Running Away From The Hero!
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Chapter 3 - Aah… I’m screwed… (1)

Mm… It’s been 3 years since I began to teach these bastards.

What happened during those 3 years?


“…I don’t wanna.”

“Judgement of the Earth!”

Hohoho, the traditional game of breakfast begins. The funny thing is, the amount of laps they have to run is now less.

But? As you can see, there are stone spears coming out of the ground, and the life sword flies around everywhere.

At the same time, the former demon king (he’s just a slave now) Sutr, and various demons and elementals go wild here.

Hahaha… What the hell is this bs? Is food that important… They already passed the crazy third generation? Aah… I want to see the previous generations. They were super nice…


“Holy crap! You bastard! You actually unsealed his mana?”


“This is my power! I shall go all out now!”

17 unsealed Sutr’s power. Well, it was still restricted, but it was still the power of a Great Demon. It was easy for it to turn the surrounding area to a sea of fire.

-I’ll kill all of youuuuu!

And the giant, no, the demon that used to be a sandbag tried to go wild. But then.



-Kueee! C, colddd

The other kids began to use novice, well, it’s only novice magic compared to 17. Their magic’s actually enough to beat just about any novice magician from the magic tower.

…bastards. I was unable to use the life sword and magic for 44 years here. No, if I add my previous life, it’s 76 years. Bastards!

I would be a great wizard if I was able to use magic at this point. Could it be that the gods sealed my magic because I would be capable of destroying the world?

Aah, I’m pissed. Let’s let off some steam.

“We’re finishing in 1 minute.” 


Hoho, there’s fire everywhere, and the kids are fighting to the death. How fun…

“The kids are quite talented.”

I flinched inside when I heard a familiar voice behind me, but I pretended to be calm and looked back.

“You were like that too once, Cia.”

“Hohoho, they look like they’re having a lot more fun than us, though?”

Harnel Rel Cia. She’s one of the kids from the 3rd generation, and right now she basically leads the information department of the Organization.

She came under my wing when the organization began to kill potential targets in their midst 3 years ago.

I thought that she would take revenge on me for the training I put her through, but she hasn’t done anything in the last 3 years… I’m super scared. She could honestly turn me into a target in an instant.

Since the third generation had a taste of the metal bat… since they got beat up by something like that… they might all try to kill me. I’d probably want to kill if I were to be hit by that, too.

Did the girl even know my concerns? She just looked at me with a smile.

“Eh~ teacher, there’s a pretty girl like me near you, you know? Why put on such a stiff face?”

“…I am your instructor.”

“Tch, you’re always like that… Ah, by the way, the device that restricts the Life Sword is finally being tested. Want one?”


I thought I was going to have a heart attack for a second. What, t, the thing is finally coming out?!

“Well, it takes a long time to set up, and it breaks easily, but it’s better than not having it. It’s not actually that useful, but it can potentially take down a monster like the sword saint under the right conditions.”

Hohoho, I’d be able to take down the sword saint… T, this is amazing!

I saw a sword saint in the past. The thing ain’t human. My senses just told me to run! If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here now. What the hell, why would a life sword be like 10 meters long? You’d be marked as a high class knight if your Life Sword just encases your actual weapon.

“…It isn’t free, is it?”

“Of course it isn’t! This is illegal, you know? You’d be in trouble if you were caught~”

The girl’s smiling face is scary, but… I, I want it!

“Hohoho, I’ll be expecting some things from you later~”


An explosion sounded nearby when Cia smiled. I sighed inside at that moment as well.

Should I… just retire…?

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