Only Sense Online

Chapter 1
【Eight Million Gods】 and Tasting Party

It might be fun... I want to punch my past self who thought so.

"Now! Start preparations for tasting party!"


Since I heard it will be tasting of fruit-based drinks, I thought they would be poured from wine bottles into glasses and it'll be an elegant buffet party, but what was prepared at the venue were entire barrels.

Starting with the 【Eight Million Gods】 members and 【Cooking】 Sense holders slowly gathering, through small feasting, it grew to huge sizes and became nothing but a "party".

Unable to slip out Myu and I held grape juice squeezed out of 【Cold Crimson Glory Vine】 in one hand and sitting, we looked around.

Other than us, the adult players were drinking the prepared red wine like it was water.

Myu allowed herself to be swept by the atmosphere and undertook the dancing and singing role. Sei-nee was acting as a stopper for Mikadzuchi who started drinking with overly lightness, so she remained by her side.

"So, what do I do now?"

As I sat alone with nothing to do, by my sides there were Ryui and Zakuro whom I called out to relieve my anxiety and snuggled up to me.

Since it was forbidden to touch the two, by having them by my sides no one approached me so I ended up being isolated and standing out in a bad way.

"What should I do... this might be a little uncomfortable."

"Hey, got a moment?"

"Hyah——?! W-what is it?!"

I didn't think someone would speak to me, so having a hand placed on my shoulder I ended up letting out a strange sound. Ignoring the fact that I ended up attracting further attention I turned around and saw a boy's face in front of me.

The player who spoke to me was a boy who wore a spacious brown and white kimono. He stared straight at me with his sleepily-looking half-open eyes.

"There's still time until the party starts, you look bored so I'll show you around the guild."

"Party you say. Um, is that fine?"

When I asked him, he responded saying that he got the permission from the guild master. I looked towards Sei-nee, who said "have fun" and saw me off.

"Well then, could you?"

"Yup. Let's go then."

With that said, guided by the boy with sleepy eyes I slipped away from the hall and we started walking around with the first floor.

"This guild home has two floors up and one underground floor, and an expansion. The first floor has meeting rooms for combat players and private rooms, as well as various others like rooms with NPCs the crafters can ask for things."

"Hee, the guild management must be hard."

"Yeah. Every month there's a quite high maintenance cost so that's collected from the guild members."

"Isn't that too kinda harsh?"

I wasn't knowledgeable about details on guilds, but even in the 【Atelier】 the cost of employing Kyouko-san the NPC is several tens of thousands. From what I saw there was more than ten NPCs here, which would make the cost ten times that.

"I don't think it is. If the guild maintenance costs were covered only by some of the members, other probably wouldn't feel attachment to the guild, right? Also, every month the cost of maintenance is shared over a lot of people so it's not that high."

"I see..."

"Also, people who don't know how to earn money for maintenance costs are helped out by other guild members to find a method. For combat players it's helping out with hunting and leveling. For crafters it's selling items to players with money. Of course, with in-guild price it's made and sold quite cheaply."

So he said, by fulfilling minimal amount of obligations they were able to play freely, I was convinced.

The boy moving ahead of me went up the stairs to the second floor, then stood in front of the doors leading to one of the rooms.

"This is the room with guild crafters' facilities including craftsmen's rooms. It's where we, the guild's crafters gather. People who don't like the parties below come here."

When I entered the room prompted by him, I saw miscellaneous rooms with variety of crafting equipment installed in them.

Since it was a shared space, crafters took turns using unmovable crafting facilities. In the back, it seemed like there were also private rooms available.

The players who gather here do their work in front of their crafting facilities and sometimes chat with crafters from other specialities.

"Hey, you're late, what happened? And Otonashi, who's that behind you?"