Mythical Conquest
Mythical Conquest Book 1 Preview

Prologue: The Scumbag Human And The Selfish God 

It was a Friday night. The sun had just set a few hours ago, and the streets were still crowded with people going about their business.

The street was the primary route to walk when going somewhere; such a thing was common sense. However, there was one particular person who ignored that common sense, and chose the back alleys every time.

His name was Logan Cross. He was average height, had messy black hair, and was caramel skinned with green eyes.

He wore a dark-colored top and dark-colored jeans.

He was a college student who was in his second term of his first year. And he was just heading home.

The reason why he avoided the streets, wasn't because he was some shady criminal who wanted to avoid eyes of the public. No, It was because he wanted to avoid people in general.

Logan was an introvert who preferred to be alone most of the time. However, he took meaning introvert to another level.

He found socializing bothersome, and goes through great lengths to avoid it.

Even though he was incredibly smart, he purposely aimed for average grades. Even though he's a natural athlete, he tries not to stand out in sporting events. Even though he would've been really attractive if he put a little effort in his appearance, he chose not to.

Why did he do all this?

Simple, it's to avoid unnecessary attention.

Don't be mistaken. It's not like Logan is afraid of people, or is a shy person. It's just that to him keeping up appearances to please others, was a pain in the ass.

So he naturally does what ever he wants, without caring about such things.

He was the definition of a lone wolf.

“Tch. I seriously need a car. It takes too much energy to walk all the time.”

Logan said to himself.

He wasn’t in a bad mood because of something that had happened in class. He was in a bad mood because he had to use energy. He wouldn't mind if there was a door that he could use to enter his house from anywhere. That was how lazy he was.

“Please, let us go. Today's my daughter’s birthday!”

While he was walking through the alleys, Logan heard the pleading voice of a man coming from in front of him.

When he got closer, he saw a dangerous situation.

A man and little girl, who appeared to be his daughter, were surrounded by three armed men.

It was a robbery.

“What a coincidence! It's my birthday too!”

Said one of the robbers.

“I wanted a cake for me and my guys to celebrate. Hey, I know. Since we share birthdays, why don't you give us the money you were going to spend on your daughter?”

“You know what they say, give to less fortunate.”

The three men started laughing.

“We don't care if it's even God’s birthday. That ain't going to stop us from taking what we want!”

The men gripped their guns tighter and smirked at the man and his trembling daughter.

Logan who saw all this-

“A robbery, huh. Not my concern.”

He continued walking without even glancing back at the scene.

“That's what happens when you walk around places like this in the night. By the way, why would anyone bring their daughter in a dark alley that is obviously dangerous?”

He didn't really wanted to know. He didn't really care. What happened to others wasn't his concern. That's the type of person Logan was.

If he wanted he would've saved the man and his daughter, but that would require him getting shot. He wasn't the type to take a bullet for anyone. If you're meant to die then so be it. That was his ideology.

Of course, it applies to himself as well. If he's supposed to die, then he would accept it. He doesn’t want anyone to risk their life for a scumbag like him. To him that's a waste of life.


While Logan continued his journey home, he a loud explosion accompanied by screams.


“Y-You idiot! Why you did you shoot him?!”

“He just jumped at me! It was reflex!”

“C-Calm down you two! He's still breathing! Little girl, come back here!”

Logan heard the voices of the three men and stopped. He didn't know why he did it. But he stopped and looked back.

“….Why am I sticking around? I'm sure to get caught up in something troublesome, if I don't get out of here.”

When he said that, he could see a small figure running towards him.

“H-help! Daddy got…Daddy is bleeding! Please help!”

Logan watch as the little girl ran up to him and pleaded with him.

However, there wasn't any emotion on his face as he looked at the crying girl.

The girl continued to plea with him until the three men caught up.

“There she is!”

“Hey buddy, could you hand over that little girl?”

The men approached Logan while aiming their guns at him.

“….I would. But it doesn't look like she wants to go with you.”

“Huh?! Like I care what she wants! Hand her over!”

One of the men got agitated, he was clearly on edge.

Logan looked at his gun, and saw that heat was coming of the nozzle.

“I see. So, you were the one who shot her father. You're panicking. How pathetic. If you're going to rob someone with a gun, then be prepared to shoot them. Don't start trembling like a wet puppy after firing your gun only once.”

He said.

Instead of feeling fear towards the men who were armed before him, or concern towards the girl who had just witnessed her father being shot, Logan felt irritation.

He felt irritated by the fact that he was drag into something he tried to avoid. And above all, he felt irritated by the fact that he's the one to blame.

That was the type of person he was; everything revolved around him. No one else matters.

Even so, why did he stop when he heard the girl’s scream? Logan didn't know himself, and that irritated him even more.

“Give us the kid, Punk! This is your final warning!”

“Only if she wants to. I may be the scum of the earth, but I don't believe in forcing my will on others…..Well, I will if it benefits me.”






The little girl’s scream echoed throughout the alley. The men stared at Logan with shocked expressions.

Every one was shocked, even Logan.

“W-Why did you shoot at them?!”

“I thought that if we just killed the two of them and run, then this will be all over! I didn't expect him to shield the girl!”

That's right. When one of men fired his gun, Logan quickly pulled the girl and shield her from the gunshots.

This surprised everyone there. But none was more surprised than Logan.

‘Why? Why did I shield this girl I just met?’

He couldn't comprehend his actions.

‘Was this my human instincts acting on their own? If so, this was a crappy time to act up.’

Logan looked at the girl in front of him. She was on her bottom crying while looking at him.


Logan clicked his tongue, and turned and faced the men.

He used hand to check his body. His hand was stained in blood. That confirmed that he was shot.

But strangely enough, it didn't hurt.

“My body must be in shock. I don't feel excruciating pain from where I was shot.”

The men watched as Logan touched all the places he was shot.

“My stomach, my chest and my side……”

He started to assess his situation.

‘Even if this girl escapes here and finds help, it will take at least 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. And another 20 to reach the hospital. No, it's Friday night so 30 minutes even if you use the sirens. Which means…’

“I'm going to die.”

Maybe it's because of the adrenaline from being shot, but his mind was clear and everything moved slower than usual to him.

Logan easily accepted his fated. However, him dying while his murderers would probably get away scotch free, didn't sit right with him. So as if deciding what his final act on the earth will be, Logan declared this to the 3 men.

“I'm definitely going to die. But I'm not going to hell alone.”

He stepped forward causing the men to flinch.

“I love being alone, but for first time I want some company.”

Blood leaked from Logan mouth as he displayed a savage smile.

“So, how about the four of us go say hi to Satan together?”

Logan sprint towards the men.

They momentarily froze up. The sight of a man with 3 bullets in his body, charging towards you with a bloodthirsty expression, would make anyone freeze up.

He grabbed the one who shoot him, and broke his nose with his knee.

He then grabbed his gun and shot the one on the right in the head.

When the other finally made a move, Logan was already in front of him.

Logan grabbed him by his collar and threw him on the ground. Before the man could figure out what had happened, his windpipe was crushed by Logan's boot.

He was going to die without medical attention. Logan knew that it probably wouldn't come, but still shot him in the head just to be sure.

And then, Logan grabbed the one who shot him again.


Logan didn't shoot him. He broke his neck; because he wanted to kill him with his own hands.

When the man body hit the floor, so did Logan's.

The pain still didn't come, but his body had become weak and cold. He knew then that he had passed the stage for pain.

‘I only have a few moments left.’

Logan looked at the girl he had “saved”, and forced his voice towards her.

“….Hey, brat. Call the ambulance for your daddy. Maybe he can still be saved…”

The little girl didn’t say anything and ran out of the alley crying.

Logan watched as her back got smaller and the world got darker.

He was alone in a dark cold alley filled with garbage.

He thought that it was a fitting death for someone like him.

“Damn it. If I knew that I was going to die today, I would've deleted my browser history. Now everyone's going to know my fetishes…..Tch..”

Using the words he always wanted to say as his last words, Logan closed his eyes forever.

When Logan opened his eyes again, he was floating alone in total darkness. He couldn't see anything, nor could he move; he was just floating aimlessly.

That's when he heard someone's voice.

(Well, isn't this surprising. You of all people died protecting someone.)

"I know right. I don't know why I did it, and now I'm dying a dog's death."

(Do you regret it?)

"Of course I regret it. I won't be able to eat my favorite foods or read my favorite books. And there was a new album I wanted to listen to."

(......You're a strange kid you know that?)

"Strange? That's a kind way to put it. I'm trash. I don't care about anyone other than myself. I'm the type of guy who would see an old lady about to be hit by a bus, and distance myself because I don't want blood on my clothes."

(.....You think quite lowly of yourself.)

"Quite the opposite. I'm trash, but I love my trashy self. I acknowledge that I'm a scumbag, but I won't try to change it."

(Do you like being a scumbag?)

"It's better than being a hypocrite who only do good for appearances. I don't care about appearances so I do what I want."

(Oh. Interesting outlook.)

"Thank you. Wait. Who the hell are you? God? Satan? If so, I wanted to punch the both of you even once if I had the chance."

(And what have I ever done to you?)

"You gave me an unnecessarily hard life."


"I'm lazy by nature, but I was given a life where I had to struggle for no reason. You're a sadistic bastard, you know that?"

(Is that so?)

"I would ask for a redo, but that sounds like too much work."

(Oh, and I was just going to offer you a new life in a new world.)

"Don't bother. Just make me a panda or something. Those guys have it easy. All they have to do is eat bamboos, and look cute for a living."

(That's too bad. I've already decided that you'll become my Proxy in this world.)

"Proxy? Wait, You bastard! I swear if you reincarnate me, I won't stop until I punch you in the face. Even if I have to burn the world to the ground!"

(You really are a scumbag! I like you Logan Cross! Make this world ours, and come meet me at the Summit Of The Gods! My name is Tiamat, the Mother Of Dragons and Goddess Of Chaos And Disorder! I'll be waiting!)

"You bitch! Don't you dare!"

(Enjoy your new world, Logan.)


A bright light devoured the raging Logan, and thus he had disappeared from his old world and was plunged into a new one.

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