My and Her Game War
My and Her Game War Preview

World is basically moving with the Power of Money

The following morning, he didn’t meet with Kusakabe on his way to school.

Well it’s that lousy and slacking Kusakabe he was talking about. So considering him, it was maybe a series of coincidental events that he was able to meet with him every day.

And just like imagined it felt kind of comfortable walking alone like this to school but, on the other hand, it was his bad habit of end up thinking and worrying about various kinds of things while being alone like that.

“Thinking about it, I wonder if I will be forced to go to the club instead of the library from now.”

That was his today’s worry.

As he just entered as a Temporary Member, he didn’t had any obligations to go in the club. But still, he wondered that maybe it is essential to show his face at least on the first day of the club or not? In order to not make Tendou disappointed in him as well.

Having said that, he was still feeling very uneasy. As the place, to go After School from Middle School was always the library. So that’s why he was planning to spend the last year of high school with his friends – “Books” in his own Pace, just like he did in the former 2 years of his high school life. But……,

That life of his might change from now on.

‘I have never imagined even in my wildest dreams that something like this will happen.’

It’s not like he particularly hated that change as he was starting to take interest in something like games as well. And there was also the desire to play more of Spelunker and Uncharted and even more types of games. Plus, there was even Tendou in the club. For though she might have feelings for Sena-sensei, however with just spending such long time together with her made him happy.

But staying as a temporary member like this for now will only end up disappointing her more. On the other hand, as the problem about him having the qualifications to really join the club vanished, his determination to officially join the club also vanished somewhere.

Slowly, he started to hate his Indecisive self.

“U—u—u—umm…… its Kishimine-senpai……right?”

His name suddenly got called from behind. Somewhat melodious, and yet afraid voice, he quickly remembered the origin of that voice clearly.

And as he turned back, as per his imagination it was a figure of Modern Game Club’s another temporary member, Niitani Sanae.

It was quite surprising. He never thought that he will be approached like this on his way to school, more so by the androphobic her.

“M—m—morning, Niitani-san.”

To begin with, he never had any experience of getting approached by a girl during his commute to school. So unintentionally he greeted with a loud voice.

“Umm……I am sorry to suddenly call you like that. As I saw you from inside of the car, I thought of going together with you……”

While cowering just like a little puppy, Niitani said.

On the other side of her, a big car which was stopped could be seen. It was not Benz but, the big guy who was sitting on the driver’s seat, was clearly glaring at him and his glare were clearly telling him “Try doing something strange, you’ll not be able to leave this place on your feet.”.

He was somewhat taken aback but, he clearly saw that she forced herself to approach him. So he just couldn’t flat out refuse those feelings of her, and he didn’t have the courage to refuse a request from a girl in the first place.

“I—I am fine with it……”

He answered without making an eye encounter with the chauffeur as much as possible.

“T—thank you very much. W—well then……”

They started walking towards the school together. But then, as Niitani was 3 steps distant from him, it couldn’t be said that they were together if seen from a 3rd person prospective.

For Kishimine it was a strange state.

He didn’t able to understand the reason of getting such kind of proposal from Niitani, even though it was just a course of events, he didn’t thought that a day like this will come in his life that he will be able to go to school together with a girl. And to add another thing on top of it, there was an existence of a car following them from behind without making a spec of sound, which again too was quite frightening.

“U—umm, Niitani-san?”

As they couldn’t have stayed like that, Kishimine finally mustered his courage and asked.

“Y—yes!? W—what is it?”

“W—why with someone like me, I mean, you decided to go together to school? No, It’s not like it’s a bother or something like that but, look, you……No, the other girls from the Izunomiya Academy too seems to be bad with guys……right?”

He frantically and carefully chose his words.

“U—umm. It’s just as you said; even I haven’t talked to the boys of my class yet…… But, I lately started to think that it’s not good to continue like this as the school itself has already become co-ed. And so there as I am also a member of the Student Council, thought to follow the ways of the President who is so good at dealing with boys ……Ah, I—I am sorry! I, might’ve said something impolite……”

“No, It’s fine. If it’s like that then you can use me as many times as you want.”

In other words, he might end up becoming a guinea pig in curing her androphobia. But, he just couldn’t become angry at her. As he obvious saw her doing her best in her own way, so he just couldn’t able to laugh at that effort of hers.

Plus, He too is somewhat similar to her in that aspect.

“N—now that you mention it, Tendou-san looked fine dealing with me and Sena-sensei didn’t she?”

“Ah, Yes. It looks like that way.”

“She also grown up with all-girls school environment……didn’t she? I wonder how she is fine like that?”

“Ah……I—I too getting curious about that asked President before. Do you know? President’s seems to be born on April 2nd.”

“Heh. No, I didn’t knew about that……”

“As April 1st considered to be as an early born so that’s why it seems like the one born on April 2nd end up becoming Onee-san the fastest. That’s why I, have to do my best as an Onee-san for everyone……she said something like that.”

Involuntarily Kishimine end up laughing.

When he thought that due to such childish reasoning’s, she even end up Drop Kicking a teacher, he found it pretty amusing.

“Somehow it’s like her.”

“Yes, Really.”

Niitani also started laughing.

And then, both got silent. It somehow ended up in a good mood but, it was a little embarrassing for both of them as well.

“W—which reminds me——”

Like that, this time while hiding her embarrassment Niitani brought up the subject.

“Were you able to join the Modern Game Club?”

“Eh? Ah, No, I still don’t know. I am thinking of trying playing games a bit more to decide……”

“Is that so? I thought that boys these days will be delighted just of the fact that they will be allowed to play games……”

“It’s probably because I am one of the exceptional cases when it comes to those things. Ah, but still comparatively, there are no boys in the Modern Game Club, aren’t they? On the outline, I heard that there are around 20 boys in the High School Division but…… as I thought it’s due to those Conditions after all, huh?”

“Ah, I think that’s……”

After saying something, Niitani closed her mouth.

Which meant, that the reason was something, she can’t say easily like that.

“I—is something else there? By any chance……it’s because of Sena-sensei?”

“……Yes. Or so I think. As expected everyone, don’t want to get involved with that Sensei in any sort of way……”


Somehow able to consent with just that piece information, was quite frightening in itself.

It’s because he’s a type of person, who said something like “Don’t you want to try marrying a Seiyuu” with such a serious look. And Kishimine himself wouldn’t’ve even approach him if he hadn’t got kidnapped in the first place.

“I wonder why a person like him is a teacher?”

“It’s because he is quite a famous teacher in the World of Physics. He is acting as a head of something which is not one his field, but his lessons are famous for being very easy to understand everywhere. To an extent which made rumours such as that he was a brink away in having the Nobel Prize for Physics……”

“……T—that sure is amazing.”

The saying “Heaven does not grant people more than one talent” started to float inside in his mind. Probably, I wonder if god ended up making a mistake vectoring his physics talent rather his character.

“The rest of the problem is the atmosphere I think.”


“Isn’t our School is like an overly serious Ojou-sama School? Well of course there are just too many girls who haven’t even gone to Karaoke or bowling but that’s more the reason it becomes a type of atmosphere that doesn’t allow anyone to say that they like games and stuff……”


Considering both Games and Karaoke, they both have an image of an amusement build for common people. In the Izunomiya Academy which was filled with just Ojou-sama’s, those types of things is one to expect hard to approach.

“But, if that’s the case then I wonder why Tendou-san joined the club? I heard that it was to create a place for boys but……”

“Eh? You don’t know reason?”

Somehow Niitani suddenly got puzzled as if she was deceived by a fox or something.

“Hm? Did something happen?”

“Ah, No, Umm…….”

Now she looked like as if she was brooding over something.

“……T—that’s right. You just joined the club haven’t you? Then that’s expected if you don’t know about it yet…… President said that it’s a secret not to tell anyone but……But, if you’re going to end up becoming a member then you must also know about it.”

“W—what do you mean? Just what is it about?”

As he asked, Niitani after remaining quiet for a while, put a determined look on her face and then said.

“Uhm…… Today at Lunch break…… if possible around 12:55 P.M. will be good. I will ask Sena-sensei to leave the lock open. So secretly, go to audio-visual prep-room. You know that the audio-visual prep-room and the nearby No.2 audio-visual room are connected right? Enter from that door without making any sound. Though I don’t think she will notice a little bit of a noise.”

“……so basically you want me to sneak-in? Say why do you want me to do something like that……?”

As he asked her, he doesn’t know why but Niitani looked as if she was enjoying herself a lot.

“That’s something you will have to see and enjoy once you go there. But I am quite sure that you’ll be able to know President’s Secret there.”


It’s not something admirable to peek at someone’s secret. However, if he was told that he’ll get to see the secret of Tendou, the typical interest gushes forth from him no matter what.

While they were talking about that, the school started to appear. And at the same time, Niitani strangely started to become restless.

And he somehow able to grasp the reason for that as well.

“It will be wise to separate our ways from here. As there are also classmates watching, you also don’t want to make them see that you are commuting together with the boy……right?”

Niitani then making a complex expression of relief and disappointment apologised.

“Umm…… if you excuse me then…… I—I am terribly sorry, I am doing something very rude don’t I……?”

“Ah, I—it’s fine! As we both have our positions to consider as well…… And even if I was in your position I might’ve thought about various things just like you. Well then I, will go ahead.”

“Ah, But Umm!”

Behind his back who was hastily trying to leave the place, once again Niitani called.

“Umm, Kishimine-senpai you were really easy to talk to, and I also enjoyed myself a lot. So, if we get another chance like this again……can we walk together again?”

“Eh…… A—aah, Okay.”

To those unexpected words, he gave nothing but a suitable response.

“Thank Goodness. Well then, see you.”

Niitani while laughing happily waved her hand a little.


Without saying anything, Kishimine this time again headed towards the school gate at a quick pace.

She enjoyed her time together with him. And she wanted to be together again if get another chance. Excluding Miyabi-chan, it was his first time in his life that he was told something like that.

It was not anything in any romantic way. On the contrary, he was just a companion who she found just easy to talk to. But he was genuinely happy if only a bit, to be able to make her cute junior happy.

Kishimine finally started to feel gratitude of the fact of getting transferred to this school.

And thus the Lunch Break came.

Kishimine was frantically accompanied to Kusakabe’s talk while eating his Bentou[1], and when the needle of the clock was just about to hit the 12:55P.M., he left the classroom while making an excuse like “I will go to the toilet for a sec”

He was reluctant on the idea of peeking on someone secret but, Niitani also went that far to tell him about that, and above all it was difficult in controlling his desires to know more about Tendou. Plus, he thought that if it was that much of an inconvenient secret then, Niitani who was like a fan of Tendou wouldn’t have told him about that.

He went downstairs, and reached the 2nd Floor. On this floor were No.1 and No.2 audio-visual rooms and the Modern Game Club which was in the audio-visual prep-room.

First, as per told he entered inside the No.2 audio-visual room. And just as he thought it was unlocked this time. And like that he passed through the lines of desks and headed towards the door which connected the room to the audio-visual prep-room on the inner side of the room.

“She said to sneak-in right……?”

He asked himself again and again before, that why there is such a need to do something like this but, at the moment he was not even bothered by the fact that he was actually doing that. And gently pushed the door and opened it a bit without making as much as noise he could.

As the room was built on the disposition of being as an audio-visual room, so it was soundproof. Maybe it’s because of that being the reason, when he slightly opened the door, some sort of noise started to flow inside the room.

It was an old and unusual kind of electronic sound. And he remembered that sound very well. And that was because he heard that just yesterday.

It was the BGM[2] of Spelunker.

It looks like someone is playing in the Famicom there. Just who was it— thinking like that Kishimine slowly skimmed his way in through the opened door.

While hiding himself behind the racks of the machine, he started to secretly examine the room.


The one, who was playing in the Famicom, was the Tendou.

But as he thought about it, it was not anything unusual. As the one who can play games in this games, are just club members. So if it’s not Sena-sensei then it’s gonna be Tendou for sure.

‘By any chance, this is the secret of Tendou-san……?’

Tendou was, truly looking at the game screen quite intently. He now understands very well the reason of why she said that even if he sneak-in it would be fine as long he made just the small noises. If one were to concentrate that hard in the game, then it would be possible that she might not even notice him even if he calls her name.

“……Still, she looks like she’s having fun isn’t it?”

The Tendou he knew was always looked dignified and smart. And now she had a facial expression which was full of emotions. Sometime as if enjoying herself, sometime as if absorbed vacantly in it, sometimes getting angry over it.

It was as if a child was playing the game innocently. Just by watching at her even he started to enjoy himself.

‘I see.’

He finally able to understand what Niitani wanted to convey.

‘Tendou-san, just purely loves the games.’

For the sake of school, For the sake of creating a space for the boys, the outward reason was indeed something like that, but, she just simply loved games herself.

This is a leading and distinguished Ojou-sama school in the Japan and, she is the Student Council President of that school. No matter how much games are popular in the world, if someone was put in a position like her then, one can’t just openly present something like the games. That’s more the reason how she simply collaborated in the establishment of the Modern Game Club and became a member by herself. And like that, she is now playing the games secretly.

But then, even though being that the case he just couldn’t get in a mood to criticise her as she was enjoying herself that much in the game.

And he got the feeling that there might be a good reason to officially enrol in the club as well. Because he will be able to stay in the club he loves that much. With just that, there was indeed something worth in entering this club.

Plus, Kishimine got to learn one more fact. She enrolled in this club due to her love towards the game which meant, that there might just not be anything between her and Sena-sensei.

Like that, at that moment when Kishimine was thinking all those stuff.

Tendou as if due excitement, raised her voice.

“Damn, you Fucking Ghost! To think that you will show yourself at this timing!”


Suddenly at that moment, he thought that he heard something totally outrageous.

However, there is only Tendou and himself at this place right now.

‘I—I misheard……that just now right? Oh Yeah, no doubt about that’

The Tendou who was always calm, dignified and beautiful and even loved by her junior, there is no way a girl like her will say something like ‘Fucking’ with that mouth of hers.

‘T—that’s right. There is no mistaking it, it’s was just me hearing things.’

To think that he imagined a word so vulgar like that, he felt sorry for her. And even kneeled down to apologize in front of her in his heart.

[Kinkon][Kankon] the chime suddenly rang

It’s a warning bell. Stating that in just 5 minutes the 5th Period will start.

Kishimine started to feel anxious about something completely different. As Tendou was playing with so much enthusiasm, he started to get worried that whether she heard the bell properly or not. She getting late because of getting so much dissolved in games, considering her position, it was not something she could’ve made an excuses for. He was considering calling her, and thus even resolute himself to make her see that he was peeking.

However it looks like his worry was meaningless.

“Fuu, this far, huh……?”

Her low voice like she was very disappointed reached to him.

As expected of someone like her, huh? That she didn’t able to miss the chime even though she was that much lost in the game. She with very disappointed face dropped down the controller, and switched off the Famicom.

Despite him feeling relieved and happy, he finally noticed that he lost his timing to get out of here. If it was at that time when she was engrossed in the game then that was another case, but if he open and close the door now, he will be caught for sure.

‘Well, it’s fine huh? As after cleaning the place, Tendou-san will also head straight back.’

However, his guess was wrong.

He didn’t understand the reason but, even after cleaning the place up. She didn’t look like she had any plans to head back.

As he checked to confirm from the gap of racks just what was taking her so long.

Tendou was in the middle of undressing her uniform.


He received a critical damage in his heart.

If it was just blazer, then it could’ve gotten explained that she was feeling hot while playing games for that long. However, following that, she smoothly untied her ribbon, and started to open up the buttons of her white blouse one by one.


Kishimine couldn’t’ve believed of what was going on in front of his eyes. It’s as if his brain stopped working, and he wasn’t able to recognize, what exactly she was doing.

In the meanwhile Tendou was finished opening up all the buttons, and was finally done undressing her blouse.

Her White Bra, not giving up in contrast with her pure white skin at all.


And that Tendou, was now just in a Skirt and Bra figure.

As what he read was just printed type books, and as he never touched or seen any type of adult featured books, for someone pure like him that scene was too stimulating.

I am watching something that I shouldn’t see—like that, he reflexively averted his eyes. However, the detail features of her bare body which was in front of him just a while ago just couldn’t able to leave from his mind and scorched quite a lot into his eyes.

Silky smooth and white skin. Slender arms. Slim and elegant shoulder. And a very slim waist. Even though he just saw it for a moment, her beautiful body with detail was again reproduced in his mind.

And, what stole his attention the most was—

‘I—I wonder if that is due to her slender clothing?’

As the Tendou was quite slender, maybe because of that reason her breast size didn’t stood out that much. But, the pure white breasts he saw just a while which were wrapped around by the bra, were curved abundantly and forming a perfect cleavage to an extent, which couldn’t even be imagined from over her uniform. Furthermore, as if to show the softness, her breasts shook to every action she was making.

‘I—I can’t, I can’t!’

Kishimine as if to forget what he saw a while ago, closed his eyes strongly and started to shake his head.

‘I absolutely can’t peek like that.’ ‘As you are hidden its fine isn’t it?’ The devil inside his heart also whispered against his reasoning’s but, at a situation like this, the one who finally won was the Kishimine reason.

But, even if he closed his eyes, No, it’s because of the fact that he closed his eyes the other things stopped coming in his eyes, and his mind couldn’t able to stop thinking about that pure white body of Tendou.

And even with his eyes closed, he couldn’t able to stop the sounds coming in his ears. The sound of her in the middle of being taking her clothes off. She might be undressing her Skirt this time. With just imagining like that, he slowly started to lose his mind.

But, he should be called fortunate I guess, as no matter what kind of bad dream it is, it never goes on for forever.

“Let’s go shall we?”

He heard Tendou murmuring like that.

It seems like she was done changing. As finally Kishimine slowly started to open his eyes with the sigh of relief.

With very apologizing feelings, and to confirm that it’s fine now or not, as he himself didn’t knew of what exactly was going on— furthermore holding somewhat of an expectation himself, he peeked at the appearance of Tendou.


He again almost raised his voice, and he also felt his face becoming red.

Well certainly she was done changing her clothes. However, as expected he thought that he saw something he shouldn’t have.

As Tendou was now in the Bloomer outfit.

Slender, long, white legs which from this far looked silky smooth, together with her thighs was clearly visible.

“So……the legend was real after all……!”

In short, as her next period was P.E., she was changing in here.

And that was just a gym cloth used a long time ago. But, if the one wearing was someone stylish as Tendou, with just looking at it he thought that he committed some sort of a sin or crime.

The figure of Perfect hips enveloped in the deep blue Bloomer. And from there stretched the slender legs were, due to that deep blue color was showing the prominence of the pure white color of her body. On top of it, it also made it more look like soft and silky smooth.

‘S—so that is……the thing that Kusakabe loved……’

I see, after watching by himself he sort of understood the feelings of those boys who wanted to do the P.E. that much together with the girls.

Like that, while he was deep in the middle of thought, Tendou left the room. As her appearance from behind was yet again beautiful, he wasn’t able to stop watching.


As the door closed after she left the room, he finally took a deep breath of relief.

He finally understood the reason behind the P.E. period being completely separate like that. That’s not something a guy should watch. No, infact if possible he wanted to watch it as many times he want, but as expected he got a feeling that it’s not something he should watch.

At any rate, as soon enough the 5th Period will start. So while controlling his throbbing chest, and the trembling of his heart, he headed towards his classroom.

And, in afterschool.

“I feel somewhat strange……”

Kishimine murmured to himself.

Well of course the reason was the incident at Lunch break. At that time what he saw was the Tendou’s soft white skin, well obviously he tried his best to forget about that but, he was not that confident in himself that he will be able to hold his calm meeting her after that.

But still saying that, he had not any intention of slacking on his 1st day as a Temporary member. And like that reluctantly he stepped inside the audio-visual prep-room.

“Oh, isn’t this Kishimine-kun?! Glad you came!”

The one greeted him immediately was the one who seated himself calmly on the chair, Sena-sensei. It’s just even though he looked here and there in the clubroom; he didn’t saw any signs of Tendou.

“Huh? Where is Tendou-san?”

“Who knows? Well, she is the Student council president after all, so it’s not rare for her to get late like that, don’t worry she will eventually come. What happened to you? Don’t just stand there like a scarecrow there and get inside already!”

“Ah, Yes!”

He nervously stepped inside the clubroom.

“Which reminds me, did you get here during the lunch break?!”


In a second, without even understanding what exactly Sena-sensei was saying, he didn’t able to respond properly.

“Don’t “Heh?” me. So, you haven’t seen it after all, huh? Her secret that is.”

“A—aah, Y—Yes. I’ve seen that but, how do you know about that……?”

“It’s because Niitani requested me to leave the No.2 audio-visual open so I guessed it should be like that!”

“Aah, now that I think about it, it was that right……?”

“In any case, with this even you understood right?! That she is hiding in the public but, she is one hell of a Game Maniac!”

“Ah, as I thought it’s like that isn’t it?”

“What are you saying? You’ve also seen it right? Her enjoying the game while spending each and each moment leisurely like that.”

“Y—Yes. That’s right, I’ve certainly saw her playing games enthusiastically.”

To be precise, even more than that though.

“B—But still, does she play like that every day during the Lunch time?”

“It’s not every day but, she plays relatively a lot I say! Especially, as she was busy with you yesterday and day before yesterday, maybe she couldn’t able to control her desires anymore to play games.”

“S—so that’s how it was.”

Even though it’s the think he didn’t knew before he somehow ended up stealing her time to play the games. And thus he somehow started to feel a little bit apologetic to that.

“But even that being the case, in this school, I think there’s no such need to play the games while hiding and like that.”

“Well, even I don’t understand the reason for that. But, can’t you really imagine that? For example, she is this school’s Student Council President. Besides, it also seems that she is from a family who is wealthy enough to be called as nobles of some distant era. No matter how popular games really are, they are just a part of pop culture after all. So you just can’t show yourself publicly playing games like that right?”

It was somewhat similar to the thing he heard from Niitani.

“That’s why Tendou-san assertively collaborated in the foundation of this club, and right now too staying as a member right? All that to create a place where she can play games openly……”

“Probably! By the way, she is a great fan of Modern Japanese Culture you know?! To an extent that she even owns Anime DVD and other stuffs.”

“Heh…. She also loves those kinds of things as well, huh?”

“That’s right! Otherwise she wouldn’t have said something like “I am not interested in just freshmen, but if someone in here can do—then come to my place” as a greeting. I bet she was copying Haruhi at that time!”

“……I see.”

‘I don’t quite understand it, but it seems to be a line from a famous anime or something.’

“Ah that’s right! I forgot to tell you this but, in the case when she has P.E. as her 5th Period, she seems to use this place to change her clothes. She is a popular and trusted Student President of all the students, so it seems that she can’t do impolite things like running to changing room just before the Lunch Break gets over and change clothes there. So you too be careful not to come in this room at that time!”


‘It’s already too late; tell that kind of thing beforehand please’— well obviously there was no way he can say something like that.

“Umm. I don’t particularly know the time table of Tendou-san Class though……”

“Ooh! That’s also true isn’t it?! Well, let me tell you a little then. Ah—! Wait a sec there? If I remember it correct Tendou-kun’s P.E. class was today in 5th Period right……?”

Involuntarily Kishimine startled.

He didn’t know whether it’s to deliberately think over of what exactly he was thinking or something, Sena-sensei corrected his glasses and changed the topic.

“Well fine, Aside that let’s get to the main point! So how’s it, it’s been just 1 night since then but, have you finally determined youself to be the official member?! I have no intention of hurrying anything but, Tendou-kun and others are not patient like me after all, so it will be better if you decide soon enough!”

Even though he was relieved of the fact that the subject was changed, but even despite that the next question too was somewhat hard to answer.

“Yes. Though to be honest, I am still deciding. And thinking of trying playing games a bit more to be able to get on the proper conclusion……”

“Hahaha, as I thought you still thinking over it, huh? You too are a type who broods a lot aren’t you?!”

‘Geez as what he said was absolutely right I can’t even object.’

“Alright, if it’s that’s the case then let me tell you something which might benefit you! I, you see don’t have any intention to deny a person’s way of living his/her life. However, I atleast want you to know that the time of high school is a precious three-year time period in one’s life! And you’re spending that time only for reading, don’t you think it’s somewhat of a waste!?”

As one would expect as his hobby got ridiculed like that, he started to get somewhat angry.

“W—well its fine isn’t it? As every human being build differently. Plus it’s not like I am bothering anyone or something as well.”

“No, let me get this straight to you but what you are doing right now is, by no mistake, quite a bother!”

“T—to, whom in particular!?”

“None other than your future self!”

To a reply, he didn’t even think about in the slightest, he got taken back.

“W—what do you mean? I don’t think there’s any way you can tell of what’ll become of me in the future though……”

“No, I can tell it alright. Okay listen then suppose there’s a liberal arts club consisting of both men and women then that means that both of them have to spend a long time together which other right? That is life’s first chance, and if careless life last chance in itself you know?!”

“L—life’s first and last?! Aren’t you over exaggerating things a bit? In the first place, in this school no matter where you see there are so many girls.”

“Nice one! Definitely even in your class there are too many girls right? But, if paired according to sex ratio with the current situation then the count will be even less than 15, it’s not an environment where a guy can freely call out to a girl. That’s something even you should’ve understood by now, right?”

“Yeah, well true but from my club enrolment, why did it turn into a conversation like this?”

“Well just shut up listen me for a second! It’s not like you are not interested in the conversation about the girls or something right!?”

“……I—it’s not like that…”

He couldn’t able to deny that.

As a boy he obviously held interest. But to admit that frankly was, not elegant at all, and quite a shameful thing to do in his eyes.

“Quite naturally, the girls and boys in the class have no choice but to face each other in the classroom! If there by any chance due some trigger end up becoming in a situation where you end up in a relation of boyfriend and girlfriend, and after some time due to some reason I dare say break-up! Then from the next particular day you will not be able to stay in the classroom due to exceeding awkward atmosphere. But, if it’s a club, then there is no problem. It’s because when such kind of moment arrives then you always have the option quit it after all!”


In the end, he wasn’t able to understand a bit of what Sena-sensei really wanted to say but, he got the feeling that what he said was highly persuasive. And as a matter of fact the reason of his classmate Kusakabe’s transferring to this school was due to the trouble like that, isn’t it?

“But, it doesn’t have to be particularly in High school right? As there are women everywhere whether you go to a college or company.”

“Well of course, if it’s to get in a contact with opposite sex then there will be many chances like that in life! However, for a person who hasn’t even had a proper conversation with the opposite sex till his high school, then whether you go to college a company it will remain exactly the same!”

“I—Isn’t it fine to not decide something like that from beforehand? It’s being prejudice you know, to say something like that.”

However, he couldn’t able to deny that.

Kishimine was also not a blockhead, so if he asked that he wants to try dating a girl or not, he just can’t say ‘No’ to a question like that. It was true that he admired Tendou, and it’s also true that he was secretly hoping for a passionate encounter like the one he usually reads in his books. He transferred to this Izunomiya Academy because of the reason he thought that he will be able to remain happy alone but, ‘If there are so many girls, then I will be able to make a girlfriend as well who loves to read books’—if he said that he never thought of that before then that will be a huge lie.

However, if he was asked whether he had courage to try approaching a girl and talk on his own, then the answer to that will be an obvious ‘No’. And, if he asked that that will he be able to change his way of life once he goes to college or a company, he started to think that the answer to that will also be ‘No’.

“So basically it’s like that! If you don’t join this club, in future you won’t be able to make a single girlfriend, won’t be able to marry, remain single for your entire life and then die a solitude death and then will be buried in a community cemetery with no one to attend to it!”

“W—with just a high school club the conversation will jump to that extent, huh……?”

“Ah of course it will! It’s because the experience you gain in you high school, influence that much of your future life! Be honest with me Kishimine-kun, what do you think about Tendou-kun? Despite that kind of character and background, she is quite beautiful right? She is a rare type in this school who is not bad with boys as well, if you got to have even a single conversation with her staying in this club together, with just that it will be quite a favourable thing right?! On top of it, she doesn’t have a boyfriend as well, and it seems that she never hang out with anyone from the different gender as well!”


He became loss for words. What do I think about Tendou? Due to some unknown reason with just hearing that, he became embarrassed.

“W—what about you Sena-sensei?! If you’re gonna say that she is a beautiful girl and sort then, then you also will have some sort of feelings for her right?! As you both were alone here in this clubroom till now!”

He was well aware that he was greatly missing the point here, but he still forcibly asked that. By now he was very able to understand that the reason behind Tendou for being in this club, was purely because of love for games, but it’s not like he was 100% sure about that, plus it’s entirely the different thing of whether Sena-sensei had any feelings for her or not. If he think about it, for a teacher to have a love-affair with a student in this school was totally impossible but, Sena-sensei was also quite a famous teacher, if one has to see just his outward appearance then he was quite tall and handsome as well. So he got the chance he just wanted to ascertain about that in any case.

“Me?! With Tendou-kun?!”

He got surprised for a second, and then started laughing.

“Hahaha, Be relieved Kishimine-kun. Even without this teacher and student relationship, for us to be in a relationship, even if heaven and hell toppled with each other, is impossible.”

“H—how can you say for sure like that?”

As he asked another question, Sena-sensei laughed a little and then declared in a loud voice.

“It’s because she is not a Seiyuu!”

“……No, even if you declare something like that with such confidence.”

Even though he got relieved in his heart he ended up thinking like, ‘as usual I just can’t get this person’ and then sighed.

Seiyuu. Whenever he talks with this person, time to time that word appears.

Don’t tell me that it’s his way to dodge the subject he thought but, as he saw his face saying something crap like that, he couldn’t think of that as a joke. Because, he is a type of person who always carries something like a marriage registration form as well.

“Umm. You’ve said that at the time of club introduction as well but, why are you so obsessed with Seiyuu’s?”

“Even I don’t know you see? That why there is a need for you to ask something so obvious like that!? Well listen then, when you consider the humans true nature, then they for sure attract towards the outward appearance of another human being! For example the atmosphere, other will be looks, and of course to the voice as well! Then according to that theory, isn’t Seiyuu who are the owner of all such great things are truly appropriate for being a person’s partner?!”

“……I see. Well, the all human beings are designed differently after all……”

More or less, he was somewhat able to understand. For example, Tendou’s voice was really very pleasant to him. If that kind of voice of an opposite sex got to cheer him up every day, then he get the feeling that he can bear anything.

“So that’s the main gist of it, my reason of teaching in this school is because of that reason as well you know?”

“What……. So basically what you are saying is that as there are all girls in the school, then there is a higher chance of some Seiyuu to be born among them sometime in near future?”

“No, wrong. It’s because there is a thing called public entertainment department here! It’s not sometime in near future, but in few days there is a chance that one of my students might just awake that potential.”

“W—with just motive you……”

As one would expect, he couldn’t able to follow up with the conversation anymore.

“W—, Huh? But wait a second?”

And like that, at that moment. Kishimine noticed the most fundamental thing.

“I understand your motive very well Sensei. But, is there any kind of relation of Seiyuu with this Modern Game Club?”

“You sure noticed something good didn’t you?! Honestly, in that only lies my grand plan! You remember about JGBC? A game battle tournament that happens every week, we had a conversation about that before right? It’s about JGBC though……in that large scale battle tournament, most of the hosting is done by the Seiyuus!”


He couldn’t able to understand what he said at first.

But, as the time passed, he finally understood the meaning behind those words.

Sena-sensei likes Seiyuu. And, that seiyuu is acting as a host at that tournament.

It was a very simple thing.

“S—so basically, it’s like this? You want to win at the tournament and through that want to get close to the Seiyuu or something like that huh?”

“Exactly! It’s exactly like some Pro baseball clinging with the T.V. Reporter! If we somehow managed to continue winning in the rounds at the JGBC then, we will be allowed to get in contact with the Seiyuu that much, and the chances of her noticing my appeal will also rise up! On top of it, if we do that……”

“No, its fine already, as I already understood the most of it.”

As his feelings were in a mess in various ways, he released a big deep breath.

“Geez…… just where that ‘creating a place for boys’ went to? Even though I so much moved hearing about that before……”

“Hahaha! Well of course it’s that thing too, but its fine for a person to have an individual goal as well right?!”


He thought that the order might be in reverse though. The Modern Game club was neither built to grant the place for boys nor for some other decent reasons similar to that but was just so that he can get close to a Seiyuu and there as a counterfeit he made a decent excuse such as that.

It was at around that time.

“I am sorry I got late again didn’t I?”

The one, who entered in the clubroom while panting, was none other than Tendou.

“Oh. Thank goodness, you came today as well didn’t you?”

Their eyes met. As he moved his face towards hers, everything from just a while ago from Sena-sensei talk to other things became trivial.

“Y—yes. Well, I thought I should come at least on the first day……”

At the moment he answered that, he was trying his best to not remember about what happened during the lunch break but, it ended up being a futile effort.

With just watching Tendou’s figure on top of uniform, those slim and elegant shoulders, slim waist, and the abundantly filled cleavage of the breast vividly popped-up in his mind.

Especially, the most tempting was the legs. As she was the school’s student council president, her skirt was not unreasonably short but, as it was above the knee as he looked at the white skin which was appearing from there, he started to remember Tendou’s Bloomer figure.

It’s not like he didn’t able to understand the things that Kusakabe and Sena-sensei told. It’s his last year of high school. ‘If I get to date a beautiful person such as her’— as he thought about that, his heart rate spiked roof. Not to mention it’s confirmed that she has no relationship at all with Sena-sensei, and looks completely vacant.

Well of course, he couldn’t think someone like him who was like a sample of mediocrity itself suited for someone like her. However, even not going far as to date, as long he comes to this club, he will be able to spend long time together with her.

“Hm? What happened? Your face looks a little red you know!”

As she approached near him, while making a worrying face, with just that he got flustered.

“N—no, I am fine. It’s my f—first time in a club so I am a little nervous that’s all……”

“Is that so? Even though it’s temporary you’re still a member of this club, so don’t hold back yourself.”


“Well, then it’s one of club’s day which calls for a celebration. Sena-sensei, have you planned something out for today?”

“Well of course! As I thought that we should know a bit more about each other you see, so I was in the middle of telling him about you!”


Tendou was clearly shaken hearing that.

“Me? J—just what are you telling……”

“It’s about the reason of why you created this club. It’s because I think that it’s essential for him to know about these stuff as he’s a comrade of ours now.”

“I—I-If it’s about that then didn’t I explained about that beforehand?! That I, as a Student council president, just helped you in your request to make the place for boys!”

“No, not that but the other one, if it’s Kishimine then it’s particularly fine, right? Then he should know that in reality how much you love Games and Ani—”

It was at that moment. With a sudden popping up of a sound made in the room, and like that Tendou’s face suddenly dyed flushed red.

“Wa—! Wa—!”

Kishimine involuntarily became dumbfounded.

That dignified and adult like, and usual calm Tendou was, with the bright flushed red face quite seriously waving his hands as if to stop Sena-sensei to speak anymore.

It was a scene he recognised from before. It was similar to when he asked about why she was here in the club.

At that time too Tendou had a face flushed red due to embarrassment. And due to that being the reason, Kishimine ended up assuming of her being in a relationship with the Sena-sensei as a reason but, it looks like he was completely misunderstood the situation at that moment.

So basically, she likes games and anime and she wants to leave that as a secret.

“Aah, Understood, I understood Tendou-kun! If you don’t like it to talk about that much then let’s give up on that!”

“T—that’s right! Absolutely, don’t you dare ever talk about me!”

There, she finally noticed the dumbfounded sight of Kishimine.

She tried to pretend calm, after coughing on purpose. However, as per usual her cheeks were still a bit red.

‘So she has a cute side of her as well, huh?’ He thought.

“As t—time is precious, so we shouldn’t waste it in doing something like this. T—that’s right, first let’s discuss about the future plans of our club!”

The way she changed the conversation was a bit little pushy. Kishimine also wanted to see her troubled face a little bit more but, as he can’t disagree with her, he decided to go with the flow.

“Plans…… is it? Is there some sort of trouble?”

“Yes. Anyhow this school is an overly serious Ojou-sama school right? So there are quite an amount of teachers that have an old way of thinking that games are just for the kids. Plus there is also the problem regarding our club member’s count, so that’s why we are in a situation where it won’t be strange to get abolished at any given time. That’s why as our greatest plan, we should achieve some big achievements as soon as we can.”

“I see. But, how is it possible to get achievements with just games?”

“Aah. From there the conversation will move to the Japan’s Game Battle Championship in short JGBC.”

“So in short basically, it will be like a Koshien[3] for us!” Sena-sensei entered forcibly in the conversation. “If we enter as a club in this JGBC, and won then, then we will become famous as the fellow Gamers, and on top of it, if our club name will get famous around countrywide, then even if it’s the chairman, he won’t be able to complain regarding that!”

“Ha……, I see”

“But, there is just one problem” said, Tendou. “JGBC, consists of 2 parts which involve individual tournament and Team battle tournament. As we are participating as a club activity, then we have no choice but to participate in the Team battle tournament. But for that we need at least 4 members.”

“Why we have to participate in the Team battle tournament? I think we will be fine with just individual tournament though. I don’t really understand it but, the Kendou club and others clubs, enters in both team competition and individual tournament right?”

“The point is to get the reason to consent the teachers and everyone. If we’re gonna play games individually, then there is not a point of having a club is it? And like that we also won’t be able to consider it as a part of a club activities right? “It’s because we are playing games as a club activity, we support and help each other, and as a result achieved this.” There is a need to show them an appeal like that.”

“So that’s how it is. Though if we made our club big in the future, then we really could be able to take part in Individual tournaments as well!”

“Haa, there are various types of restraints present isn’t it……?”

They have established something like a Game club in this overly serious Ojou-sama school. So they might’ve put up with unreasonable demands even more than he thought of.

“The reason is not just that.” Tendou continued. “The individual tournament of JGBC are truly something like a ‘squirming horde of evil spirits and demons’. It’s not a level of a normal club activity, if it’s not someone who has put his entire life in the games then; it’s not a place to expect the win. However, if it’s a Team battle then the students like us too have a chance to win.”

“Heh. Is that so? I think that we students will be quite busy with the lessons and exam preparations though……”

“It’s because there are various types of formalities in the Team battle tournament after all! In the individual games you have to be absolutely familiar with various types of games but, in the Team battle tournament if there are 4 members who excel in special skill then then, with just that it will drastically improve the chance of winning. Plus, even though we’ll be busy, but if it’s the similar student from the same school then it’s easy to gather together and do practice right?! It’s not similar for a working adult, and on the other hand, for a NEET[4] too it’s very impossible to create something like a team.”

“I—I see.”

For working adults who have a job, it certainly looked impossible to gather together for the practice of Team battle tournament every day. And on top of it even to gather members was a bit……

“I understood. So in short, we need more club member’s right? As including me and Tendou-san and……even after including Niitani san the count will be just 3.”

“No, you are slightly wrong there Kishimine-kun! It’s slightly unfortunate but Niitani-kun can’t enter due to the lack of potential skill! So members will be You, Tendou-kun and in the end me!”

“Eh! Even Sensei will enter?!”

“Well of course! It’s because it’s not really a school event or something like that! So there’s no problem with me entering.”

“Well, at any rate even if Sensei enters we still lack 1 more member” added Tendou. “It’s just……if it was any normal school then there will be an abundance to students who love games but, this school is a peculiar one after all.”

“Yeah, indeed. Plus, it won’t be good with just loving games right?”

“Definitely. They should at least have some sort of talent similar to you.”

“Well I don’t think that highly of my talent though……”

Even though he laughed a little on the outside like that, he was still a little bit happy getting praised by Tendou.

“Well, it’s not something which can be solved in a hurry like that! In any case, if you find someone good enough as a gamer then just call me immediately! At any rate let’s do what we can do for now! To be honest, even I have something I thought a little from before you see, I was thinking of teaching Kishimine-kun today about the Gaming Industry.”

“Ah, that will be quite good. As I, hardly have any knowledge regarding that”

“Right?! There is a perfect need for the explanation right?”

Sena-sensei corrected his eyes—No, his glasses.

But the one who objected to it, getting bore was none other than Tendou.

“Certainly I think that it’s needed but…… For heaven’s sake please just make it short, Sensei.”

“Hahaha, my explanations are always simple and short. Alright! Let’s see……, let me tell you a bit more regarding JGBC then.”

“Yes. Please do.”

He then remembered that Sena-sensei was supposed to be someone who likes to give explanation.

As he thought that he will be again secluded in his long explanations, he understood Tendou feelings a bit. But if he’s really plan on working together as a member of this club then, it was also something which was necessary to hear. So while being patient he inclined to listen properly.

“JGBC—Japan’s Game Battle Championship is a game tournament which every week was organised here and there all over in Japan! On small scales sponsored by shops, and on larger scale by an enterprise, there are also cases where even event halls are booked! And the count of those event place are exceedingly high, to an extend that on every weekend, all around Japan—no, on prefectural level there will be certain somewhere for sure that will organise the JGBC despite of the size!”

“That sure……is something amazing!”

A tournament which is conducted everywhere in Japan on weekend. It’s a thing much more of a high level than he thought of it to be.

“However, the JGBC that happens like that is entirely an opening performance, nothing more than the qualifiers! As you go up in the JGBC rankings, you’ll awarded with a thing called “G Points”. The individual, who collects more G Points, or a team who do it, are then allowed to take part in the final tournament which takes place in Tokyo in January!”

“I see. It’s sure is becoming a bit more like Koshien alright!”

“Exactly! However, in normal sports tournaments if you even lose once it’s over for you but, in JGBC you can participate no matter how many times you want! Due to which it’s also has a name of “The losers revival war” as well! But, the participation is limited to only 2 times a month, on top of it, you can’t carry the points you earned from the Kantou[5] Region to the Kansai[6] Region or vice versa”

“Heh……that sure is an interesting rule.”

There are just uncountable numbers of chances. To Kishimine who was self-aware about him being weak to the pressure, that was quite a lifesaver.

“JGBC is basically an event organised for games sales production after all! And it’s one of the purpose lays, in making the participants buy the games played in it! If it gets over in just first try then that won’t increase the sales right?! So allowing participation in JGBC as much as possible and make them buy the games which might come handy in the event itself.”

“H—hearing that makes them looks like a quite fishy organisation though……”

“Isn’t it?” Tendou nodded with a bored face. “JGBC is a tournament which was not administered by the country but the enterprises after all. So it can’t be helped if few fishy things come to surface. That’s why we should also profit a little out of it, or so I think.”

“Quiet you two, Stop with your Middle school level talks! As long as it’s an event sponsored by the enterprises, that kind of fishy things will come to surface quite a lot you know?! To an extent that, if there is a local shop who has a large stockpile of a certain game then just to sale that they will open up the JGBC!”

“It’s starting to become more of a talk about money isn’t it……?”

“It’s because of the culture promotion ticket being still in action after all. Due to which, even a child can buy a copy of game per month. So there the vultures wait for the prey in patience.”

“I wonder who you are referring to vultures though, and in the end isn’t it just fine?! I mean as a result, the huge amount of money gets invested in the gaming industry right? Which then allows them to produce new games! And practically due to that being the reason, the domestic economy gets circulated and even superior quality new games gets born! Plus, the games exported to the foreign countries, acts as a means to earn large amount of foreign exchange without getting mixed and causing the trade disputes! It’s a party of and for the economic activity and development, Ladies and Gentlemen!”

“I see……”

If he get to told all of those things, then he certainly thought that it has good points in itself, and couldn’t able to say anything in objection.

Though, Tendou looked unpleasant, and was making a face as if she wanted to say something.

“I understood the gist of it. In short, we have to gather members and enter in a Team battle tournament to earn points as fast as possible and from there aim to advance in that final tournament right?”

“Yup that’s how it is. Although, our ultimate goal doesn’t lies in the final tournament but infact lies much more beyond that.”

Tendou calmly declared.

“Beyond……? Just what is it if it’s not Finals……?”

“There’s one more concluding and last Tournament which takes place at the end of the year in which only the winners of the JGBC Finals are allowed to participate.”

With that, even Kishimine able to take an approx. guess.

‘JGBC is a Japanese Tournament. So basically, the stage is set on a tournament that’s not inside the Japan.’

“I see. So it exists isn’t it? The World Tournament……in short, World Game Battle Championship.”

“Yes, that’s right. Our final goal is to win that holy war of games, named WGBC.”

Tendou’s tone was, strong as if to show how strong her determination was.

“Naturally, it’s not that simple like that you know?!” Sena-sensei raised his voice as well. “In just japan there are more than 10 million gamers, that game population is said to be way more than any sports ever! On top of that, in world the gamers count exceeds more than 100 million you know?!”


He suddenly got succumbed to a shivering impulse. Even though he thought that becoming the best in Japan was an outrageous thing in itself, he couldn’t even think about aiming way above more than that, which was the Best in the World.

“……Will someone like me, will really be of any help to you all?”

The question he held to himself for quite some time, naturally rushed out from his mouth.

Sena-sensei and Tendou the two of them looked at each other.

“It’s not like I don’t understand your uneasiness. But well, worrying like that before the challenge is inevitable.”

“The skills you’ve shown at Spelunker, is not something ordinary you know?! So trust these eyes of ours who saw a possibility in you!”


He understood very well that both were trying their best to cheer him up. However, that unease alone in his heart didn’t vanish.

“Well as it can’t be helped about your uneasiness! I have a little suggestion regarding that! You lack the knowledge and the experience in games, your being feeling unease is due to that being the reason as well right?! Well leaving the experience aside, if it’s a book lover like you, then grasping the knowledge about the games is not that difficult! For the trial, how about try reading the game magazine or something from next time?!”

“G—game’s magazine……is it?”

It was a suggestion he couldn’t even think of. In the first place, he didn’t even knew that something like an existence of game magazine.

“I don’t quite get it but, what kind of thing is a game magazine?”

“As per its name, it contains the fundamental information about games” said, Tendou. “Introduction about the latest games and the playthrough articles of several games is the main right now. In addition to that, articles covering the game events, reviews and other columns are also published in it. Yup, certainly it’s all filled with things that are important for you to know.”

“Hah……., I see.”

Suddenly his interest to read gushes forth.

It’s just, there was one slight problem. As his room was packed with books to an extent where he was keeping himself held and reading in library instead of reading it at home, if possible he didn’t wanted to increase the count there more than that.

However, it’s not like he couldn’t buy 1 or 2 copy of magazines. As he still had some unused cultural promotion tickets in his purse. So it will be fine if he just buy 1 for a trial.

“Umm……, so in the end which one should I go with? Please recommend me something so that I can buy the next time I visit the bookstore.”

“Hmm let me see, as expected my recommendation will be “Dengeki PlayStation[7]”! It will end up featuring only the PS contents but, the easy to read crispness of the articles and the expertise is the best in the industry, for a beginner like you it will be good to get acquaint with several things for sure! It’s the next serialisation of the magazine I had after that is “Marukatsu Super Famicon[8]”! Though I am already retired with that, Huh? It’s where you should’ve added a Tsukkomi saying “How old are you?” you know?!”

“……I see. I don’t quite get it but, Dengeki Playstation……right?”

‘For the time being, let’s just remember the name of that magazine’, he thought in his mind.

“If you like, there is also a way where you won’t have to be so much fixated on the Magazine media.”

Tendou gave a suggestion.

“Do you have a PC at home which is connected with net?”

“If family shared one will do then, yes I have one.”

“That will do. On net there will be no need to spend the money, and right now there are just unbelievable amount of site with the games information as a concept present as well. For the time being, how about surfing “Dengeki Online[9]” every day? It’s the site managed by the company, about which Sena-sensei just mentioned a while ago, and as a game information site, it’s just perfect!”

“You do have a point! First trying website, and from there if he’s interested he can also buy the magazine. That’s right, if you’re gonna surf the game site anyways, then “4Gamer[10]”is also not the one that should be left alright! The amount of information they have is not ordinary, and it will be quite good for as you are now!”

“……Fuo, Four— Ga—ma—?”

As per usual it was a word he never heard of before. Kishimine reflexively asked again but, it might be the similar kind of site for Gamers, and then the argument started between the two senpai’s of his.

“Wait a second there please. He’s a beginner who just recently started playing the games. I think even if he visits and reads such kind of heavy stuff then it will just cause more confusion to him.”

“There’s no way that’s possible! What Kishimine needs the most is to have an interest in games! At any rate, it will be best for him to get in contact with the lot of information first, and from there going with the specific interest will be ideal. PC Games articles, It’s better for him if he try everything!”

“If it’s like that then wouldn’t something like “GAME Watch[11]” would be better? It’s well established and the structure is also quite simple and easy to understand, and the articles itself are fundamentally well written.”

“Hmm, you do have a point there…… No, that’s right, in his case, individual sites would be much better than the corporate site for him! As it will be much more easy to hold interest in a site which was constructed by a same user like him! Thus It would be better for him to try “Ore-teki Game Jouhou@JIN[12]” or “Hachima Kikou[13]”!”

There Tendou pulled a wry face which was quite rare.

“I doubt that it is a good idea to try those first! Unlike the corporate site, To the Individual site there is chance that the information might be indefinite. Plus, there are cases where according to the intentions and liking of the administrator the information get altered in weird ways. And it will be quite bad, if he dragged in a weird direction!”

“However, there are things that only could be done in such individual sites! Not to mention the blogs, twitter and Wiki, isn’t this an age where individual activities cannot be separated from the games?! If you like it then you can continue watching it, and if you don’t then you don’t have to, that’s what Internet is all about! To throw a kitchen knife with an intention to kill someone IRL is a sheer stupidity!”

“But still, considering the blog itself is affiliated to a corporate site on the same level is—”

“If you deny the economic activity then you deny the civilization itself! Corporate site has a tie of obligation with sponsors—”

In between those two, somehow the turbulent atmosphere started to float.

‘It would be better to stop them before things get out of control’, he thought. But in the first place, he wasn’t even able to get what were they talking about.

“I—I understood, I understood alright! Umm, that Game Watch and Four Gamer and……. In any case I will check everything! Cause In the end, everything comes down to me after all”

As he said that, those 2 finally calmed down—instead it looked like as if they finally realised that they were having a meaningless quarrel.

“Ah, as you said. It can’t be helped even if we say anything more than this to the third person.”

“Yup, let’s leave the judgement to Kishimine himself.”

As he finally found out about her secret, he finally realized that there was no need to be suspicious about their relationship in the first place. Cause Tendou was perfect in everything but, on the other hand Sena-sensei was somewhat sloppy but calculative to a high degree. He couldn’t even end up thinking of these two getting together.

“However as it become like this, what should we do for today then?! It’s not like we can do anything together with everyone on the spur of moment. So for the time being why shouldn’t we let Kishimine-kun resume his Uncharted playthrough?!”

“It’s about that…… I also have a proposal prepared for today.”

“Ho……and that is?!”

“Day after tomorrow on Sunday, how about 3 of us participate in JGBC’s Individual tournament?!”

It was a proposal he didn’t saw coming. And that was somewhat similar to Sena-sensei as well, as he showed his rare sullen face.

“I wonder about that. No, I understand where you are going with this! You want Kishimine-kun to have an experience at JGBC first hand right?”

“N—no matter what the circumstances are, isn’t it just too soon for me? I’ve just started playing games a couple days ago you know?”

“I understand that unease very well. However, in any case, until we gather 4 members we can’t really participate in the Team battle tournament. If it’s that the case, then we should do what we can do for now right? Plus, I have thought of something which will prove useful for you as well.”

“……Fine, if you thought that far about it that then, I won’t judge your decision.”

“If you’re all fine with that, then I can’t object to that as well but…… Still, what kind of game event it’s gonna be this time?! As if it’s gonna be a genre that Kishimine-kun haven’t tried before then it’s will be too rough for him!”

“If it’s that, then I have investigated about that in detail. As this time it was told beforehand as an announcement after all.”

“Eh? This time…… means, there are times they even tell something like that before?”

“Aah. Like Action or Shooting they do announce the genre but, till the participation it’s not rare for anyone to not know what kind of game they will be made to play. Cause there are times when the games decide on the polling of the participants and the discussion of the fellow competitors after all.”

“Cause with that sort of structure, the users will end up buying different types of games for the practice purpose after all!”

As Sena-sensei again said something on his economic principles, Tendou again pulled a wry face.

“Please don’t say needless things, Sensei. You should say that it’s a System designed so that even a beginner can participate freely.”

“But isn’t that the truth?! In the first place, in JGBC where the games are pre-decided, mostly are sort of an invitation poster for the sales promotion campaign you know?!”

“I understand it very well so let’s return back to the topic shall we?! So then again, just with which game I have to battle?”

As he took a guess about the atmosphere getting worse like before, he hurriedly pushed his way in the conversation.

And fortunately, the quarrel between those two ended up easily like that. Unexpectedly, they might have the self-awareness about these useless quarrels.

“The name of the Game is “Gears of War[14]!””

“Is it GearWar 2?!”

“No, it’s the 1st Part.”

“Now that I think of it, I’ve heard that the latest work of the series is going to be out soon! I see, so they want the new people to know about the game, huh?”

“I see. So as usual this time too it’s a famous game right?!”

Gears of War. According to translation it should be something like “The cog-wheels of war”? In other words, it should be a game where we have to fight to the bitter end acting as the cog-wheels of the war.

All of a sudden, he got interested.

Maybe it’s because he wanted an explanation about it, Sena-sensei shined his glasses.

“Gears of war is a game made by the foreign company Epic soft, and is Xbox 360 exclusive game which is marketed by Microsoft all over the world. Cover, Jump and other action in this game, is clearly distinguished than other Shooting games and its profound scenario is also highly evaluated, infact to an extent that in just 1 year after getting released, it broke the record and sold around 5 million copies!”


As usual, it’s because as he was not much knowledgeable about games, He couldn’t able to understand that much from the Sena-sensei’s explanations. But still he sort of understood that it’s an extraordinary game.

“But, there is one problem Tendou-kun! That’s a CERO[15] Z-Rated[16] game you know?!”


Tendou released a befuddled voice from her mouth.

“Oh No……! That’s right, I was playing it quite naturally from past month but, it’s still too early for you, huh?”

“……What is it about? CERO is?”

“It means by the age limit. The Z rated game in CERO ratings are, prohibited to be sold and assigned to the person less than 18 years old.”

“S—something like R-18 huh?”

R-18. That held the sweet melody for the high school boys.

“That’s right. It’s because GearWar is a game subjected to war. So that’s why it has scene that revolves around splattering of blood, and other other extreme portrayed scenes as well.”

“Ah. Y—you mean in that way, huh?”

There were regretting a bit about it but for the time being it was fortunate that he can solve the mystery easily this time.

“But, either way there’s no problem at all. It’s because I am born on April 4th. See, here it is.”

As he showed his I.D. Card, Tendou’s face suddenly shone enthusiastically.

“Is that so? Thank goodness. Even though it’s just a coincidence, it’s quite a grateful thing”

“If that’s the case then there is no problem at all. Alright, let’s have you play without wasting any time! There you go, you can sit there.”

“Eh? We going to play this at once?”

“It’s a world renowned game you know? So there’s no way we’re gonna send you there without any preparations! Apart from that, what’re we gonna do Tendou-kun?! If you’re entering in JGBC, then I think it will be better to Multiplay but, considering Kishimine-kun’s characterstics, it might be better to start with the Campaign first!”

“Let’s see. With just telling him the scenario he cleared the 1st Floor of Spelunker like that, so it will be better to have him play Campaign first.”

While having the conversation together with each other, they were arranging and handling down the preparations.

And then the controller got handed to him by Tendou.

“Heh. It’s again a controller I’ve never seen before. And it’s different from both PS3 one and Famicom one as well……”

“Aah. This is the Controller of Xbox 360.”

“Heh…… Still, it’s quite big isn’t it?”

It’s not like it was actually heavy or anything but this white controller was, three times that big from the controller of Famicom.

“Well it’s a Console created by Americans after all. On the contrary, it seems that the PS3 Controller is small for the Americans. If one get used to it, then certainly it’s not much of a difference though.”

“Ha, I see.”

As it was something he already imagined, he somehow able to consent with that.

And soon enough, in the T.V. monitor in front of Kishimine, the gaming screen booted up.

Gears of War. The symbol was drawn with those words, with an eerie image of the skull enveloped in the cogs all around it.

“That’s right, Tendou-kun! As we can finally play co-op in the campaign mode, why don’t you go and help him as well?!”

Suddenly Sena-sensei suggested that idea.

“Eh? M—me?”

“Co-op? What’s that?”

“To put it simply, it refers to the cooperation play! In this game there is a mode which allows you to advance on a scenario together with someone you see!”

“Heh…. That sure sounds interesting.”

As he now knew that Tendou is a big game lover. So after having that piece of information known it will be somewhat awkward to play alone today as well. So if there she got to enjoy herself together with him, then to Kishimine that was a very delightful thing.

As he looked at her he could told that Tendou was so eager on playing the game with just a look. With sidelong glances from time to time she was looking furtively at the game screen and her state was, as if, the “Wait” command was given to the small puppy, while presenting his favourite dish in the plate.

‘Here I have to definitely make her play.’

Plus, to be able to play game together with Tendou, just by imagination Kishimine was satisfied.

“Tendou-san, let’s do it. As it will be boring if I play the game alone by myself.”

“G—Geez, it can’t be helped then. If you’re gonna ask that much then I can’t refuse. Alright, leave the controls of Dom to me then.”

On the contrary of those words, her face was oozing out with happiness.

She quickly started with the preparations to be able to play on the next T.V. quite delightedly. If she grow a tail like a dog, there’s no mistaking it that it would’ve been moving at the moment with excitement. ‘I am glad that I asked her to play together with me’, he again thought.

“By the way, who’s this Dom? It’s looks a strong robot like name to me though……”

“Aah, it’s the name of the character from the game! He’s a pal of the protagonist Marcus who always stays with him in a pair. No matter how dangerous the place it is, he gallantly comes together with Marcus without even making a slightest bit of complaint. It’s because of that courage of his that he is called “Dom Boy”. He also has a clumsy factor in him as he sometimes thoughtlessly barges in the middle of enemies.”

“D—Dom Boy……”

He was able to understand the characteristics of the character.

“For now, let’s briefly tell you the story! As it’s quite an important factor for you after all!”

Sena-sensei after saying that, with his hands gesture mixed in he finally started to explain things.

And that followed in this manner.

The stage takes place on the certain distant planet in the universe. And there on a certain day, from beneath the depths of the planet suddenly the creatures called Locust started to attack. The humans fought hard but, they couldn’t able to bear the fierce attack of those creatures, and thus continue to get defeated.

During the war with Locusts, the protagonist Marcus was fighting on the frontline but, as he heard about how much danger was his father in, he ran away from the war, and therefore as he broke the orders he was imprisoned.

“But one day however, the Locust’s Fangs even reached him to prison cell! In an instant it turns out to be a Disaster but, there the one came to save him was his Heroine, Dom Boy! From there, the game then starts!”

“……With just hearing the story, if really feels like some sort of movie. Though, you strangely highlighted the Dom Boy part though.”

“Practically, it’s nothing like a movie you know?! Well you will notice that eventually so for now just give it a try!”


As he told that by the Sena-sensei, he started the game.

At first, the screen was just pitch black.

But, it was not like nothing was being projected in it. It’s just it was a pitch black room. Something dimly was being projected but, it was not that much visible.

Eventually, text appeared on the screen.


14 Years after the Locust Appearance.

The field of vision slowly started to get better. It’s a damp and depressing pitch black room. The roof was covered by iron bars of the prison, and on top of it was, swarming with the monsters he had never seen before.

‘So that’s Locust, huh?’

As if combined from Insect and four-footed animal that monster, was dripping some kind of liquid from his mouth and was looking down at him but, as he didn’t have any means to break through those bars he eventually left.

Suddenly, a human voice came. It seems it came from quite far as he wasn’t able to catch what he said, but certainly it was a human voice.

After sometime, a light came from the door of the room. The small window present on the door then got opened, and someone peeked through it.

Jack, rip that door open!”

Right after that, the burner like light burned down the key box.

After opening up that metal door, the one who entered was—a very stern looking man.

“He is the Dom Boy, the one who Tendou-kun will control, in short your partner.”

Sena-sensei explanation entered in.

“……I see. So he is”

Dom Boy. He was a large beefy man who had muscles lumped all over on his body. I see, I can see where his name is coming from.

What are you doin’ here?”

He heard another rough voice. Probably, the owner of that voice is the protagonist Marcus himself.

Getting you out. Here, Put this on. You’ll need it.”

Dom tossed a heavy looking baggage at him.

You could get into a lot of trouble for doin’ this.”

Marcus was in a prison because he committed a crime of running away from the battlefield. ‘So the crime of assisting someone to escape even exists in this world as well, huh?’

However Dom didn’t looked like he minded that at all.

Not anymore. Things have changed.”

As he finished wearing his equipment a man appeared on the screen wearing very strong and hard armour. He was a large guy who no in no way was inferior of Dom. I see, I sure can get why it’s a system that American like that much.

“He’s Marcus, right?”

“That’s right. It’s a character that you’ll be controlling today.”

“I see.”

Kishimine’s expectations started to even raise more.

Day before yesterday he was a Treasure Hunter, yesterday a Spelunker, and today he will become a tough and muscular soldier.

He loves books and prefers them over everything else because of the reason that he could turn into different characters. At this point, Game too was equally similar.

Like then, the game as started turned into a 3 person view just like at the time of Uncharted.

“Do you mind a bit?”

There Sena-sensei’s hand stretched out, and took the controller away from the Kishimine’s hands. And there he returned back to the game menu and started to fiddle something in it.

“What are you doing?”

“In this game, there is Xbox LIVE……in other words calling Tendou via Internet. In real it’s not using the System Link with LAN but, creating an environment as close to the JGBC would be perfect.”

“I see.”

He didn’t quite understood what he just said but, it seems like it’s some sort of setup needed before the co-op play.

“Alright, linked in.”

After a while later, Tendou then said.

“Well then, it’s you turn from now!”

He was given back the controller.

Suddenly, the Dom inside the game started to speak something.

We’ve got two options. We can go back the way I came, through the guard’s quarters. It takes time, but it’s safe. Or, we can go through the prison blocks and get right into the fight. Your choice.”

And like that, on the screen “Choose Path” indication appeared.

Right one was “Training” and the left one was “Combat” indication.

“Heh. We can even choose our own route like this?”

“That’s right. It’s one of this game’s features!”

To be able to choose the various routes in the story, it’s a feature different from the books he read. The screen too was beautiful similar to that of a movie, he started to get the reason of why instead of books, game was the one who get to become that much popular in this world.

“Umm, then as I am a beginner after all, I should just choose Training here right?”

“No, that’s not a choice at all. Choose Combat here!”

Tendou immediately replied.

“Eh—Combat right off the bat?! Even though I still don’t know the controls properly?!”

“There are times that one made to compete in a completely new game on the battleground of JGBC, so it would be better for you to get used to it as it is now.”


He was somewhat feeling unease but, ‘As Tendou-san is together with me as well it will be fine I guess’, thinking like that, he clicked on Combat.

Let’s take the prison blocks. I’m ready to kick some ass.”

Hell, yeah! Let’s do it!”

As their conversation ended, he was able to control the character again.

“Well let me give you a quick explanation about the operation procedures at least—”

There Tendou suggested that to him.

Character operation procedures, Cover—— is secretly hiding to avoid getting noticed—and after that, the way to hold the gun, and how to shoot and reload etc., he was taught the basic operations quickly.

“The basics are just that. In short, it will be just fine if you just shoot down the enemies with the bullets to death after finding them. It’s quite simple right?”

“Yes. Certainly it sounds simple if you say it like that.”

“Tendou-kun, you forgot to explain about the Active Reload!”

Like that, Sena-sensei forcibly cut-in.

“Huh? Active……Reload?”

“Aah! That kind of rare system is also in this game you see! After you press the reload button, if you press it again with the right timing, the reload time will shorten drastically and for some short period of time, the fire power of the weapon also rises! On the contrary, if failed, the gun gets Jammed and the reload will take longer than normal to finish!”

“Eh? Eh? After pressing the reload button, press again? On top of it what exactly gets Jam……? Aah, you mean by the cartridges, huh?”

As there were just too many terms in his explanation that he had yet to learn, he couldn’t able follow him that very well.

“You don’t really have to know about those parts yet” said, Tendou. “As you play the game for some time you’ll gradually be able to learn them. And the explanation will also will be displayed on what to do in the game screen as well.”


Like that, another event started to take place inside the game.

Marcus and the others, maybe it’s due to their battle with Locust, were inside this old abandoned prison. And then, Dom started having a communication with someone.

6-4. this is Delta Two, we are en route, Over!”

Copy that, we are beginning our run.”

6-4 in position. Fox-one, fox-one”

Somehow it looked that there are quite a lot of comrades in these ruins, as there were quite a lot of replies immediately like that.

Nevertheless, Fox-one. It was a word he heard somewhere before. Somewhere in one of the military based novel he read before.

‘Ah, if I remember if correct it was a sign of when firing of missile……?’

It was at that moment.

On glass rooftop, a large Helicopter like thing appeared—and fired something.


It looks like it was an explosion of some sort. As inside the game Marcus groaned at the same moment, on the screen a red skull mark appeared.

“W—what’s with this Skull Mark?”

“If to say in a word, then that would be your life force! As you take more damage, the redder that Skull Mark will become. And when it becomes complete crimson, you will be down for good! Well, as long as Tendou-kun is alive, she will help you at that time!”

“I see.”

So basically, the one right now was they being involved in a friendly fire.

Like that, Dom again shouted on the transmission.

6-4, this is Delta Two, hold your fire! We are inside the prison. Over!”

Roger that, holding fire. Advice you relocate ASAP.”

It seems like somehow the situation was a lot in chaos. Well it might just be natural. Cause inside these ruins those creatures were started to intrude one by one.

“Alright, let’s go Kishimine-kun. Follow me”


Dom Boy and Tendou took the lead and proceeded. In panic Kishimine followed after him.

Even so, the prison in ruins looked too ominous.

Maybe it was due to the effects of battle, or it’s just made it to look more prison like, the dead body of humans sometimes seen lying or hanging upside down.

Uncharted was also quite similar in that context, but the beautifulness of these days games was truly terrifying, to an extent that when suddenly the real like dead bodies came in floating in mid-air, he reflexively gasped.

The two of them passed through the passage. And the helicopter passed through them in the air.

Soon after that. Maybe it was because the helicopters aerial bombing, the watch tower like building which was quite near them, suddenly exploded. The fumes of the explosion, covered the Dom and Marcus, and blocked their vision.

“Hide yourself! The enemy is coming!”

Tendou became alert.



A muffled voice, which couldn’t have said to be that of a human, reached his ears. And at the same time from inside the smoke, someone or something appeared.

A figure of someone plunging in while holding a gun. Additionally, there were several of them. Certainly, they were not human. As their faces were like the ogres and trolls that appear in the fantasy movies. With just one look it could be very easily told that they were monsters.

‘T—that’s, Locust!?’

Suddenly appeared from the beneath of the earth, and was continuing tormenting the humans for last 14 years.

Before even Kishimine could recognize, the firefight started.

“Hide or you’ll end up as a swiss-cheese!”


With Tendou’s voice, Kishimine reflexively pressed the ‘A’ Button. As he done that Marcus hide behind the lied shelter. And took the cover position.

And at the same moment, the place he was standing just a moment ago, was penetrated by countless bullets.

“N—No way! Doing an actual fight like this so suddenly, is absurd!”

“If it’s you can do it! Shoot above in the sky!”

“Aaah, Geez!”

Just as he was told, Kishimine pressed the ‘RT’ Button. As he done that, the Marcus who was hiding pulled his gun upwards in front of the enemies and started to fire randomly.

However, as he was nervous his aim was indefinite; furthermore as the enemy as well took the covers, it didn’t hit anyone.

“J—Just how real is it……?!”

That was surely a firefight, the friend and foes both sides while hiding, were exchanging numerous bullets at each other, it was just like a real firefight which he didn’t even seen in the movies.

Nonetheless, unlike movies, this fight has no decided plot at all. In that storm of bullets, if not of his actions and judgement skills, he couldn’t have survived for sure.

To kill the enemy hiding in the shelter, they also had to pull out their head and body, and aim carefully without missing any chance. However, unlike movies, if they pull any body part outside, the enemy relentlessly fire the bullets at that direction.

Thus, the battle in that long passage continued for quite some time. Sometimes, the bullet hit the enemy and the blood splatters as well, but as they are overly tough, they were not showing any signs of falling down.

“Kishimine, I will barge in, so cover me!”

As maybe she was getting impatient, she said something like that.

“Ehh! Ehh! Just what should I do?!”

“It will be fine if you just keep firing regularly and make the enemy hold their position!”

“I—I see!”

Kishimine (Marcus) stretched his hand which had the gun from the shelter he was hiding in and started to fire the bullet until the magazine gets empty, without stopping.

The Locusts hid themselves in the shelter to escape from the shower of bullets.

Finding the gap in that, The Dom which was being controlled by Tendou charged in nimbly while lowering his body. And coming right in contact with the Locust who was hiding in the shelter she poured the shower of bullets at him.

The blood splattered everywhere.


Tendou too was amazing but, to be able to reproduce such a movie like action with our hands was just too amazing in its own. He understood that why this game had sold several million copies in the world. That real like experience, was enough to draw his consciousness into the game world.

“You also come along! We’ll be breaking through here!”


And thus, as usual, without him knowing himself,

Kishimine was, not Kishimine Kengo anymore. But Instead, become an old military soldier Marcus who was fighting with the Locust.

I, charged in the opening that Tendou(Dom) made. After Shortening the distance with the enemy in one go, I started shooting together with Tendou.

I was in the military as a soldier for many years but, as expected maybe it was due to being in the prison for all this time that my attacks were not hitting considerably. But still, with each passing time, I am starting to get my touch back as a soldier. And thus gradually, my Gun-Handling skills as well started to become smooth.

Even though the enemy were hiding themselves behind shelter, it was just impossible to hide such large build like that. So I started to take rounds shooting at the head, arm and the legs which were sticking out of the cover.

As they jumped out due the pain, without wasting a moment delay Tendou deals the final blow.

Aren’t you doing just fine? Looks like you already got the hang of it.”

Tendou said with a smiling face. She’s my pal, with together her we’ve survived numerous battles. Even with that large build armour wrapped around her, her beauty was not losing in the slightest to that gallantness of hers.

If you have time, make sure to pick up the ammo and grenades the enemy drops as we can’t fight without them.”


We cross through that passage, and entered in the next building. Which led us in a large hall.

This is an entrance hall. The exit is just right after this.”

However, it was already filled with enemies.


Maybe they’ve heard the firefight from before, as several Locusts were waiting for us while hiding behind cover.

Don’t hesitate, continue!”


After responding to the Tendou’s call, I hid myself behind cover and started to fire the gun.

The enemies were not weak at all. And were using the surrounding as cover very cleverly, they exchange the attacks from us, and if we show even a little of gap, counterattack in a flash.

But, it was one thing we surpassed them in. And that was the coordination.

Me and Tendou without even planning and discussing anything from before, parted the ways separately to the left and right in the hall and surrounded the enemies.

No matter how much they hide themselves, they just can’t handle the attack from the right and left simultaneously. And one by one the Locust count started to decrease.

Cover me!”

At the moment when there fierce attack settled down a bit, once again Tendou(Dom) charged out from cover.


Without a moment of delay I to prevent the enemies to counterattack, started firing from the gun. Several of the bullets hit them but there were no signs of them falling down.

However, at that moment Tendou already closed the distance. And once again using the hilt of the gun, with all her strength to knock the Locusts down. One shot, Second Shot, and with that The End.

The hall which was surrounded by the fierce battle just a while ago suddenly became completely quiet, and now the silence which was painfully quiet ruled the place.

Somehow we were able to end it easily like that didn’t we?”

Don’t lose your guard! It’s because there’s no telling when enemy reinforcements will come. Make sure to replenish your ammo as well before that happens.”


On the other hand, at that moment.

Sena-sensei who was watching the two of them playing the game, was completely treated as an outsider.

“Oi, Kishimine-kun? Tendou-kun? Oi, Oi!”

For quite some time he was calling them out but, as Kishimine was like usual was completely lost in the game, didn’t noticed him a bit. In addition to that, Tendou was glaring as if she meant that he’s being an hindrance.

But still, hearing those two’s conversation, it looked like that Tendou’s voice was reaching to Kishimine.

“Well both of them went to the battlefield together, so it’s natural to become like this, huh?”

He was speaking to himself like that, but as expected as both of them are completely lost in the game, they didn’t mind him at all.

For them to be this much lost in a game, as an advisor of the Modern Game Club he was a quite happy but, as he was left alone like that, he was somewhat feeling lonely.

‘If it’s like this then being reasonable I should’ve asked to play the multi-match huh?’——Sena-sensei was regretting on his actions alone.

Me and Tendou(Dom), to prepare for the next battle with enemy were doing the gloomy work of scavenging the ammo from the dead bodies of the enemy.

However, Locusts didn’t grant even a bit of rest to us. As immediately, their moaning voice reached our ears.

Enemy?! F—from where?!”

From the Front! They are trying to break through the door!”

In front of the Hall was the solid gate which appears to be the entranceway. From the corners of it, a burner’s flame could be seen.

They’re trying to rip-off the door.

Hide yourself! We’re gonna ambush them.”


I hurriedly hid myself in the shelter which was near to the door. And even during the time I was doing that, the burner continued to fire, and from the edges the door was being cut.

And finally,

Okay, here they come!”

Door exploded. It’s as if the tactical way of entering by the special military unit.

From the dust of cloud which was rising up, one after another the Locusts came while holding their guns.

Without a moment delay, I started to fire. However, the count of the locusts that just came in is just too many.

Which Locusts should I focus my fire on, a doubt suddenly produced in my mind which in turn made my barrage weak.

If it’s like this then the hall will be completely filled with them—at the moment when I involuntarily shuddered, Tendou threw something.

I threw the grenade! Stay down!”


As she said, I instantly hid myself.

After a small moment of time, a large explosion occurred. The Locusts body who charged in in a formation got scattered here and there.

A—as one would expect!”

Don’t lose your guard! There are still a few left!”

However, Mostly all the enemies died with her grenade. And the rest left were all sporadic one’s and having said that, we easily able to eliminate all the Locusts troops he barged in.

Alright, let’s go outside!”


We leapt through the door which locusts destroyed just a while ago and entered somewhere which looked like a courtyard.

The first things which came into my eyes was the blue sky. It’s a sky I have not seen for quite some time. And, the ashes of the building in the ruins of this abandoned prison could be easily seen.

Enemy units! Right there, right there! Over.”

Maybe it was from the helicopter which was revolving above, the transmission came.

Just like the report, there are a large amount of Locusts swarming ahead.

I see them. Moving in!”

Another transmission came.

T—the one right now was……?”

Aah. It’s maybe from the helicopter that came to extract us.”

More are coming two clicks to your right! Can you suppress them? Over.”

You’ve heard it right? We’ve to make sure that the helicopter lands safely, Okay go go go!”


And thus yet again the severe firefight started.

It’s because unlike before, it’s the open outdoor battle. The count of enemies was several times more than we’ve faced until now. Not to mention, they were attacking from all the directions.

Mine and Tendou’s(Dom’s) battle was continuing without getting over. And not just us, the helicopters that were revolving in the sky when needed, covered us.

Alright, this time I will cover, and you go mow down those Fucking Locusts!”


Will I be able to do the similar kind of thing as Tendou(Dom)? I hesitated for a second but, this is a battle, and my pal, Tendou is with me, she has been together with me for all this time. So I can’t doubt her judgement at all.

Understood! I’ll continue to fuck them up till the moment I die!”

I think that we have just used a very disturbing word. But, it was an obvious fact that our enemy was those Fucking Underground beings. If I think like that then, then there’s nothing strange in using that.

Tendou(Dom) started to continue moving to the left, and started to fire at them.

The Locusts who were in front of me, pulled their attention in that direction.

Without a moment of delay, I jumped from the shelter and charged in. But I didn’t fire the gun. As It’s to not let them know my charging in as much as possible.

Maybe it’s because that tactic worked, I was successfully able to get close to a degree that now I was right in front of the eye of one.


I frantically hit the locust with my gun. But even with that, the tough Locust didn’t went down. On the contrary, it fired at me at point-blank range.

I didn’t had any time to evade that. And thus because of that several bullets pierced my body. If it was not of this solid armour, I would’ve died instantly for sure.


As it couldn’t’ve helped I also shot from the gun.

Point-blank range gunfight. That was just like a Chicken race. With no margin to avoid getting shot, we both continued to fire at each other, and were desperately started to wait for the each other’s stamina to run out.

And the one who was first to fell, was the locust. Maybe it was fortunate that I was able to hit him that hard before.

But maybe it’s because I also got shot various times, my field of vision was complete red.

If I received damage from another locust right now, even I myself didn’t know what will become of me. But luckily, that didn’t happen.

It’s because my pal, Tendou(Dom) dealt with the remaining Locusts.

Well done. For someone who just released from jail, it was quite a performance.”

T—Thanks. From a while now, my field of vision is a little red, what’s with that?”

Don’t worry, after resting a bit that too will become fine.”

It was at that moment, one helicopter started rotating around the sky.

Retrieving Delta Squad now.”

Alright, our ride has come!”

On the vacant ground just right up ahead of us, helicopter landed successfully. If we board it, then we’ll be able to get some rest.

But, it looks like the enemy doesn’t want to let us go at all cost.

It’s because another transmission came in our ears from the allies. And that too, a very ominous one……

Delta, there’s something moving below the ground. Over.”

I see it too… What are we looking at?”

Hell if I know.”

The disturbing transmission came one after another.

W—what is it? Is something happening!?”

Leave it for later and just run towards the helicopter for now! Go Go Go!”


Something dangerous is happening right now. I started to run towards the helicopter in a hurry with all my strength.

And it was at that moment. The ground shook.

I thought that it was an earthquake but, I was wrong. It’s because if it’s an earthquake then the ground just shake and not wriggle right?

That wriggle gradually become bigger, And—the corners of the ground began to crack.

And something came from the ground.

W—What the hell is that?! A Spider?!”

That was a Spider like monster who had giant legs just like a tree.

You can tell by just looking at it right? It’s a giant enemy!”

She answered my question in a simple and clear way.

F—for something like that to appear as well……these locusts, just what the hell are they anyways?!”

Save your questions for later, let’s get the hell out of here!”


Maybe it was because of the precise judgment of the Tendou, that we were able to board the helicopter successfully.

At that moment, the spider like monster was already completely outside of the ground, and was trying to pursue us.

However, before that shark and big legs could’ve pierced us, the helicopter already took off.

And thereupon as if, feeling vexed on letting us escape, who was a prey for him.

The Spider Monster roared in a fierce way.

And at the same time, I lost my consciousness as well.

“Haa! H—Huh!? Where’s Spider Monster?! What happened to us!?”

As usual, after opening his eyes, he first explored his surroundings.

And first realised that this was no longer the insides of helicopter, and Tendou too was not holding the gun and also understood that he was not wearing the armour anymore.

“Ah, that’s right. I, once again while playing the game……”

The controller was still in his hand.

As he looked at the T.V. to see what happened after that, there was nothing projected in it.

“Ooh, it looks like you didn’t faint this time! For the test I tried turning off the T.V. and just as I thought you came back quite smoothly like that”

“I—I see. So that’s what happened.”

If he dies in the game then he faints, and return back if the T.V. gets switched off. Really, even though it was his body, it was the Phenomenon he didn’t knew much about.

“More than that, so how was it? GearWar felt interesting wasn’t it?”

Tendou inquired, while brimming with confidence.

“Yeah, well, Of course. But seriously, what the hell was that? To think that one can experience such kind of a firefight…… These days games are really terrifyingly amazing.”

“Right, Isn’t that right?! If you enjoyed yourself then that means my accompanying you, didn’t ended up in vain.”

Tendou looked happy as if she was the one getting praised.

“And your play too was quite amazing you know?! GearWar is without mistake a masterpiece but, it has some portions which are very hard for a beginner! Even though it was just 1st stage, you did well in clearing it without any miss!”

“That’s definitely because you’re there with me Tendou-san. Your presence alone was very reassuring.”

“I—is that so? In that case, I am glad.”

It’s maybe she was praised, her face was a little red. As expected she is a very good person.

“Which reminds me, I wanted to ask you one thing.”

Like that, Tendou said in a rare way, like she wanted to confirm something important.

“Eh? Yes, what is it?”

“Your consciousness once again leapt inside the game right? At that moment, how was I being projected?”

“Ooh, Even I want to know about that! So how was it? Was it like, the appearance was of Dom, but the voice got changed to Tendou or something?!”

“N—Now that you mention it……”

He recalled the happenings of just a while back. Constantly being the Vanguard, the one who lead me all the way to the safety was not Dom, but was the Tendou who was dressed in Dom’s outfit.

“Before I can even notice, Dom became Tendou-san. Armour and Gun was Dom’s but, the figure and face was that of Tendou-san’s. E—Even I don’t know what I am saying though……”

“I see. That’s was certainly a thing I wanted to see……”

Tendou looked a bit disappointed. Unexpectedly, maybe she too might also like to be a different character.

“Even so, the thing about my consciousness getting driven inside the games, you’re guys really believed me……didn’t you?”


Tendou doubtfully bended her neck slightly to one side, as if she wanted to say that she couldn’t understand what he was saying.

“There is nothing like believing you or not, in reality it’s like that right? Or, were you lying about that before?”

“N—No! It’s not like that but……”

“Then of course I’ll believe you. Just what the hell are you even saying?”

Her expression was as if it was a natural thing. They believe even this type of bullshit. To be able to feel her trust, he became a bit happy.

“Remember this well!” Sena-sensei raised his voice. “It’s natural for not knowing this but, in JGBC the high rankees are just filled up with oddball and freaks who are strong enough to be called as ‘evil spirits and demons’ and all. And can’t say this for definite but you might not be alone there who will have such a skill as you!”


It was a thing which he couldn’t able to digest that quickly. But, as he didn’t know that about his own abnormal skill, then he had no choice but ends up believing him.

“Well then, in any case with this, you got familiar with the GearWars right?”

“YY—Yes! Generally. But, in JGBC things won’t turn out like today right?”

“Well yeah as the enemy won’t be computerized program but actual human beings after all. So their strength can’t be compared to this at all!”

“Well, it will be fine as long he gets enough practice right?! And next time even I will allow myself to join, and there forming a team of us three, why not just take part in the multi-field battle or something?!”

“No, it’s a good idea but let’s leave that for now.”

With the Tendou’s cold and swift reply, Sena-sensei took quite a shock.

“W—Why!? I think that Kishimine-kun also should get an experience of fighting in an individual battle before JGBC though!”

“I have planned something up. Certainly it will be his first individual battle that one should be celebrated highly but, I think wasting it on a low stage such as some random online field is a lame choice. So there I think he should let him play his first match on a grand scale of JGBC. You’re also fine with that right?”

“Yes. If Tendou-san thinks that its fine then I don’t have any particular reasons to disagree as well……”

In his heart, he was obviously feeling anxious. However, it seems like Tendou had planned something up. If it’s that the case then, he had no other choice but to follow on her instructions.

“See, he is also saying that, Sensei you too are also fine with it then right?”

“H—Hmm. Then it can’t be helped but……at least let me have one……”

Like that, as Sena-sensei complained in a low voice which was rare for him, at that moment.

Chime rang to tell that it was past the end of school time. And as they saw the clock it was almost 5:00P.M.

“It’s almost time’s up. Looks like we have to stop the activities here for today.”

“Ku, we end up wasting time in long conversations today as well huh?! It can’t be helped then, Well then let’s entrust your judgement this time! Okay then, let’s assemble at the Akihabara on next Sunday.”

And thus like that.

Kishimine himself not knowing that after how many years it’s been since the last time he had planned to go out with someone on Sunday went home.

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