Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World
051-100 Preview

Chapter 51 - Sex maniac.

Man is a being with a massive sexual appetite.
Roxanne has a subtle smile because of it.
There’s no helping my sexual desire since I now have two sex slaves.

Well, there’s nothing I can do about it.
There’s really nothing I can do about it.
It’s a man thing.

Since there’s no helping it, I was the first to enter the bath after the meal.

“Everyone take off your cloths and join me in the bath.”

I declare it and take off my cloths.
Being slightly forceful is necessary so Sherry is like Roxanne and doesn’t complain.
Chance to complain is limited if we get in quickly.

I undressed quickly, and entered the bath a bit early.
I wanted to watch the ladies undressing, but I also needed to adjust the temperature of the water.

“May I enter the bath? Baths are things that only nobles and royalty use.”
“It’s fine, lets get in together.”

Roxanne persuades her.
It seems things are alright.
Sherry will get in with us.

The lantern is set up, and the temperature of the bath is checked.
It’s a little hot, but I don’t think I need to add any water.
It’s rather good.
Since I’ve used the bath several times my experience is showing.

Adjusting the temperature is hard and easiest done by adding some water of a suitable temperature.
I can bring hot water in a jar, but it’s hard to raise the temperature like that.
It’s easier to cool the temperature down.
Next time I’ll make sure to use more heat.

“Roxanne’s are really big.”
“That’s not true.”
“But mine….”

As I’m checking the temperature I can hear two people chatting.
What those two are doing.
I’m jealous!
It’s foul play for them to enjoy it on their own.

“Master, I’m coming in.”

Roxanne and her foul play enters the bathroom.
That’s definitely a foul.
Well, they are huge.

“Ahh… Excuse me.”

Sherry comes in while looking down and hiding her chest.
Her cloths have been taken off and she’s naked.
Oh the privilege of being the owner!

Even though she is small and thin, Sherry’s style is good.
Her breasts also help her image.
They have some volume.
Her soft fair skin is dazzling.

“Well, should I wash?”

Even though I have the owners privilege I can’t just keep staring forever.
Lathering some soap up I started to wash her body.
Straight for her body.


Roxanne comes in front of me.
There’s big things shaking right in front of my eyes.
My eyes have no choice but to look.

“A~u. I thought so.”

Sherry laments.
My eyes stay locked on Roxanne’s chest though.
My hands go forward involuntarily.

I rub the soap over Roxanne.
The place I want to wash the most is washed the most.
I gently wash with both hands.
I trace my hands along the curve of the swelling mounds.

Roxanne’s chest is great.
This feeling, this elasticity, this pounding, this weight.
Even without one of those they would still be wonderful.
This is the best.

“The best.”
“Thank you.”

The head and the back, Roxanne is one big mass of bubbles, excluding her tail.

“Next is Sherry.”
“Ah. Yes.”

If Sherry is standing nearby she really seems quite small.
I can’t even see what expression she’s making from my position.
She’s thin, small and beautiful.

I kneel in the lamplight, and start painting bubbles.
I can go for her chest without holding back.
I extended my hand and started painting the bubbles on her collarbone.

“A~u, it’s amazing.”

This is quite good.
Roxanne’s chest is big enough to spill out of the palms of my hands, will Sherry’s chest fit in my hands completely?
A nice fit feeling will also be irresistibly good.

Spilling out is good, but a comfortable fit is also good.
The feeling of holding small birds or hamsters in the palm of your hand.

“Ah. Um. I’m sorry I’m so small.”
“You aren’t that small.”
“When I was in the village I thought that, but in the slave traders building there were people with huge chests and they were popular.”

Men buying sex slaves.
I don’t want to comment about it since I’m one of them.

“It’s fine, there’s no problem.”
“But Roxanne is…”

There’s already been some comparing.

“Sherry is quite short compared to Roxanne, and I don’t think it can be helped that her chest is smaller. I think you are quite well off for your height.”

There’s 20-30 centimeters of difference in their heights, so I think the difference in the size of their chests is natural.
If someone Sherry’s height had a chest like Roxanne I think it would be quite strange.
Since Sherry is short, I think her proportions have a good ratio.

“That’s right Sherry.”
“Ah, Thank you.”

Sherry calms down and I paint bubbles over her whole body.
I can enjoy her chest at any time again later.

“Now Sherry, we wash Master.”
“Yes. Um, how?”
“I do it like this.”

Roxanne embraces me from the left.
My left arm is caught in the valley of her chest. It’s a wondrous thing.
It’s completely surrounded by her breasts.
A wall of flesh presses around my arm.

And from the right is Sherry.
She doesn’t have any strength, but it’s lovely.

This is unbearable.
I am being washed carefully by two people.
They are washing from the right and the left, instead of the front and the back, and it’s wonderful.

“Roxanne and I washed our hair yesterday, so Sherry’s hair gets washed today. Sherry come in front of me, and Roxanne get behind her.”

Sherry stands in front of me.
Since she’s small it’s a good height for washing her hair.
Her head comes up to the height I stretch out my arms.

I lather up some soap and rub it into her hair.
After rubbing her hair, large amounts of bubbles start forming.

Roxanne comes to my back.
Even though I asked her to go to Sherry’s back.
Unexpectedly it became a line of washing.

I feel a rich swelling like balloons on my back.
Since it’s my back I can’t see what’s happening.
I have to endure the sensations.

There’s no choice so I continue to wash Sherry in front of me.
I scrub her hair to divert my attention.

Sherry’s hair is quite fine.
There’s not much resistance when rubbing through my fingers.
It doesn’t look like it, but it feels light like cotton.

“This is good. Your hair is really soft and nice feeling.”
“Ah, Thank you.”
“It’s hard to believe it’s hair.”

Because she’s a dwarf, she might have different characteristics to humans.
The thin, light hair amuses me.
The bubbles started to decrease, so I add more soap.

After washing enough, we rinsed the soap down the drain.
Sherry’s wet dark hair became flat and stuck to her skin.
She looks sort of like a doll.

I got into the bath.
I dare to say it.
Roxanne’s tail is amazing in the water.

Embracing Roxanne, I reached down and pat her tail.
The smooth feeling of it is irresistible.
I plop myself down into the bath while carrying Roxanne.

“Get in too, Sherry.”
“Ah, yes.”

Sherry timidly climbed in.
While shyly hiding her body, she slowly lowered herself into the water.
Despite her modesty, I pulled her towards me.
Roxanne is to my right, and Sherry is on my left.

This luxury. This prosperity. This glorious feast.

A beautiful woman to my left and right.
I can freely touch their skin directly because we are naked in the bath.
Roxanne’s big chest to my right.
Sherry’s delicate lovely body to my left.

You could say that this is every man’s dream.
This would be Hideyoshi’s golden tea room, or Napoleon’s coronation.
If it were Hitler, maybe a wedding ceremony?
Well, he commit suicide.

After the bath, two people help dry my body, and then we head to the bedroom.
Honestly, I did consider attacking them both in the bathroom.
There isn’t any light in the bedroom.
While I regret it a little that I won’t be able to see their bodies, it might be unavoidable.

“Come on, you two.”
“Yes Master.”
“Ah, yes. Um, is it alright for me to wear something so nice?”

Sherry speaks with a quiet voice.
She seems to have borrowed a white camisole from Roxanne for a night dress.
Roxanne is wearing a pink camisole.
I can’t see them well because there is no light.

“It’s fine.”
“Thank you.”
“Roxanne is also wearing one.”
“Well, she is number one.”

It’s good that Roxanne isn’t being unkind to Sherry.

“Ah, Sherry. Kiss me good night before I go to sleep, and kiss me good morning when I wake up.”

I told her the house rule, which Roxanne also has to follow.
I pulled Sherry into an embrace.
She is so petite it feels like she might break.

I can’t hold out any longer.
My endurance is at it’s limits.

We kissed.


As I kissed Sherry, Roxanne let out a small voice.
Just barely loud enough to hear.
A very small quiet voice.
It seems slightly sad.

It’s a scream.
It must be a scream.
Even though she doesn’t look gloomy, I can understand it from that voice.

Roxanne wants her “turn”.
That seems to be it.

There’s another person with her Master.
Roxanne was first for everything before Sherry came.
First when serving meals, and first washing in the bathroom.

Of course that was the same with the good night kiss.
I should have kissed Roxanne before Sherry.

I’ve stepped on a land mine.
I’ve stomped on Roxanne’s honor.

Very bad.
Even I think it’s bad.
I’m bad because I’ve done something so thoughtless.

After kissing Sherry, I don’t understand the sensations.
I don’t understand the taste, I don’t understand the softness.
The sole saving thing is that I didn’t use my tongue.

What should I do?
How do I do this?

I need to think of something.
Don’t just act, think!

“Ah, since this is a good night kiss, I’m saving the best, Roxanne for last.”

This. Just this.
I figured out an excuse.
I forcefully rationalized it.
Somehow I found a fix for it.

“Yes, Master.”

Roxanne’s cheerful voice had changed drastically.
I’m safe!
I’ve avoided the death sentence!

I sprawled down on the bed.
The news paper in my head has a headline saying I’m innocent.
Thank you.
The false accusation has been cleared.

I embraced Roxanne to my side.
Let’s show something amazing.
I suck on Roxanne’s lips relentlessly.

The fires of revenge burn brightly in my heart.
According to the “turn”, will this satisfy Roxanne?

Revenge has been achieved, and I lay exhausted on the bed.
I lay there comfortably and fatigued.
My mind doesn’t want to do anything now.

I take a deep breath.
As I catch my breath I think of what should be done.
TN: Some time later…
色魔 Lv1
Sex Maniac Lv1
Effects: Small intellect increase, small MP increase, increased energy, abstinence attack.

There it is.
A new job has been acquired.

Well, I had that kind of feeling.
This is expected if I do it so much.

What was the condition for getting this job?
Is it to have sex with two or more of the opposite sex?
Is it to have sex with two or more of the opposite sex at the same time?

I think about the intense actions from earlier.
Well, I have an idea of the conditions.

Maybe I got a little too into it?
Did I get excited more than normal?
Intensity and endurance, maybe that’s it.

It should be alright since there were two partners.
I didn’t put much strain on Sherry since it was her first time.
It might have been a bit more serious with Roxanne though.

Well, it seems I fall into the human category.
The human racial job is really Sex Maniac.
Humans might be horrible.

Two small increases and a medium increase is equivalent to Roxanne’s Beast Soldier.
That might be a characteristic of a racial job.

Sex Maniac’s spirit, intellect and MP increases will be useful as a supporting job for Wizard.
It wouldn’t be good on it’s own, but it should be quite useful for me.

“Master, she seems to be resting.”

While quietly thinking, I heard Roxanne’s voice.
She’s not asleep.
Roxanne smoothed out my sweaty hair.

“Looks like it.”
“That was intense.”

Since I was lost in thought, I hadn’t noticed.
As I spoke to Roxanne, I moved Sherry aside.
Since she is small, she isn’t heavy at all.

“Was it alright?”
“Yes. With Sherry here today I was more enthusiastic than normal. I wasn’t sure what to expect, if I’d like it, but it’s good that Sherry came.”

Roxanne seems to have been a bit anxious about it.
I thank Roxanne in my heart.
I’m glad that I love Roxanne for being Roxanne.

“Things are fine?”
“Yes, Master is a good Master and even now didn’t overdo it with Sherry.”

I wanted to try out the increased energy and skill from the Sex Maniac job, but it doesn’t seem like the time for it.

“Thank you.”
“Thank you too.”

The conversation felt like a lullaby, and my consciousness slipped away.

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