Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~
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Main Characters

Amakawa Haruto / Rio
Age: 20 (at time of death) / 7 ~ 12


A mysterious orphaned child living in the slums of the Bertram Kingdom capital. He was the reincarnation of Amakawa Haruto [20 years old] who died due to an unfortunate accident in Japan. His most striking feature is his black hair which is extremely rare among the population making him the distinguishable amongst the orphans. His other features are his androgynous looks which was a combination of his features from his previous and current life. His has an unknown past, but swore to take a revenge to his mother’s murderer. His fate changed drastically after he awakened to his previous life’s memories as Amakawa Haruto. Their personalities merged into one with Haruto and Rio sharing control over the body and mind. Afterwards he saved two princesses of the Bertram Kingdom on an impulse only to get himself involved in their political disputes. As a reward he was allowed to enrol in the Bertram Kingdom Royal Institute. Later, due to false accusation, he became a fugitive before graduation. Now he embarked on a journey to his parents’ home town in the Yagumo area.

Abilities :

Mysterious Childhood Sweetheart

Age: ???


Amakawa Haruto’s [unrequited] childhood sweetheart. She mysteriously disappeared soon after their high-school entrance ceremony and devastated Haruto. He’s always regretted not confessing his feelings to her… even until now.

Flora (Left)

Age: 6 ~ 11


Second princess of the Bertram Kingdom and younger sister of Christina. She and her sister were kidnapped by some thugs but were saved by Rio. She’s kind by nature, thus loved by the people. She’s also the only one who stood up for Rio when he was falsely accused. She shares the same violet coloured hair as her older sister. Enrolled in the Royal Institute as Rio’s kouhai.

Abilities :

Christina (Right)

Age: 7 ~ 12


First princess of the Bertram Kingdom and older sister of Flora. She slapped Rio right after he saved her. Despite her fiery personality [which is more abated later], she dotes on her little sister and she’s the type of person who would abandon 1 person for the benefit of many, as seen during the false accusation incident despite knowing that Rio was innocent. That way of thinking showed how she prioritized the Kingdom’s well being. She’s more mature and stout hearted than her sister. She shares the same violet coloured hair as her sister. Enrolled in the same class as Rio in Royal Institute.

Abilities :

Seria Claire (or Celia)

Age: 12 ~ 17


The youngest lecturer in the history of the Royal Institute. Hailed as a genius during her youth, she skipped multiple grades and became a professor at the tender age of 12. The only person in the Institute to acknowledge Rio, is his frequent conversation partner and she also taught him how to read. Rio later assisted her in her research as well as everyday chores (tidying up after her). She retains a youthful appearance despite her age (loli) due to her immense magical powers. Unbeknownst to Rio, she developed some feelings towards him during their time together. Her most striking features are her child-like appearance and long white hair.

Abilities :

Side Characters

Roana Fontin

Daughter of Duke Fontin, she and Christina are the two class representatives in Rio’s class. Like Christina, she is also aware of Rio’s innocence but also chose to ignore it. A perfect example of an ojou-sama. Enrolled in the same class as Rio in Royal Institute.

King Phillip III

The father of Flora and Christina and the current King of the Bertram Kingdom. He knew about Helmut’s ambitions since his father’s reign but couldn’t do anything at the time since he was still on the Crown Prince. A just ruler and doting father, like his daughter Christina, he chose to abandon Rio to prevent a civil war despite knowing Rio was innocent. Currently waiting for the chance to punish the perpetrator of his daughters’ kidnapping.

Alfred Emal

The second son of the Emal house. He works as the Imperial Guards’ Deputy Commander protecting royalty and the court. His past… has unknown connections with Rio.

Helmut Albo

Commander of the Imperial Guards. He built his career from scratch acting as a loyal knight of the Kingdom. However his true intentions are to become Field Marshal and to use his influence to usurp the King’s powers giving him control over the Kingdom.

Duke Euguno

A highly influential noble belonging to King Philip III’s faction. In contrast to his honourable outward appearance, he is willing to resort to any kind of underhand tactics to achieve his goals.

Steed Euguno

Egoistic and immature child of Duke Euguno. Makes up for his lack of ability by abusing his father’s authority.

Alphonse Rodan

Some guy. Currently counting down the days until the end of his life.


Head master of the Royal Institute.

Terms & Definitions

Odo (オド)

The life force existing in all living beings, similar to Ki. Once mastered, it can be controlled through one’s will. This is the true form of what magicians call magical power. Mastering it will allow spirit art users to freely manipulate mana.

Mana (マナ)

Something that exists in nature. The Serei no Tami refer to it as “Force of Nature”. Usually, it cannot be seen by the naked eye except by those who mastered the perception and control over their odo. Many magicians mistake mana as their own odo. Mana is the first step for a spirit to come into existence (which has vague self-consciousness). The mana phenomenon (magic phenomenon) occurs when an image is transmitted to it via oda. The image is prearranged (in the case of a magician) or self-arranged (in the case of a spirit).


The phenomenon created using a System Contract whose effects change in odo in accordance to the pre-arranged phenomenon carved in System Contract. For example, a system contract for fireball only enables the contractor to use fireball in the shape of a ball and no more than that.

Spirit Art

The phenomenon caused by the image of the user that is transmitted directly via their odo to mana in their surrounding without the assistance of System Contract. For example, when Arthura created fireball atop her finger, she changed its shape (it is not restricted to any specific shape). On the other hand, magic can only produce it in the shape of a the System Contract and can never change unless a contract for a different shape is made.


An existence that materializes into a being from the aggregation of mana and have their own will. Spirits can assist Spirit Art users to quicken the processing speed of their Spirit Art.

System Contract

Pre-arranged mana phenomenon that is carved onto the body of the contractor (usually a human).

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