Shomin Sample

Chapter 1 - Then vote for me in this year’s Best Voice Actress Award too?


In the dormitory, my finger wavered indecisively over the switch of the 3Ds(3-Dimensions) handheld gaming device.1

[Love+Girlfriend], also known as ‘LoveGF’, is a famous dating simulator that sky-rocketed through the games charts.

It’s a brand new genre of games that would only really start after you’ve become a couple with the heroine. The game utilizes the Date and Time system in the 3Ds to try to sync with the real-time as well as a top tier voice and language system that follows the language of the player to give the most accurate result.

All of these functions gave a feeling of ‘a real girlfriend’ and was the selling point of it.

If a date in the game is set at ‘Tomorrow, at 8 o’clock’, the time for the date in-game would be same as the real-time.

What’s more, just like real life, if you didn’t meet up with her within the set period of time, it would be taken note of by the girl.

But for me……after having just a single date with my girlfriend, I had ignored her for more than a month.

The affection level probably had dropped severely. As soon as I switch on the 3Ds, what would come is probably a barrage of criticisms.

Thinking about it, the motivation to meet up with her had deflated.

This feeling was just like being in a relationship with someone in the real world.

A short while later, I pressed the switch-on button after being continuously urged by the feeling of ‘I can’t keep ignoring her’.

“Excuse me? May I ask who you are?”

Ouch, so harsh.

“It seems like you’re very busy nowadays, seeing that you’ve ignored your girlfriend for so long.”

It really was the truth.

I was in a school for Ojou-samas hidden in a corner of the world.

To teach these ignorant girls that are cut off from the outside world, I was kidnapped to here and became a teaching material known as a ‘Shomin Sample’ for them.

Some people that looked like terrorists had invaded my old school one day……and kidnapped me without giving me a chance to understand the situation.

My family had been bribed by the super luxurious gifts, and allowed for it to happen…….
Thus, my school life as a Shomin sample began.

Giving a seminar about the commoners to all of the school students, as well as obeying the lone wolf Aika Ojou-sama’s order to create the ‘Commoner Club’ was one of the many things I had done after coming here.

The original aim of this club’s creation was a selfish request by Aika, to let her ‘become a cool and popular kid in the class by knowing stuff about the commoner’s culture’. But after many crisis, as well as many activities later, the number of members in the club became 5.

A month has passed in that manner.

“……and that was what happened.”

Of course, it’s still a game, so I didn’t say the words above.

“Baka……I was worried about being hated by you……”

Anddd the boyfriend dies of moe.

……Still, I could only show a smile of irony.

Because, the seiyuu of this character is my friend.

My friend, Hanae Eri is a distinguished seiyuu who is quite famous in the seiyuu world.

As for me, I was forced by Eri to review her work before entering contests. After giving me sample games with her inside without stopping, she would ask me to give comments based on my thought a few days later.

These kind of days continued for a very long time.

“Promise me you won’t leave me alone in the future…….?”

This clear, moving and condensed cute female voice of the heroine entered my ears.

Goosebumps emerged throughout my whole body.

Even after such a long time, I still couldn’t get used to it.

The Hanae Eri that I knew of was one who greedily ate Jagarico biscuits2. And when she wasn’t happy, she would give me a kick me repeatedly, and then say “This is what you call a footjob, cause the leg would break with a crunching sound(lol)~”3

“Yay, please take care of me in the future. Hahaha, it’s a joke~”

If this line was said by Eri herself, it would go like this:

“Yay, then you must continue buying DLCs and franchise goods of mine. Oh, and vote for me as this year’s Best Voice Actress too.”

After that, I had a small date with her. I used the touch-pen to interact with my girlfriend.

If the seiyuu of the heroine isn’t that fellow, this game would have be hundred times more interesting.

Once the date was over, her mood became somehow better.


So tired.

After reaching home, I saved the game progress.

As I wanted to turn the 3Ds off, my girlfriend gave me a call.

“I was very happy today. Thanks~”

Yup, it’s the voice of Eri trying to be moe for sure.

On the other hand, I had been ignoring the real-life Eri’s messages. Although it became lesser recently, the number of messages sent by her initially was astronomical.

Sometimes when I replied to her, Eri would send another one saying “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU, YOU BASTARD!?!?”.

It gave me a feeling of a person in-debt, being chased by gangsters who he owed money to.

I’m actually quite surprised that she was able to make so many variants of her rants to me.

“Um……I want to ask you something….”

Eri…scratch that. Marika asked me a question.

“What do you……think of me?”

Looks like there is no choice.

Do I have to reply with my voice?

Do I seriously have to say “I like you” in the microphone of the 3Ds…….?

Although my heart urged me to turn the 3Ds off immediately, stopping the game in the middle of it was forbidden. If I did that, not only would I be scolded by my girlfriend, I would also face punishments.

The date that I had went on with her would be wasted.


This is so awkward.

“I like……you…”

“Sorry, what did you say?”


“Can you repeat that? Please?”

The microphone didn’t pick up my small voice.

The heck is this demon-like game.

“I LIKE——”


“I have come, Kimito——”(Aika)



  1. 3-Dimensions is in English
  2. Some type of carbonara-flavored junk food
  3. Untranslatable pun.足コキ means footjob.足 means leg while コキ is the onomatopoeia of things breaking
  4. Onomatopoeia  of door opening”

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