【Sonic Reaper】

Skill Rank▼▼▼ Legendary Class

Characteristics▼▼▼ Long-ranged attack skill for melee bladed type weapons. Creates a shockwave by cutting through space, and makes it possible for a long-ranged attack. Effective range is more or less twenty meters. The dealt damage is, times 0.65 of normal attacks.


And there, Junpei thought.


「……【Sonic Blade】huh. Well really, I want this skill. Even though I am reinforcing the bullets with magic powers……it’s about time, for the fire power of the forty-one caliber Magnum to……but, this skill……should I really……”eat” it?」


And, he immediately held the card of the『Predator’s Scythe』, and mumbled as if he was fed up.


「……, it doesn’t look I have time to choose what I like」


*MekyuMekyu*, an eerie sound echoes through.


When he looked around, the same type of mantis earlierーーfive of them in visual estimation.


They had just appeared while breaking through the flesh walls.


In Junpei’s estimation, with his current fighting powers……even if he could fight them, two of them is the limit.


The insufficient firepower for long-ranged attacks areーーit’s too bad. If he only clears that, there would be many tactics available, and he can deal with them at ease.


In opposite of that, if he was surrounded by the five of them approachingーーit would be “The End”.


With a fed up tone he mumbles.


「Okay〜. Crazy Mantis……I will……eat you」


After he held the Skill Card, he invoked.


And at the same time, the card changed into light, and its particles had started to collect towards his left hand’s middle finger.


In a blink of an eye, he swung the samurai sword towards the mantises that appeared into the room.


*Pan*, a dry sound.


The shockwave that was created, slashed through the body of the mantis at long-range.


The remaining four mantises stopped at their foot in an instant, and then started to charge towards him.


Continuing, he swung down the samurai sword for a total of two.


*Pachun*, with a ridiculous sound, two of them died while scattering their organs.


And towards the remaining oneーーhe leaped, slashed straight down with the sword stance higher than his head.


*Dosari*, after the last anomaly died, he started to step forward to the stairs at the back.


And there, he closed his eyes as if to think of something deeply, and checked his status window. And, laughed subtly.


「I reached over level 2500 you know……is it still going up? The world’s strongest sword saint, he was 280 if I were correct? ……the experience points of the monsters here……what the hell……is happening with it………. haha……」


After he climbed up to the stairs, he placed his hand on the door knob.


*Gii*……, together with a heavy soundーーhe talked to himself.


「……this ridiculous maze……when will it end? The skill slots……there’s only a few of them damn it……the path ahead……I can’t imagine it. Just like this……can I……continue……to be alive?」


And, he looked at his own palm.


Just earlier, the middle finger that absorbed the light had changed to a purple color.


And……in both of his hands, six fingers have changed to a purple color.


But……, he thought and narrowed his eyebrows.


「I will live……I will definitely live……. I should already be, the strongest after I come out here. I will return alive……for sure. ……until I……change those bastards……that fooled me……pushed me down to this 0% surviving rate……I swear, I’ll turn them into fucking pieces of meatーー」


And, he continued.




To escape the dungeon that inhabits unbelievable, bugged creatures he was thrown into aliveーー


From the abyss of despair, the tale of revenge by a once, incompetent man, begins.

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