Silver Cross and Draculea
Gin no Juujika to Draculea Preview

Chapter 5
Sports Festival

Eruru woke up but found it difficult to open her eyes.

To begin with, the vampire blood coursing through her body suppressed her biological activity during the daytime. Furthermore, she had drunk black coffee before going to bed in spite of the consequences. The caffeine resulted in very light sleep and prevented her from waking up to a refreshing start.

Yawning adorably, she left the bedroom to wash her face.

Even after doing that, she still felt sleepy.

Due to not wearing her glasses, she found the living room quite blurred in view.

In any case, she began to remove her pajamas to get changed.

Having another coffee later would fix things.

...As soon as she made mental plans to make herself presentable, she discovered she had forgotten to prepare her change of clothes.

Whatever, undress first then return to the bedroom... After taking off her pajamas, Eruru noticed a familiar smell.

The refreshing and energizing fragrance of coffee.

This was rich coffee prepared by skills superior to her own.

Her consciousness gradually growing more awake, Eruru looked towards the kitchen.

This kitchen, which she seldom used, was currently fulfilling its worth while a superbly skilled cook was preparing breakfast inside.

Hisui made breakfast while trying his best not to look towards Eruru, advising indifferently:

"...You'd better put on some clothes first."

This sentence made Eruru completely awake.

Blushing, she frantically checked her condition.

All she was wearing was underwear.

A cute pink bra covered the gentle curves of her chest, accompanied by a pair of panties.

Her pajamas were haphazardly scattered in the surroundings.


"Yeah, I know, after all, it's your own home... Right? My parent used to go around naked all the time... Yeah."

Hisui brought the salad and fried eggs to the dining table and consoled her.

However, his eyes were furtively glancing at Eruru in her underwear.

"E-Erase those memories instantly!!"

"Hey, don't point your gun at me! Where the heck did you pull that out from!? Where did you conceal that gun!?"

"Shut your trap!!"

Although she did not shoot, she still used Argentum as a bludgeoning weapon to whack Hisui hard.

Several minutes later, face still red, Eruru was dressed and sitting at the dining table with a furious look.

"Remember your lesson..."

"No no, that's the wrong reaction, right? I'm the one who's heavily injured."

All bruised up in the face, Hisui sat opposite to her.

Although Eruru did hold back, Hisui was suffering terribly from external wounds and internal bleeding, having lost his special constitution that healed his wounds quickly.

"Say, you really should pay more attention with a boy in the house... You're totally unguarded when you wake up, you know?"

"S-Shut your trap!! Why did you keep staring!?"

"You're the one who ran over. Oh well, it's quite common for people who act all reliable outside to have an undisciplined side at home. Hurry and eat, okay?"

Hisui spoke and urged Eruru to start eating.

Eruru's face was still red but she finally drank a sip of coffee and picked up the newspaper.

"...The taste is not bad, but if you think this is enough to make me forgive you, you are thoroughly mistaken... Speaking of which, why did you make all this?"

"Uh, since you let me live here, I went with the flow. Say, your fridge is totally empty and your kitchen is pretty much unused, clean as brand new. You really should do more house work."

"Such a nag... All I need is minimum nourishment!"

"In terms of food, that vampire who used to live in my home was a lot more particular than you. Say, why do you live alone? I heard yesterday that you're already working."

"...I live separate from my mother. Because there is no need to live together."

"Your dad?"

"...I have no father. Please do not mention this word again."

With a face filled with resentment, Eruru finished the bitter drink in her cup with one gulp.

Seeing her reaction, it was obvious which of her parents was the vampire.

For his own personal safety, Hisui decided it would be best not to mention her father.

"...Want more coffee?"

"Another cup."

Still miffed, Eruru passed the empty cup over.

Hisui smiled wryly while refilling Eruru's cup, then cleared the utensils to wash.

The way it looked, Hisui was totally the master of the kitchen.

"So... What are your plans?"

"What plans... I was thinking yesterday, ultimately, an official request needs to be made to the Supernatural Investigations Section. The best course of action is to ask them to track down your doppelganger. It is also quite worrying what treatment Rushella might receive... In the worst case scenario, I shall personally keep her under continuous surveillance to prevent others from arbitrarily issuing extermination orders."

"Sure... Thanks."

"Why do you sound so unconcerned!? Do you understand your current situation!?"

"More or less. I've thought about it overnight and organized things. Also, you're a good person. That's one point I managed to clear up."


Eruru gnashed her teeth without saying a word, her face red.

Hisui had apparently said that in the past.

As expected, people's true personalities never change.

"So, I'll leave the rest of the dishes to you. I'll be late if I don't leave soon."

"...? Wait, where are you going!?"

"Hmm, it's school. Of course, I mean high school, not middle school."

"What are you talking about...? You are currently...!"

"I don't have my current knowledge or memories. But I'm still a high school student. I'm sure my tuition is paid using Miraluka's money, so I can't go skipping class."


"If I feel an urge to drink blood, I'll bite my lip and drink my own blood. Although it's a last resort, it does work to some degree for someone like me who's in the middle of turning into a vampire. Could you tell those people I met in school yesterday, to help out in case of emergencies."

Hisui finished in one breath, not showing any intention to skip school.

Stopping him was easy.

Although he was in the process of turning into a vampire, he was no match for Eruru after all.

There were tons of ways to stop him.

But Eruru agreed reluctantly.

"Do as you wish. However... Please do not leave my side in school."

"Yes yes."

Hence... The two left the house and went on their way together.

Two beings suffering from the same miseries--a vampire's victim and a half-vampire. Under the sun's direct rays, they rushed into the classroom as the bell rang, bearing tired faces.

Rushella was already in the classroom. Looking at the two of them with depressed eye, she then averted her gaze.

Hisui went to his seat, neighboring hers.

"...Good morning."

He greeted her but Rushella did not respond.

In the end, the two of them did not exchange a word until after school that day.

After school, Hisui and Eruru went to the empty classroom together.

Hisui had no memories of this classroom or the club..

But according to Eruru, the ghost and the student council vice-president were running around for his sake so he should show up to listen to the report of their findings at least. As for other circumstances, Eruru had not mentioned them.

Rushella... apparently wasn't coming.

After all, she was currently a criminal suspect. Mei was in charge of her surveillance and so was absent as well.

Although Hisui had no memory... Rushella's affairs made him especially worried.

The expression she showed when she realized Hisui was turning into a vampire...

Although apart from his parent, Hisui had never met any other vampire. But definitely, no other vampire would show that kind of face.

Even if he really had that kind of constitution for the past year... A vampire was not going to make that kind of expression towards prey.

Hisui could not figure it out, so he scratched his head.

Hisui and Eruru finally reached the classroom, Hisui pushed the door and entered...


Someone was changing inside.

She did not look anything like a high schooler, but did not appear to be a teacher either, a woman with a trim and tight physique. She had just taken off her women's suit, leaving a black sports bra and simple shorts that matched.

"...What are you doing? Oogami-san."

Eruru was the first to speak.

"Hmm, just as you can see, I'm in the middle of changing... Hey, what are you looking at!?"

"I'm not looking."

Hisui answered calmly then frantically shifted his gaze away.

Mmm, that muscular athlete's body.

Graceful and limber.

There probably exist people with a thing for that.

But Hisui had no such fetish.

"W-Why are you acting so uninterested!? Ah... Maybe you're shy? Well, you are a boy after all, well? Still a high schooler? Can't be helped... Since you want to look, it's not like you can't..."

"Let's go outside, Kariya."

"Yes. Sorry for disturbing you while you are changing."

"What, that bored face as a reaction!? Hold it right there..."

...Rangetsu was just about to chase out the door when she suddenly remembered how stupid it was to be only wearing underwear, leaving her no choice but to retreat with a reddened face.

Hisui closed the door and bid farewell to Rangetsu's exposed body, asking Eruru:

"Hmm, who's that?"

"I believe there is no need for you to remember. Rather, it would be better to forget directly."

"Yeah, I get the same feeling."

Just as Hisui crossed his arms and nodded in agreement, he was grabbed by the back of his collar and dragged into the classroom.

"Hey, what the fuck!?"

"I'm changed. So how is it, does it suit me?"

Rangetsu made a pose in the middle of the classroom.

It looked quite legit... But her attire was greatly problematic.

She was wearing a plain black tracksuit without any decoration.

Normally, this would a PE teacher's workclothes. Right now with the sports festival coming up, all teachers and students were training and getting ready so other subject teachers were willing to wear this sort of tracksuit.

"Eh, what's the situation?"

"An undercover investigation... Well, it's not that exaggerated, I'm simply changing clothes to blend in so that I can move more freely in school, you see? Nominally, I'm an instructor hired from outside for the sports festival period. The school is informed already. Although I can't be stationed at school all the time, up until the sports festival this weekend, I've already planned to lurk here already, you know?"

"Yeah, good job..."

"What's with that unmotivated answer? Don't you want to be instructed by such a good-looking teacher like me?"

Rangetsu flaunted her slender body and leaned over but Hisui was unmoved.

"No... Um, this look suits you very well."

"Oh my, aren't you honest today?"

"Although I find women who are suited to tracksuits are a bit unusual."

"Putting aside an athlete's airs, you are completely unattractive as a woman."

Eruru entered the classroom and expressed her view with displeasure.

Rangetsu scowled viciously, revealing her long canines but Eruru was unfazed. In a contest of fangs, she had her own set anyway.

"...Speaking of which, Kujou-kun... I smell blood on your neck? What's the matter?"

Rangetsu looked at the bandaid on Hisui's neck and asked acutely.

As expected of a detective from the Supernatural Investigations Section. Hisui's current condition could not escape her sense of smell of course, rivaling a police dog's.


Eruru sighed and explained things roughly to her.

"...I see, I get the situation now. But it's not commendable that you're not reporting to the Supernatural Investigations Section, you know?"

"...I know."

This was all Eruru acting on her own and could not be considered a wise plan.

Hisui and Rushella were supposed to be quarantined instead.

"That said, we currently lack manpower and you seem to have minimum safeguards... Whatever, Kujou-kun, if you have someone to supervise you, I allow you freedom of movement. Also, about that vampire called Rushella..."

"No problem. Don't mind her."

As the victim, Hisui seemed unconcerned.

Rangetsu's former self would definitely not have compromised so easily but unbelievably, she now accepted.

"Is that so...? Actually, the situation remains the same, just that your body has produced symptoms. In any case, there is Sudou-san in charge of surveillance... However, if anything happens, you will take full responsibility, is that clear?"

Rangetsu was staring at Eruru in a terrifying manner while asking.

The two were originally enemies in a struggle between factions but were sent to the same battlefield simply due to their mission. Having them cooperate fully would be asking for too much.

Now that she was lending Eruru a favor and could use this as leverage to make Eruru take the fall and get kicked out if the situation turned south, Rangetsu stood to gain no matter what standpoint things developed.

"No problem. I have already resolved myself to take the responsibility. But even so, I did not really expect you to agree so easily."

Rangetsu went hmph and looked at Hisui then changed the topic while resting her face on her hands.

"...Then what? What are your plans next?"

"Please listen to these girls first."

Eruru's sharp hearing had already picked up on the footsteps approaching the classroom.

Although it was one person's steps, two individuals entered.

Kirika and Touko.

"Eh, you are... Oogami-san, right?"

"Oh, it's the errand girl."

"Who is the errand girl!?"

Rangetsu protested against Touko's comment before facing Eruru again.

"They are the collaborators you mentioned?"

"Yes. Please have a seat, you two. Let us confirm the many plans we have ahead of us."

Kirika nodded and sat down while Touko hovered in the surroundings as usual.

Ignoring Touko, Eruru started the Supernatural Investigations Club + Supernatural Investigations Section joint meeting.

"Currently, the sports festival is being held as scheduled. So... Have there been any more threatening letters?"

Eruru asked Kirika. The vice-president shook her head.

"None received. Due to the earlier tent incident, the teachers and the students in sports clubs have been more on guard. None of the facilities and equipment have shown damage so far."

"Oh, I was also wandering around school to help watch, you know?"

"...As for sightings of Touko-san, witnesses have increased greatly, how troubling..."

Kirika grumbled bitterly.

The ghost with great initiative really wasn't saving any effort.

"...However, Touko-san's presence really is a great help. About the doppelganger matter I have asked grandma already. This type of half-tangible body case is quite hard to capture. However, if Touko-san does it, she should be able to sense the doppelganger. After all, doppelgangers are considered pseudo spiritual entities, they should be able to interfere with each other."

"Conversely, the other side will be on guard against Touko-san. To this date, he has not come to school, probably because Touko-san is present?"

Hisui spoke slowly.

Although he had lost his memories and was in the process of turning into a vampire, his observation skills and knowledge on supernatural entities remained unchanged.

Rangetsu showed an impressed look after listening.

"You're quite sharp. Then what do you plan on doing?"

"Nothing much. But since it's hard for him to interfere with the school before the sports festival, he'll probably make a commotion on the day of the festival, right... Say, the doppelganger of the class rep who sits next to me, any news on that?"

"The only ones who saw her directly were you and Uno-san. Currently, your memories are unclear. Have you recalled anything?"

"Nothing. But... I know class rep is a good person and very kind to me."

Hisui answered Eruru's question while plunged into deep thought.

Seeing him in deep thought, Eruru turned the topic to the day of the sports festival.

"Right now, we must maintain vigilance and the problem is the actual day of the sports festival. Currently, there is Oogami-san's help and Touko-san can also contribute... Also... We will handle things as the situation changes, I suppose. The biggest problem... is confirming Sera-san and Kujou-san's doppelgangers. Although they are certain to be nearby, if the state of separation persists, they will all disappear eventually... I am not worrying excessively, am I?"

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Rangetsu nodded solemnly.

"Indeed, finding the doppelgangers is top priority... But how should it be done?"

"Oh, grandma told me about this. Since they are sure to be nearby, a barrier can be erected to slowly decrease their area of movement. But this type of barrier has its limits, so I am not too sure how small an area they can be forced into..."

Kirika supported her face while frowning and looking at Hisui with worry. The vampirization process and the weakening caused by the doppelganger were causing Hisui great suffering.

"...Just try it, make the area as small as possible. What would be best would be this... Force them into the school."

Hisui responded to Kirika and hoped she could give a specific plan.

"That is possible, but... Why the school?"

"Having a precise location is best. My doppelganger aside, class rep's one should take the bait easily, after all, this is where her goal is located."

"...Possibly. My side will take care of manpower and equipment on the barrier. Finally, one more question I'd like to ask... Is that vampire really okay?"

Just as the plan was being settled, Rangetsu raised an uncertain element.

Although the doppelgangers were a tricky problem, Rushella's issue was also worrying.

"According to Kariya-san, she has not sucked blood from anyone apart from Kujou-kun. But that's no longer an option in this incident. If she sucks another person's blood, she will surely become a target for extermination."

"We have not confirmed that fact yet. If indeed she has sucked another person's blood, I will personally execute her myself."

Eruru spoke coldly.

After all, she had pointed her gun at Rushella before.

"I was thinking yes, I don't need to worry about that. But the problem is if she insists on her principles and suppressed the urge. Suppressing is very painful, right?"

No one said anything

Apart from Hisui, everyone present knew Rushella's personality, in other words, they held a certain kind of trust in her.

Most likely, Rushella was not going to suck anyone's blood but Hisui's.

She will choose to endure.

But once endurance reached a limit, vampires went berserk.

"Kujou-san's blood has been collected on a regular basis to use for transfusions to Kujou-san himself and as Rushella's emergency rations. He has a certain level of stock at home, so it should be enough to last until this incident is resolved."

"...Very well."

Hearing Eruru's explanation, Rangetsu also accepted the contingency plan and stood up.

"Then I'll take a casual walk around school. Before the sports festival arrives, everyone do their jobs properly."


Then the joint meeting ended.

Time for school to end, Hisui went on his way home.

However, he went to Eruru's home instead of his old and familiar house.

Staring at his house's direction, Hisui's eyes reflected the setting sun.

How was Rushella now?

"Say, you..."


Mei was currently preparing dinner while Rushella was on the side, sprawling on the dining table.

Although Rushella did not help out at all, bored with nothing to do, she simply waited nearby.

"...Don't you need to drink blood? Hi-kun's blood... There's stock stored up, right?"

Mei pointed to the small fridge next to the normal fridge and asked.

This was essential in any vampire or dhampir home, a fridge for storing blood packs.

"...Speaking of which, if using blood packs could satisfy vampires, why do they still need to attack humans? Sure would save the hassle."

"Although it quenches the thirst, the taste is terrible! After trying it once, I want to vomit every time I recall the taste! Even Hisui's blood is the same. I want to suck blood directly and it has to be the neck! Although other parts are way better than blood packs, it's still not satisfying!"

"...How picky. You sound completely like some kind of gourmet food critic's ego."

"Don't humans seek delicious food, not satisfied with merely sustaining life!? Otherwise, can't humans just eat a bit of those 'supplements'!?"

"You sure know how to pick at weakpoints. Perhaps what you say is right... But humans don't attack other people."


"Had you endured a little at the time, Hi-kun wouldn't have ended up like this."

"...Shut up."

Rushella shouted then fell silent.

Mei did not press the matter and turned to more practical matters.

"Although I get that you don't need to drink every day, you're almost at your limit, right? Oh, but the higher a vampire's rank, the stronger the endurance, right?"

"According to Hisui, that parent of his went cold turkey for one year as her best record. But that was going quite far to the limit. Luckily she drank backup blood kept for emergencies. A little later and she would most likely have started attacking people indiscriminately."

"How scary. I don't think you have that level of self-control, so hurry up and drink some. If you cause trouble, you'll surely get executed, you know?"

"...Shut up and hurry with dinner!"

"Like I said, isn't it fine even if you don't eat this? Jeez, why do I have to cook for you... Oh, how about I make a lunchbox for Hi-kun on the day of the sports festival~ After all, Eruru-chan definitely isn't going to do it, perhaps it's a chance?"

"That guy... Will he come?"

Rushella muttered to herself.

The sports festival was imminent.

Hisui was not very motivated in the first place and now with his health in this condition... Will he still participate?

Left to roam free in a place among crowd... Will Eruru permit it?

"Who knows... But weren't you all fired up for it? You're still having morning practice with the class rep, right?"

"...Yeah. But she seems quite tired. Is it because of the doppelganger's effects..."

"You have to do your best too. Of course, I'll have to properly prepared a special lunchbox for Hi-kun❤"

Mei was filled with anticipation for the coming sports festival.

Rushella first glared at her unhappily then thought of something and stood up from her chair.

"Lunchbox huh..."

"...What? You're not asking me to help make you one, are you? Seriously, isn't it better if you drank blood instead on that day? Although you have the light blocking agent, being under the sun is still unpleasant, right?"

"So noisy, shut up. Well, umm... Just think of it as practical experience. It's not like I can't help you with cooking, you know?"

Unbelievably, Rushella compromised and walked over.

Although she still had her arms crossed and her face held up high.

"Forget it, your help's not needed. The kitchen is innocent."

"What does it matter!? Don't be shy!!"

"No, it's really not needed! Hold on, hey, I'm holding the kitchen knife here!!"

"What does it matter!?"

Several minutes later, because Rushella insisted on helping, the kitchen's sorry state could only be described as a battlefield.

"Like I said, don't come over! Not only is the pot overflowing, but it's also about to explode!?"

"Okay, let's turn up the heat...!"

"Arghhh, I've had enough!!"

...In the end, their dinner that night ended in shambles.

Meanwhile, at Eruru's home.

"...I feel like something big is happening at home. It must be that, that whatever linking of senses between a vampire and the victim, probably a bit more reliable than premonitions."

"If she cuts the link, it is pointless, right? This is purely your own premonition. Although I feel that premonitions tend to be real."

"Say, Kariya, why am I the one to cook and do the dishes every time? Although you're providing a roof for me, can't you cook once in a while?"

"Pizza and sushi can be ordered for delivery. The convenience store is close by too. If you walk a little further, there are many restaurants."

"I'm beginning to understand why your growth is stunted."

As a result, Eruru gave Hisui a kick while he was washing the dishes.

The first weekend in Hisui and Rushella's separated lives arrived.

Usually a holiday, this Sunday also carried the special significance of the sports festival. Students filed into school.

Announcing the sports festival's opening, fireworks flew into the sky while all students were lined up at the opening ceremony.

Standing there unsteadily, Hisui seemed like an odd one out.

Mei stood near him and asked with worry.

"Hey... Are you okay?"

"...Seems... a little something's up. Although I can overcome the hazy consciousness and dazed mind that comes with the vampirization process... Sunlight is terrible. I guess I should have gotten a transfusion first...? Also, my doppelganger... If it doesn't get found, looks like it could get dangerous..."

"Oogami-san and Touko-san have been patrolling the entire school. I heard that Uno-san has to stay in festival's hosting headquarters. Once the festival ends, she will join in the search. Say... You should be resting at home today, right? Why did you come running here on purpose?"

Eruru leaned in as well, whispering quietly with both care and reprimand.

Hisui felt a bit apologetic but still answered with a brave face.

"...If I'm absent, Rushella would feel bad, right?"

Saying that, he glanced secretly at Rushella, but she happened to be looking at him as well.

But as soon as their eyes met, she instantly turned her gaze away and bowed her head.

"What an idiot you are."

"I know, okay. Time to do the march. Hurry to your spot."

Mei and Eruru had no choice but to return to their positions.

The teachers on the main platform gave orders and the entire student body moved to their assigned positions on stand by according to year and class.

The sports festival was raising its curtain officially.

No sooner had it began, Hisui's stamina had already reached a limit.

Although the actual events he was participating was a sprint in the morning and the full class relay at the end in the afternoon, due to the heavens giving an ideal sunny day as a gift to the sports festival, he felt terrible even when sitting down.

It came as no surprise that he was last place in the sprinting event.

The short distance run made Hisui rapidly drain his remaining energy. Coming to a certain tent in the the resting area, he collapsed in a heap like a corpse.

Even when the bell rang to signal the lunch break, he remained completely still.

"Umm... Are you okay, Kujou-kun...?"

When he noticed, Reina was on the side, looking at him with worry.

"Oh nothing. Class rep, are you okay? I see your face not looking too good?"

"Hmm, I'm fine..."

Unlike Hisui, she was not undergoing vampirization, but likewise, she had half her soul separated.

Also, she participated in many more events than Hisui in the morning.

This is likely physical exhaustion right now.

"Next up... I just have the relay remaining."

"Really...? Oh, it's noon, have you eaten yet? Are your parents bringing you a lunchbox?"

"My parents aren't coming... Then I'll be off? You really should take care."


Once high school rolled around, many legal guardians didn't bother to attend sports festivals anymore.

The issue of lunch were mostly handled by groups of friends together.

So where Reina was running off to was easy to guess.

That said... Hisui still forced himself to stand up and chase after her.

After that, Rushella came to Hisui's spot.

She was carrying two lunchboxes... An apprehensive look on her face.

But Hisui was already gone.

After looking in the surroundings, she ran off to find Hisui as well.

After parting with Hisui, Reina came to a deserted spot behind the school building.

Her body felt terrible.

Very tired, lacking in strength all over.

To avoid heat stroke, she had drunk water frequently today, taking care to avoid direct sunlight.

However, her stamina kept draining nonstop.

No appetite and it felt like everything she swallowed instantly evaporated.

Reina sighed and started doing self-massages and simply stretching exercises to alleviate her fatigue.

There was still the full class relay in the afternoon.

She had to make the most of her time to recover her energy and run for a good standing.

"I cannot fail anymore."

Originally, she thought that her fatigue came from the mental stress of past failure, but she did not seem that obsessed with the past.

Thanks to accompanying Rushella in morning practice, her mindset had relaxed a lot.

Very incredible... Even though it was such a serious case of mental trauma.

"Am I overthinking things?"



A familiar voice was heard.

One that she heard every single day.

Her own voice.

Turning around, she saw herself.

One dressed in uniform, one dressed in gym clothes--two people like mirror images but with different clothing.

Before Reina could scream, the other her swung her right arm.


The iron pole in her hand struck Reina's leg, making a blunt sound.

This was violence coming from another her.

Reina clutched her right leg and collapsed on the ground.

No fracture nor obvious external wounds... But it was so painful she could not walk.

"W-What are you doing...?"

"This is your wish, you know? Don't want to run, want to escape... That's why I was born. The lack of burden in your heart is thanks to me."

"...!? What are you talking about? I...!"

"No problem. I am your shadow. You just need to relax. This ends here. You can forfeit the relay completely."

The other Reina spoke, raising the iron pole above her head.

She was aiming a second strike at Reina's head.

Reina closed her eyes in fear, enduring the pain and terror.

However, the final strike did not fall.


She looked up and saw Hisui grabbing the other her's arm.


"Stop it now, it's enough, you know?"

"Let me go... This is our problem...!"

"...That's true. That's why you hit yourself."

The other Reina instantly went expressionless.

But she quickly recovered, rather than a vicious face filled with negative emotions, it was her original, calm expression.

"Even without destroying the sports festival, there are many ways to make class rep not have to run. Actually, she just needs to forfeit on her own. If she's injured, no one will blame her. This method doesn't hurt others but hurts herself deeply. So that's the conclusion you reached, that's right, because you're also class rep."

"Don't talk like you know everything...!"

"I don't know. Sorry, I currently lost my memory. But even just interacting with you for these few days, I know you're a good person. Don't hurt yourself anymore."

The other Reina bit her lip hard.

The iron pole had fallen from her hand onto the ground.

"I won't say insensitive stuff like telling you to face your mental trauma bravely. After all, you already accompanied that girl for morning practice for so long, you don't need anyone else to comfort you. So... Don't bear the burden alone. Having the two of you complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses is the best."

Hisui pointed at the Reina who was kneeling on the ground.

That was her other self.

"Although... I don't quite get it... Still, sorry."

The girl who had resorted to violence bowed her head in shame.

"Umm... This is my fault, I guess? So... I will be considerate of you from now on!"

Finally, she smiled while speaking.

In that instant, as though something possessing her had left, the other Reina collapsed.

Even the outline of the body was vanishing. In this manner, she fell upon her true body.

And Reina caught her.

Overlapping, the two bodies became one.

Within the blink of an eye, only one Reina remained.


Reina held her leg while looking up at Hisui.

Due to the confusion in memories, she did not seem to understand what took place before her.

Simply holding her right leg, she sat in a crouching position unsteadily on the ground.

"Hey, what just happened!?"

Dressed in a tracksuit, Rangetsu was running over athletically.

She seemed to have sniffed something during her patrol.

"You came at the right time. Could you take class rep to the infirmary. Her doppelganger has returned to her body."

"Really!? Thank goodness... What about yours?"

"That one, I have a hunch somewhere. I'll go try my luck."

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