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Chapter 1 . 5

Year xxxx, Month xx, Day xx

-A few years after a famous actor’s death.-


The country grieved from the death of famous actor xxxxx xxxxxx a few years ago. His death was a heroic one. He had saved three young students from certain death and sacrificed himself to get them to safety. A true hero in this modern era.

During the accident, he was using a stage name and wearing a wig. He also kept his private life separate from his work. But once his agent, xxxx xxxxxx, saw the news in the evening of the accident, she immediately knew it was him and proceeded to publicize this fact.

A tragic yet heroic end for a young man.

Once the news that the actor had died was widespread, many of his fans grieved. On the first day, there were almost a million tweets about his death. The next day, it skyrocketed to about a billion. Many went to the site of his death to offer their prayers the day after the incident as well.

Two days after his death, the nation in which he lived declared him a hero. An inspiring person, a man to look up to. He was also awarded a medal, but since he had no relatives his agent received it on his behalf. The agent also said that receiving the medal for him was the greatest honor that she could ever have.

The day of his death also became a non-working holiday in order to honor his sacrifice.

His funeral was held at a cathedral in xxxx with attendees numbering no less than 10 000 people. The city traffic was held in a standstill due to the massive influx of tourists/funeral attendees.

The funeral was led by none other than the Pope. This was due to the actor’s deed of saving his adopted daughter.

(Note: There's not really a law or anything against the Pope adopting kids, but in this world, anything can happen)

After the funeral, there was an exclusive interview with the Pope and his daughter, where the Pope said, “My only regret is that I cannot personally thank him.” His daughter also mentioned that, when he was saving them, he looked really cool and heroic, like a person straight out of an action movie.

And so, even after his death, people still look up to him as a hero and as a role model for all citizens in his country. The nation also made a statue of him near the area where the accident took place.

His life may have been short, but he has influenced and inspired us all. Young ones all around the country aspire to be a person just like him when they grow up.


-An article from “XXXXXXX” magazine

-Nikolas Ava Tesla

Asst. Editor

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Kevinner / 14 Oct 2016 9:20
So far im liking where this is heading...

Problem too short and updates far apart 
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Armaell / 14 Oct 2016 12:17
It's important to never complain about writing pace. Just see "A Song of Ice and Fire", why do you think R.R Martin take five year per book ? It's better to be slow, but good than rushed and rushed.
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DragonGodOrsted / 14 Oct 2016 12:37
I'll try lengthening them. But the results will be shown in later chapters

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