Shomin Sample

Prologue: Welcome, Commoner

“This man, Kagurazaki Kimito, will henceforth be Seikain’s [Commoner Sample].”

Head Maid Kujou-san announced into the microphone.

They were in a spacious, high-ceilinged, and indeed very dignified looking wooden auditorium.

Ojou-samas from various renowned families looked up to the stage with twinkling eyes, observing my frozen-stiff self.

Behind me was a banner that read [Commoner Explanatory Meeting ~ Welcome, Commoner ~].
In front of me, the entire student body— from kindergarten to junior college— was neatly lined up in rows sitting on wooden chairs with absolutely perfect posture, such that anyone would instantly recognize their extraordinary upbringing.

“…So that’s a commoner…”

Someone murmured softly, and their voice carried up to the slightly-arced plaster ceiling.

These super-sheltered girls had never been outside of the school, so both men and commoners were completely alien existences to them.

All of their attention was fixated onto me, and their curiosity was causing the tension in the hall to rise. The degree to which their eyes were sparkling dealt me a direct hit.

This was ‘Seikain Girls School’.

It aimed to train the daughters of noble families to shape them into pure ‘Yamato Nadeshiko1‘.

It was the ultimate school for ojou-samas; assembling young ladies for them to spend every day disconnected from worldly life.

This was the school I would be attending from this day onwards.

“Now then, is there anyone who would care to ask this commoner a question?”

As soon as Kujou-san asked, the hall became abuzz with noise——


All of the ojou-samas raised their hands at once.

But they were minding their manners deeply; raising their hands with elegant movements and preserving perfectly correct postures. They didn’t add any uncalled for utterances to the affirmation either. And yet, their faces emitted a full-throttle ‘Please choose me!’ aura with their eyes shooting wishful ‘beams’ towards Head Maid Kujou-san.

“In that case, let us allow the commoner to call upon someone.”


Suddenly, they all looked my way.

Their pure gazes glittered like stars.

Me, me! Pick me! I want to ask something! I want to learn about commoners!

I was dazzled by the sparkling-pure curiosity of girls from kindergarten through junior college.

These girls had never seen a commoner like me before.


I had gone stiff as stone in the face of their vigor; sweat streamed down my forehead.

…So, how did I get into this mess?

That story begins on the morning before last.


“Let me kiss you!”

Ah, wait.

That actually happened a bit later.

It left quite the impression on me, so I recalled it unintentionally.

By the way, this young lady is Tenkuubashi Aika.

Due to certain circumstances, she had been forced into solitude in this school.

She pleaded me to help her solve those circumstances with a certain favor, but… well, we’ll get there eventually.

Yesterday morning…

  1. Yamato Nadeshiko‘: The ideal Japanese woman. See on Wikipedia.

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