Only Sense Online
The Silver Muse Preview

Chapter 1
Myu and High-Speed Leveling

An armour of bristles, warped backwards tusks, my nemesis standing on the ground using its muscular limbs——the Big Boar.

I received the opponent's attack time after time again. And, when there was a chance I continued to deal damage with my sword.

And, this time too——

"This match! Is minee!"


The Big Boar shook its head, swinging its warped tusks as to restrain me.

Rousing itself with a shout, it repeatedly assaulted me from the front. I received that attack several times from the front and counter-attacked... that was the plan.


I had no idea what happened.

The actual fact was, that the sword broke, the broken-off portion was blown upwards and the sword spilled out of my hands, becoming particles of light.

The next moment, the wild boar's tusks approached——



Since I was small I loved games, I love them even now.

Old games, new games, arcade games for home use.

Role-play, action, shooting, adventure, fighting games, sound games, quizzes... since Onee-chan's and Onii-chan's friend also loves games, he brought various ones and we played them. Since Onii-chan wasn't too good at them we chose ones where he can enjoy himself and played together the four of us, in order to win I secretly played alone to polish my skills in game.

I played various games forgetting about time completely. From time to time, I felt like entering the game world with my entire body to feel it all. I've had thoughts like that.

But, that's absolutely impossible. I mean, no matter how much I overlap the game character with myself, I can't become the game's character. I want a character that's only my own, I want to play a game in which I can become an unique character.

That dream I expected to be impossible, had soon approached.

"...【Only Sense Online】?"

"That's right. There's recruitment for that VR game's β testers. In that, Shizuka-san will part——"I'll do it!"——I thought you would."

I passed through the lottery for a VRMMO β tester into which I was invited by Onii-chan's best friend, Takumi-san, and played my fill in the β test.

Before I realized, I have become a player called 【Silver Paladin】.

The β version lasted for three months. During that time, I don't know how many efficient players capable of raising their levels high were there.

Leaving all but memories of it, almost everything was reset.

Levels, items, equipment. All of it was gone, I had to start again from scratch.

I made a promise with acquainted players to reunite after the opening of the official version, and with that the β test had come to an end.



And, during coming summer vacations 【Only Sense Online】 is coming back with its official version. It's all reset, but I'm thinking of becoming the 【Silver Paladin】 once again.

——This time, I'll become a paladin even faster.

"Well then, Onii-chan! I'll be going ahead!"

On the day of 【OSO】's official opening, at the same time I've heard that the server was opened I put on the VR Gear that was the VR equipment and lay down on the bed.

Since Onii-chan was cleaning up after lunch and planned to log in later, I have met up with Shizuka-oneechan.

"——I have returned!"

I yelled with an excited voice. The place I have descended upon was the first town's centre——the intersection of the main streets going from east to west and north to south.

The medieval Europe town surrounded by a huge outer wall in the fantasy world of swords and magic, the houses were mainly built with brick and cobblestone, here and there I could see windows made of glamorous wood and glass.

After going into a single back alley, there was the residential and relaxation area inside of which NPCs have gathered and were speaking with each other.

The players logging in one after another were overwhelmed by this town. Some of them were people who have started moving while looking around the town.

"How tasteless. Oops, I shouldn't say that, I was walking around the town in β as well."

Back then, there was a limited number of players, since there was no choice but to seek information by walking around on their own feet, I have memorized the entire town's map into my head.

As compared to the β in which I moved around for a little bit, there were some additional elements added and I had fun looking around for changes.

"Well then, first, acquiring Senses and Shizuka-oneechan. No, since it's a game it should be meeting up with Sei-oneechan."

I opened the menu and acquired the Senses from the window.


In 【Only Sense Online】's game system, these Senses were the basis of everything and most important thing.

The players equipped Senses into ten of their frames and were also able to replaced them to fit their own play styles.

People who want to wield a sword take 【Sword】 Sense. If it's a spear, then 【Spear】 Sense, if they want to use magic they need to acquire several Senses required for it. In addition to combat system Senses, there were crafting Senses, stat-rising type Senses, auxiliary Senses and various hobby-type Senses.

Choosing Senses to one's liking was all right, preparing a challenging Sense build was all right, choosing crafting, hobby or Senses for beating new challenges was all right.

——Saying your playstyle was the "only" one, wasn't unfounded.

And, the Senses I have chosen were these.

【Sword Lv1】
【Armour Lv1】
【Physical Attack Increase Lv1】
【Physical Defence Increase Lv1】
【Magic Power Lv1】
【Magic Talent Lv1】
【Magic Recovery Lv1】
【Light Element Talent Lv1】
【Recovery Lv1】
【Fighting Spirit Lv1】

The first acquired Senses, were these ten. While conscious of my playstyle during the β version, I took Senses to play efficiently. Among some of these Senses I planned to withdraw some, but it didn't mean I wouldn't use them again.

If I were to make a basic explanation of each Sense, the 【Sword】 Sense makes it possible to deal damage with any weapons classified as swords and grants a damage bonus. The 【Armour】 Sense granted additional defence when equipped with an armour. These are called weapon Senses or battle Senses. Next was the【Physical Attack Increase】 and 【Physical Defence Increase】. While with weapon and armour Senses I could equip items, and use 【Skills】 and 【Arts】——that's right, special moves! These didn't give me any of these, but instead gave me a positive correction to ATK stat that was tied to physical attacks and DEF stat that increased physical defence.

These were called stat-rising type Senses.

Next, the three Senses that were the basis for the magic 【Magic Power】, 【Magic Talent】 and magic attribute.

The 【Magic Power】 Sense gave a player MP, which was required for activation of the earlier mentioned 【Skills】 and 【Arts】. That's why there were people who didn't use magic yet had the 【Magic Power】 Sense.

The 【Magic Talent】 Sense had no effect on its own, but with 【Magic Power】,【Magic Talent】 and magic attribute the effect could be exerted. My chosen attributes were 【Light Element Talent】 and 【Recovery】.

Among magic attributes there were six basic elements, fire, water, wind, earth, light and darkness, it was also possible to obtain resistance to magic and skills corresponding to each element.

And the 【Recovery】 was a general use Sense that was an auxiliary magic of this system.

The last ones, 【Magic Recovery】 and 【Fighting Spirit】 had passive effects——in other words they were auxiliary Senses that had various automatic effects. This was my Sense build status.

"First aim, status from β test! Paladin's return!"

"Myu-chan, you seem to be having fun."

"Ah, Onee-chan!"

When I looked around, there stood a gentle-looking woman with light blue hair. This beauty with a beauty mark under her eye as her charm point was unmistakable. It was Sei-oneechan's character I've seen often in the β era.

Without any hesitation I dove in her chest embracing her.

"Onee-chan! It's been a while!"

"Yes, Myu-chan, it's really been a while."

I enjoyed the softness of Onee-chan's boobs gently wrapping around me.

Boing, boing. When I pressed my face in, there was a soft rebound. I felt a line of sight and when I looked to the surroundings, other players' had their gazes nailed to Onee-chan's boobs.

"Stop looking at Onee-chan as you like!"

"Myu-chan. What happened all of a sudden?"

Sei-oneechan didn't notice, but several players were admiring her captivating boobs, surprised by my words they have fled in a hurry.

Sei-oneechan's boobs are mine! I declared in my mind.

"So, where's Shun-chan?"

"Onii-chan said he'll come after cleaning up. Onee-chan, did you get your Senses yet?"

"Yes, I received the beginner's equipment as well."

With that said, she raised the initial weapon given after choosing a weapon Sense. Onee-chan has acquired a 【Staff】 Sense and received a Beginner's Staff. I have a Sword Sense so I received a Beginner's Sword.

"Want to finish shopping together before Onii-chan comes?"

"We can do that. That way, we can carry on smoother when explaining things to Shun-chan."

After receiving Onee-chan's consent, striking the iron when it's hot I pulled Onee-chan's hand, walking through the town.

The stores we stopped by were NPC weapon and general stores.

In the weapon store, there were NPC weapons and armour. In the general store there were recovery items and consumables required for adventure.

Their effects were lower than those made by crafters, but they were things to equip at the early stage of the game.

"Welcome. What would you like?"

"Excuse me! I want to trade this in for a new weapon, also, give me a light armour!"

"I want to trade this staff in and also, different equipment."

We sold our beginner's weapons and used the money retained from β version, by paying gold I bought multiple iron-made sword with the highest attack power and the lightest shoulder armour made of leather.

The leather shoulder protector was equipped in order to get a defence bonus from the 【Armour】 Sense.

"All right! My shopping's over!"

"Myu-chan. You bough so many swords, is that for ingots?"

Sei-oneechan already bought her Oak Staff and held it in an embrace with her both hands.

Since Sei-oneechan asked why did I buy several pieces of the same equipment, I gave an ambiguous answer.

"I guess that's half correct? Also, for using too, since they break."

Iron Swords purchased this time were mainly a substitute for ore.

"I want a crafter to make me a weapon and gathering ore takes time, on initial level it can't be gathered. I need to ensure the materials for it right now."

It was more expensive than ore, but a single Iron Sword could be conveniently remade into an ingot. I've had money left over from the β era so I bought a lot of them.

Also, weapons made by NPCs have low durability, since they were easily replaced they were useful in other manners as well.

"Myu-chan, are you going to buy consumables?"

"Hmm. Let's see..."

Since I already thought of what I need, together with Sei-oneechan I bought the recovery items, 30 Beginner's Potions and 10 Potions, then returned to the square.

"It's about time Onii-chan logged in I think."

When I looked at the surroundings, I could see players continuously log in. This many players gathering during the β version was only when there was an event, I recalled and chuckled.

As we travelled and overlooked that, in the friend list's menu I was able to confirm Onii-chan has logged in.

I selected the line that changed from grey colour and connected the chat with Onii-chan.

"Ah, Onii-chan. Did you connect?"

『"What. It's Miu huh. You surprised me."』

Was Onii-chan impressed with the fantasy world too? Maybe it's too fast, I reflected and decided the meeting place.

A place that had become a landmark during the β era. A square that had a woman's statue built on it, like Hachiko statue, it had become a meeting spot in OSO.

"There's too many people here so we can't find each other. Onee-chan and I arrived at the cathedral on the north. We'll wait for you there."

『"Got it, I'm going there now."』

While saying so, Onee-chan and I headed to the meeting location.

Meanwhile the chat remained opened, I arbitrarily shared the connection with Sei-oneechan. Each time he let out a voice of admiration like "uwahh" or "howaa", we wondered if we were like that too. Recalling it, the two of us giggled.

"Hey Onii-chan, have you arrived yet?"

『"Yeah, I did but... where are you?"』

I called out to him worried, but apparently he was probably able to reach it. However, there were many other players who used this place for meeting up and we weren't using our own noticeable equipment.

"Under the church's statue. White hair. Onee-chan has light blue hair."

After waiting for a while, I stared at an unfamiliar girl pushing through the crowd coming straight towards us.

In the game in which fantasy colours were popular, she had black hair. Speaking of which, since Onii-chan won't tinker with colour schemes, he'll have black hair too, right. While thinking that, the person I stared at has come in front of us.

Looking at her from up close, she was a shockingly cute girl.

I wonder, who is this slender-type beautiful girl? Together with Sei-oneechan we tilted our heads aligned. I felt the girl had a familiar atmosphere, but I couldn't recall immediately.

"You're Miu right?"

"Eh, yes. I'm Myu, but... who are you?"

"It's me. Your brother, Shun."

She knew me. However, she wasn't an acquaintance from β era. With the her next words, taken over by surprise I was dyed white.

"Umm? Shun-chan? Onee-chan hasn't met you for a while so she doesn't know, but when did you change your gender?"

"No, Onee-chan, that didn't happen! That's not the problem here! Why did Onii-chan turn into Onee-chan?!"

My yell echoed in the square.

To conclude, Onii-chan has become Onee-chan.

Apparently the cause was the camera's misrecognition during the character edit. Well, it's cute so I forgive it. The problems start here! Yun-oniichan's inefficient Sense build and his cowardly way of fighting!

"——And here I wanted us to adventure together!"



After that, in order to accustom Onii-chan who got soaked in mishappen Senses to the world of OSO, we had him go through a simple tutorial.

"Now then, the special moves——【Arts】. Perfect, my 【Sword】 just leveled up to 5..."

My weapon Sense was now level 5 and art could be used, I approached the closest Herbivorous Beast.

Unless I myself attack, the passive mob won't attack me. I took the optimal position for deciding it with a single strike.

I recalled the art I used many times in β version, I gripped the Iron Sword in my hands and set it up.

"——《Delta Slash》!"

The sword was clad in silver light and a triple attack drawing a triangle was released.

With every slash having additional correction from the art, the damage was dealt and scrapped the mob's HP in two hits, the third cut the light particles in the air.

After that, together with Sei-oneechan we gave him several advices, but he Onii-chan was still surprised by 《Delta Slash》 and his reaction was dull, giving us a half-hearted reply.

Will he really be all right alone. I wondered, but on the other hand I thought he needs time to think alone, this is where we quietly disbanded.



After completing the tutorial with Onii-chan, I separated with Sei-oneechan and continued to hunt Herbivorous Beasts in the plains.

"I've separated from Onii-chan and others, but there's still time right."

Just once earlier, I checked my Sense status increase after combat during Onii-chan's tutorial.

【Sword Lv5】
【Armour Lv3】
【Physical Attack Increase Lv3】
【Physical Defence Increase Lv3】
【Magic Power Lv3】
【Magic Talent Lv3】
【Magic Recovery Lv2】
【Light Element Talent Lv3】
【Recovery Lv3】
【Fighting Spirit Lv2】

"Grr, my levels aren't going up at all."

I pouted as I stared at my Sense status.

Senses level increases when actions appropriate for each Sense are taken. For example, the 【Sword】 Sense's experience is gained when the enemy is attacked with a sword and its level raises. Earlier during the tutorial battle, I received some attacks in order to raise my defence-type Senses, but it still hasn't reached satisfactory level.

"Hmmgrr, what to do. Even if I raise levels from now on... oh ,a friend call?"

I operated the icon blinking at the edge of my field of view, after checking the name of the caller I connected immediately.

『"Hi. Myu-chan, it's been a while〜."』

"Hino-chan! Been healthy?"

『"Yup, I'm fine. Want to meet up?"』

"Sure. Then, let's meet up at——"

A meet up with an acquaintance from β. We decided on the meeting spot together.

I who was outside the town have passed by the gate, entering the town I aimed at the meeting spot.

There, I found my acquaintance's figure.

"Yahoo, been a while."

"Hino-chan, it's been a while! Were you well?"

"Yup, I'm always energetic!"