The Death Mage that doesn't want a fourth time
The Shield-Nation of Mirg Preview

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Third Time

Amamiya Hiroto has been reincarnated in『Lambda』!

Amamiya Hiroto has been cursed by the god of transmigration, Rodcorte!

I think I heard this kind of announcement inside my head, but I don’t really remember too well. In a state of being neither awake nor asleep, my consciousness gradually begins to take shape.

『Where is this place? What kind of situation am I in now? Though I get the feeling that I’m alive.』

But I don’t have a good idea of what kind of circumstances I’m in.

Even if I open my eyes, only darkness fills my vision and my arms and legs aren’t moving well, as if I’m in the middle of a dream.

My entire body is submerged in a warm fluid, and I can’t breathe. But I don’t feel any discomfort from this. It’s like I’ve become a fish.

『Surely it’s not possible that I’ve been reincarnated as something other than a human?』

It’s possible, since I’ve been cursed, after all. Things might work out if I’m still a human, at least, but if I’ve become an animal or a fish then I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.

But fortunately, my suspicions are proven to be wrong.


I can hear a voice. It’s not crying or shouting; it’s a gentle, singing voice.

The sound is strangely muffled, so I can’t make out the lyrics properly. But I can feel the emotion in the song.


『I see, I’m inside the womb. I’m a fetus right now.』

It seems that the god’s curse isn’t able to influence me before I’m reborn, at least.

From the fragments of information about the situation that Rodcorte put in my mind before I was reincarnated, Lambda seems to be a world with swords and magic. I might be some other species like an Elf or a Dwarf, but as long as I’m a sentient being, I don’t have a problem with that.

『Is it just my imagination? This song sounds kind of like Japanese...』

And then my consciousness melts away again.

The next time my consciousness returns, I’ve already been born.

「You’re always quiet, aren’t you, Vandalieu? It’s good that you are, but you’re allowed to cry from time to time, you know?」

I quietly look up at the woman who’s holding me and speaking to me.

『I suppose Vandalieu is my new name. It’s a lot better than the serial number I was assigned in Origin. And this person must be my third mother. She seems much better than the one I had in Origin as well.』

By the time I was self-aware in Origin, I’d already been sold, so I have no complaints about this beginning to my life. Considering I have a curse in place of a god’s blessing, this could be called a miracle.

『Well then, what kind of environment have I been born into? It seems my mother is a Dark Elf.』

The mother reflected in Vandalieu’s eyes was a woman in her early twenties with golden hair and dark brown skin. She was a beautiful woman with pleasant features; Vandalieu could have high hopes for his own appearance if this person was his mother.

The tips of her ears were pointed.

Even Vandalieu, who had only just been reborn into this world, could guess that she was a member of the dark-skinned Dark Elf race.

Well, it was not entirely impossible that she was simply a tanned Elf.

『Well, if that’s the case, I suppose it makes sense that she lives in a cave, huh.』

Indeed, the two of them were not in a cave-like house, but an actual cave.

There was a door and furs are spread out across the floor in place of a carpet, but it wasn’t a particularly civilized home.

But the Elves in fantasy stories on Earth were generally people that live in harmony with nature, so perhaps this kind of thing was normal for them.

『Well, the more important problem is my own body.』

His mother’s warm arms were wrapped around his fragile body. He looked at her soft skin that reminded him of chocolate, and then at his own plump, useless hands.

His hands were as white as silk.

『Why is my color different? Though my ears do seem to be pointed.』

His mother was a Dark Elf, but his skin was white. Could it be that he wasn’t a Dark Elf himself? He didn’t know how Dark Elves’ bodies change over the course of their lives. Could it be that they were born with white skin that turned darker as they grew into adults?

Or could it be that this person was not biologically his mother?

「Hmm? Are you curious as to why your mommy’s skin is a different color? You’re clever, aren’t you, Vandalieu? To notice that already. But don’t worry. Vandalieu, you just look a lot like your daddy, but you are definitely your mommy, Darcia’s, son.」(Darcia)

As Darcia, Vandaleiu’s mother, smiled gently, her words dispelled his doubts. He realized that he was a child of mixed blood, born to parents of different races.

There was a chance that Darcia was lying, but he had no intention of doubting her.

He wanted to simply enjoy the love that he was being given and feel at ease, rather than spend his time and emotional endurance on doubting her words.

『And... Sleep...』

And so Darcia lulled Vandalieu to sleep.

As a three-month-old, Vandalieu was a good son who didn’t cause any trouble for Darcia, who was going through her first experience raising a child.


When he was hungry, he made a noise like this and patted his stomach or pointed at Darcia’s chest and complained. When his diaper needed changing, he made a similar noise and patted his own hips.

「Yes~ here is Mommy’s breast~ You’re so well-behaved, Vandalieu~」(Darcia)

As Darcia raised Vandalieu up in her arms and exposed her nipple to feed him her milk, she thought,「what a good boy.」

Of course, she knew that this wasn’t normal. That he was too clever.

But she didn’t do anything to make her own son uncomfortable.

『Maybe it’s because he takes after his father... after that person.』

She suspected that the intelligence of her three-month-old son was due to his father’s blood.

That and the fact that she had recently often been feeling some strange Mana coming from Vandalieu only gave her more reason to believe that this was the case. His father’s race was more proficient at using magic than Dark Elves.

『What bothers me more is the fact that he doesn’t laugh or cry... I wonder if he feels anxious because he doesn’t have a father?』

What bothered Darcia was the fact that Vandalieu didn’t laugh or cry like a normal infant.

When her beloved son was hungry or even when she tickled him, he was always as expressionless as a doll. She had thought that he was just in a bad mood at first, but it seemed that wasn’t the case.

It also didn’t seem to be the case that his emotions were simply underdeveloped. She had once spotted him silently crying with an empty expression.

On that occasion she had thought that he might be sick and applied all the healing magic that she knew, but it seemed that he had simply been crying after having a scary nightmare.

「But the thing that bothers me the most is when I give you my breast. Does Mommy’s breast not taste nice?」(Darcia)

What bothered Darcia the most about her son’s behavior was that when she went to breast-feed him, he didn’t suck on her breast straight away, but instead let his eyes wander without moving for a while first.

He drank the milk in the end, but... Darcia was worried that there was something wrong with her own milk.

Vandalieu, who was in the middle of the important task of sucking milk from his mother’s nipple, was filled with feelings of embarrassment and guilt.

『It’s not easy being an infant, huh.』

One would normally be happy and proud to have such a young and beautiful mother. However, on the inside, he was a man who had lived about thirty-seven years over his two previous lives, so he had mixed feelings about it.

Though his body was that of an infant, his mind was that of an adult so he felt overly conscious about it. He had been especially conscious of members of the opposite sex since he was a high-schooler on Earth.

『I wonder how the others felt? In Origin, I was about ten months old when my memories returned.』

Had the others who had been reborn in Origin felt embarrassment when their mother changed their diapers?

『But I can’t make my mother worry about it forever. I’ll just have to get used to it as soon as possible.』

Vandalieu had already imprinted in his mind that Darcia, his third mother, was “his mother”. He had no discomfort with this fact. In any case, despite this being his third life, this was the first time he was experiencing a mother’s love. It would be impossible for him to reject it.