Running Away From The Hero!
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Chapter 1 - I didn’t know back then. (1)

Normally, when you go to a fantasy world, you might become a legendary hero, or you might plug in your stick everywhere and create a giant harem, or instead, you could start a revolution and defeat evil emperors and mages.

Yeah… no.

That kind of a thing never actually happens.

Understanding the language of the world when you reincarnate?

Don’t make me laugh. That kind of shit is only for the main character.

Ah, it’s not that I couldn’t talk, but, do you honestly think that some people in a different dimension would know Korean?

Language magic? Of course it exists, but what kind of a crazy idiot would use it on a baby? 

In the end, I had to study my ass off and learn the common tongue.

After that, my social class.


I’m a commoner!

Of course I wouldn’t be a noble.

Then, I can just use my knowledge from my other world to… nope.

Korean education sucks balls. There’s no way to use what you’ve learned other than for tutoring.

Don’t believe me? Try going to college. Everything you learned for the last 12 years of your education is now useless.

You can’t even apply what you learned to anything at all!

Korean? Nope! English? Nope! Korean History and World History? Nope!

I somehow managed to be called a genius for my math skills. But… hell, apparently you qualify as a genius as long as you can add and subtract.

In other words, you can be a genius with your elementary grade knowledge! But do you know where do you get to use your genius skills? By selling crops! As expected, reality is bullshit.

And a while later, my parents passed away. The reason? The works of a black wizard, and the oppression from an evil noble!

…Actually, they died after getting involved in a hero’s chase.

If I were to explain it clearly, it’s like one of those scenes in an action movie where the heroes get into a car chase with the villains.

It’s a scene that makes you ball your fists and shout out excitedly. Now, try imagining that happening in real life.

It looks good in movies, but it causes all kinds of harm in reality.

That “harm” included the death of tens of people and the injury of hundreds.

Even though they’re parents from another world, I should take revenge for my them… nope.

It’s not that I don’t want to, but in the chase, there were just so many powerful skills flying around everywhere. There’s no way to chase after them, and in the first place, I didn’t even know how to continue living.

And… So I begin training! Nope.

Knight school? I’d rather build an inn with the admission fee.

Magic, or summoning spirits? I said this before, but I’m no main character. No talent, meaning: 0% chance that’s ever going to happen!

Then what do I do?


“K, kuuh…”

“Should have handed it over when I told you to.”

In a dark alley, a boy with a knife in his hand was threatening a single man.

Ah, isn’t this the kind of thing the main character goes through when he’s still weak? But the thing is.


“Ah, fine, I’ll give it to you!”

I’m the one with the knife.

I only have one advantage in this world: a free mind.

Around here, peasants never really get educated, so they just live their lives like machines, but I’m different! Steal a bit, beat up some people, do whatever you can to live!

What happened to my morals? If you’re going to talk about morals, first talk to the god who summoned me here with no warnings! Yeah, they have real gods here!

I just kind of drifted off into this kind of a lifestyle.

“…Well, that’s just my life, isn’t it.”

No love life! To think that there would be no love, even in a fantasy world!

No, wait, I wasn’t trying to talk about that. Right now, I’m working as a petty official in an evil organization.

Mm? That’s a lower rank than you expected? Hey, don’t underestimate petty officials damn it.

This evil organization was formed by gathering all kinds of people in the back alleys. In other words, even petty officials have a pretty high position in the organization! I actually have a higher rank than most people.

Of course, in return for risking my life at work, I get paid pretty well. You get to take in quite a bit of money when working with dirty stuff like this. If your pay is shit then what you’re doing is shit, no one would ever do these kinds of things, after all.

And like that, I lived, working hard as a petty officer and avoiding heroes as much as I could.

At some point, I reached my 40s and was promoted from a petty officer to an instructor.

Hm, now I’m finally strong! Nope. As I mentioned, I have no talent. I never had the talent for magic or summoning spirits, and even though I’m pretty good with a sword in my hand, at a place where using a life sword is everything, I’m pretty much useless.

Ah, what’s a life sword, you ask? It’s like a sword aura that you see in novels. They call it life sword here, because you put in energy into the sword. A sword that has been injected with evil energy through the use of dead people or evil magic would be called death sword. You know, these words actually sound like their respective Korean versions, which makes things a bit easier.

But there are some problems that result from that as well. Everyone knows a desk is called a desk, yeah? But then in this world, the word for “desk” would be pronounced as “chair.” It seems trivial, right? It actually drives you crazy.

Back to the original topic. I’m an instructor right now! I’m the guy who makes talent sprout out of kids!

But because they’re still kids, they can’t use the life sword yet. They might have the talent, but to me, who battled in land, sea, and sky, and even experienced traveling between dimensions, their talent is nothing!

And the children in this world are all like blank slates! My brainwashing powers are seriously top-class in the organization as well… if god didn’t exist in this world, I probably would’ve ruled this world as a weird leader of a cult. After all, I even managed to strengthen the organization through the mystical art of the pyramid scheme!

Anyway, I, as the head instructor of the organization, looked at the future members of this place, and spoke coldly.

“I am your instructor, Naruan.”

Why do I speak coldly? Of course, it’s to intimidate them!

Even talented kids get intimidated if I speak like this.

Of course, there are some that don’t get intimidated.

Let’s see, those kinds of kids would be… number 17, 46… and 102?

These guys are the real gems here!

“From now on, you will completely obey the instructions of your instructors. If you get curious about anything, you may ask your instructor questions. But as the answers may differ from each instructor, it would be a good idea to share the information with others.“

I speak as if I’m allowing them to do something, but with this, the instructors can’t say whatever they want! Why? Because I allowed everyone to share information! Why did I allow it? It’s definitely not because the instructors would say all kinds of things about me to their disciples, causing me to be seen in a bad light and eventually be fired… it’s definitely not that, I swear. Hum, hum.

After saying a few other things to keep my reputation in the organization from going down.

“I’ll take care of numbers 17, 47, and 102. Separate them from the rest of the group, and bring them to me.”

As the head instructor, I usually have to show some good results to the organization. Fearless kids are usually talented, which makes things easier.

If they aren’t? I’ll have to work my ass off. That usually does it. But in that case… I’d be the one who has to work…

The three kids were dragged in front of me by the other instructors. As expected… I struck gold.

They all look quite amazing, despite being a little over ten. Since all of them have short hair, I can’t really distinguish what gender they are, but they’re sure to grow into beautiful men/women in the future. Hmm… even so.

What matters about becoming either a beautiful man or woman, you ask?

It’s easy to trick people. What’s the one thing that matters the most when someone falls in love? The heart? Ha, nice joke. It’s the looks. Fate? First love? They only exist because of good looks. Of course, there are cases where people get in love with ugly, or average looking people. But that kind of love is something that develops only after a long time! When you first meet an ugly person, you get plagued with bad impressions of the person!

But if that person was pretty? You begin liking him/her immediately.

In other words! Villains have to look pretty as well! Ah, that doesn’t mean I am, though. I’m pretty old, which means that I already have a pretty good resume. I don’t need to rely on my looks.

Well, that’s that. Let’s find out their gender first.

“…Hm, quite girlish.”

I never directed the comment to anyone. If I just make a comment like this, then…

“Who… are you calling girlish?”

The kids are unafraid, even when I intimidate them with an emotionless face? They aren’t actually unafraid. Rather, they’re pretending to be unafraid. Why? Acting afraid would hurt their pride. And what happens when I poke that pride? Well, the answer would be disciple 102, who is currently glaring at me while gritting his teeth. Anyway… 2 girls? Huh…

It feels like the organization’s taking in a lot of girls because the new Sword Saint was female. Well… I suppose it’s a good thing? When I was a newbie, there were only brawny men around me… Hm… that’s why I never got a girlfriend. No, really. …Probably.

The fact that I’m thinking this while saying something completely different just goes to prove that I am an experienced villain. My mouth, retaining the coldness from before, spits out a word.


When I just give a glance, 102 blushes a bit, but stays silent.

“I dislike talkativeness. Prove that you’re not girlish through results, not words.”

Of course, I’d have to be very talkative and humble when I’m in front of a hero, but in the organization, results mattered more. Being talkative just means there’s more paperwork.

But I didn’t know back then.. Why these kids came here, and what their presence here would eventually cause!

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