Masou Gakuen HxH
Masou Gakuen HxH Preview

Chapter 1
Disorder of Public Moral, is the Disorder of the Heart

Hida Kizuna exited to the corridor with effort to not raise a loud sound.

It was late at night.

The hand of the clock had already passed through twelve.

However, Kizuna was walking exultantly with towel on shoulder towards the elevator hall wearing his sandal. His clothing was also still his casual clothes of T-shirt and short pants.

He was waiting until the time reached this point.

His heart danced.

A smile was naturally formed on Kizuna’s lips.

Finally, the day where he could enter the large baths had come!

This place was the student dormitory of Ataraxia. It was named as a dormitory, but the interior that kept getting mistaken with a high class hotel, like the corridor that Kizuna was currently walking, the carpet with luxurious fur and elegant wallpaper, calming indirect lighting, the pictures and decorative plants, all of those were of a quality that was not like a student dormitory at all.

Although, all of those were because this floor was of exclusive use for the Amaterasu team.

The one fighting the AU’s magic weapons wearing the Heart Hybrid Gear, was the Amaterasu. For them who were shouldering such dangerous role, they were receiving a suitable treatment for that.

The other floors were not as extravagant as this floor, there was not even a private bathroom inside the rooms of the underclassmen.

That was why, there was a large bathroom installed in this dormitory.

On the contrary, there was an excellent bathroom inside Kizuna’s room, so he had no chance to enter the large bathroom.

Even before that, this place was a female dormitory.

Naturally, the large bathroom was for females’ exclusive use.

For the male student Kizuna to enter this female dormitory was also a strange story, but it was related with Kizuna’s special mission that was [Heart Hybrid].

Heart Hybrid was an act that recovered the energy called Hybrid Count by a male and a female possessing Heart Hybrid Gear, joining their hearts and bodies into one and shared their affection and pleasure.

Saying it bluntly, by doing erotic things that made each others’ feelings get excited, the energy would be recovered, that was what it meant.

Due to that kind of reason, Kizuna was encouraged to have illicit sexual relationship. Then, so that a mistaken occurrence could occur more easily, Kizuna was entered to live in the female dormitory with the arrangement of the school side.

‘――They are insane.’

It was none other than Kizuna himself who thought that.

Whether the school side gave him authorization or not, there was no way he could enter the women’s bath.

But, today was special.

After all, the hot water of the bath today was from a hot spring.

They discovered a hot spring at the bottom of the sea, then the guys from the technology department pulled up the hot water and supplied it to the large bath of the dormitory.

However, that was limited to today.

From the beginning he was thinking of wanting to enter the dormitory’s spacious bath, now that there was this chance, he would absolutely enter, that was his thinking.

“Then, it’s fine for you to enter this evening. The cleaning after midnight will be postponed. Use it to your heart’s content until morning.”

Kizuna’s big sister, Hida Reiri spoke like that to Kizuna.

With a single order of the commander of Ataraxia, tonight the bath was reserved for Kizuna.

And then currently, he was heading to the large bathroom in this midnight where there was no presence of people.

Perhaps it would be fine for him to not go through all this trouble entering the female dormitory’s bath by going to the male dormitory. However, he felt a danger to his life of trying to do that.

There were a lot of boys that envied Kizuna’s blessed(?) mission. The bunches who had their envious feeling sublimated to become resentment and hatred were not few in number. To intrude into the headquarters of such boys stark naked was a suicidal act.

Descending to the underground by elevator, he finally stood in front of the large bathroom.

Before the large sliding door, a sign that was written with large [ゆ] character was hung down.[1]

Slipping through the sign, he opened the door noisily, the lighting was shining in glitters. The electricity was left on, but the place was deserted with no presence of humans that could be sensed. Only the sound of flowing hot water was audible, there was not even the sound of someone entering the bath.

After Kizuna closed the door, he took off his sandals and went up to the dressing room. He went through the lining up lockers on the left and right, then he suddenly looked to the side.

A white and large ass, was shaking like jelly.

Time stopped.



It was the back figure of a beautiful girl.

With only a bath towel covering the breasts, a completely defenseless back figure was exposed.

Under the wet long black hair, was a constricted waist. From there the hips was greatly jutting out, continuing toward the slender and well-proportioned legs. The voluminous ass was drawing a circular curve at the base of the thighs.

‘――This is bad.’

This was obviously an accident, but he had the feeling it was going to become a serious affair if he was noticed. He should get out right now.

Kizuna backed off carefully so that no sound would come out.

If he was seen by people in this kind of timing, a stigma of pervert would undoubtedly get forced on him. Especially in the worst case that even Himekawa also discovered this――

Just a little bit more, when it was just a little bit more, that girl was turning around.


It was exactly that Himekawa Hayuru who was staring at Kizuna.

Kizuna froze.

Himekawa too, she didn’t move as if being petrified.

On her skin that was colored faintly by pink color, the drops of hot water were shining.

The drops on her bosom were sliding down on her smooth skin, then it was absorbed into the valley of her breasts.

Her wet long black hair was clinging to her cheek and shoulders, it looked really sexy on her.

Even while his eyes were stolen by Himekawa’s figure that was just rising from the bath, his head was desperately thinking about the situation.

‘――Why is Himekawa here?’

‘――This is strange isn’t it? Isn’t this place reserved for me?’

‘――The person I don’t want to get caught by the most, is right here!’

……His thinking didn’t result in anything.

Himekawa’s face was flushing before his eyes.

And then, her body was beginning to tremble little by little.

“Yo, you see here, Hime――”


A scream like a torn silk reverberated inside the dormitory.

“Wha-? Wh, wha, what’s with this!? Thi, this, molester! Pervert! Just what in the world are you thinking-!!”

Kizuna’s head was also completely panicked.

“Tha, that’s, that’s my line here-! Just why is Himekawa in this kind of place!?”

Steam was rising from Himekawa’s body that was warmed by the hot spring water. Right now such thing looked like nothing but an aura of rage.

Her eyes opened widely all of a sudden.

“This place is…… the women’s bath so obviously I’m here!!”

‘――What she said, is the most correct.’

“No-! That’s correct but! I know but!”

Himekawa’s eyes were burning in rage.

“As I thought, so you are coming to peep aren’t you? This is a contemptible shameless act.”

“Wa, wait! Calm down, I oppose violence!”


Himekawa’s body was wrapped in red light. That was the radiance that the Core installed inside Himekawa’s body emitted. The red light particles were gathering on the body surface and changing into physical material. The process was completely like magic.

After the radiance was completely converted into physical material, the light settled down. In exchange, the created armor was equipped on Himekawa’s body.

The luster that looked wet was pretty on the red colored armor. Its slender form was delicate, but it also possessed tenacity, giving off the impression like a sharp katana.

That was Himekawa Hayuru’s Heart Hybrid Gear, [Neros].

It had a main weapon of a single blade hung down on her hips, the [Sword (Vibrant Sharp Katana)]. Its silhouette was like a Japanese katana, but it had mechanical detail that was similar to the Heart Hybrid Gear. It severed not by physical touch, but by moving the particles that were generated by part of the blade at high speed, the touched thing was severed, such mechanism was how the sword worked. Its sharpness was terrific, making it possible for it to bisect a magic weapon that was far larger than the Sword with one slash.

And then one more weapon that the gear possessed, were the four long swords floating in reserve behind Himekawa.

Neros’ sure kill weapon, the [Blades].

The swords obeyed Himekawa’s will and soared freely without restriction in the air. It boasted peerless combat strength in middle range battle, large numbers of magic weapons had been slaughtered by those blades.

Such terrifying weapon was now directed at Kizuna.

“Ca, calm down! You shouldn’t put on your gear at all ri-……eh?”

“It’s useless for you to beg for your life this late. This kind of filthy act, is unforgivable!”

Kizuna thought.

Originally, an exclusive pilot suit was worn in case of equipping Heart Hybrid Gear, because the specially made suit heightened the affinity of the body with the Heart Hybrid Gear.

However, the pilot suit was thin, it made one who saw it completely understand the body line and curve. He had even thought once that wasn’t it the same with not wearing anything at all.

“However, I was mistaken……”

A pilot suit was valid.

“Ha? What are you saying?”

“What happened!? Hayuru!”

The door was opened with a loud sound.

“A, Aine!?”

The one who entered the dressing room was a girl with silver hair and red eyes. It was Chidorigafuchi Aine, the one with the Heart Hybrid Gear [Zeros] residing inside that body.

“Everything is exactly just like you see!”

Himekawa vented a yell of rage, but Aine tilted her head.

“Even if you told me that it’s exactly as it looks like……”

Aine knitted her eyebrows and glared at Kizuna.

“……What in the world is this situation, I wonder if I can receive an explanation?”

“Eeerrr, that……”

Losing her temper from that kind of exchange, Himekawa yelled.

“That perverted man was sneaking into the women’s bath that I was in! Molester, pervert!”

Aine further knitted her eyebrows and tilted her head.

“If I have to say which is which, Hayuru’s side is the one that look perverted though.”

“Haa-!? Just what in the world are you sayin――”

There Himekawa dropped her gaze and confirmed her own appearance.

The bath towel that should hide her appearance was torn to pieces, dropping below her feet.

Her breath stopped from the great shock.

That time when the gear was equipped――?

As if saying that it was unbelievable, she looked at the large mirror on the wall.

There, a girl with Heart Hybrid Gear put on her totally naked upper body was standing there.

That appearance, was truly perverted.

“A female pervert.”

Aine declared coldly.

In the first place, the area that the armor of Heart Hybrid Gear covered was little. However Neros was a model that covered a comparatively wide area with its armor. With the shoulder pads and the parts that protected the front part of the body, and the shield spreading in skirt shape on the waist and so on, Neros’ defensive power was far higher compared to the likes of Zeros.

However, with how solid its guard was, unexpectedly its chest and crotch part, and also its ass part, the essential areas had no armor for some reason, those places only depended on the pilot suit.

Therefore, there was nothing protecting those parts right now.

Kizuna had his eyes stolen by that unrealistic sight.

The wet skin reflected the light of the ceiling, creating a bewitching luster at her skin.

The pink topping placed smally on the wet breasts stole his eyes whether he wanted it or not with its fresh color and lustrous appearance.

If one was a man, then he surely would want to touch and enjoy its sensation, put it inside his mouth and enjoy the taste. There was no way he didn’t think of that from looking at such a luscious sight.

And then, when he dropped his gaze from her breast, his eyes would catch the amorous ribs. From her largely indented solar plexus connected toward her waist that looked so thin that it looked unreliable.

That delicate and supple curve was really suggestive, it unconditionally stimulated his instincts.

Furthermore, below the navel the place that was gently swelling, even further below that was――


Himekawa’s scream reverberated inside the dormitory once more.

She hid her breast with both her arms and turned her back to him to protect herself.

“Do-, don’t look! Please don’t lookkkk-!”

Kizuna turned behind in panic.

“Ye, yeah-! I’m turning back so, it’s…… buh-!?”

However, behind him was also a mirror.

The white glossy ass entered his eyes. It was as though Neros’ red armor was hollowed only in that place, making the white ass poke out. It was as if Neros was framing the ass to make it stand out. Each time Himekawa twisted her body, that ass danced to the left and right. That ass was a little big for the slender Himekawa, a type that could give easy delivery for baby. The tight and smooth surface looked like it would feel really pleasant to touch.


Noticing that, Himekawa panickedly hid her ass with both her hands. This time her breasts became exposed bare once more. Matching her backward movement, her breasts shook up and down like jelly.

There was no way for her to hide at all.

“Hey, Kizuna. Is this what is called naked dancing?”

“Do-! Don’t know! I’m not seeing anything!”


From the back of Himekawa that completely snapped, Himekawa’s sure kill weapon, the Blades, were launched.

Reiri who was unusually located in the principal’s office asked with an amazed voice.

“You guys, just how many times do you need to destroy the dormitory until you are satisfied?”

The next day, Kizuna and Himekawa were summoned to the principal’s office and received a lecture about the situation.

“I am reflecting about how the bathing facility is completely destroyed. But! That was a force majeure. I cannot ever imagine that a boy will enter into the public bath!”

“However, Kizuna had settled in the girl dormitory. Naturally, he has the right to use the public bath. How can you not assume that?”

“Tha, that’s preposterous! Is Kizuna-kun intending to enter the public bath from now on too!?”

Himekawa’s questioning gaze was reproaching Kizuna.

“No, no, no way. It’s just, yesterday I had made the reservation for the bath at night.”


Himekawa made a dubious face.

“Eh? You didn’t know?”

Kizuna also made a wondering face.

Even though all the students in the dormitory were supposed to be notified already.

“Aah, I didn’t tell that to Himekawa. I told her to do some pointless errand and guided her so that she entered at that time.”

“Wait, so this was your doing Nee-channnn-!!”

“Just why in the world, what purpose is there for that! Commander!”

With a dangerously threatening look, Himekawa hit the desk of the principal’s office.

“No, that’s because the relation between Kizuna and Himekawa hasn’t progressed at all. And so I thought, maybe it would be better if I prepared an event. Though sadly it completely ended in an unfortunate result.”

“What’s unfortunate is you commander! For you to behave like this, I completely misjudged you!”

However Reiri talked back with a cool face.

“I’m the one who should ask what is your intention. I should have ordered you to do Heart Hybrid with Kizuna. Just when are you planning to actually carry it out?”

“Tha…… that’s! Tha, that kind of order, is invalid-. I cannot accept it!”

“Don’t say something selfish.”


Himekawa tightened her fist, her shoulders were shaking.

“Kizuna, how many percent is Himekawa’s Hybrid Count right now?”

Kizuna took out his student identification that also doubled as a portable information terminal from his inside pocket. Its external shape was like a smartphone, but various functions were installed in it.

When he tapped the Amaterasu icon, the vital signs of the members were displayed.

“Himekawa’s Hybrid Count is 28%. Certainly…… it’s going to be dangerous soon I think.”

Hybrid Count was the unit of the energy that operated Heart Hybrid Gear. The yellow zone was when it passed below 25%, red zone was when it became below 10%. When it became below 5%, it would become hard even for maintaining the Heart Hybrid Gear’s materialization.

If the Heart Hybrid Gear was called off in the middle of battle, it wasn’t hard to imagine that the situation would become extremely dangerous. Even if she were saved, to be unable to equip the Heart Hybrid Gear meant that she didn’t have any method to battle magic weapons. In other word, the Megafloat Japan would turn powerless against the enemy.

“Listen well, Himekawa. This is something that is affecting your life. By no means I’m ordering this on a whim or for a laugh. You too Kizuna. Take your mission more seriously.”

“Even without something like Heart Hybrid, doing shameless things like that, our Hybrid Count will naturally recover by itself! Why, is waiting for that no good!?”

“Natural recovery….. you asked?”

Reiri smiled and reclined on her chair, she entrusted her body on the back of the chair.

“Then I’ll ask, two weeks have passed since the last battle hasn’t it? Then, your Hybrid Count, how much has it recovered?”

“Tha…… that’s……”

Himekawa faltered.

It was only natural.

Kizuna whispered inside his heart.


Correct. Just a mere 3%.

Kizuna too thought that perhaps the sensor was broken, to the degree that he brought it to the lab once to be inspected. However, the number was correct.

“What are you going to do if the enemy appears right now? To take care of your condition is also the requisite of battle. Be diligent.”


Himekawa bit her lips and turned around.

Following after her, Kizuna was also going to exit the room.

‘Ah, that’s right.’

Kizuna recalled the question that he had felt since before. He stopped in place and turned back to Reiri.

“……By the way, I want to ask one thing.”


“If the Hybrid Count is used up, what is going to happen to us?”

Reiri’s lips were forming a tight line.

“I can imagine that the Heart Hybrid Gear will stop operating but…… how would it happen more specifically? For example, are we going to become unable to use the gear for a second time? Or the Core is going to separate itself from us…… I wonder, will something happen?”

Reiri rotated her chair and turned her back to Kizuna.

“I cannot say anything yet. The research is still in progress by Kei in the lab.”

Reiri was staring at the scenery outside. Kizuna was unable to take a peek at her expression.

“Is that so? Got it.”

Kizuna left behind the principal’s room.

Hearing the footsteps turning distant, Reiri heaved a deep sigh.

From the window, the construction site of Ataraxia’s restoration was visible.

The Strategic Defense Academy Ataraxia was independent from Megafloat Japan, it was a megafloat with a diameter around three kilometers, the foremost line in anti-AU technology. With research institutions of various sorts as the core, educational institutions from university until middle school were established that trained excellent researchers and military personnel.

This Ataraxia was shouldering the defense of Megafloat Japan, Ataraxia itself had unmanned city defense facilities installed in great numbers in it, like particle cannons disguised as buildings, or missile launching pads disguised as a plaza.

However, in the previous battle all of those were completely destroyed.

Right now the repair work was advanced at a quick pace. In addition, the destroyed commercial establishments, the collapsing streets, and the essential utilities. The construction work for rebuilding and restoring all of those was carried out everywhere.

It was a heartbreaking scar of battle, but to end up only with this much after receiving the bombardment of that large battleship, it could be said that it was a good result.

And then there was a method to easily restore the damage, it was a salvation.

Reiri thought so.

What was waiting for Kizuna and Himekawa who returned to the classroom, were the inquisitive gazes of all their classmates.

“Hey― Himekawa-san, is it true that you two entered the bath together at midnight!?”

“Eeh―!? Even though she is a public moral committee member? Amazinggg!?”

“Isn’t it erotic washing each other at the bathroom? He, hey, a boy’s that……”

“What are you doing inside Hida-kun’s room until morning-?”

“It’s in Himekawa-san’s room I think? In the morning the two took a shower before going to school.”

Furthermore, various embellishments were added to it.

The students who were full of interest were not only from Kizuna’s second year first group. At the window that faced the corridor, students from other class were clustering. From there, gazes filled with resentment and killing intent were piercing Kizuna’s body. Mainly from the boys.

“E, everyone. Please stop being irresponsible. All of those are lies, utter nonsense!”

Himekawa denied all those rumors thoroughly. However, she was greatly embarrassed from the reactions of the crowding classmates.

‘……I too have to cooperate to prove my innocence.’

Kizuna stood up from his chair and went towards the crowd that was surrounding Himekawa.

“Hey, everyone. It’s exactly as Himekawa said. All of those are just baseless rumors. There is no way at all that we were doing anything like that.”

However, the doubting gazes of the class’ girls were gathering on Kizuna all at once.

“No, but…… you are Eros.”

“Yeah, he might really do it…… he is Eros after all.”

“Rather, it’s stranger if he didn’t actually do it…… it’s Eros after all.”

Just waitttttt!

“N, no, everyone, wai……”

Himekawa glared at him with terrifying eyes.

“Hida-kun, please go to the other side. If you interfere, even something true will not be believed.”

Wasn’t that too heartless?

However, the reality had resulted like that, so he couldn’t say anything back.

“Hey, Kizuna. I wonder if you have a little time?”

A blonde haired, blue eyes, beautiful girl was calling to him. Her dynamite body was as though it had come out right from international gravure. Just by walking normally, the breasts wrapped inside the uniform shook bouncingly, a preposterous bust size.

One of the Amaterasu, the pilot of the Heart Hybrid Gear [Cross], Yurishia Farandole.

“Yurishia, is something wro…… guhah…… ka!!”

His collar was grasped and he was dragged until his seat.

“Wai…… Yu, Yurishia…… pa, painful……!”

He was made to sit on his own chair as if being thrown onto it.

“Wha, what are you do――ing……”

Yurishia who was standing imposingly in front of him was smiling…… but, her eyes were not smiling at all.

From her whole body, aura was rising up slowly…… was how it looked like.

“I heard that you entered the bath together with Hayuru, what is that about I wonder? Tell me the details?”

Sca, scaryyy!

Yurishia’s smile was scary!

“Ca, calm down Yurishia. That’s a misunderstanding. That’s not a fact.”

“Then, you two didn’t enter the bath together?”

After making a relieved face, Yurishia took her seat that was behind Kizuna.

While smiling cheerfully, she took out a pen for touch panel use from her pen case.

“Uu…… in, in other words, we didn’t enter the bath…… it was just by chance that we met in the dressing room.”

Together with *baki-* such sound of destruction, the pen in Yurishia’s hand was broken.

“Hmmm―, is that soo♪”

“Tha, that’s how it is, ahaha……”

What grip strength!

This was really bad, he was strangely sweating.

“Then, how could it be, that you by chance met each other in the dressing room of the public bath, I wonder if you can teach mee-“

While taking out the replacement pen from the pen case, Yurishia showed an elegant smile.

“No, that’s…… that……”

By any chance, if he made a miss in his answer here, would he get killed in this place?

Such feeling of terror crept up Kizuna’s back.

“The commander didn’t tell Hayuru of the time when Kizuna was going to use the public bath. And then, Hayuru who came home late bumped into Kizuna there.”

Without even looking at Yurishia, Aine calmly slipped in some words about the circumstance.

“……What’s with that, aren’t you extremely well informed?”

“Well, I also happened to be present at the actual scene.”

“Hee….. then, Aine, you are not bothered? That was a naked appeal you know? You are not thinking that Kizuna might be tempted?”

Aine sent Kizuna a glance.

“Not particularly. That thing yesterday was simply an accident. It was just Hayuru dancing naked on her own accord.”

Yurishia glared at Aine with doubtful eyes.

“You are awfully composed aren’t you, Aine.

“Because…… Kizuna, he said to me…… that he will take responsibility.”

*beki-* together with that sound of destruction, Yurishia’s second pen was broken.

“Kizuna…… the meaning of what she said just now, can you give me an explanation I can comprehend?”

The raised eyebrows and cold eye glint that were in inverse proportion with the smile on the lips were capturing Kizuna.

‘Uooo, a beautiful woman’s angry face is unbelievably scaryyyy!’

Yurishia was the former ace of [Masters].

Masters was like the Amaterasu of Japan, the Heart Hybrid Gear team of America. Before the 2nd Another Universe Conflict occurred, she arrived at Ataraxia due to America’s joint strategy with Japan. And then, since then she was fighting until now as a member of Amaterasu.

She had shot down more than three hundred magic weapons, even now she was the world’s super ace with record that was still updating.

If he was glared by such person, it was not an exaggeration to even say that it was the end of his life.

But, just why was he being condemned by Yurishia this much?

“N, no! Even if I said responsibility, it was a talk about life counseling! This was Aine’s usual nonsense! Isn’t that right, Aine…… e?”

Aine drifted off muddy black miasma around her, she also glared at him with piercing eyes.

This girl……-, what, what was with this cursing gaze!?

Forced to a three-way deadlock with Kizuna in a situation that left him cringing with fear, a salvation barely reached him.

“Yoo―. You guys, get to your seat―”

Sakisaka-sensei entered the class room as usual with her red jersey.

“Then we are starting class―…… wait, what’s the subject again?”