Silver Cross and Draculea
Gin no Juujika to Draculea Preview

Chapter 1


This kiss, that came with blood, tainted Kujou Hisui's first day of high school with red.

Right after the opening ceremony, he was suddenly bitten by a vampire on the way home.

Perhaps other students were going to celebrate with their parents, maybe even going out for a feast, to commemorate this special day. But for Hisui, who was living alone, it wasn't possible to have a party like that.

While he was leisurely walking home, the sky was already dark.

With the cool night breeze blowing on his face, Hisui walked into a park near home.

The lush foliage and trees blocked out the light from the street lamps, so the entire area was extremely dark, even during the day. It was even darker at night, so dim that one couldn't even see his own fingers in front of him.

But why did he choose such a route? ...Even Hisui himself couldn't understand.

If he had to justify it, it would be the scent he smelled.

When he got through the park, he smelled what appeared to be the noble aroma of a rose.

He was drawn in by the scent, and by the time his head cleared, he found himself on a lane that he normally wouldn't be on.

The result of this was a complete disaster.

A vampire from the myths had suddenly appeared in the flesh in front of him. However, before he could even resist, he was bitten.

No, stepping back a bit, being bitten isn't such a big deal.

Although it felt more or less awful to have so much blood drained from him, his life was far from being endangered.

If he was your average person, he would be confronted with the dilemma of bidding farewell to his humanity right before the touch of death. But to Hisui, it was not an issue to be concerned with.

There was the possibility of death from blood loss, but no matter how much blood was lost, he won't become a vampire.

In other words, the issue he was confronted with was about...

“What on earth is going on? Is this some kind of magic? Or a cheap little trick? Answer me, human!”

He was entangled with this stubborn vampire girl.

After she finished drinking his blood, she kept following and yelling incessantly at him from behind.

“It is night time, so could you be a bit more quiet?”

“I am more lively at night!”

“I see, you're a vampire after all...”

Vampire's Special Characteristic #2 - They become active after sunset and retreat at dawn. Due to this characteristic they were called the kings of the night, but to night owls like Hisui it was extremely annoying.

“Why did nothing happen after I bit you? After being bitten you should become my servant and follow my orders!”

“I don't want to.” Hisui categorically rejected her.

“Impossible... to think that you wouldn't follow my orders!? Even though I definitely sucked your blood!”

Truly, to a vampire, for this kind of impossible thing to happen, it was as if the world has toppled over.

Whether it's saints, nobles or murderous thugs, as long as they are born human, being bitten by vampires will trigger the transformation.

Also the people who are bitten, would have their minds dominated by the vampire, where their only consideration was for the master's welfare....but Hisui does not even appear to pay attention.

“What kind of person are you?! What kind of magic is this!?”

“I have no idea, this is not a skill, it is a physical trait, phy-si-cal.”

I have answered your questions several times already, an angry Hisui replies in an unfriendly tone.

“How could such a situation exist? Also, I am a vampire, you are meeting a lady like myself! Thus, you should be like... that right??”

“I am afraid. You are wearing this 'I am a vampire' outfit, I didn't expect I would be targeted by you.”

“Didn't think you were an expert. From the way you talk, this is not the first time you met a vampire?”

“.....Ah, I used to know a vampire, that's it.”

Hisui didn't speak anymore, and only kept on walking silently.

Rushella also realized asking such questions would be futile, thus she remained silent for a few minutes before bringing up a different question.

“Alright, I will recognize the fact that you have an absurd body. And I don't care about those run-of-the-mill vampires; you cannot escape the fangs of a True Ancestor. Confess, what trick are you using?”

Hisui suddenly stops.

Rushella suddenly brings up a certain description that he cannot ignore.

“True Ancestor? Are you joking?”

“Of course not? I am at the apex of the vampire race, carrying the blood of the founder, the mighty True Ancestor!”

As Rushella proudly replies, her full chest puffs up, and Hisui couldn't help but lower his sight.

“In a society like today, something like a True Ancestor is rarer than endangered species. Where are you from? Some place far in the mountains?”

“The way you speak is so impertinent...”

When she replied, Hisui began to sense danger, and suddenly became more alert.

The opponent is a vampire. In this pitch-dark night.

Other than his body, he does not have any special abilities, so there is no way to struggle or win.

And the vampire girl has a pair of short swords attached to each of her legs. Each of her snow-white legs has a sheath bound to her fishnet hose, releasing a dangerous aura.

Against that, the only equipment he has is a high school book-bag.

Naturally, there was nothing in that bag that can be used against a vampire.

Recognizing his own disadvantage, Hisui's face darkens with fear. But Rushella answers him with an enchanting smile.

“Don't worry, I won't use any violence that would harm your body. I just want you to voluntarily offer me your neck.”

Rushella squints her black pupils, changing their shape into something resembling that of a cat's.

Then her eyes--released a beam of scarlet light.

As his gaze met her's, he understood what Rushella is trying to do.

Vampire's Special Characteristic #3 - Mystic Eyes.

People who are weak willed would be enchanted by those scarlet pupils, and their spirit forever trapped in the darkness.

“Although this was not my original idea, but it is more noble than hunting you down. Not to mention that a stubborn person, a person like you, cannot possibly escape my eyes' binding. Kneel before me, and offer me your neck!”

“Ah, Mystic Eyes don't work on me either...”

Hisui scratched his head, and replied slowly.

Based on what he is saying, his eyes were not dazzled by the Mystic Eyes.

Rushella's jaw drops and she stares at him blankly.

Looking at her, Hisui couldn't help but feel sorry, and lowered his gaze.

“So... I'm sorry?”

“....Don't be sorry! This is making me even more mad, why is this? Why are my Mystic Eyes not working?”

“That can also be said to be a physical attribute. You know I would not transform into a vampire, and didn't expect this? Pretty much all vampire abilities don't work on me.”


Rushella's body collapses on to the ground in shock.

Some insignificant human, against whom a vampire's bite and Mystic Eyes appear to be useless.

It appears that her very existence as a vampire is in doubt.

“I am actually defeated by a human?”

Looking at the depressed Rushella, Hisui realizes this is his chance to escape.

Unfortunately, Rushella recovers quickly.

“No...this is impossible. Something must have went wrong. Maybe I haven't practiced enough!”

“What? Using Mystic Eyes should be a second nature to vampires, right? Especially for a True Ancestor, who should have been using this for years right?”

Facing Hisui's analysis, Rushella looks away.

As if she is trying to avoid the other person's question, her eyes falls upon a nearby feral cat.

“Let's go test it on a nearby prey”

Rushella reaches out her hand to catch the cat.

This black cat appears to be a bit chubby, but it is extremely alert. As soon as Rushella approaches, it dashes away.

But in the end, it is only a cat, and thus, no match for the King of the Night. After a fierce struggle, Rushella catches the wild feline, and holds it up by her hands.

“Making me waste my time...hey, look at me!”

But the cat instantly looks away.

Rushella could only use her hand to turn its head toward her, and the scarlet light from her eyes met the cat.

Although she didn't need to use her Mystic Eyes, the wild cat becomes relaxed.

“Shouldn't you quickly greet your master?”

Listening to these words, the cat's attitude does a 180 degree turn, it begins to meow cutely and lick her hand.

“Very good...isn't it effective? It looks like I am not having a problem. Ok, one more time! Human, look at my eyes again!”

She turned around, but there was noone in sight.

Only the night wind blowing across an empty park.

Rushella opens her mouth, speechless.

Only a few seconds later, she realizes that she had been ditched.

“That human...”


Sighing at the night sky, he finally arrives home.

Hisui's home is a western styled two stories house, extremely large for someone living alone. The house's white walls have turned dark and grey due to age and weather, giving it an ancient look. Thus, it is understandable for the neighboring children to claim the place to be haunted.

If this house belonged to someone else, Hisui himself would definitely not visit it or even step within the neighborhood. But this is after all his own home. Even though the night stroll was not peaceful, in any case, let me take a shower first.

After washing his body, Hisui contently dips into the tub, but he still could not stop thinking about that strange girl.

“Vampire, huh? I haven't met one in a long time.”

He murmured while smiling bitterly.

Who would have thought in this era, you could still meet that kind of -- one should say, archetypical or perhaps old-fashioned... in any case, a vampire who so utterly embodied the style of a classic vampire.

He thought he would never meet someone like this again... nor does he want to meet one.

He definitely does not want to have to deal with a vampire again.

Hisui unconsciously reaches out to his chest, which is throbbing a little painfully. A line ran down his chest. This scar blemished his otherwise pale chest, making Hisui frown.

“Couldn't pick anyone else, has to come suck my blood...”

Hisui felt a bit sorry for her. From her look of hunger, she must have been thirsty for a long time. But that was definitely not his fault.

If it was a normal person, they will transform into a vampire after being bitten, or be ensnared by the Mystic Eyes. Of course, for a normal person, the first feeling when meeting a vampire would be pure terror.

But Hisui is unique in this aspect.

From vampire related knowledge and personal meeting experience--the most important part of this is his physique.

Not transforming into a vampire after being bitten and the ability to cancel out special powers was due to this special physique, thus he has no fear of vampires.

However, he can still die from something classic like violence, or massive blood loss like a normal person.

Even so his wounds would close rapidly, and his speed of regenerating blood is borderline superhuman. Other than that, he was no different than the average boy.

Furthermore, this specialty, he doesn't even realize it himself.

Unless he runs into a vampire, he mostly doesn't feel how these traits could be advantageous.

But now, his blood red troubles are over.

Only that girl's features in the dark--the vampire known as Rushella's beauty, is unable to fade from his mind.

“She looked pretty cute...”

Hisui shakes his head, scattering all information related to her from his head and then leaves the shower.

Using a towel to wipe his head, Hisui walks toward the kitchen.

Pulling a milk bottle from the fridge to drink is just perfect, but he suddenly hears a loud banging from the door.

Although there is an intercom on the door, that person kept slamming the door.

A bad feeling washed over him.

An especially bad feeling.

“It can't be her, right?”

Unsettled, Hisui walked toward the entrance hall.

But not only does the banging not stop, it becomes even louder.

“Coming, coming! I heard it, I am coming.”

Hisui puts the towel on his head, then opens the door.

Peering from the door gap, he sees a beautiful girl with her arms crossed in front of his door.

Rushella returned.

And stared at him with piercing eyes.

“Found you, human. Decided to scurry away and escape have you? This time you will become my servant!”

“It is already late, please walk home slowly.”1

Hisui then promptly closes the door.

Just when he wishes to forget everything, the pounding on the door becomes even louder. Worrying about the neighbors complaining, the youth could only reluctantly open the door.

“What do you want? And how did you find my house?”

“Even if it does not work on you, my Mystic Eyes can still control animals. So I decided to use them to help me out.”

Rushella hums, and flicks her index finger behind her.

There was a group of wild dogs following behind her awaiting orders.

Dozens of them became her servants, and are kneeling behind the vampire girl.

It appears she decided to use Mystic Eyes to put the hounds under her control, and then used their noses to sniff out Hisui's home.

“Quite impressive...that is an amazing use of your abilities.”

Hisui sighs, but then he notices Rushella's face is rapidly turning red.


“Why, why are you looking like this?! Go put on some clothes!”

Hisui then realizes his appearance.

Having just finished his shower, the upper half of his body is naked, and the lower half is only covered by a pair of sleeping-underwear.

While it could be exciting to the opposite sex, being half naked shouldn't be that shocking.

But Rushella's face is turning utterly scarlet.

“Hey, what? Are you shy? You were jumping for my neck earlier, now you see a naked torso and...”

“Stop talking! Put some clothes on!”

“Why don't you complain inside?”

Hisui opens the door, letting her inside.

Although she could cross inside with a single step, Rushella does not enter.

As if she is stopped by an invisible force, unable to step forward no matter how hard she tries.

“In other can't enter....if you don't have my permission.”

Vampire's Special Characteristic #4 - When visiting someone's house for the first time, they must receive permission or else they cannot enter.

Even though this characteristic is absurd, and completely without reason, but it is the truth.

Rushella standing in front of the door and unable to enter is ironclad evidence.

There is no material barrier, but she is held back by her racial trait—in other words, she was being bound by a supernatural force and thus, a proof of being a vampire.

“Don't look down on me, human. Give me the permission quickly, this is for your own good...”

Rushella coldly warns Hisui with a voice full of supernatural potency, but he is the one with the advantage.

“I can't do that. If I give you the permission, wouldn't you be able to enter?”

“So it is like this? Then I have no choice, boys, teach him a lesson!”

Rushella snaps her fingers; the dogs behind her begin to howl like mad.


The high-tenor dog barks fill the street under the night sky.

Hisui covers his ears, and complains bitterly.

“What are you doing! Neighbors are going to come to me and complain! I am going to get yelled at.”

“Who cares about you. Unto you I say this: don't even think about them stopping until you give me your permission to enter. Don't think your little human intelligence can outfox me!”

After all, Hisui had escaped once, Rushella's attitude became hardened.

Hisui ended up surrendering, sighed, and answered her request.

“Ok, Ok, I under-stand. But, before I allow you to enter, I need to make some preparations, can you wait a few minutes?”

“Don't even think about locking the door and refusing to come out, otherwise they will bark all night!”

“I understand, it won't take long. I need to put on my clothes, right? It is chilly right now, and your eyes are pretty disturbed, right?”

She definitely appears to be uncomfortable with Hisui half naked; Rushella, who is clearly unhappy still nods her head.

“Please wait a bit.”

Hisui closes the door, then vanishes into the depth of the house.

Rushella waits for an untold number of minutes before the door finally opens. Hisui comes back with a pair of black T-shirt.

“Hum, you have put some clothes on. Now, according to our agreement, let me in!”

“Yes yes, please enter.”

As these words were spoken, the atmosphere changed.

As if a tight rope has been snapped, or as if thin glass has been shattered—Hisui has these images in mind.

“Permission received. Good, now offer me your blood!”

Two eyes blazing with fire, Rushella walks straight through the door.

Looking at Hisui's neck, to taste the delicious red blood again...


As she almost reaches the boy's neck, she smells a stench.

Although a vampire's sense of smell is not as good as a dog's, it is significantly sharper than humans' and is able to distinguish the source of the odor.

It is a forbidden smell to vampires.

“You, did you?”

Taking advantage of Rushella's shock, Hisui covers her face with the towel in his left hand.

The great king of the night instantly collapses and faints on the floor.

Hisui stares at her with understanding eyes, and holds out a plastic jar in his left hand.

On the label it's marked:

[Specially made Garlic Powder]

Vampire's Weakness #1 - Fear of garlic.

Even though it is an old fact, it is very effective on the fainted Rushella. Pouring the entire can on to the towel was highly effective.

To be safe, Hisui waits for several minutes, then finally lifts the towel from her face.

A beautiful vampire knocked out from a face full of garlic, looking absolutely pitiful.

But still, her dark beauty remains untouched. Beauty is her greatest weapon, something that Hisui already understood.

If her face came close, it would way exceed the killing power of the Mystic Eyes.

“Now...what do I do next?”

The best way to get rid of a vampire would be to drive a stake through her heart, and the next step is to cut off her head, but Hisui doesn't plan to be that extreme.

Because, he is not willing. Even though she is not human, Hisui is still incapable of such bloodlust. Also, she is a girl with a huge bust; to slam a stake through that--is extremely conflicting.

Or Hisui could leave her where she is and she will turn to ash at dawn.

While considering his options, he realizes there is something often associated with a vampire next to Rushella.

It is something to help her to pass the daytime--a coffin.

It is another old vampire item, but something very critical to a vampire. Pure black at the back with elaborate workmanship, it is engraved with well carved runes. The design could be called a work of art. There is a heavy lock on the side, but Rushella did not appear to lock it.

“She even brought her sleeping gear...but this coffin is really old fashioned, what is she about...”

Hisui with a surprised face opens the lid; the internal design is well made, with extremely soft padding in red.

Carefully placing Rushella into the coffin, Hisui closes the lid.

“This ought to do it. You all should leave too.”

Hisui drives away the dogs, due to Rushella fainting, the effect of the Mystic Eyes ended, so Rushella's groupies all leaves.

As his front door clears, Hisui sighs in relief.

“I'm exhausted. Let's sleep first. I will think about things after sleeping.

Finding a good place for Rushella's coffin, the boy yawns, and heads for his room on the second floor.

Dreaming a highly uncomfortable dream.

Possibly due to meeting a vampire, it is a scenario that one wishes not to be in, a memory that is not to be remembered, but unforgettable. Part dream, part conscience.

It is a sun drenched in wilderness.

Hisui finds himself lying on the ground.

The heat sears his skin, sapping moisture and strength.

Like death is not far--as if one foot has already passed through the gate of hell.

His snow white skin, becoming deathly pale, rapidly losing blood color.

Heartbeat already stopping, the source of life's blood flow, also loses its use.

But his conscience still remains. As if he is watching his body from a different angle, this could be considered a dying experience. Trying to command his own body, trying to scream at his own body.

“.....COME! YOU CAN'T...AHHH!!!!”

Her voice sounded exhausted in the background.

Two hands unable to stop squeezing his chest.

To recover a throbbing pulse, to ignite the fire of life.

“It is...enough. It really is...enough, ahhhhh...”

He wanted to tell her that.

Wanted to reach out for her hand.

But he could not do it, his body unable to budge.

Thus, she never stopped. Doing her best to call back his life.

Behind her is the searing sun, with two hands relentlessly pushing into his chest.

“Stop...if you keep doing this, you will...!”

Finally opening his eyes and screaming.


Hisui finally realizes the dream is over.

His sight returns to his familiar room. was only a dream, a memory of the past.

It is already past...but there is still something heavy on his chest.

As if it is being held down by something.

It has a certain kind of softness, but it's not heavy. It feels like something soft yet bouncy holding him down.

And there is a very high class fragrance flowing into his nose. Maybe this is still a dream.

The alarm clock still had not rung. Lets sleep a little bit more, as Hisui thought. In that instant, there is a sudden sharp pain coming from his neck, and he wakes up.


There is the sound of being bitten from the left side of his neck.


Hisui wants to jump up and hold his neck, but the heavy thing on his chest refuses to move.

“You are finally awake.”


That is Rushella, lying on his body, penetrating his neck with her fangs.

It is especially important to point out her seductive look.

Clad only in a towel, with water droplets rolling and landing on to his chest.

From the look of her steamy body, it appears she just came out of the shower.

“Why, why...”

“Do you think garlic can stop me? Even though my race hate it, but I am a real True Ancestor, something like that will only work short term on me.”

“So garlic has a reduced effect against high class vampires, so now I recognize you are indeed high level. But why go take a shower? Why do you have to use my bath?”

“Because you gave me permission to enter your home. In other words, everything here is open to my use. Also, you can't blame me, because you are the one who sprayed me full of garlic, even my coffin stinks of it! Finally, hot water is really convenient. I was worried about the effect of the running water, but there seem to be no effect. Humans can be really capable too.”

Looking at Rushella's happy face, Hisui couldn't help but think about vampire's other weakness.

Vampire's Weakness #2 - Running water.

Moving and cleansing water- is a dangerous weakness for vampires.

But apparently it is limited to natural running water, or holy water.

Human made water, containing chlorine and different to natural water, shouldn't have any effects on Rushella.

“Thus, after you happily bathe yourself, you came to suck my blood now?”

“So noisy, shut up. But it appears you are really weak right now. Is it because of that? Despite being a human, do you dislike morning?”

Hisui's resistance is indeed weak. To be honest, keep on holding like this is not bad.

“Indeed, I heard certain kind of people, because of low blood pressure will become like this. Let me look how is your current blood flow. I can feel your blood flow by touch. Normally, with some adjustment and blood consumption will be even easier...strange, how come all the blood went to the bottom half of your body?”

“That is a young man's most sensitive area, please don't play with it...but, it is a morning phenomenon, how should I explain this?”

Hisui couldn't explain it properly, so he turns his face away.

But his line of sight still reaches Rushella.

In other words, it is zoomed towards her chest.

Two extremely ripe fruits pushing onto his chest.

Twin snowy peaks, complimented by her impossibly slim body. A valley that you just lose your sight into...

To be exact, her towel was about to fall off, and her pink spot was about to be revealed...


Rushella's face goes scarlet, she instantly leaves the boy's chest, and repeatedly slaps his face in the process.