Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne

March 25th: First Day Living Together

Let me say this first:


This is a story about the peaceful, trouble-free daily life of an older brother and a younger sister who were separated for a while because of certain circumstances and then unexpectedly reunited to live under the same roof again. With that said, we’re done with the introduction and can carry on with my uninteresting story.


That’s that.

It probably won’t be very entertaining.

This should be a given, though.

In my opinion, this how everyday life between a brother and sister should be.

At least that’s how I thought it would be, but living with my sister has caused me all kinds of trouble.

Just let me say it again, this will likely be an uninteresting story.

There won’t be any major incidents, no unexpected events, and definitely none of those extremely gaudy scenes.

We’re siblings, so there won’t be any incident with sexappeal either.

If you were expecting something like that, then I recommend that you immediately close this book.

There are already plenty of excellent stories out there which deal with major incidents, unexpected events, and extremely gaudy scenes.

Those stories would suit your taste better for sure.

Let me make myself clear once more, this story has no entertainment value whatsoever.

That’s because the narrator of this story, and the one who’s hoping for this kind of story more than anyone else, is none other than me——


“Onii-chan! Onii-chan!”


“I have a request, would you hear me out?”

“What is it?”

“Would you sleep with me tonight?”


I raised my eyes from the book I was reading and gave the person speaking a strange look.

Her long black hair was cut in line near her eyebrows and made her look like a princess.

Her slightly slanted, graceful eyes were shining with anticipation.

She looked like the very image of someone from a noble family.

She was undisputedly a beautiful girl.

However, she was my sister.

“——Hey, Akiko…”

After finishing the tea in my cup, I continued:

“Back in the day I used to always sleep in the same bed as you, huh?”

“Yes, those days were very happy for me.”

“However, that was because we were still kids back then. We’re both almost 17 years old now.”


“You know the saying, ‘Boys and girls aren’t the same when they turn 7 years old1‘? We’re not at that age anymore to do stuff like that, understood?”

“Yes, I understand.”

I felt relieved as my sister obediently nodded her head.

Shouldn’t it be this way?

She’s my sister but we’ve been separated and haven’t seen each other for six years.

Separated for six years… Our relationship now is more like that of strangers than siblings.

However, in the meantime she has grown into more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined.

‘Please sleep with me’, she uttered that kind of thing, didn’t she?

That’s an extremely suspicious question, isn’t it?

“Do not worry, Onii-chan.”

But she’s actually considering my feelings.

While showing me a glowing smile, she said:

“Since I’m going to live together with Onii-chan from today onwards, I’ve decided to be a good girl. I’ll listen to everything Onii-chan tells me and give up on trying to sleep in the same bed as him.”

“Mmh. I see. Ah, I’m sorry, this is our long-awaited reunion and I put a damper on you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s my fault for saying something so childish in the first place.”

“If I could, I’d like to listen to your wish, but it’s just a little… you know?”

“Those words are plenty. Even after having been gone for six years, Onii-chan’s still as kind as ever, right? Akiko’s very happy.”

Suddenly nodding her head at me, Akiko gave me a big smile.

She must’ve been incredibly emotional after all this time, that’s why she probably said these words.

This must’ve been something like a delusion.

Right. From now on my sister and I will live together in this house and there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

I should be able to live a peaceful life together with my sister now – under the same roof.

“Even so, Onii-chan has become quite daring, hasn’t he?”

My sister said that as she was blushing and fidgeting around.

“Compared to Onii-chan, I’m still a mere child. As expected of Onii-chan.”

“Hm? Is that so. But I don’t remember saying anything that would make you think that.”

“For the first night you don’t want the futon, but rather do it outside… It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’ll do my best!”

“No, wait, hold up!”

I was slightly confused, so I asked her:

“What do you mean ‘first night’?”

“The very first night where a pair of lovers embrace each other.”

“No, no. I don’t wanna hear a definition out of a dictionary. Why did you say something like that all of a sudden? Weren’t we just talking about sleeping in the same futon?

“No? We were talking about how Onii-chan and I were going to spend the night to commemorate our first one, weren’t we?”

I rubbed my eyebrows and said after a slight pause:

“Now look, I don’t know what kind of plans you have, but I don’t intend to spend this so-called ‘first night’ with you, okay?”


Out of the blue, my sister raised her voice.

“T-That’s a lie, right?! You’re joking, right?! You can’t possibly mean that the ‘first night’, the one I was expecting to have today, that that’s not going to happen, right?!”

“…More like I don’t understand why you’re so shocked at that.”

“This is our first meeting in six years!”

“No, something like that has nothing to do with it. Aren’t we siblings?”

“But before that we’re man and woman!”

“No, you have it backwards, don’t you? Aren’t we siblings before we’re man and woman?”

I rubbed my eyebrows once again and followed up with:

“Let’s get the facts straight: You and I are siblings.”

“Yes. We’ve been separated for a long time, finally reunited, and from now on we’ll be living in the same house as irreplaceable siblings.”

“And what about us and the first night?”

“Yes, Akiko’s very excited about it.”

“Aren’t we blood-related?”

“The power of love surpasses that of blood relation!”

“This love you’re speaking of… Do you mean love like in family bonds?”

“There are no different kinds of love. Neither shallow nor deep. The only thing that matters in love is that you care about someone.”

It hasn’t been that long since we’ve reunited and I can already tell that her arguing skills are fairly sharp.

“Anyhow, I understand what you’re trying to say.”

“Yes. As long as you understand.”

“It’s already getting late and I have to get up early, so I think it’s about time I go to bed.”

“I’ve been waiting for this already. I’ve been mentally preparing myself.”

“Good night, Akiko. I’ll be sleeping by myself and you’ll sleep by yourself too.”


My sister shouted. Her face turned round like a plum and she looked like some character from a manga, but… we’re siblings so I couldn’t help it, right?

Still, she continued to insist.

“How can you say that? That’s cruel, Onii-chan!”

“It’s not cruel. It’s proper judgement.”

“Why are you allowing yourself to be held back by some foolish common sense! Aren’t we more than just blood-related siblings?!”

“It seems you’ve put a great amount of thought into that, but do you know what being blood-related means? If we slept together it’d become a very grave matter. Do you understand?”

“But it has been six years since we’ve seen each other!”

“Even if it has been six years, my answer’s still the same.”

“I had high hopes! How could you trample on my pure maiden heart like that?! Onii-chan’s a cruel person!”

“Since you’re a pure-hearted maiden, shouldn’t the ethical dilemma of sibling love be a big thing for you?”

“It’s just a pair of lovers spending the night together, why can’t there be intimate contact?! Is it weird in some way?!”

“That’s! My! Point! You’ve left out one important thing! Aren’t we brother and sister before that?!”

I was seriously tired out from this.

I let out a sigh and glanced at my sister.

Her puppy-eyes were tearing up as she was giving me a wishful look.


If one looked at her from the neck downwards, they’d see her slender shoulders and her over proportionately sized breasts.

Both of her hands were wrapped tightly around her waist.

And her long slender legs gave her a very feminine look.

Finally reunited after six years, my sister almost seemed like a stranger to me.


I wasn’t really thinking any weird thoughts there, just so you know. I swear it!


After a small cough, I continued:

“I’m still going to bed, in my room, alone. This is my final answer.”

“…I understand. It can’t be helped.”

My sister looked down dejectedly and let her shoulders droop as she said:

“Since Onii-chan’s said to stop here, Akiko will give up.”

“I see. I’m sorry, I want to listen to you and help you out since I’m your brother, but…”

“No, it’s my fault for asking the impossible of you. Now that I think back on it, we’re brother and sister, doing that kind of thing would have been a mistake, right? No matter how I look at it, my emotions got the better of me after I reunited with Onii-chan and so I said those strange things.”

“Mm, mm, that’s right, that’s right.”

“This is the second time I’ve said something wrong. A daughter of the Himenokouji Family should value self-control as one of her core principles. From now on I’m going to be more befitting of the Himenokouji Family. I’m sorry, Onii-chan, please sleep sound. Akiko will not be a hindrance to you.”

“Mm, mm, that’s a good attitude you have there.”

“No, no, this is the least I can say.”

“And your real reason is…?”

“Yes. Onii-chan will eventually fall asleep and then I’ll wait until he is snoring away, sneak into his room, and—”




“Ahh! You’ve not only closed the door on me, you’ve also set both locks, didn’t you?! How am I supposed to sneak into your room at night now?! That’s cruel, too cruel! Onii-chan!”

She kept saying those unreasonable words outside my door, but I didn’t care. I laid my head down on the futon and slept peacefully with my earplugs on.

  1. This is a Japanese saying. It basically means when boys and girls become seven, they become sexually aware of the other gender, so they can’t sleep together like little kids do. The age seven in Japan also signifies is not a kid anymore. See on Wikipedia

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